Glenn receives a thank you note from… Mitt Romney

On Monday, Glenn discussed on air – for the first time – a gift he gave to Mitt Romney just days before the 2012 election: A rare, first-edition copy of George Washington’s farewell address. Glenn explained that, despite their political differences, he wanted to congratulate Romney on running “an honorable race.” Furthermore, Glenn hoped to “cement in [Romney’s] mind” that if he were to win the election, he would “have to be George Washington,” the “guy who understands the principles.”

The weekend before the election, Glenn gave the artifact to Romney’s son Josh and explained its significance. Days, weeks, months, and now years have gone by, and Glenn never heard so much as a peep from Romney or his team. Having met Romney in the past and knowing him to be a gracious man, Glenn admitted on Monday that he was surprised he didn’t receive any sort of thank you from the presidential candidate.

As it turns out, however, Romney’s silence was not at all intentional. On radio this morning, Glenn explained that he received an email from Romney last night that shed a new light on the incident.

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“Monday we were talking about… Mitt Romney trying to be the elder statesman and the ‘anti-Jim DeMint.’ – the Theodore Roosevelt of the party… And I just offhandedly said, ‘Farewell address is still in his hands.’ And Stu said, ‘Now you got to tell the story.’ So I did,” Glenn said. “Well, last night I get a note from Joe, who works for me. And he says, ‘Glenn, Mitt Romney sent you an email. It references your conversation on the air. My counsel would be to do as you always do and give a very measured response. I recommend the Abraham Lincoln method of a reply, rereading it and sending it.’ So I knew it wasn’t going to be good.’”

Glenn a small portion of Romney’s email:

I heard I failed to send you a thank you note for your precious book you kindly gave me during the campaign. I am so sorry for the error, and I’m afraid that when you learn the reason I failed to send you a note, you will be even less happy.

“He is an honorable man because I wouldn’t have wanted to write the letter to me,” Glenn said. “He never got the farewell address.”

That’s right. Romney never actually received the gift, which is why he never acknowledged it. More likely than not, the book was misplaced during the chaotic final days of the campaign. Even though the email made his “eyes bleed” from sadness, Glenn really admired Romney’s truthfulness.

“First of all, a man of honor, to have the balls to write that,” Glenn said. “He didn’t even lie and say we got so busy and it’s so great. He went the hardest possible route and said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to tell you [the truth]. It made my eyes bleed for about an hour. I got up at 3 o’clock this morning, and I read that note and I could not go back to sleep. I thought, ‘It’s a farewell address!’”

“I frankly think that makes it better – the fact that he didn’t get it,” Pat concluded. “I don’t like the tact that he says he’s going to be the anti-Jim DeMint… But there are so many things about him I really like this a lot, and I like this a lot.”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t follow?? It is flying right over my head for some reason.

    • Anonymous

      From Glenn’s perspective he is pleased to see that Mitt had the honesty to tell the truth, knowing it was not going to make Glenn happy. Mitt did not have to respond at all, but being a gentleman he did.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, but what about the item itself? Was that forever lost?

        • Christina Staab

          i am also confused.

          • Elizabeth Sheehan

            Glenn said he saw a picture of Mrs. Romney reading it…so she got it but he didn’t? Why didn’t the son give it to Mitt?

          • rickc

            Exactly, ok Ann where is the book

    • Bob Kelley

      This bit was meant to take the focus off Beck being the brunt of and the biggest laugh of Stewart’s joke on Hannity. The audience reaction to Beck as the “voice of reason” was a classic and sums up all Beck’ s insecurities.

      • Anonymous

        If you knew anything about Beck, and I mean “anything” about him at all you would know that he doesn’t give a crap about what phonies, and liars think or say or do, which is why he’s 50 times more influential and important than John Leibowitz (aka stewart). Maybe he actually wanted someone to answer for an item which obviously cost him a lot of money, and was a personal possession of one of america’s most avid collector of historical items…him. Or you can think he’s as small and trivial as you are for conjuring this BS scenario.

