Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick confronted about Justina Pelletier case

For over a year, Lou and Linda Pelletier have been fighting the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to regain custody of their teenage daughter Justina. DCF took custody of Justina after her parents disputed the diagnosis doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital’s handed down. Boston Children’s Hospital said the then 15-year-old had a psychiatric disorder – not mitochondrial disease, which her parents had been treating her for at the direction of another doctor.

Glenn has been covering this story since the fall, and other media outlets have gotten involved as well. All the while, concerned individuals around the country have called on politicians like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to get involved. On Thursday, Reverend Patrick Mahoney, the spokesman representing the Pelletier family, confronted Gov. Patrick outside an event in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Watch the exchange between Rev. Mahoney and Gov. Patrick below:

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the encounter – praising Gov. Patrick for allowing Rev. Mahoney to speak his mind but also questioning the politician’s sincerity.

“I have more respect for Deval Patrick on this particular thing. I didn’t think I would like Deval Patrick ever,” Glenn said. “But listen to the way he’s letting this guy speak. I think that’s encouraging.”

With that in in mind, however, Glenn did question the political expediency of Gov. Patrick’s decision to let Rev. Mahoney speak. With cameras all around, Gov. Patrick comes across as respectful and rightly concerned, but will there be any further action steps taken to actually end this nightmare and bring Justina home?

“Is there a follow-up? It’s one thing when you have cameras around and a powerful pastor saying this and he’s being reasonable, you might want to stop and just listen to him. And then just try to say, you know, ‘My hands are tied,’” Glenn explained. “When you really believe this – forget about executive order or anything else – you lead the charge… This is what Mahoney is talking about. ‘I respect what you did for civil rights cases… So where are you now?’”

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You can learn more about the fight for free Justina HERE.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the Freedom of Information Act?
    I disagree that this is encouraging. Gov Patrick was basically brushing Rev. Mahoney off.

  • Anonymous

    What is it going to be Gov. Patrick?

  • standforliberty

    I bet if the girl was an N..word, she’d be home a long time ago!

    • Mike Nelson

      Why would you bring that issue into this?

      Further, are you unaware of the massively reprehensible testing done on blacks throughout the last hundred years?

      This comment does vast discredit to your screen name, and identifies you as a race-baiter no better than Sharpton.


      • Tony Viscardi

        I believe he is referencing our outwardly RACIST AG. He refuses to get involved in any case that does not involve “His People”. If this child was African American, she would have been home some time ago.

        • Mike Nelson

          Perhaps… but the history of that account’s posts is a litany of similarly inflammatory comments.

          If it were as clear as you have stated it, I’d agree wholeheartedly. If we’re going to be RIGHT, we have to be RIGHT and hold accountable those whose positions and words are WRONG.

          • James Holloway

            Your over reacting doesn’t help calm his rhetoric. If you avoid reacting and inter-react with sound advice and exemplary actions by yourself you’d have a more favorable outcome. You can’t force anyone to be something they are not and calling them out only reinforces their stance. I don’t find his comment offensive, just mildly course.

          • James Holloway

            You seem to be the only one inflammed. Look at how you’ve been taught to react. Look at you before you look at someone else and then think before you act. I’ve heard much worse from some fine people that don’t have a prejudiced bone in their body. They just talk that way and they’ve never learned to quit. Don’t expect to bottle someone up because they haven’t been more refined. You may be missing some very important truths that just come across as some what socially inept in our day. It is what real tolerance is about, it’s listening and trying to understand and not react.

          • Mike Nelson

            Do you describe your niece (thank her for her service, by the way, from a fellow vet) as an “Nword”? Would you ever? I sure hope not.

            Apparently, at least 7 other people agreed with me… and these people I find to be of greater circumspection and rectitude than you, based on the manner of your chastening. You do realize, I hope, that in defending the use of the term “Nword” that you support that degradation?

            If one must self-moderate by using the term “Nword” then they should know enough to use the word “black” instead, or even one of the current PC terms.

            You seem pretty silly to me, posting three times within several minutes to tell me I’ve over-reacted… and if you disagree with the basic premise that use of “Nword” as a substitute for the real word is an affront to dignity, then I suggest that you are caught in the PC-trap.

            My over-reaction? Cool your jets, indeed.

      • James Holloway

        Mike, cool your jets! What he said could’ve been said more descreetly I’m sure, but in essence HE IS RIGHT! There was NO race baiting implied or intended and you are really stretching it and it shows that you have bought into the “race agenda” of the left. You stepped right in the center of the trap. We don’t need to walk on “eggshells” among ourselves. By the way, I have a black niece who is a wonderful young mother and house wife and who returned from Iraq as a fuel specialist. We and I are all proud of her and she would fully agree with standforliberty’s statement.

