#BiggerThanBundy: Western states working to regain control of federal land

The standoff in Nevada between rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government has renewed talks about the state of land rights in the western United States. When you compare the percentage of land controlled by the federal government in western states to the rest of the United States, the numbers are staggering.

According to data from the Congressional Research Service, the federal government (includes the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, National Parks, and military bases) controls roughly 81% of the land in Nevada, 62% Alaska, 67% in Utah, 53% in Oregon 53, 62% in Idaho, 42% in Arizona, 48% in California, 48% in Wyoming, 35% in New Mexico, and 36% in Colorado.


Image Source: Bureau of Land Management

In an effort to take a stand against the control, more than 50 leaders from nine Western states met for the first time over the weekend to talk about their common goal of reacquiring the resource-rich land from the federal government. Utah state representative Ken Ivory (R-West Jordan) organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands, and he joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss what he hopes to accomplish.

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“We are simply working to have the federal government honor the very same statehood promise to the western states that it kept with all states east of Colorado,” Ivory said. “With knowledge and courage, we can move this forward. It’s already been done. Illinois is not 90% federally controlled – Louisiana, Missouri. They have the same operative language in their statehood agreements, their statehood promises that Nevada does and Utah does.”

Glenn encouraged his audience to learn more about the work Ivory and other western politicians are doing by visiting AmericanLandsCouncil.org and tweeting using #TransferPublicLands and #BiggerThanBundy.

“Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to use #TransferPublicLands and #BiggerThanBundy. I want you to go to AmericanLandsCouncil.org, and do your own homework on this,” Glenn said. “They met this weekend – nine states and many more are in the wings. If you happen to have some extra dollars laying around – I don’t know, maybe you don’t eat meat, or fruits, or vegetables, or dairy products, so you might have a few extra dollars laying around that you can also donate at American Lands Council. And this is the way to get it done. Until you have exhausted every other avenue, you have no other choice. This is an avenue that actually seems to have some real teeth and could work.”

Learn more about the American Lands Council HERE.

  • Deckard426

    The Chicoms will probably end up with most of this land, in order to settle the massive debt owed to them by the United States.

    • texastruthtweet

      I believe you are so right! If people do not wake up very soon, we will soon be learning Mandarin!

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It is already happening in Canada , recently the Government of China’s own oil company bought up a small Canadian Energy Co for 10 billion and I doubt there was cash involved. Since then Prime Minister Harper afterwards said that that would never be allowed again. But then large tracts of land in Sakatchewan and I believe in Manitoba were starting to be sold to Chinese interests and guess what is under the great rich farm land there yep !!! Tarsands !!! The largest oil deposit on the planet, they reach from Alberta into Quebec along with many other precious minerals such as Potash, Uranium and the list is crazy long! So yes this Representative needs your help I hope he is in time!!

  • Bonnie Somer

    how about the tenth amendment state rights yes

  • jyrine

    At ALL costs, even armed conflict we should prevent land grabs like this and retain the sovereignty and integrity of the land.

  • ISawTheLight

    They want the Rights to the land because they are the Left !

    • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

      Just like communist even tho they claim they are not. Trying not to laugh out loud right now but it is not working.

  • Rachel Maddow’s Testicles

    Glenn beck hates bundy and the other ranchers. #StuIsEffeminate

    • L.C. in Texas

      WHY ?

  • Anonymous

    It all hinges upon the implication that; “We have representation.” But to what degree is this supposition true anymore?

    • solos42

      If you noticed, they went from “the servant of the people to elected officials” tells you all you gotta know. They work for themselves, period

  • Take 2

    Its not about the stupid Turtle or blades of grass…!

    It’s about States Right’s and Federal Government overreaching via a flat out TAKE OVER…!

    “Eric Holder: Drone Strike To Kill U.S. Citizen On American Soil Legal, Hypothetically”

    This above article Headline was not all that long ago! THEY obviously need a starting point & or a ‘definitive’ target.

    Oh! Why not “Hypothetically” the “State” of Nevada that is heaviest in possible Federal Land to be lost!

    “Hypothetically” THEY will get away with (shhhh) collateral damage – again.

    • L.C. in Texas

      GO BUNDY! Praise to all supporters.

  • Anonymous

    NO. The feds showed up with guns and that means the people should show up with guns. Its just that simple.

    Ruby Ridge?

  • Anonymous

    This would not be happening if not for Bundy making a stand and all the patriots (domestic terrorists per Reid) !