        • Bob Kelley

          We both know Beck is small and trivial For a bigger person a gift is always just a gift…end of story. But not for Beck. Watch the jon Stewart clip and listen to the boisterous laughter at beck voice of reason….classic!

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    I gave Glenn Beck an autographed copy of my book – handed it to him at a book signing. I’d intended to mail it to him so he wouldn’t have to lug it around during his book tour, but he insisted on taking it and saving me the effort of mailing it.

    It would be nice to hear from him.

    • Anonymous

      Self absorbed you are! Your book, your ego centric work. You wanted him to promote it for you, yes. Nice try.

      • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

        Actually the book isn’t about me at all. It’s about a doctor who developed his own medicines to treat cancer, AIDS, heroin addiction and alcoholism.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds pretty awesome.

      • Marlene Kelley

        Sunburnspecial, What a mean post. Why would you write something so hard hearted without knowing what you were talking about?
        I wonder why people will write such mean things to others just because people won’t know who wrote it. Kind of shows your true heart, I’m afraid.

        • Anonymous

          jest. Just jest.

          • Marlene Kelley

            Thank you for responding… Glad to know you were just kidding.

    • Sue Smith

      If you handed it to him face to face, I am just that there was a THANK YOU also given face to face. Although it would be nice to receive a thank you acknowledgement, I would not, myself, think it rude if one was not sent.

      • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

        What I do remember from the encounter is how much energy Glenn had. This was the third stop of four in a single day for him. He was animated and sincere with each person with several hundred people in line.

        He was as fresh as a daisy which is quite something when dealing with so many, many strangers.

    • Romulocks

      Tell you what, when people compare the historical significance of your book to George Washington’s farewell address, I’ll be right behind you demanding Glenn to drop you a thank you card. Until then, I’d be grateful he took it out of your hand.

      • Marlene Kelley

        Romuocks, Your message was a bit hard to understand; where you supporting The Doctor Who Cures Cancer or putting him down? Please clarify. :)

        • Jason

          WTF Marlene stay out of it, I doubt thedoctorwhocurescancer needs a digimommy…

        • gina

          You must be a friend of the guy that wrote the book…….I’m sorry but it sounded to me like he wanted Beck to promote his book…it may not be about him but he wrote it….If Beck thanked him for giving it to him in person..then it was a cheap shot saying he should have thanked him again….

    • Anonymous

      You mean to say he didn’t thank you right then & there? Or you just expected a second “thank you”?

      • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

        I don’t recall him saying thank you. I remember him saying he could take it and put it in a box, so I wouldn’t need to mail it to him. But it has been over a year. Maybe he did.

    • bkizzle

      you didnt hear from him when you handed it to him? plz get off of your high horse

  • Viper

    Anti-Jim DeMint—really???? What’s that mean??? CRUZ/PAUL for Pres/V.Pres or vice-versa. Need a Conservative and a Libertarian any way you look at it.

    • Guest

      I love how people want to take two of the least experienced people in this country and give them lots of power just because they recite the bumper stickers that make you hard.

      • JR Fabin

        Excuse me…I believe the LEAST experienced person for that office has already been in it for just over 5 years now.

        • Cindy Phelps

          Excellent point, JR!

        • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

          If the golf, Reggie Love, and vacation time are subtracted, he’s been at it for about 15 minutes

      • ZorroOfTheMidwest

        Obviously the man in the White House had more experience as a community organizer, an Illinoois State Senator who voted present, and was a sitting U.S. Senator for 2 years before he decided to run for president. I can see your point, Cruz and Paul do not come even close to the level of experience of our current President.

        • Anonymous

          Just a small reminder that the POTUS was installed into the Senate in Jan, 2005 and by 2007 he was on the campaign trail running for Prez!!! I’m not sure you can count his time BOTH in the Senate and on the campaign trail!!!

