Have you ever seen the movie Love Actually? The opening of the film features a heartwarming montage of the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. The narrator explains how the jubilation and emotion on display in those moments of greeting and reunion prove – despite all the ill in the world – “love is, actually, all around.” On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn a slightly different approach to the classic movie scene, proving all you need to do is look at the news-of-the-day to prove hypocrisy is, actually, all around.

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To begin, Glenn donned a massive fur coat and stroked a black cat he satirically planned to make socks out of to highlight the irony of the bevy of Hollywood types who parade around in massive fur coats and leather pants as they condemn animal cruelty.

Moving right along… President Obama kicked off his Asian tour today in Japan. Later this week, he will become the first president since Lyndon B. Johnson to visit Malaysia. When you consider the laundry list of human rights violations enforced by the Malaysian government, one has to wonder why the Obama Administration has referred to the nation as an “emerging partner.”

According to CNS News, Malaysia engages in:

– Denial of legal status to some religious groups

– Restrictions on proselytizing and on the freedom to change one’s religion (except that members of other religions may convert to Islam)

– Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims are not recognized by the state and children born of such marriages are considered illegitimate

– While Islamic religious instruction is compulsory for Muslim children in public schools, non-Muslim students are not allowed to take classes in their religion, but instead must take non-religious morals and ethics courses.

– The government prohibits publications, public events and debates which it says may incite racial or religious disharmony, including public discussions of issues such as religious freedom and apostasy.

Would President Obama be willing to look the other way if Malaysia was, say, a Christian nation? And oh by the way, the President will also be visiting a ‘friendly’ mosque during his time in the country,

Furthermore, in honor of Earth Day, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes declared fossil fuels the “new abolitionism.” Hayes believes the only way to avert “planetary disaster” will be to force  fossil fuel companies “to give up at least $10 trillion in wealth.”

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if a conservative compared some pet political cause to the fight to end slavery?! It’s safe to say Al Sharpton would be shouting ‘racism’ from the rooftops.

As Glenn explained, whether it is President Obama preaching income inequality while dining on $300 sushi in Japan or Al Gore continuing to lead the climate change crusade after selling Current TV to the oil rich Qatar, hypocrisy runs rampant, but it truly is a one-way street.

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