‘The kiss of Depp’: Glenn analyzes Johnny Depp’s latest flop

The weekend box office numbers are in, and Johnny Depp’s Transcendence failed to live up to expectations – or its hefty price tag. The film reportedly cost $100 million to produce, and made just $11.5 million over the weekend. Transcendence was trounced by Heaven is for Real, which took in an estimated $21.5 million in its opening weekend and cost just $12 million to make. On radio this morning, Glenn characterized Depp’s recent flops at the box office as “the kiss of Depp” as he tried to make sense of the eccentric actor.

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“We were talking about Johnny Depp. And you know what the weird thing is about Johnny Depp? I think he is a Ferris wheel and a slumber party away from being Michael Jackson,” Glenn said. “He’s from Kentucky. Have you ever listened to the guy… You’re from Kentucky, dude… What happened to the American accent? He doesn’t seem to have that anymore. Is it just me?”

To be fair, Depp has lived in France for a number of years, but Glenn questioned whether the actor lives his life in character.

“I have no problem with somebody being a character, somebody who’s eccentric,” Glenn said. “But it’s like he’s lost him. I don’t know who he is. He’s always playing a character in life… You look at his movies, the closer he gets to being a normal human being, the more he can’t pull it off… At one point you were a regular dude. What happened to you?”

Stu ran through some of Depp’s bigger films like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland, which all performed quite well at the box office. But, then again, Depp was playing a very specific character in each of those situations.

Ultimately, Glenn doesn’t think the Owensboro, Kentucky native is a bad actor. He just can’t figure him out.

“Do you know what he’s? He’s a combination,” Glenn said. “When I said he’s a Ferris wheel and a slumber party away from being Michael Jackson – he’s not Michael Jackson. He [is] Woody Allen.”

“He might be these people except for the thing that they did that made them horrible,” Stu clarified. “Like Michael Jackson was sleeping with children. That’s why people were upset with Michael Jackson. Woody Allen… married his freaking daughter. That’s why they don’t like Woody Allen. He didn’t do any of those things that we know of.”

Glenn got the last word and couldn’t help but add a slightly maniacal twist to the whole discussion.

“Why has he got an English accent and living in France? There’s a possibility it’s a witness protection program,” Glenn concluded before employing his best attempt at Depp’s accent. “’Only blokes in Kentucky would want to hide me in jail so I’ll hide in disguise in my blue glasses, I will.’”

  • Dee Dunbar

    How do you turn your back on Americans and pretend that injustice is not happening? Why are you not helping Cliven Bundy? Shame on you! You could at least send some supplies that they need to keep protecting this family from what would have been a slaughter.Look at the cattle they shot up and tried to hide! Is that the governments right to do????????????Please take another look at what you are shunning!

    • Anonymous

      So because he talks about an actor for 8 minutes he’s ignoring America? This wasn’t the whole show lol. Relax.

    • A-MTN-DUDE

      Take some Valium dudette

      • Dee Dunbar

        flop says it all

    • Tyson Litz

      Hey crankypants, some of us like the lighthearted filler material, rather than constant DOOM & GLOOM

      Grow up

      • Johhny “the rat”

        Okay Tyson…we get it.

      • Anonymous

        Talk about gloom and doom? I am finally relieved that Glenn has changed on that point alone, as I have heard so much doom an gloom from him for years. As for actors, show us some “normal” actors. Glenn himself is just another actor, that’s why so many are seeing another change in him.

  • Charles Ray

    I went and watched Transcendence and found it to be a decent movie. Not sure why it’s doing so bad. To be fair I usually like movies that seem to get bad reviews from the critics and sometimes from the people.

  • Jim Piper Jr.

    cannot stand Johnny Depp as an actor, but this is outright attacking
    him personally! Where did the Love thy neighbor go so fast Glenn?!

    • Anonymous

      I take this discussion as a media person looking at the work of another media person. He was talking about his movies and his public persona. Very fair game, and Glenn gives it straight. Personally, his comments reflected my feelings on Depp.. Great American actor who seems to have gone a little awry. It wasn’t personal, unless you think the characters Depp plays in the movies are ‘real’ people…

  • Deckard426

    It’s time for Depp to turn gay and contract a disability, in order to boost box office sales.