          • ZorroOfTheMidwest

            Oh so true! My comment was to point out in a humorous manner how uninformed “Guest” is. So many who do not take facts into consideration are the first to throw out pointed comments with not having any substance to back it up. Thumbs up JR, Turtle, and Cindy.

          • Anonymous

            Whose brilliant insight was it to run the teleprompter reader?

        • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

          In the IL Senate he voted present 90% of the time except when it came to killing babies.

          In the US senate here was there for 145 days before he started running – illegally – for the WH.

      • David Pradarelli

        I love how people bravely post anonymously behind their computer under a generic name like guest and no avatar

      • Anonymous

        Neither of them is inexperienced. They just had different experiences because they were raised in America.

        The Honorable Senator Dr. Rand Paul practiced opthamology from 1993 to 2010. That’s 17 years of private sector business experience working with people’s EYES. Have you ever been responsible for someone losing their eyesight if you made a mistake?

        Ted Cruz has been Solicitor General for the State of Texas, director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice, Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush, and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin. If you knew anything about Austin, the most liberal city in the state, you would know that The Honorable Senator Ted Cruz does not pay much attention to bumper stickers.

        Sounds like a heck of a team to me.

      • Anonymous

        They did much worse with the inexperienced loser we have now. It’s not the experience that matters, it’s whats underneath the decision making process. The world is full of experienced who have accomplished nothing.

    • Crassus

      Cruz needs Sonny Boy on the ticket like he needs a hole in the head.

  • Jeanette Parker

    But what happened to the rare book?

    • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

      Yeah, I’m curious now, too.

    • Anonymous

      The book was given to Mitt’s son by Glenn to give to Mitt – and the son lost it. No word on where or how, but it never got to Mitt, thus he was unaware of the gift in the first place. Josh Romney has some ‘splainin’ to do.

      • Candy Kriegel

        I would imagine if it turned up in someone’s auction or something it might be retrievable since it could be technically classified as stolen.

      • texastruthtweet

        Glenn does at least deserve an explanation. That Josh refuses to do so says a lot about his character.

        • Marlene Kelley

          I don’t think it says a lot about his character, because we don’t know that Josh refused to do so. They are very busy people, and perhaps he barely remembers receiving the book. But, at the very least, he should be given a chance to make it right before judgments are passed.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, we’re all really busy people. That’s no excuse, you make time for things. I’m curious to hear how it was lost.

        • Anonymous

          Uh the article does not say anything about Josh refusing to explain anything. It simply says it did not make it’s way to Romney.

    • Anonymous

      It may have been t own and picked up by someone else who thought it was cool. Or maybe it still is floating around and the son can find it and give t to his Dad yet.

  • suzq

    Sorry I don’t get it either. Went right over my head. I am assuming he never got the book?

    • Geri Bowling

      Are you stupid Alex? Mitt did not get the book, the son gave it to his mother, mother thought it was for her and she did not mention it to Mitt. End of Story. Glen Beck has made much ado about nothing, he’s a hypocrite.

      • Anonymous

        Really? A hypocrite? What was he saying when he brought the thing up in the first place? He was talking about the personal character of our leaders…how is it that you are the only one who knows the end of the story? I submit that you are mistaken, among other things

      • Eatie Gourmet

        Well, I don’t think he’s a hypocrite.
        But he, of all people, should understand the concept that people are always wanting to “give” something to the star of the show, and they might not get it, or see it for months on end…
        I actually have book that I have for 3 years thought that Tanya Beck and her parents would enjoy immensely, and get some insight from, as I did, (by Luigi Barzini ; I am 2nd generation Sicilian myself), but would have no idea how to get it to them, or even recommend it to her/them, the Beck organization being so squirrely with that kind of info.
        So Mitt didn’t acknowledge your gift right away… Big deal. Boo-hoo. Get over yourself.

    • MrDutchjohn .

      More likely than not, the book was misplaced during the chaotic final days of the campaign.

