‘Extremely disturbing': Congress calls for investigation of Phoenix VA after 40 vets die

On Wednesday, CNN released a shocking report that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment from the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system. The CNN report suggests the Phoenix VA used a “secret list” to stage a cover-up of the long wait times that ultimately led to a loss of life. Congress has now called for an investigation into the “extremely disturbing allegations.” On radio this morning, Glenn discussed the latest example of how we have failed to provide the necessary care and support for our veterans.

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“If you remember right, when we first went national [on radio], it was on the buildup to the Iraq War. And I did something called a ‘Rally for America,’” Glenn said. “It was, ‘Listen: If we’re going to do this, we have to promise each other right now we’re going to fight it with everything we have. And then when we come home we’re not going to spit on them. We’re going to take care of them. I refuse to be the 1960s generation.’ Well, guys, we are becoming the 60s generation.”

According to the CNN report, the ‘secret list’ is an “elaborate scheme” to hide from the federal government the fact that nearly 1,600 ailing veterans have been forced to wait for months on end for medical attention.

“The scheme was deliberately put in place to avoid the VA’s own internal rules,” Sam Foote, a retired doctor who spent 24 years working for the Phoenix VA hospital, told CNN, adding that the list is the invention of hospital management. “They developed the secret waiting list.”

There are two lists that the Phoenix VA uses for patient appointments, the retired doctor said. There’s an “official list,” which shows that veterans are being provided timely and effective medical care. And there’s the “secret” list, which accurately reflects the fact that veterans are being forced to wait months for care.

Glenn and Pat agreed this is America’s first look at the death panel system that many warned of before the passage of Obamacare in 2010.

“This is government-run health care,” Pat said of the VA. “So this is the way your death panel works. ‘This is going to hurt our stats as a hospital. So let’s put these guys on a separate list so it doesn’t hurt our staff.’ And that’s what they’re alleging is that there’s some kind of secret list.”

Glenn explained that now more than ever it is essential we find ways to provide care and support for our veterans. Glenn has spoken openly about the treatment his is receiving at the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, and the work that private organization is doing to help as many people as possible.

“We have to dedicate ourselves to help these guys because nobody else is doing it… Read the story on TheBlaze about the veteran that just can’t get an appointment… It’s the Canadian healthcare system, except this one is intentional,” Glenn concluded. “How much money are we giving away to the rest of the world? How much money have we sent over to the Middle East… It’s insane.”

Check out the entire CNN report HERE.

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know how many people have died because they lost there insurance due to Obamacare

    • Anonymous

      Nobody ever has and nobody ever will by the order of the President of the United States. Promise…..

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious?

        • Mike Nelson

          I think the last word indicates sarcasm, sarge… 😉

          • Anonymous

            You may be right.

          • Anonymous

            The government wants to provide healthcare for the entire nation and they can’t manage healthcare for Veterans.

            The way our veterans are being treated is shameful
            and if people died for no reason, people should go
            to jail.

            No more unaccountable bureaucrats!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Mike. Try at lightening things up on this stuff is hilarious in it’s own right. It’s like my wife she never reads anything between the lines. The results at times get seriously strange, but I love the girl anyway…

        • Anonymous

          I should have added…….lol

    • Anonymous

      Read the obits in your local area paying attention to age.

    • ken.

      how many people are dying due to lack of services and care due to obamacare regulations ( death panels )

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure it will happen but that’s the”price” we pay for medical “security”. added lol. See above

    • tony newbill

      Listen at 8:00 about the Liberal Reporter saying
      Yes Death Panels exist and that they are needed to Bend the cost curve on end
      of life care , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keG6qInHp54#t=496

  • Steve Politte

    When will the people of this country realize what is going on? It is unfolding right before our eyes each day, and yet so many are blind to what this president is all about, and that is the destructi — if this country, in any and all ways that he and his bosses can do that.

    • Anonymous

      To reach his nirvana, the literal destruction of our way of running the country has to be destroyed. Yes, from inside out and how far he gets in this effort in his remaining time will be interesting if nothing else.There are probably those to take up the banner after 2016. Everything having to do with individuality, give that to the state, which obviously is kinder, gentler and more giving then the selfish, greedy individual ; you and I. Check out how that has worked out in very resent history. But,oh boy, this group is going to do it right. Why does this road have to be traveled, because check into the playbook of these regimes, they are available. Perfect compliance is a prerequisite, not an option, See gulag, death pits etc. Ouch!! See above, ‘we will do it right’.