  • Shaun Salvetta

    Really Glenn? You have three power of the microphone and an awesome following and this is what you choose to spout off about? I’m so disappointed…something just isn’t right about you lately and it worries me to be honest.

    • Anonymous

      This is an 8 minute snippet in a two hour show. Chill.

      • Tyson Litz

        Three hours… plus an hour on TV… Shaun Salvetta’s just a crank who wants hear harpies repeat “Obamacare” and “Clive Bundy” on and on, ad nauseam. BOOOORING!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

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    • Silent Political Yeoman

      The point here is that Johnny Depp is being something that he’s not, and given the movies that he’s been in, it’s almost as if he’s trying to distance himself from being who he really is. I guess now he’s putting on an English accent to look “sophisticated.”

      • Willy Billy

        Or maybe that’s just how he talks, you know? How he’s been talking since ages? There’s no need to attack someone just because he talks differently.

  • Josh M Weisman

    I love your show Glenn, but this is just horrible…and a lot of his movies that you say are “flops”or didn’t make that much money are not accurate at all .. and if you go back and look a lot of movies that are classics today, they didn’t make a lot of money at the box office, so you guys bringing up Donnie Brasco and Public Enemies do not help prove the point you’re trying to make. Your facts don’t add up and you are attacking the man and comparing him to Woody Allen and Michael Jackson because you don’t understand him, because he acts differently than you? Yeah he’s different, yeah he is not what you consider a “normal guy,” but to compare him to woody allen is terrible. Please focus on what your show should be about, (NEWS) and not attacking a persons character because you find him to be weird!

    • Tyson Litz

      Hey crankypants, some of us like the lighthearted filler material, rather than constant DOOM & GLOOM
      Grow up!

    • Maya Anne Rivera

      Side by side pacino. Anyway. I guess its the drugs is it? And woody allen is a man who wanted someone to love him. Probably paralleling a figure like depp. As for a strange movie you might like is idk it has acid in it. Didnt watch the whole thing. Pace was to slow.

    • Shane

      Well, this movie certainly can be considered a flop; it has no appeal for me. It looks like a ripoff of Stephen King’s “Lawnmower Man.”

    • BlueMN

      Noah has brought in $44 million so far despite Beck panning it 3 times on his show. I’m not too worried about Johnny Depp’s future.

  • chuck miller

    this is so easy to explain, he is an avid user of LSD…the mind altering drug that Hunter Thompson advocates in most of his books and writings….Look at all the movies he has played Hunter Thompson….Rum Diaries,Fear and Loathing etc..There is no other explanation…

  • First Sergeant Willis

    I was part of the Lone Ranger movie. The critics be DAMNED, it was a good show. The wife and I spent an off day on a shooting range in Creede, CO when Depp + crew show up. I didn’t recognize him out of costume. Kind of embarrassing really. He was very personable and offered me the opportunity to fire his .45 cal. M1911 pistol. Smoothest action I’ve ever seen. He and Armie Hammer were both good folks when off the clock and able to let their guard down. Armie ran his dirt bike out of fuel, I offered to haul it back to base camp in the hyrail pickup truck. He refused, stating it was penance for not checking the fuel level. He has my respect from that simple character statement.

    • Reneé Kunkel

      Perhaps if you were not part of the movie you could view it objectively- it sucked!

    • A-MTN-DUDE

      Dude it was a suck fest start to finish. Only a liberal could get away with being a white dude playing a First American.

      • Debbie Pelletier

        Actually, Depp is American Indian. You obviously didn’t read anything about it prior to them going in to production.

    • Tyson Litz

      Lone Ranger sucked balls

      • Anonymous

        Yes to Litz — The Lone Ranger movie did not live up to the finer characterization the radio & TV industry created.

    • brandon jones

      I was surprised by the Lone Ranger thought it was a decent flick. Just think the Ranger role was to big for Mr Hammer

      • Christopher Koch

        I thought it was pretty good and Hammer played it well

  • Jennifer O’Dell-Costanzo

    Why do you give a damn about Johnny Depp? Why are you criticizing anything about him? Is this really an important issue? you are always reminding listeners to practice peace, love and kindness. Jesus wouldn’t criticize someone for being eccentric. Who cares if you just don’t get him!

    • Tyson Litz

      Hey crankypants, some of us like the lighthearted filler material, rather than constant DOOM & GLOOM

      • Anonymous

        Cranypants can apply to any one of us, including GB for criticizing Depp. Glenn is inciting some hatred towards Depp in this article too. I just love these hypocrites.