  • madman

    Deval Patrick needs to do some thing since he is the governor.

  • Anonymous

    The Justina Pelletier case is so grievous and so blatently evil perpetrated on a young defenseless sick girl. If this girl wasn’t emotionally and mentally ill before than she is now. Isolate anyone from their loving parents and family and friends and school and you will have deep problems. Can you image how frightened this kid is? She is in the presence of sheer evil.She is in the presence of those who tell her ‘she will never go home again’ and all her pain and discomfort is in her head. Justina is sneaking notes to her family telling them she is being mistreated and abused. I fear she is dying. And the state is allowing it.

    • Mike Nelson

      *Enabling* it.

      *Endorsing* it.

      *Encouraging* it.

      You’re dead on here.

      I wonder what happens when she turns 18… if she makes it that long.

    • Anonymous

      “and the state is allowing it” – no, the state is doing it!

  • Virginia1620

    Pay special attention to Glenns words about the ‘fine print’ contained in ‘being a ward of the state… (near the 3:20 mark)
    As one person, we are powerless, however as one person, united with others, we stand peaceful and strong for right and chage the world . .
    Remember the truth is that ‘We the peple’ can keep this alive. Spread the story to everyone who will listen and let’s make the positive difference!. Am continually amazed at how many I come across who don’t even know the story!

    • James Holloway

      I wish I could give you a “thousand thumbs up”. This isn’t just happening in MA. I have had someone turn us in twice to DCFS and three times they were satisfied that our son was being cared for. He had developed Ulcerative Colitis after having to recieve required vaccinations (or he wouldn’t be allowed to enter high school, which we found out was a lie as well) we had opted out of. Problem is, a sheriffs detective came the 2nd time and although DCFS closed the case he adamantly refused to close his because in his mind he had determined that we weren’t following the doctors prescribed treatments which the doctor told us could lead to cancer and sterility both above 90% chance on each. We found an alternative treatment that works better for him than anything traditional medicine had to offer. The university Doctor was elated with his progress and was monitoring his progress. After missing a year of school to let his body rest and remove the stress he was experiencing, we now have a son who now takes four classes and does the rest on line with the Ron Paul courses. Before he couldn’t walk up the stairs without real stress. Now he runs when he wants and is a straight A student and that with AD as well. His condition will be with him for life. The Sheriffs case is not yet closed since January when I visited his bosses and paid to have a copy of the case sent to me upon closing. The case is still open and I’ll visit his bosses again today. Probably stirring the pot but he has no legal reason not to close it. Yes there are more factors than what I’m sharing, but none of which should influence his keeping the case open. We were ready for war after the 2nd visit and the third visit was proof of the detectives ego driven intent. The DCFS worker has some good common sense, but the Sheriff Detective I found out was awarded the Top Detective of the Year the same day he argued with me in my home and interviewed my son for an hour trying to get him to turn on us with something he could use against us. My son didn’t have to lie or follow the detectives lead. AFter that interview, my son, in tears looked at his mother and said, “Mom, that was like talking to Satan himself.” My son wasn’t suppose to have any stress. Nothing that idiot did was in the best interest of my son and he definitely could have cared less about our family and what we all were going through to help my son. So please, don’t think this is the only case but PLEASE give these people the help they need by bombarding the political people with pleas and demands that they do the right thing by this family.

  • L.C. in Texas

    This woman deserves a medal,
    I have done my research and she speaks the God’s Truth – administrative hacks
    and non believers are trying to get the people to think she is some sort of
    nutcase but she speaks the truth !

    • Anonymous

      This woman is talking in abstracts. She’s calling what happened when the District of Columbia was created a “second constitution”, but there is no document that is entitled a “Constitution” even in existence.

      She talks about birth certificates being sold to the Federal Reserve, but she has no idea who is supposed to be selling these birth certificates.

      She goes on and on about various ideas, such as Congress being informed that representing their constituents is not what they’re supposed to be doing, yet we have town hall meetings, we call their offices and affect their votes, etc.

      Then she’s talking about corporations being owned by entities, and the SEC not doing their job. Then she’s talking about reprimanding Parliament,

      She’s all over the place, and not making a lot of sense. Looks like someone with an obvious case of brain-fry.

  • Anonymous

    The operative words: “home to Connecticut”. This is clearly an “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality. HOME is where her PARENTS are. Not the state itself. HOME is the Pelletier household, not some foster home, group home, rehab facility, or hospital. Her HOME is with her parents and siblings. Connecticut may be where that home IS, but Connecticut itself, collectively, is not Justina’s home. That is, and remains, where her parents are.

