Comedian Jeff Allen: Grandchildren are ‘the reward for not stabbing your 13-year-old’

On radio this morning, comedian and friend of the program Jeff Allen joined Glenn, Pat, and Stu for a segment that offered a bit of levity. The guys were shooting the breeze about a wide range of topics, including the joys of being a grandfather. Jeff’s family recently welcomed a new addition – granddaughter Lydia Arlene – and as Jeff explained, grandchildren “are the reward for not stabbing your 13-year-old.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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  • Connor Davenport

    Funny man.

  • landofaahs

    Children are also your parents revenge on you for your behavior when you were a kid. But that should not be the case and parents who have lost children at a young age know that.

  • guest

    WTF, He was recently spotted at Rite-Aid store.

  • Cpt. States

    If our decision making is to be free of external interference, boundaries must be set to establish limits inside which the agents and dictates of the state cannot meddle.

  • Anonymous

    There is something magical between an old grandpa or great grandpa and a new baby girl in the family. You begin to know a few things about how God looks at us and what unconditional love really is. The child could burn your house down and all you would want to do is pick her up and give her a kiss.

  • Manny Bartow

    All the arguments for defeating your liberal teachers and professors:

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