10-year-old hands Michelle Obama her father’s resume during White House event

Michelle Obama found herself a bit blindsided Thursday after a 10-year-old at the White House for a ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ event used her audience with the First Lady to hand in her father’s resume.

Mrs. Obama called on Charlotte Bell during a question and answer session at which point the girl explained her father has been “out of a job for three years” as she handed over the piece of paper.

“Oh my goodness,” the first lady responded. She then invited Bell on stage and gave her a hug.

Watch the exchange via ABC News:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

“Obviously, she doesn’t want to say what it was because her stinking husband’s policies are responsible for her dad being out of work for three years,” Pat said. “This is a tough one to blame on George W. Bush, especially since he was employed for the first two years [of Obama’s presidency] and now he’s not… Kind of an embarrassing moment, I thought, for the First Lady and for the President because how do you spin that if you’re in the White House?”

While the First Lady handled the situation quite well, Pat couldn’t help but point out that when you consider the rhetoric of the Obama Administration as of late, they are actually promoting joblessness.

“The other thing is, ‘Well, that’s a good thing your dad is out of work, honey, because now he can work on becoming an artist and still have Obamacare. Isn’t that great, sweetheart? You can tell your dad: Learn to be an artist,’” Pat quipped. “This is good stuff.”

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  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with being an artist?

    • James

      Absolutely NOTHING-except Americans aren’t here to pay your bills while you learn.

  • http://www.patriotwood.com Art Pinney

    The whole blame Bush for all our problems is so old. I won’t be surprised if the left continue to use it during the upcoming elections. http://patriotwood.com

  • Deckard426

    Sorry about your dad, kid, but I gotta get ready for another ALL-EXPENSES, PAID vacation! I’ll wave as I fly over your house! Bye-bye!

  • Anonymous

    Chalk this one up to another serious situation. However, overall, the unemployment rate is down around 6.6%? That hug is the least Michelle could do and will soon forget the ordeal.

    • TTAS

      The actual unemployment number is 12.7%. The U6 numbers count all unemployment not just the people who are looking.

      Black unemployment is even higher and black youth unemployment is skyrocketing.

  • texastruthtweet

    Can’t wait to see how this is spun! I predict more of the same B.S. while absolutely nothing changes!

  • Anonymous

    Once again, the subject matter always references back to the Obamas– the “I’, “my”, “me” “myself” syndrome..
    The first lady spoke about the sacrifices that have to be made when a parent works in the White House, comparing the trade-offs to her own children’s situation.

  • Glennfriend67

    $5 says the Mooch filed that resume in the first circular file she could find. I hope that little girl burned those clothes and bathed in bleach. You never know what kind of disease the Mooch could pass along, and I highly doubt ODumbocare would cover it!

  • Anonymous

    This is what Americans seem to like..Kabuki theater. They especially like the prez who speaks so eloquently in his metered, practiced pace about which he knows not a whit. Maybe the world is not ending but the greatness and goodness of this country and the pax Americana that she sponsored certainly is. The little girl can take that hug she got and with $2.00 she can get coffee at Starbucks.

  • Evergreen Fields

    The “invisible hand” conception of trade and markets helps explain how civilization’s economic forces function beyond anyone’s control.

  • wasabibites

    Michael and Obama and their adopted daughters ought to be ashamed…..

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    She’ll get him a job chasing gophers out of the White House garden.

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