    When will Beck acknowledge Bundy and apologize to Sheriff Mack?

    If, and only if, he humbles himself …so don’t hold your breath.

    Thank God for Bundy and all those who were literally willing to risk their lives when the feds moved in with approx. 200 armed guards, snipers, and their no-fly zone so what they intended to do would not be witnessed.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Tonight, a journalist (I believe from the Weekly Standard) invoked Beck’s name a couple of times as a means to validate the government’s actions against the Bundy family. I’m sure the left winger talking heads – and maybe even Eric Holder himself or Obama – will be invoking the Beck argument. …. Who needs enemies when you have a useful idiot?

    • Randy-Phyllis Cecil- Westbury

      What Mack stated publicly was not too intelligent. The statement about they were going to put the women in front. Come on! That sounds like something a Muslim would say.
      I know there are a lot of Patriot women who would be happy to fight side by side the men. It’s his idiotic statement about it is the reason I do not want him representing me as a Patriot.
      We cannot fall into violence which is exactly what the left want us to do. We must fight them legally. First and foremost we must put God before us in this fight. Without God we cannot win. With God we most assuredly WiLL.
      Glenn owes nobody an apology!

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i noticed this about 20 or so years ago when a whole street in downtown fort lee, nj had been bought up by asians w/signage that was only in either japanese or chinese. surprising since this is only the ‘city’ part of jersey.

    • solos42

      Some countries do not let foreigners buy up the land, smarter than the average. Believe Mexico is one of the Countries. You think of all the blood sweat and tears those before us spent to make the Country strong, only to have this crop of losers give it away by pieces, makes me sick.

      • Anonymous

        Actually there was a time a non-citizen could not own land. But since we now have a global enconomy, anything goes.

  • L.C. in Texas

    I am ashamed of the administration in Texas. They fail to enforce the Law of land and law of land Grants. Texas was acquired by Treaty. I blame the administration for lack of training and enforcement for the people. That is why people are so angry!

    • L.C. in Texas

      P.S. Especially our Judicial system is shameful.

  • CylonesRUS

    Beck has stated that he believes n non-violence because an even armed people had little chance of success in an armed conflict say in Nevada, or anywhere in the US, but because Beck considered, agreeing with Gandhi, violence is a clumsy weapon which created more problems than it solved, and left a trail of hatred and bitterness in which genuine reconciliation was almost impossible.He quotedMartin Luther king, on nonviolent resistance’ King wrote, is ‘‘a courageous confrontation of evil by the power of love’’ (King, Stride, 80). Both ‘‘morally and practically’’ committed to nonviolence, King believed that ‘‘the Christian doctrine of love operating through the Gandhian method of nonviolence was one of the most potent weapons available to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom’’

    You see the police produced violence first though non-lethal, by tossing the lady down and tazering people. America become sympathetic, if some one shot the police for doing that violence, then the government would have won. Bundy would now be history, if not in jail and soon forgotten.

    • solos42

      Beck holding up Gandhi with MLK, as an example, for us to follow, is odd. Gandhi hated the blacks,given the right opportunity he would have killed MLK because he would have seen him as low as an animal. there’s a quote where he put blacks in the same category as animals. Further, he got a medal for killing many blacks,while he was in the military. The low life, Gandhi revolted against the British that wanted to pass laws that would treat the leopards more humanely, Gandhi was so upset, he went on a hunger strike. Gandhi liked the caste system to the bitter end. If Gandhi were alive during Madelina’s lifetime, he would have killed him. On the other hand, Madelina is responsible for many deaths,including women and children.

      Gandhi also hated the Chinese. the man had a lot of hate in him. among other things,the old man rolled around in the bluff with young females while refusing his wife medicine during her illness that ended in death. Who needs false heroes of yours, Beck? You can tell the character of men by the way they provide for their families, MLK and Gandhi did not provide for the family’s monetary future. Who is going to stand with Beck when the BLM comes after his ranch? Not, I, said the little Red Hen

  • You’reNoGandhi

    This is what Clive Bundy was trying to explain to a dumbed-down Glenn; namely, the BLM has no Constitutional authority over what is really state land and/or county managed lands. Like so many other Constitutional issues the Feds have usurped both states’ rights and states’ lands. “Republican Ronald Reagan had argued for the turnover of the control of such lands to the state and local authorities back in 1980.”

    Moreover, the Supreme Court has already ruled on this land issue a long time ago in Pollard’s Lessee v. Hagan.

