A Fox News poll released Wednesday shows 60% of Americans believe President Obama “lies to the country on important matters some or most of the time.” According to the poll, 37% think the President lies “most of the time.” 24% believe he lies “some of the time,” and 20% of voters say he lies “only now and then.” Finally 15 percent responded that President Obama “never” lies.

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“Most Americans believe that the president lies on important issues,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Love this.”

Perhaps most interestingly, that 37% figure of people who believe the President lies “most of the time” includes swaths of his key supporters: 13% of Democrats, 12% of blacks, 16% of liberals, 31% of unmarried women, and 34% of those under age 30.

Yesterday, Glenn discussed President Obama’s appearance at a Pennsylvania community college in which he admitted his administration often sounds like a “broken record.” When you couple that with the endless Obamacare-related ‘misspeaks’ and ‘mistruths,’ Stu believes the President is fully aware of his problem with telling the truth.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that Obama had some sort of personal revelation recently in which he himself feels that he’s been lying all this time,” Stu said. “But [he feels like] no matter what I say, no matter what I do, they’re not going to like it. So forget even trying anymore. I’m just going make the numbers up. Whatever we have to do to… I don’t think he’s attempting to tell the truth anymore.”

See the full results of the Fox News poll HERE.

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