    If there’s a compelling and provable reason not to keep her in her family’s home, actual, factual abuse, then prosecute it and prove it in court. Following the medical plan of a team of doctors and treating her accordingly, is NOT abuse. It’s Catch-22 — if they follow their original doctors’ plan, CFS says it’s abuse by “overmedicalizing”; if they DON’T follow the doctors’ plan, CFS says it’s abuse by neglect. The only plan CFS wants to take is the one prescribed by Childrens’ Hospital in Boston, which is contrary to what her original doctors had prescribed.

  • Anonymous

    The disorder attributed to Justina should not shorten life. By itself the disorder does not cause death.

    So either Justina is going to continue to live OR she will die. If she lives past 18 then the state might be correct but I don’t think they can keep her against her will. If she dies in the hospital, the state and hospital will be guilty of criminal neglect — arrests and lawsuits will be in order.

    This whole episode smells rotten.

  • Marsha Hays

    What kind of people are these who would kidnap this child and put her and her family through this? I understand there are more children who are also going through this same horror with this hospital. You know years ago it use to be electric shock that some hospitals used, what exactly do they call this research.
    Certainly would pray that being the Governor of the state would hold some significant authority to put a stop to this torturous ordeal.
    Get it done before she dies and her blood is on your hands. Release her and perhaps in the loving arms of her family, God will allow them all to heal.

    • Tony Viscardi

      Once the child is awarded to the state, they are free to do medical experiments. This scum in MA want a “lab rat”, nothing more but because today, most are totally clueless to what’s happening right in front of their eyes and won’t speak up until it affects THEM. At that point it’s too late. This is a lesson Progresivea will learn after November when they finally get ousted. I only can pray I live long enough to see the likes of Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and that uneducated tax cheat Rangel behind bars.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    The novice “doctors” who grabbed her needed a subject to apply their federal grant toward their lame-brained theories. The Mass childcare situation seems worse than the Arizona fiasco in the ’70’s. Fortunately, Arizona had a competent Governor (Dennis DeConcini) who tasked his Childcare advocate to resolve the mess. She did, and I became a Guardian ad Litem to help. Very emotinally draining!

  • Anonymous

    If she were a dog, being treated this way, she’d have been rescued a long time ago. Sad commentary on how far humans have slipped in the food chain, especially in Massachusetts.

  • Memegalt2012

    But the courts said she is to stay there . So if you do not agree BUNDY because of “the law” then you can not be a hypocrite here. I personally think this country is out of control!

  • JD

    This is the same man who won’t do squat to get rid of the head of DCS here in MA. Even after the body of a missing boy was finally found…

  • Wulf

    The ironic part is that the medical profession aims to keep people sick under the guise of “treatment”. The will suppress, or try to discredit, anyone who develops actual cures to cancer and other diseases.

    So it’s bizarre that a profession that so often makes people sicker with unnecessary treatments, has decided to kidnap a child under the claim of excessive medical treatment.

    • Kelly

      They are threatened by the notion of mitochondrial disorder since it has implications for vaccination.

  • Anonymous

    May God comfort and be with Justina and her family during this ordeal. I thank Glen and his associates for all of their help and exposure of this phenomenal injustice

    We had a Bible, Constitution, government and “just” people! That turned ugly and evil. We’re in a stupor, where up is down, bad is good, and lawlessness rules at the very top of government! It trickles down with predictable impunity! Nazis rule. What will you do when they come for you? Holder is too busy stripping the constitution to be bothered with “progressive” medical experimentation and kidnapping!

  • gagec1

    maybe it is time to hire a professional to get her out of there, and the family of course would need to go underground to save Justina….

  • Anonymous

    Like most people, I’m pretty upset about the Justina Pelletier case, as well, but this Rev. Mahoney didn’t help the cause much with his badgering of Deval Patrick.

    I’m no fan of Deval Patrick’s myself, but badgering someone, not allowing them to finish speaking, repeating yourself over and over, cutting the other person off, etc. doesn’t present a case well, and doesn’t bring anyone over to your side either. It’s offensive, and shows someone who’s not willing to allow the other party to be heard. If Mahoney wanted a meeting with Patrick, his lack of basic conversational and negotiating skills certainly killed any shot at that. Although well meaning, I wouldn’t want someone as crass and lacking in basic skills as Mahoney to be representing me were I in Justina’s position.

    I believe Alan Dershowitz has expressed his intention to get involved, which I believe would be far more effective than this harping that Rev. Mahoney was doing, obviously falling on tin ears. Obviously Partick isn’t going to do anything..

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me that this case has a lot more to it than what all experts here are talking about.

  • texastruthtweet

    I have a comment on this. I am not a mother, but I have a 10 year old nephew, and a niece who turns 8 next Saturday. What is happening to Justina could easily happen to them or any child in this country. We all should be involved in this cause, even if you don’t have children of your own. No child on earth deserves this kind of treatment. Prison inmates are treated better than this poor girl! I would not wish this on my worst enemy! Have a heart! Help free Justina, before it’s too late! Please!