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com/ Karen Rose

    All I can say is make sure you are right with the Lord. People are dying every day, thousands, perhaps millions. No one is going to stop it. But the evil ones causing it, will be held accountable.

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing new. This has been going on in some VA facilities for decades. This is what all you people, who support Obamacare, have to look forward to.

    • Anonymous

      Do you realize what you just said? I’m not here to defend obamacare, but if this has been going on for decades, as you state, then what does obamacare have to do with it? Besides, these lists have been written up by the HOSPITAL STAFF.

      • Equis

        Are you really that naive? Honestly, in other words if the government can’t run the veteran’ s hospitals how can they run your health care system. Apparently you have never experience this system or been in a VA hospital for that matter. The government has had forever to get this right but has failed. It is shameful how our people are treated after sacrificing so much.

      • Anonymous

        The VA facilities in Arizona are currently having problems but I believe Oldsarge maybe saying VA and Obama Care are both government run products with similar outcomes a strong consideration. The VA generally isn’t as gross as the Phoenix mess which may prove to be criminal. Hospital staff I believe are government employees. Firing of government employees is very difficult. Bonuses are given with no consideration to the mass death of unserviced patients. Ouch !!

  • Tim

    Murder By God!

  • ISawTheLight

    Nothing new , just wait until the stink rises off the crap heap and those on Disability are the first with targets on there heads.

  • jalina susan stutte

    The VA Hospital in New Orleans is the same way as phoenix. My father went in suffering from panceritis and died from a Heart Attack overnite there, which they called my mother hours later, after stealing his wallet, rings, and watch! They found all except the money, after I insisted that the N.O. Police be called and that I would call News Media. I begged my father to not go to the VA because of the substandard care but he said he gave 23 years and 5 tours in Vietnam to have free medical care. It cost him his life.

    • Anonymous

      God bless your family and there is a God without regard to the popular notion.

  • Anonymous

    and yet heres an article that shows the american people are now footing the bill so everyone in kenya can now get a check up, huh??

    • Anonymous


  • Deckard426

    Name a department of the federal government that doesn’t stink. Now when they get caught stealing, they just give you the finger and walk away. It’s way past time…..

    • Anonymous

      Individual responsibility isn’t part of the game. From the President down, isn’t that great?

  • arn

    The money spent on Obama’s vacations could have built a hospital much less helped our Vets.

    • Anonymous

      The individual is only a number, a tool of perfection if controlled properly.

  • Anonymous

    By your comments, Glenn Beck, you are implying that this is due to obamacare. Again, you are inflating your commenters. Sam Foote stated clearly that the two lists were made up by the hospital staff, a secret list to HIDE from the federal government! And to claim that o’care is a Canadian healthcare system is totally absurd. You have NO idea what the Canadian healthcare system is like.

    • Anonymous

      Keep stroking the skunk but bury your cloths in your backyard.

  • Boyahdoggie

    IS THERE A N Y part of this worthless government that WORKs?????
    BLM with GUNS…..but OUR guns are to be made silent…..
    INSURANCE and Doctors ours to chose from UNTIL they are no more….instead replaced with again the WORTHLESS piece of paper that gets WHAT…..a LOT to pay and get nothing……We the People are silent….but mo oz lims don’t have this ….WOW good old prez. boalma ding dong
    The e p a………another worthless gun toting bunch of thugs…..that have NO RIGHTS to tell anyone in AMERICA they rule…..TAKE THEM and toss them in the SAME TRASH that this filthy admind. and every part of congress and senate needs to be SHOVELED into. AFTER ALL……that is what they STILL do with pooooooo right…..or is that poo what WE GET for the HARD WORK we do…………

    GET UP AMERICAN get up…stop all of this or just lay down and let the NATION DIE!!!
    SLAM SHUT all of these FILTHY ABOMINATIONS that have done so much HARM to man and woman and NOW even our kids……BUT harm our MEN that LEAVE their body parts on these UNWINDABLE WARS for kindness…..oh those poor hearts and minds………………..TO H____L with them….BOM BS BOM BS and more o the same ! Let nothing be left breathing.
    WHEN God destroyed entire nations THE reason was… THEY COME BACK…..so FINISH them off and do NOT look back…!