  • Resee Rogers

    C’mon, Glenn; this is beneath you. I’m not a big fan of Depp or any of his movies, but this just isn’t necessary.

  • Marva Januice Hurst

    I can understand having something against him. Depp goes overseas, denounces America, doesn’t pay taxes then wants to down America.. but uhm,” please go see my movies”.. ahem.. and stupid people PAY to see the movies.

    • Tyson Litz

      No matter where he lives, he pays his US income tax too. And state.

      • Justin CodeMonkey Rundle

        yeah because you are the IRS and know this to be a fact right? just like mark zuckerberg paid his income tax oh wait he didnt…

    • Debbie Pelletier

      He didn’t give up his citizenship, he just said he doesn’t want to raise his children in the US. So, he probably does still pay taxes. After all, he still owns property here.

    • Willy Billy

      Depp has been actually living in the USA for the past deacde and his said that he loves his country and wish the best for it. When did he denounce America and how do you know that he doesn’t pay his taxes??

      I don’t know where you got the ” please go see my movies” from because he really couldn’t care less.

  • Sue Ellen Bradley Weaver

    Uh oh, looks like some people are upset about this article. I would say most performers are mentally ill. Their skill is fooling people. Pretending to be someone they are not. They are all a bit off. No surprise here. The surprise is when they are normal.


      Is “different” & “artistic” mentally ill??? Us creative types typically do not fit into the norm…that’s why we create. I rather enjoy watching the bloom of an artist. It may not go the way of traditional, but it is a life transforming as their art transforms. Everyone is born with a creative side, but most do not have the guts to follow it because we are afraid of it. That’s not a bad thing either…it’s just that choice of being so judged by a conformist society. I am guilty of that also to a point, because we all have the fight to be accepted. I would also say that we all wear masks to “fool people” in society in one form or another. And so who’s to say who is “normal”…it also can just be an act.

  • Paula D Henry

    Wasted a minute of my life reading this….

    • Guest

      awww, really? Why do I get the impression from your comment, you probably waste more than a minute of your life watching such intellectual shows as Modern Family or DWTS or Idol.

    • Tyson Litz

      LOL as if you didn’t have a choice???
      Your computer just loads random stories, clicking your mouse be damned!!!! Grow up, spazz

  • V the K

    Golly whiz, you guys, lighten up. If GB wants to spend a few minutes talking about Johnny Depp, what’s the big deal? It doesn’t have to be Constitutionalism and gloom and doom 24.7.365.

  • Micah Lindstrom

    And all the world judges the man without knowing the heart of the man.

    • Micah Lindstrom

      I also don’t fault Glenn for a playful critique and some strange humor. It’s his job.

      • Anonymous

        He’s an actor just like the rest of them.

    • Anonymous

      How true! Who has the mind or permission to judge another without ever meeting them in person?

  • Christopher Crocker

    Depp’s best movie was one many have never seen. Dead Man. Worth watching.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      At last! Somebody else saw the “William Blake” movie! Talk about a strange Depp part. I thought the film was creepy/cool.

  • http://starlyns.com/ starlyn

    I saw it and he forgot how to act.

    • Willy Billy

      Please, just because he makes it look so easy it doesn’t mean he is not acting.

  • John

    I don’t really think this is what your fan base wants to hear about clearly by the responses. Do I like Johnny Depp? No, not really. He is an excellent actor, but I don’t agree with a lot of his beliefs. Do I care enough to attack him or want to hear about him in the news, no. Please stick to the important topics and the things the American people NEED to hear about, leave this waste to HLN.

    • Tyson Litz

      Glenn’s on for 4 hours a day. But the crankypants like you don’t understand some of us like the lighthearted filler material, rather than constant DOOM & GLOOM
      It’s not like he spent an hour on Depp. Grow up

  • Anonymous

    Depp may be from Kentucky..but the guy has lived in France the last 20 years or so,I believe…..do ya blame him?

  • Wax

    Glenn is making an observation big deal, plus he’s absolutely right…he’s pointing out that these people in Hollywood go off their rockers and think they are someone who they aren’t. Depp is as weird as you can get. Look at Madonna, she used to have the biggest NY accent and she’s from Michigan… and now all of the sudden she has a British accent!