  • Anonymous


  • livefreeordiehard

    They’re killing her. It’s just that simple.

  • Anonymous

    Why hasn’t Tuft’s University, that first diagnosed this girl’s problem, ever spoken up? They referred her and allowed the Children’s Hospital’s Doctors tp reverse the original diagnosis out of hand. They have violated the Parents’ and this girl’s Rights not to mention the Constitution.
    The arrogance of the Massachusetts Child Welfare System and the rubber-stamping of their decision by a dolt of a Judge reveal how much a person’s rights are valued in liberal Massachusetts. For over a year, they have done nothing helpful for this girl. In fact, they have harmed her.
    I say: ‘Shame on them all, including the Doctors at tufts.
    A crime has been perpetrated against Justina and her parents.

  • Crassus

    Too bad Justina Pelletier is white. If she was black maybe Governor Patrick would so something.

    • independent thinker

      If she were black obama would get involved.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t the parents SUE the doctor who initially cared for her and perscribed the meds ? The parents need some high profile lawyer to take on this case. I can’t imagine this happening to one of my children . There would be alot of people looking UP at the grass.
    Is everyone sure this is really going on in the U.S. ? It sure sounds like the U.SSR

  • Barbie

    The entire case is a debacle. Today it is about saving face for Children’s Hospital, the medical team involved, the psychologists, the judge and the state of Massachusetts. A Tuft’s physician treating Justina was the primary care physician. What gave Children’s the right to decide to change a child’s treatment without consulting him?
    The family had every right to disagree with physicians not wanting to consult the PCP and how dare they question a physician… Boston arranged for Justina to be a ward of the state. IF parents speaking up is abuse then we should all be guilty…as parents we are the child’s advocate!

  • Anonymous

    I’m of the opinion that justina is being used for a research on mitochondria disease and it is a sad, disgusting, unamerican and downright wrong in what’s occurring to her and her family. Send her home now. Look at what has happened to the vets. Come on folks , this is evil . This is control.

  • Kelly

    They are trying to make an example of her. Her parents (and obviously other docs) state that she has a mitochondrial disorder. The medical nazis don’t like this due to an association of problems with vaccines (see Hannah Poling case that was paid out in vaccine court)

  • Ranchman

    This is the worst kind of political tyranny there is; kidnapping our children and making them political pawns! I would not have been able to be as calm as the guy speaking if this was my child. I would be going nuts, watching the state tyrannize my family like this. It’s coming to a head in this country, with the people on the side of what’s right. We have a govt which is growing more and more despicable by the day.

  • Nanette Gray

    NO, many children from this University have come up missing, they do studies on these children. It is professors who are doing “studies” and some children went there with permission from the parents with the idea they would be helped through “clinical trials” others through the courts. FOLKS children are missing! A few hundred!

  • Anonymous



  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    Since a nation’s advance mostly results from the efforts of its more well off citizens, central governments that assault those citizens will naturally halt technological progress and reduce the nation’s overall quality of life.

  • Anonymous

    This is what can happen when experts like political medical or whatever decide that they know best. I would have this poor girl home with her family ages ago. God bless her and I hope she gets home soon.

  • Anonymous

    Patrick doesn’t care. He’s a Leftist, he wants the State to have ownership of children. Just look at the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is what the Left believes.

    #41 of the “45 Goals of Communism:” “Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks, and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.”

  • PK421

    They have to destroy her or the story of what really went on in that hospital will get out. One of the most dangerous things one can do is go to a psychiatrist. It is true, criminals have more rights than patients. Sadly, this girl’s story is only one of many like it. It’s good that it is getting media attention. Perhaps it is the beginning of the end of these nightmares.

  • JJ

    There is no such thing as a ” Bill of rights” for victims these cases
    just like the prison industry there is an incentive to incarcerate and
    keep the headcount up to pull in a good revenue stream.

  • Lila

    I’m sure the doctors at the hospital sincerely wanted to help this girl, and the last thing I want to do is vilify them, but this has gone way too far. Medical decisions should absolutely be left up to the parent//guardian/patient, unless it’s been proven that there is abuse or neglect, and there hasn’t in this case. It’s also obvious that she was an active and relatively healthy child while in her parents’ custody. Also, even if, and I stress IF, her parents were abusing/neglecting her, why not give custody to one of her siblings, or an aunt or uncle or a grandparent? This is a systematic abuse of power on the part of the state of MA, and as a parent, it really scares the tar out of me. These people were doing the responsible thing by seeking medical care for their daughter, and this was their reward. I will never, I repeat, never be taking one of my children to a hospital in MA, I’ll drive to New Hampshire and find a hospital there.

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