    WE do not WANT any part of the moo z lims in this COUNTRY…..enough of their CRAP F O R C I N G us TO DO IT THEIR WAY…..???

    DO YOU HEAR ME AMERICAN they DEMAND in OUR COUNTRY that they RUN it all because they are PORTRAYED as bad……WELL YEA THEY ARE horrid and evil….everything they stand for with is evil…..and IF THEY DON’T LIKE THE WAY we see them ……… then GET OUT OF… O U R COUNTRY!!

    AT our NYC museum they dont’ LIKE how they are portrayed………….WHO CARES…..we don’t’ want any part pf them here to START WITH….. we let them in AMERICA …..after……… FILLING our HOSPITALS with our TREASURE….missing arms legs and some times minds……NOW our men and women are DIEING again……because of the chief mu ozz lim we are suffering with as prez……wishes to DESTROY We the People one mo ozl im RIGHT at a time. Bring UP their rights and TEAR DOWN OURS…..

    OUR boys are harmed and FOR WHAT…………these ki l l er s……money going to the COUNTRIES to help THEM…..while our TREASURE SUFFERS………..

    WHAT A COUNTRY……only in AMERICA can this bunch now declare their OWN party..No D. no R….. just Jihad party …so THEY will be represented………..
    WELL I had much rather represent them RIGHT BACK TO their land……
    I do NOT want them here…..there is NO reason for them to even be here !!!
    IT is all a lie out of their mouths anyway…..

    NO MORE P C spoken here………aren’t you SICK of it YET????? what will it take for YOU TO GET SICK of it……how many need to DIE or maimed…..how much FREEDOM lost at the hands of this SICK m o oz lim prez????

    EVERY DOLLAR that you and I worked to put into the USELESS TAX system goes to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS…..so they will …..L I K E ….us.!! ENOUGH PEOPLE ENOUGH there has been enough money sent to the FILTH fo the world to HAVE BOUGHT each and EVERY VETERAN EVERY NEED they would have for the REST OF THEIR LIVES………….
    Let the chinese choke and the mu z z lims croke….give our MONEY BACK our BOYS NEED IT HERE…………………!!

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY and ONLY HE will rid the world of these bugs…..

    • Anonymous

      Good stuff doggie. Will the regime look at it and if they do will they care? No, because these ideological morons believe they are correct, sent by the spirit of Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin……..

      • Boyahdoggie

        THANK YOU……I can only say this…..My dad was a Marine in Korea and my mom took care of us kids…..I am so HAPPY….that they are BOTH GONE now……I can’t imagine what all of this HORROR story would have done to them…! Mom was a Rosie the riveter in San Diego while dad was over seas.

        AS far as them LOOKING at my words…..TRUST ME…..my words have been……STORED……I am NOT a PC person…..one day I TRULY believe I WILL HAVE A KNOCK on my door……
        My Bible is in one hand my other hand is near something else….. IF you know what I mean……giggle giggle

        I do pray that OUR GOD Almighty WILL deal with them ALL…..God is just and righteous…..but satan will have THEIR ALL KNOWING intelligent selves soon enough…..you see…… ETERNITY is for a VERY L O N G time!!
        forgive the giggle giggles giggles…
        TO God be the GLORY…..HE is the ONLY WAY out of this….!

  • Guest

    My dad is a vet and only recently moved from the Phoenix area. I can personally attest to the sad state of the VA in our area. Colorado has a great system and now the folks are in New Mexico and, so far, seems to be a decent system there too. Vets should not have just good medical care, they should have the BEST – they sacrificed so much more than most of us could ever imagine. My dad is STILL paying the price for serving our nation.

  • Deborah Jenkins

    My dad is a vietnam vet and only recently moved from the Phoenix area. I can personally attest to the sad state of the VA in our area. Colorado has a great system and now the folks are in New Mexico and, so far, seems to be a decent system there too. Vets should not have just good medical care, they should have the BEST – they sacrificed so much more than most of us could ever imagine. My dad is STILL paying the price for serving our nation.


