“She always taught me to go for it.”image001

—Jeanine Gantt, The Charleston Soap Chef

It started as a simple hobby for Jeanine Gantt, making luxuriously all-natural body care products as gifts for friends and family. But once people got a taste of her custom creations, they wanted more, and The Charleston Soap Chef was born.

“My mother was a small business owner herself and she always taught me to go for it―do what I wanted to do and put 110% into it,” Jeanine says.

Being raised by her entrepreneurial mother, Jeanine carries on the small business tradition while raising her own two young sons—her biggest helpers.

“Unique, indulgent and comes straight from the South, with love!”

Together, Jeanine and her sons make her amazing soapsscrubslotions, and body washes—excellent quality, natural products made to exceed all expectations.

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Jeanine first started making soap and body care products in the kitchen while in graduate school studying mental health. It was a relaxing hobby for Jeanine that took on a life of its own.

“As far as being a mental health counselor? Sometimes God has different plans,” Jeanine says.

Jeanine’s cleansing products are unlike anything you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. They make great gifts, especially for Mother’s Day! Thank you for supporting Jeanine at The Marketplace as we assemble the world’s finest collection of unique small businesses.

To learn more, visit The Charleston Soap Chef at the Marketplace.