    • Anonymous

      Big deal. Maybe you’re just jealous of their fame and fortune. Hollywood is not the center of the entertainment business and Glenn is an entertainer himself too.

  • Adam Guthrie

    I think this is more like Dom delouise. He probably just needs to take some time off acting to get a tune up at the funny farm. Delouise did it several times in his career.

  • Pam Dunn

    I never cared for Depp and avoid his movies like I would a plague. His worst was a Tonto in the Lone Ranger, what a crappy performance and story line.

    • Elena

      Did you see Sweeny Todd? That was pretty awful, too.

      • Willy Billy

        That was actually successful and beloved by the critics and many people. He was nominated for the Oscar for it and won several awards.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve thought the same thing about Depp. When he first started on tv, he was just a regular guy – pretty, but a regular guy. His accent, the way he walked, the person he played – were normal. Now that he’s a “mega star” suddenly he’s got an accent, he walks with that wierd “mincing” step, he just seems “off” – he’s less and less able to be that “normal guy” any more. I think it’s interesting just ‘because’. I don’t think every single thing needs to be life or death on GB’s show. Seriously, people need to just dial it back a notch.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say the reason his film did poorly is because Heaven is for real is such an inspirational movie that people made up their minds to see it even if they didn’t read the book. I believe his numbers will pickup next weekend, and Glenn to compare this guy to MJ and Woody Allen? Really???? You HAD to go there? That’s just sick, man.

    • CylonesRUS

      Lot of what Beck says is tongue and Cheek, He does a heavy then lightens up to avoid the ucler.

  • Anonymous

    Critique the movie IF you have seen it. Petty and childish to critique a man you have never even met

    • CylonesRUS

      Look, Beck is doing comedy here ya know to avoid the ulcer, He a lot less intense on the jokes and the heavy stuff too than a few years ago. As he said do not call until ou have listened for 6 month to get his format. He did it solo back then as well.

      • Anonymous

        I have listened for far longer than 6 months. And if this is what passes for comedy, they need to work on it

        • CylonesRUS

          LOL can not argue with that, but with the land grabs, amoung a lot of other issues, this thead ain’t that important

          • Anonymous

            True that !! :)

          • Anonymous

            Important or not, look at all GB’s sheeple agreeing with him as if he’s a real authroity on judging others, whether jokingly or in all seriousness. When you start labelling people without proof that becomes a no-no.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    What movie?

  • tanya

    Stop being so damn judgemental glenn…it doesnt become you!

  • Ncrdbl1

    I cannot remember a decent Johnny Depp film. Most have been out there and pushing the envelope of reality.

    • Peter Gibson

      Blow? Donnie Brasco?

    • Willy Billy

      Are you sure you’ve seen enough movies with him?

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    many years ago, i was teenish, in a late night club called “the treehouse lounge” by the tracks just off dixie highway in hallandale beach, florida, depp was there w/his band “the kids.”

    it was ladies night, 2fors, so i indulged in comicazis–11 of them-one was a double. so i was rather drrrrrrunk sulking after having broke it off w/my boyfriend. disclaimer: a comicazi is a sweet shot so they taste good and go down fast.

    depp came up to me and told me that my boyfriend wasn’t worth being miserable over because he wasn’t loyal and that i could do much better. that’s it. that’s all i remember and the rest of the story goes (as told from others not drunk) was that i’d ended up on the bathroom floor and the bouncer had to throw me over his shoulder, walk through the club and out to a waiting cab to take me home.

    needless to say, i never, ever got that drunk again. it was my first time, it was my last time. in those days the clubs were much more lax, not just on who they let into bars, but how much they’d let you drink.

    but depp was a good guy there. he wanted to make a gal feel better. i cannot comment on his ‘accent.’ he was normal.

    that’s my kiss of depp story.

  • Peter Gibson

    ADVANCED NOTICE: I’m stealing the “he’s a Ferris wheel and a slumber party away from being Michael Jackson” line. Most definitely. :)

    • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

      Me too! I can’t wait!!!

  • John Mason

    He is still the Pirate Jack Sparrow! I heard he grew up in the Miami area.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Depp and George Clooney were both born here in the Commonwealth but left; Rand Paul was born in Pennsylvania, and when he was in need of a blessing, he moved here. Kentucky can produce knuckleheads just like anywhere else. We just encourage them to move along.

