Coming to a city near you – Glenn teams with choir to tell the story of America!

Want to hear the way the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ sounds after Glenn Beck tells a world class orchestra and choir the real story behind the song?

Last year, Glenn asked the Millennial Choir and Orchestra (MCO) to work with him on a new show – a tribute to our  Founding Fathers, to Old Glory, to the U.S. Armed Forces, to Americans past and present, and to God. The show combines elements of spoken word by Glenn Beck and music by MCO, telling amazing stories of faith and history while creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

You may have heard Glenn read ‘The New Colossus’ from the base of the Statue of Liberty. You can now hear it with a chorus and full orchestra to help him tell it.

The show starts at the beginning with the Pilgrims and takes you to World War 2. It’s history with over two million dollars worth of artifacts and unparalleled storytelling – all performed by the new Millennial Choir and Orchestra.

There have already been four sold out shows in Arizona. There was an amazing reaction.  Goose bumps and tears.

See how we all come together before as Americans  and what will bring us together again.

Feel renewed.

Tickets are still available for some of the upcoming shows.

Details and ticket links below (all times local):

– Dallas, TX – Saturday  April 26th, 2014 at 5:00pm and 8:00pm at Meyerson Symphony Center (Glenn Beck Live)

– Salt Lake City, Utah – Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 7:30pm (Glenn Beck Narration Recorded)

– Orange County, California – Saturday May 31st, 2014 at 5:00pm and 8:00pm at Segerstrom Concert Hall (Glenn Beck Narration Recorded)

About the performance:

Millennial Choirs & Orchestras (MCO), a choral and orchestra group with more than 2,600 singers and instrumentalists, including children, teenagers, and adults, has joined with Glenn Beck to premiere the musical tribute to God and country, ‘To Be American’. Featuring both original music and American classics composed and arranged by Brett Stewart, and a spoken word narrative by Glenn, the production is a tribute to our  Founding Fathers, to Old Glory, to the U.S. Armed Forces, to Americans past and present, and to God.

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Radio Program, Glenn talked about his involvement in the performance and how the show came to be:

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  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I wish you were coming to Utah too, not just your recorded narrative. I’m in the choir, and I want to meet the person I’ve felt such a kinship with–through our common birthday, to common Catholic converted to LDS background, and through our common experiences with alcoholism (although mine was my dad’s, not my own). I’m still honored to be able to perform this.

  • Jean Melton

    Please bring this to Louisville, KY or Indianapolis, IN. Would love to see and hear this!

  • Virginia1620

    Oh please Glenn, Madison or Milwaukee Wisconsin?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Virginia, I agree. I’ve been following Glenn’s path also and since about 2007, attended his Restoring Love event in Tx a few years ago. At that time I could only find 2 other people in WI to ride with to the event and a family near Franksville,WI going as a family vacation. I know a couple more people where I live who also follow his radio and tv programs. Please write me at so we can also network at times. Thanks.

  • texastruthtweet

    I am considering attending the Dallas show.

  • Smittyman

    Is this going to be sold on Itunes or Amazon?

    • trinajo

      It was announced at the Arizona concert that they would be recording it and it would be sold on Amazon and I believe itunes in time for the Fourth of July.

  • M. Ann Margaret

    I’ve got a friend and her son singing in the choir. I’m taking my kids to the Dallas event on Saturday. Can’t wait to see my friend sing, of course but, can’t wait to see Glenn. I’m hoping this is something my kids will never forget.

  • Anonymous

    This will be a blessing for the nation (so much in decline)! I’m like many others here wishing to experience this show and that FL would be on the tour. Please make it available to all of us by DVD. My Dad was a WW II 101st Airborne paratrooper and know this would honor all those who served. Glenn, you are being a true servant of God. Thanks for hearing His Voice.

  • BozotheTrump

    Uh, nope!

  • suz

    …because we all know all women talk in this manner.

  • Joyce Avello

    Please come to Nashville!!!! Please!!!!!

  • Robert Quigley

    Ever heard the William Schuann composition inspired by William Billing’s three songs; Be Glad then, America, When Jesus Wept, and Chester The New England Tryplich? William Billings was a composer from the 1800’s, who wrote for choir. Chester, was sung by Revolutionary Soldiers before going into battle

  • Janette Kristjanson

    This program sounds outstanding!!! Will it be made available on DVD for purchase? I would like to purchase a copy. I know many others across this nation would love it too. Our citizens dearly need to feel the goodness of our nation and her history.

  • Oscar Mysterious

    Citizens: Knowledge is the best antidote against the superstitions and illusions of the totalitarians in our midst:

  • DenisetheCelt

    Is there an ode to the Black Founding Fathers? (snickers in to hand)

  • Curtis Mitchell Rasmussen

    Hi, folks, I’m in the Dallas MCO and also assist in local operations. For those of you who’d like to experience the MCO sound and power here is a link to their albums:

    Choir and orchestra members will travel to California in late May for the official recording of “To Be American”. The recording release date has not been announced so stay tune.

  • Curtis Mitchell Rasmussen

    If you’re close to Dallas and are “considering” going let me persuade you with a word from one of the directors, Brandon Stewart:

    “That hall (Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas) is my favorite acoustic space in the U.S. It is superior in sound and depth to Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher, Chicago Symphony Hall, Disney Concert Hall, Segerstrom, Abravanel, Schermerhorn, and others. I’ve witnessed all of these acoustics multiple times and Meyerson has something magical. Add DMCO to it, and it is stunning!! You should feel very proud to have this hall on your doorstep.”

    You have an opportunity to see this live. DO NOT MISS IT! Here is the ticket link:

    I promise that there will be moments when you’ll be pinching yourself and saying, “I had NO idea!”


    STILL MORE ARMINIAN enmeshment op tent shows.

    BE AWARE —people on TV and radio are –NOT– your
    personal friends, ARE ‘on board’ and, almost to a man,
    are there to ‘CULL—ectivize’ your unconscious and
    ——————————————————TALK YOU DEAD.

    ‘Princes of the air’
    —————–‘friendly spirits’
    ————————inclusion fantasies and enmeshment ops.

    CHECK INTO the ARMINIAN HERESY and how its
    been employed, to such devastating, in America since the
    early 1800’s.

    From OPRAH –to PHIL —-to BECK and HANNITY,
    one and ALLLL are peddlling the ARMINIAN HERESY.


    ——————-IS— the government.”

    ———–STEP AROUND!

  • Chuck

    You could bring it to the TOYOTA CENTER ARENA in Tri-Cities, WA too, but that’s not what I’m mostly writing about. ..
    Glenn, (and the lot of y’all), of course you know your recent remarks in VA and elsewhere have got the evangelicals buzzin, probably the Mormons too, eh?– about patriotism and ecumenism, and soteriology, for Pete’s sake!! Like, ” …when will Glenn become a Baptist?…” and such.
    Chuck Not that I’m recommending that denomination, or any other, but as a sub-group in that “big tent” I think you would like the “conditionalists”….just sayin’…

  • Guest

    I downloaded the album from iTunes (only $9.99). I wanted to be moved but found it over-produced. A perfect example of that is a choir thrown into Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue, simply wrecking it. :(

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