  • Alex

    Interesting, but Glenn…as you can see from other comments, your description of what transpired with the rare edition of Washington’s Farewell Address resulted in much confusion…to include me. Why exactly did Mitt never receive the document?

  • Anonymous

    Well, glad that I’m not the only one confused here. Why did Glen’s eyes bleed? Did Mitt’s son trash the book, or sell it on eBay? Did the Secret Service or private bodyguards destroy it in their routine security check to see if it contained a bomb? Yes, inquiring minds would like to know…….

    • Anonymous

      Because it is a rare first edition – a very valuable piece of history – that has been lost. Glenn gets kind of warm and fuzzy about historical articles that help us understand the Founders and their principles. My eyes would “bleed,” too.

  • Anonymous

    So….does Josh have the book? could someone ask him please?

  • Canadianlady

    A person should never get up at 3 a.m. to check their e-mail. Whatever it is can wait until the morning.

  • Shemp

    Is it possible for a Progressive to have honor & integrity?…didn’t think so, Romney’s Progressivism mustn’t run too deep…

  • Bob Williams

    Is Josh retarded, or just a rich knucklehead? Maybe Josh’s actions are symptomatic as to why Romney lost the election. Kind of like the blind reading to the deaf.

  • Ready to move…

    How much did it cost?

  • Linda Sills

    So it sounds like the book was given him indirectly. Romney was a bit busy if you recall. He spent lots of time fighting off false accusations and listening to all the many advisors. When he became aware of the slight, he tried to right it. There is no wrong here. Romney is a man like you and me living his life as we do- It was an incident made right the best he could.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Very nice.

  • Warren Wilson

    Historic documents are pricey and always a target for theft.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the part ofthe story where Mrs. Romney sent out a tweet w the address?

  • Deckard426

    So how much did Josh get for it at the pawn shop?

    • Anonymous

      Chum gave him 500 bucks for it.

  • Anonymous

    Hire someone whose only responsibility is to respond to people who give you a gift.

  • Anonymous

    Well, after Glenn lost Victor my husband and I ordered a large hand-painted self portrait stone of Victor for Glenn, and two necklaces with Victor’s portrait hand painted on them for his family. I have no clue if he ever got them or not. Now I wonder what ever happened to them. I sent them via Federal Express and they did require a signature – but I will bet that he has never seen them. This just makes me think about life in general. Everybody is so busy – life is so crazy and we can’t slow the merry-go-round down as much as I wish we could! I never thought another thing about these gifts until just now. Glenn has always been the very well mannered spokesperson that whether or not you like it – he tells it like it is. I respect Glenn and I also respect Mitt Romney for being the statesman and being honest. I can only pray that some day all Americans could be the same way. Life would be wonderful if we didn’t have to second guess everybody’s intentions. As for our gifts, just knowing they were delivered and signed for made me happy. I never needed a “thank you” note or some sort of acknowledgement. We just wanted him and his family to have them. Of course their value and meaning do not begin to compare to the “farewell speech” that Glenn gave to Mitt – but I can only imagine what Mitt was going through getting ready for the election. Right or wrong – when it was brought to Mitt’s attention, he handled it like I would have expected…with honesty and integrity. What more can you ask?

  • SamiAntha

    Glad I’m not alone in my confusion…mostly why in the world were Glenns’ eyes bleeding?! I thought that was saved for when he saw/read horrible things. This was a good thing, right? I, too, am curious about the whereabouts of the book.

  • Connor Davenport

    So Romney people lost a historically important document? Gee Glenn please stop handing these things out.

    • Guest

      I would imagine Glenn receives quite a few things on a daily basis. Except for crackpot gifts, Glenn should at the very least have someone on his staff acknowledge receipt of these gifts — perhaps on a special page on his website set aside for that very purpose. It’s better than nothing, and might be a decent way to avoid hurt feelings.

  • Margaret Miller

    I sent Glenn Beck a letter back in January enclosing a CD for his enjoyment of Patriotic Songs. Within that letter, as it was a “proposal” of sorts, I specifically asked him to verify receipt (although it was signed for) and to give me his adviCe. NEVER HEARD A WORD!!!!!!!