    Where is Pres. Obama’s canned speech, how he will ” get to the bottom of this Scandal and the parties responsible will be punished”? Then in a few months damn the right for this phony scandal, so the Lame Stream Media can ignore it!

    • Anonymous

      Responsibility be damned. That could be the mantra of this regime.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is the future. Government healthcare.

  • Anonymous

    If Team Beck finds today’s Obamacrat corruption shocking, he should interview the Reform Party of Pennsylvania’s ballot-access team (acting as consultants to Team Nader 2004) in their fight against the fraud-filled Philadelphia Elections Bureau..

  • Nuge4Prez

    Could it be that in this Obama administration it might be safer to go untreated than to get government care?

    • ken.

      i like my back ally off the grid doctor, best care ever, because it is care and not about money and big government regulations and control.

    • Anonymous

      Obama care is for us individual slugs amigo. Don’t ever forget it!!!

  • Anonymous

    The reason for Obummercare was to murder the sick, injured and enflamed . They have a good start with the veterans 40 dead murdered veterans in Phoenix. Just a tip of the iceberg. And all they had to do was refuse them an appointment with a doctor. With us they will just cancel our insurance and not allow us to purchase anything we can afford or need.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that a trip? We fall, we fall hip, hip hooray !!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t refuse appointments, they overbook and when it gets close they send out a letter rescheduling. I’m 64, USMC Vet, 39 months in RVN, 100% PTSD. I live in Central Fl and am registered at the Daytona Beach Outpatient Clinic. I see my Primary for an hour 2 times a year with a complete blood work 1 week prior, I get annual eye checkups, had laser barrier surgery in both eyes to stop progression of bubbles in my retinas, I get an annual Orthopedic checkup, injections in both hips to relieve some of the pain there, I have annual x-rays of my chest and lungs, I’ve seen heart specialists, had a colonoscopy, numerous MRI’s and see my Shrink 6 times a year which is adequate as long as I take my meds, I’ve had Orthroscopic surgery to repair damage in my shoulder from a very bad motorcycle accident (they paid over $6000.00 for ER that night) I get a free pair Of glasses a year, have had extensive dental work with partial plates and next month I am getting a full upper plate. I get 14 prescriptions monthly, have had extensive private physical therapy and in the 12 years I have been here I’ve never had to wait in an emergency. There is another Primary.Care Facility 45 minutes away and the new Orlando VA Hospital will be the same distance. My wife is a Registered Nurse in the Florida Hospital system and she is jealous of my health care… My point? My point is that not all VA systems are sub standard killing machines with secret death panels and I really don’t want to believe that the South Georgia, North Florida VA system is the exception. I am not pro-Obamacare, I do not believe the government can successfully run a National Healthcare System, I did not vote for Obama, I am an Independent and do not feel obligated to any political party. I just don’t want to see an entire system judged on the merits of one or two small groups….. Oh yeah, none of this has cost me a dime…

    • John R. Dickerson Jr.

      I had a whopper of an experience with the Bronx VA and will never set foot in another one….enough is enough, good thing my daughter is an EMT and got me out of there…..and that took 5 days! Damned near killed me there……never again!!! I am a retired Navy reservist too,,,….after leaving there my medical bills totaled close to $50,000 that my insurance paid in full…

      • Anonymous

        Your probably lucky your alive. Thank that make believe God again amigo!!!

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn’t have to be lucky to live in the right area code to live. I said this isn’t a condemnation of all VA facilities. A condemnation of reliance totally on government control; the escape of individual responsibility built into a system that considers one only a number in a game of control.

  • Anonymous

    The state of the VA is indefensable. But do not blame this on Obamacare. Presidents before him cut the va’s budget, Obama has increased it a little but it is the republicans that keep wanting to cut spending for Vets. Geez. he gave them extra $ to reorganize and digitize all those applicants that are still in boxes in a room. They are the ones who need to be fired. as well as the keepers of 2 sets of books. The republicans even cut the budget for the Bengazi emabassy, it was not protected,, and then wonder why it was not secure. THey can’t can’t have it both ways.

