Why would NBC send “psychological consultants” to meet with host’s friends and family?

Everyday, Glenn meets with his producers to discuss the biggest stories of the day before going on radio and TV in the morning meeting. Today, they tackled daydreaming kids, David Gregory, failing Army technology, and a scary ban on judges in California.

Today’s big stories:

Why are daydreaming kids the latest target?

Sluggish cognitive tempo. It’s the new psychological disorder that all you parents need to be worried about. What is it? Basically, it’s daydreaming. More

David Gregory’s mental state

So why would NBC send “psychological consulatants” to meet with the friends and family of their ‘Meet The Press’ host David Gregory? That’s one of the questions that Glenn wanted his producers to explain in today’s morning meeting. Gregory has come under a lot of scrutiny lately for being unlikeable, and it seems like NBC is trying to figure out how to make him more relatable to the average viewer. HINT: He could just do a good show.

Armed & Unaccountable

This week, ‘For The Record’ and TheBlaze expose how the U.S. Army’s top brass failed to provide the necessary technology to troops on the battlefield, choosing to promote their own failing software instead. TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter has written a series of investigative articles to accompany the groundbreaking report, and she talked to Glenn during the morning meeting about the investigation.

California will ban judges

California has proposed to ban members of the Boy Scouts from serving as judges because of the organization’s stance on homosexuality. More

  • Deckard426

    NBC should fund a psychological study to find out why anybody would watch NBC

  • landofaahs

    Why to see how unstable he is of course. We know since he is liberal progressive that he has a mental disorder, it’s just how deep is he damaged.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    NBC should of spent their money on a Psychological study on Chris Matthews and Al sharpton.

    • Anonymous

      no need on al!!! he’s a bonifide racist and uneducated speaker!!! i know, i grew up in nyc, watching that idiot, take whatever his supporters had(his fine lifstyle)!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d have done the same thing. Gregory must be nuts to work there.

  • Dalene Kolk

    Daydreaming is healthy, it allows a child to stretch their imagination!

  • Anonymous

    it’s the show’s participants, the same socialist/communist bama yes people!!! no one debates any conservative on the show!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sound like the old Soviet Union tactics if your not in lockstep or consider different views should not be heard from millions in Soviet Union were lock up as insane ,now NBC is using a similar tactics to black mailing by threats of falsely labeling them and their family to a shrink doctors interviews and the threat of false results release or must attend or no job ,this interview can be held over the family head if they don’t tow the line of NBC !! Question do they the have right to opposing shrink doctor in their behalf and as witness as what took place or what was said and lawyer present at these interviews ????? All this is for NBC to have complete control of the individual and their family on their private family life time and silence their freedom of speech outside NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al Egro

    Once freedom is confused with power, the word “liberty” can be easily twisted toward centralizing the control that destroys true liberty.

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