    • Myles Standish

      I imagine Glenn receives quite a few things on a daily basis. Except for crackpot gifts, Glenn should at the very least have someone on his staff acknowledge receipt of these gifts — perhaps on a special page on his website set aside for that very purpose. It’s better than nothing, and might be a decent way to avoid hurt feelings.

  • Pamela

    I sent Glenn a book by Dr. James Martin called “How Toxic Are You.” I sent it by way of a friend of Glenn’s as I knew not how to get Glenn’s address. I never heard from him, perhaps he did not receive it, I am sorry if he didn’t. It is a marvelous book and I am very sorry if his friend did not forward it to Glenn. I even sent his friend $ to cover the cost of sending it to Glenn plus some note cards made from some of my original watercolor paintings. Never heard from him either. Oh well. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Anonymous

      So you say.

  • Peter Wiggin

    Gave Pat the Original Copy of a song I wrote from a great Glenn Beck show…

    “Dismantled” It was at a book signing in Columbus, Ohio and went in a box under the table…kinda hope that one day they find it!

  • Peter Wiggin

    Geez…my song is about the Destruction of America and Her Founding documents by a planned infiltration into American Education by Leftist “Progressives”…creating a “dumbing down” of our Children.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand Romney’s situation. In 1982 I volunteered on Bill Robinson’s unsucccessful bid for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Massachusetts (he was the General Court’s minority leader and the highest GOP office-holder that year) and two years later did some very minor work on President Reagan’s reelection campaign in the Bay State. Whether statewide or national, a serious campaign machine is utter chaos on the inside. It can’t be helped. Things get misplaced so easily, both material and communications-wise. Governor Romney showed his usual class by answering Glenn as soon as he found out, admitting the truth rather than giving Glenn some schumer about the matter, and apologizing for the snafu. I’d like to know what happened to a historical document myself…but Gov. Romney’s character is such that I would not question his account of the event.

    I dislike a lot of the governor’s stances on issues, and only voted for him because of the distastefulness of the alternative, but there’s no taking anything away from the strength of his character. He’s a stand-up guy.

  • Myles Standish

    It is a little mind boggling that in all this time, son Josh has never thought to get that gift to his father?!? Did he rationalize that since dad lost, that campaign gifts and such lost their meaning and would just stir up painful memories?

    I wouldn’t mind hearing Josh’s take on this, although in the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Mitt should probably return the gift to Glenn and leave it at that. Glenn will certainly have another occasion to give it as a gift in the future, and with its’ storied past, it might make it all the more special, or not.

  • Eatie Gourmet

    Mitt Romney was the best president we never had…
    The story is unclear as to what happened to the, gift. But Mitt is a Good man, has a good family, he is clean-cut, wholesome, and knows business and the marketplace… I miss seeing him and Ann regularly.

    THEY are people I want representing our federal government to the world. They represent the Best of America, and do not apologize for our country, and put it down, exaggerating “arrogance”, and every negative flaw of this great Republic, which, btw, has all been atoned for in a thousand different ways…

    The Romneys applaud American success stories, they don’t say things like “you didn’t build that”…

    Mitt reminds me of Reagan-lite, which, in this day and age, is about he best we can hope for.

    • Marty Lindert

      Yes, we really need more people with Mitt’s integrity running our country. Unfortunately, our government is so large that we can’t oversee the actions of so many of our politicians. This should tell the American People something….

      • Anonymous

        True, and it sets the case for a part time legislature. No more career Politicians. That would in he best interest of this Nation.

    • Anonymous

      Both he and his father were real American success stories. Too many don’t want to do the work to find their own success any longer, they want to follow the promises of having it given to them. Right now we need someone that can help us once again feel good about who we are as a people with hope for the future and for our kids and grandkids. Not from hand outs but through real opportunity to be able to raise ourselves up. That is the key to real happiness and prosperity.