  • Robert Carsella

    I’m right there with you Glenn, Johnny Depp has really lost touch with reality and with who he is himself. Ohhh, and don’t pay any attention to the haters behind the curtains, I’m glad that you change up topics once in a while.

    • Willy Billy

      Why are you talking as if you know Depp personally? You and Glenn know nothing about him and how he actually is.

  • Anonymous

    i bet glenn approached depp for one of his movie projects and Depp told him he would not have anything to do with him. So now Glenn has to bash him.

  • Goon


    You loose me when you start bashing talented people that you do not agree with. The worst was ripping Jim Carey after the gun skit. The guy is incredibly talented and yet because he did a skit you do not agree with, he’s “washed up” “has been” etc. Hateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Act like the tolerant Christian that you preach

    • Harold Patterson

      I have to disagree with you. I talked to hundreds of people after Carey’s brain dead video. No one supported his view on gun control, even my Dem neighbors. Being a Christian does not mean you are.not allowed to point out errors in someone’s thinking.

      • Goon

        He doesn’t point out errors he rips a new one, demeans, put downs, no talent, washed up, etc etc and wished they were out of business. And who cares who supported Jim on guns, I have 3. It was a hilarious Charlton impression.

        And yes I am sure Carey is a manic personality, most talents are half baked.
        By the way Hollywood does not like him either, should have been nominated for Man on The Moon and Truman Show.

        Can’t wait for Dumb and Dumber. I know, setup myself.

  • Goon

    Went to school with Depp at Miramar High School, Miramar FL. He was a musician, smoked, burnout type that put a band together and moved to LA. Dont remember a southern accent

  • Goon

    And while I’m at it you are mean to convenient store workers.

  • Anonymous

    Tsk, tsk,Glenn. Don’t judge others lest YOU be judged too. Whatever you say about Depp can be said about YOU too. Read how many people here are questioning your change lately. You are far from who you were just five years ago. YOU are not a man without faults, just like Depp or anybody else.

    • Goon


      He’s fading on me a bit. Self destructing? Besides Beck is acting just as strange as Depp or any other ego gone to far with that silly bow tie, round glasses and clown colors.

    • landofaahs

      Don’t judge? Is that your judgment?

  • Sk Kaspereit- Lumley

    Really did you know he has aspergers…he has done very well for someone with this disability…I would do a retraction.

  • mannychooch

    glenn, what up with you? i am a follower of you no more.

  • Anonymous

    To me Johnny seems to be a silent film actor attempting to work in ‘talkies’. He has the plain face like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin but his speaking parts lack passion and soul with a sense of detachment. .

  • Joy Larissa

    I love watching Johnny Depp on film, but I’m always disappointed when I see him in an interview because he acts like he’s ” not all there ” he kind of mumbles with his accent, is really reserved and far away…hiding behind all the hair, glasses and hat..I can’t believe its the same person we see on film who is full of life! …

  • Bobby Stuch Dixon

    The problem is Shaun, everyone is starting to realize just how full of it Glenn is and he is scrambling around to try find something else to talk about. If he can somehow spin a rant about someone else’s problem it over shadows his own.

  • Betty Morris

    “Blokes do not live in (KY) Kentucky. They live in the (UK) United Kingdom!

  • Judy O’Neill Pirson

    Personally, i thoroughly enjoy Johnny Depp movies, or at least the majority of them. If he seems a little strange, so what! Tell me there are not a crap load of actors who are not a little strange. How about Tom Cruise or Gary Busey, just to mention two! If Glenn wants to insert a little off topic convo in his news show, then so what. He did not say Depp was a creep or anything. I love Depp and at first I was a little defensive of some of the remarks, but after consideration, I decided he was not being nasty, just flippant. As for Depps accent….I lived in England for a year and came home sounding like I was English born.

  • Anonymous

    his movie opened as a failure, as people have to factor in costs other than the production costs. Advertising, shipping, prints, and on and on. And now we will have to listen to creative accounting to see if this film makes a profit or not, but in reality, this is a drop in the bucket.

  • MM

    One less follower here. Stupid tabloid hate stuff, if I want to listen to this type of slander to a great actor I’ll watch tmz.

  • Anonymous

    He a good actor in some movies , however he is to much a socialist for me, but that is his gig!