    • Equis

      Don’t you see, the government can not operate anything properly. This is exactly how Obama’s lousy healthcare will end up. The same goes for the postal service. Why does it loose money when the private sector is thriving?

      • Anonymous

        actually the post office functions pretty damn well. they are not i debt. Those numbers reflect a large chunk of change that they must keep in reserve. Look it up. I agree the government as a whole does not function, never really has, , but what makes me crazy is that this gets blamed on Obama. All politicians are liars and owned by corporations

  • Ralphie L.

    I have been saying this since about 2009 and no one has listened. As a soldier working at a National Guard unit in Phoenix I dealt with medical records. Requests from the Phoenix VA would come in asking for medical records of a patient at the VA before they would proceed with any treatment. Those VA requests sat in a bin for weeks at a time, many times a month or two. I was told they were the least important thing we had to do, and taking care of current soldiers medical records were he most important.
    We had a sad running joke that by the time we sent off medical records to the VA, there would only be a skeleton with cob webs left. Many times we did not have or could not find the records, and would advise the VA to look elsewhere (after weeks of sitting in our bin, they now had to request the records from another facility).
    No one wanted to listen when I was saying this was going to cause people to die. No one I worked around cared.

  • Concerned citizen

    I have a friend d who works at the VA, who talks about the miss treatment of the vets, you would not believe the things, they don’t even bath or shave some of the vets, it’s sad, and on occasion refused meds.. It’s a crying shame, my father was a WWII vet and we wouldn’t take him for anything, they still share wards no privite rooms….. Just shameful…

  • Crassus

    The senior Senator from Arizona, Juan Sidney McCain, was unavailable for comment about this news. According to staffers, the Senator is currently in Nogales, AZ where he is handing out gift baskets to illegal aliens who have recently slipped across the border.

  • Michael

    I may have only 3 years to live if I don’t take care of myself from outside means. Quinine was not prescribed. We were lined up on pill day and told to take it and swallow it.
    My blood platelet count has dropped drastically and I found a natural product that is too expensive but it built my Blood platelets up for the first time since I came back from Vietnam.
    I applied for disability and was denied based on no record of prescription in my records. DUH!

    Okay, I found a product that built up my blood platelets but the VA doctor does not believe it. They have nothing to offer me other than blood transfusions and hospitalization when the time comes and they have seen my blood platelets climb and after not being on the product for a year, they see it dropped 20,000 points.

    They have no explanation and won’t discuss alternative means of reversing the problem. In the mean time, Quinine has given my bilateral hearing loss that is sever and the threat of early death and no compensation for the damage that was done by the military.

    I don’t spend much time at the VA hospital as I think i tis as many say, “There are two ways to give your life for your country:
    1. Combat
    2. The VA Hospital

    Good luck Veterans.

  • landofaahs

    That is the death panel. Wait and wait until it’s too late. But it was cheap health care.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have never been impressed with VAs through family and friends in different parts of country. My opinion is Care is substandard , staff has poor work ethic overall as they cannot be fired, they seem to be lazy and have no idea how good they have it with caseload and pay. I am in healthcare and have been appalled with the caliber of care given, I strongly advise my family members to not seek care at VA. This is what Obamacare will be in the future. No incentive on any level to do quality work. The cultural climate breeds laziness and ineptness

  • Jenn

    Satan…aka: obummer is enjoying every bit of this..

  • gabbi4christ

    All in the name of population control. SMH! It’s time to stop this madness! #ImpeachObama

  • Jackie

    I almost died in this hospital in 2008— I was told I was “Crazy”. ASU, 3.8 gpa. No one listened. Congressional, Internal Affairs, Washington DC- Where I was hung up in by a lawyer. Never will I ever step one foot back in ANY VA.”Free Care” Hahaha- I have all my paperwork. Very sad- I hope this time someone actually gets fired. No Veteran left behind. Disappointed.

    Peace for All

  • Forest Black

    Here’s an inexpensive resource, formatted for smartphones, that is useful for educating younger people on the basic ideas of Western civilization: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait… congress has done such a great job investigating and holding the guilty accountable… #DogAndPonyShows

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