  • Oliver Wendal

    Mr. Beck, enough already with the “eyes bleeding” and the “wrap the duct tape around your head for this one” lines. Thank you.

  • Republitarian

    Could we stop the Mitt Romney worshiping, PLEASE? Mitt knowingly obliterated several of his Republican opponents with the assistance of that cad, Karl Rove. You can sing all day long about Romney not controlling Rove, but here is the truth. Romney Knew and condoned it.

    Secondly, Mitt is fully behind a “Destroy Mike Lee at any cost” effort in the State of Utah. Why, because his little boy who can’t even get a rare edition of a book into his father’s hands wants the seat held by Lee. Mitt Romney is a destructive politician. That is why the Republican Party is no longer relevant. Nobody trust them to be true to any principle they talk about.

    So, stop worshiping Mitty. He simply doesn’t deserve it. The difference between Mitt and Obama is that Romney has limited management skills to Obama’s lack of any. However, even Barack is more honorable that Mitt.

  • joel

    Stuff happens in life… espescially when you are a family man. But I don’t get the phrase of being the anti-Jim demint-man. What’s that all about? Jim Demint is an awesome patriot who wants to return this country to what our Founders envisioned…

  • Anonymous

    Romney’s email ” referenced the show “. ” I heard I failed to send you a thank you note…” Mitt was tuned in, Romney watches Beck. Nice.

    And to thedoctorwhocurescancer, I get that; one author to another author. You bought an autographed copy of his book and you gave him an autographed copy of your book. Nice touch. So yes, Romney and Beck slam their schedules, ones close to them assist by emptying their hands, and somewhere in the dance between events someone may have said, hey! what’s this doin in here?

  • Jenn

    Mitt Romney should have been President…at least the country wouldn’t be soaked in innocent blood like obummer has done and continues to do…

  • YaThink

    Forget it Glenn. You look like a horse’s @ss trying to laugh off the damage to this country you are largely responsible for. You led tens of thousands of conservatives to mistrust Romney and many of us have not forgotten. You openly and repeatedly undermined him from the beginning of his political run and especially AFTER he was the republican nominee. Real nice alternative we have in office now.

    You could have made the difference in the narrow election between he and Obama and you know it. You openly claimed you and your audience had significant political influence, stating during your last show on Fox that liberals would “Rue the Day” when you obtained your radio show, and you then proceeded to turn conservative voters away from Romney who was the Republican nominee. And NOW you are going to praise him as a man of integrity?

    • Anonymous

      It had to be said.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt is a great Man ,Great American and a Great Dad ! We all suffer because too many people attacked his integrity and successes its a shame because we needed his leadership in a big way!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So basically Romney’s kid destroyed America.

    • Anonymous

      and made Glenn’s eyes bleed for hours

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck could learn a few lessons groom Mitt Romney…

  • Anonymous

    Mitt money would have been a Million Times better President than Obama, Romney brings people together where Obama divides us

  • Anonymous

    Can’t buy class..or achieve it by being elected and called “President.”

  • Anonymous

    Honesty and Integrity are what really matter, we can all live with different ideologies and beliefs, but as the ad says, honesty and integrity “are priceless”

  • Correct Principles

    Romney would have made a much much better president than Obama.

  • Lyle Larson

    It just makes me wish that he was our president instead of the liar we have in office now. I always believed that Romney was a class act, his whole family is.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get the anti De Mint part. I would think Mitt should want to be more like him.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was sort of stupid to give it to Mitt at the point in the campaign……just asking for trouble.

  • greg

    From one Phony, fake, sellout controlled conservative to another. Alex Jones fan for 10 years. Do you and mitt go to the same gay hairstylist

  • Six Edits

    Since we cannot restrict liberty to circumstances where we know it will lead to positive results, our faith in liberty rests on the understanding that it will, in the long run, unleash much more potential for good than for evil.

  • Anonymous



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