  • CatieR

    I think maybe Glenn is losing his marbles! Just sayin’….

  • Anonymous

    Like any artist: some are hits, some are misses.

    Time will be the determining factor.

    A recognized sci-fi classic such as “Blade Runner” was not a hit with the either the box-office or the critics. Harrison Ford, blue-hot off “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, “Blade Runner” was considered a major flop. But something strange happened: the march of time.

  • landofaahs

    What a Depp Shet.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Johnny Depp has always made movies with weird campy characters that were never popular main stream…until the Pirates movies. So I’m rather surprised that anyone would be taken back by the unpopularity of some of his recent movies since they are par with much of his early work. He has even joked about it. I guess I don’t understand the criticism.

    • BrooklynTam


  • Robert Villani

    Well Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky but raised in South Fla. in Miramar to be correct. I know I worked for his father in the City of Miramar at the Water Utilities Dept in 1974.

  • Rachel Maddow’s Testicles

    Can anyone explain to me why Stu is so effeminate?

  • mondo

    I have to be approved by Glenn Beck, before my simple, stupid comment can be viewed. WOW. COME ON BECK.

  • Anonymous


  • Rush Limborg

    I disagree with Glenn on “The Lone Ranger”–bomb or not, the movie itself wasn’t awful. It’s very pro-gun–I loved it, a lot.

    As for Donnie Brascoe–I’m surprised that it apparently didn’t do too well. I seem to recall that that film is part of the reason everyone’s stereotype of a gangster has him saying “Fuhgeddaboudit!” all the time….

    • Willy Billy

      Donnie Brasco was a critical and commercial success and yes it has become a classic because of its greatness.

  • BrooklynTam

    Hey Beck! His accent is from playing a lot of British characters in his career in the last 15 yrs.Before those characters his accent was pretty normal American.And comparing Johnny Depp to two accused child molesters because of his characters is just wow!? And btw Johnny Depp’s 1st big hit of his career was Sleepy Hollow! Before that he was praised for picking different characters but nobody went to go and see them.But once the Pirates franchise came along everybody expected every other movie to make a billion automatically.He even called himself box office poison before Pirates in interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, somebody tell these clowns they are the worst movie critics and their commentaries and opinions on movies are like those of conservative grandpas: the only movies they can process are those that instill a sense of calm certainty on things, and they just go insane when a movie or some other art form decides to disturb audiences and revel in uncertainty. Oh, I keep forgetting, this IS a conservative website. Please, do go on.

  • Amanda

    You know, I used to be a huge fan of Glenn Beck. I watched your show on Fox every day (it was the only thing on Fox worth watching), I read your books and I stood up for you when people said you were a loon. In retrospect, I’m not sure why I wasted my time. Lately you’ve lost sight of what’s important and you’ve been spewing bullshit about things that don’t matter. This video is nothing more than cyber bullying. Why do we seem to think that because celebrities are constantly in the lime light and vulnerable to ridicule, that it somehow makes them subhuman? Johnny Depp is still a man with feelings and it would be different if you were actually critiquing his work but all you’re doing is attacking him on a personal level, which just goes to show what an arrogant douche bag you really are. As for his accent, there are two very logical explanations: 1) Johnny Depp has been residing in Europe for over a decade. Generally, when you are surrounded by people who speak a certain dialect, you tend to pick up some of their speaking habits. 2) Many character actors remain “in character” even while they’re not on set. This is a technique that they use because remaining in character will give them less of a struggle to get back into character when they are on set. In conclusion, nobody who bullies Johnny Depp keeps my support. You lose, Glenn Beck, get over yourself.

  • John

    I used to be a huge fan of Glenn Beck too. I watched his show everyday and I have even read some of his books but what worried me in the end was that Beck started acting really strange in the end. That is why Fox ditched him. I worry about his mental outlook.

  • whyworrynow

    How many acting parts would have been given to him if he used the stereotype accent of what other Americans perceive to be from Kentucky?

  • Willy Billy

    So you guys are basically picking on him just now just because he’s had a few flops. You didn’t have any problem with him or his accent when he was doing well, did you?

  • Willy Billy

    The Tourist, Public Enemies, Sweeney Todd and Donnie Brasco all did pretty well at the boxoffice and they made millions with the DVDs, etc too.

  • Willy Billy

    21 Jump Street was actually a huge hit! Get your facts right please.

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