    “Clearly, the surrender of all claims to any land for statehood was illegal under the Constitution. The Supreme Court actually addressed this issue in Pollard’s Lessee v. Hagan, 44 U.S. 212 (1845) when Alabama became a state in 1845. The question presented was concerning a clause where it was stated ‘that all navigable waters within the said State shall forever remain public highways, free to the citizens of said State, and of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost, or toll therefor imposed by said State.’ The Supreme Court held that this clause was constitutional because it ‘conveys no more power over the navigable waters of Alabama to the Government of the United States than it possesses over the navigable waters of other States under the provisions of the Constitution.’

    The Pollard decision expressed a statement of constitutional law in dictum making it very clear that the Feds have no claim over the lands in Nevada. The Supreme Court states:

    The United States never held any municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or right of soil in and to the territory of which Alabama, or any of the new States, were formed, except for temporary purposes, and to execute the trusts created by the acts of the Virginia and Georgia legislatures, and the deeds of cession executed by them to the United States, and the trust created by the treaty of the 30th April, 1803, with the French Republic ceding Louisiana.”


    • Anonymous

      TY! Great explanation on that site you presented.

    • Dave Murphy

      Well said.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    Looks like the West sold their soul to the Devil or the Federal Government.

    • CylonesRUS

      Except for too few, they seem to support the Feds Why for more tax dollars. In Colorado, the one family whos is fightinh the county over land , the county is in league with the BLM as Even state and locals government have theirown land grabs
      Senator Jim DeMint took to the pages of the Washington Post this morning to raise the alarm about a planned, 10 million acre Western land grab by the Obama administration. that quote was in 2010 and today : A Colorado couple is fighting an eminent domain push to save their land.

      Andy and Ceil Barrie’s cabin is surrounded by the White River National Forest. The forest service didn’t like the couple using their snow vehicle to get to their cabin, which was built in the late 1800s.

      The Barries asked Summit County to declare their path a county road. Instead, the county claimed their cabin by saying it needed the land to protect open space.

      • Anonymous

        In the end it boils down to the almighty dollar (debt).

  • Anonymous

    Think Bundy has said right along that he wanted to bring attention to the land grab by Federal government forward and to force the states to act on the 1976?96? Bill that granted all lands back to states. Evidently Nevada had not moved on that and ranchers were being forced out of business by an overbearing fed govt. Agenda21– looks a lot like this in progress. Glad the ranchers were strong enough to not become violent. It seems like it was the government that was causing the tension. I trusted the ranchers more than the power hungry Feds.

    • Anonymous

      There is a video which clearly shows that the Las Vegas metro police worked with blm to stand dwn and return the cattle to grazing lands.

  • Anonymous

    do you know who started grazing fees?? It was an executive order by Reagan

    • solos42

      Nixon started the EPA and opened up China

  • Lynette

    Connection between China solar company, Harry Reid,tortoise and a easy way for a
    for the President to support his energy policy. The loser the citizens of Nevada. And for the desert tortoises maybe they will no be executed by the VLM.

  • Dave Murphy

    Well that’s all fine and dandy folks, but it was done in secret with no press allowed to listen in. I’m not a fan of the press or the media, but when government officials say they had a meeting to discuss taking back the lands from the Feds, and no one was there to hear them, now I have a problem.
    Sorry Glenn, but that’s not how it works, and for all we know, they were discussing how to strip us of our Second Amendment rights. An avenue Glenn, more like a dead end street.

  • ken.

    when the government fears the people we have liberty, when the people fear the government we have tyranny. the government doesn’t fear we the people, that needs to change, NOW!!! if we don’t stand up in non-violent armed protest the government will continue to destroy us and our rights. if we don’t exercise our rights we lose them. it’s time to retake our country from the tyrannical government. until politicians fear we the people they will only continue to serve themselves, instead of our country. it’s their duty to serve we the people and uphold the constitution. lower politicians pay and completely eliminate their pensions and benefits.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Looks like Burning Man is headed to Cliven Bundy’s backyard:


    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

  • solos42

    Beck not standing with Bundy is all you got to know about Beck’s finger in the wind. Now, that Bundy has the people’s support, Beck is back on board.Excuse me- upchucking

  • CrapsDealer
  • crookedstick

    Oh, yeah, cant wait. No more “united” States. The Balkinization of America. Civil War. Everybody is armed, should ne a blood bath!

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