POLL: Majority of voters believe neither party represents the American people

Rasmussen released the results of its latest poll on Thursday that shows 53% of likely voters think neither party in Congress represents the American people. On radio this morning, Glenn actually found himself surprised that figure is not closer to 90%.

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According to Rasmussen, the 53% statistic is up six points from 47% in October 2013 and matches the previous high found in June 2012 – just ahead of the 2012 presidential elections.

“I’m surprised it’s that [low], frankly,” Pat said. “It should be around 90% by now.”

Glenn pointed to the letter just 22 Republican senators sent to President Obama on Thursday in regards to his “astonishing disregard for the Constitution” when it comes to immigration and deportation as further proof of the problem with the current parties.

“Did you see they have this new letter that went to the President about immigration? You know, ‘You’re throwing us into constitutional chaos by picking and choosing laws,’” Glenn said. “Did you see that Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did not sign? Did you see that Jeff Flake (R-AZ) didn’t sign?”

“Has there been a bigger disappointment than Jeff Flake,” Pat asked.

“I don’t think so,” Glenn responded. “He has turned into Harry Reid… I mean, it’s just like, what happened to you, Jeff?”

There is little to no distinction between the big government element of the two parties. And, as a result, Glenn believes in a couple of years time upwards of 70% of likely voters will be saying the parties do not represent the American people.

“Wait until the next two years,” Glenn concluded. “I bet that number is 65 to 70% by the time we get to the presidential election.”

See the full Rasmussen poll results HERE.

  • Deckard426

    After disregarding the Constitution, the president then disregarded the letter sent to him by 22 Republican senators. However, the senators were too busy partying and entertaining wealthy donors to care.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Bombarding the airwaves with deceptive attacks ads is a proven effective way to win elections, hence the candidate or cause that wins is the one with the most money behind it not the merits of either the individual or the cause.

    Both parties are owned by different factions of the same wealthy group of people who battle for our votes with radio and television ads.

    They cynically appeal to emotional issues like abortion, gay rights gun control or subtle racism while stealing the wealth of the nation for themselves. Whether you choose a Republican or Democrat is like picking which gang of thugs is going to beat and rob you.

    George Bush said he used to talk to Bill Clinton all the time when he was President and that his mother thought of Bill as another son. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I have a problem with RINOs like Jed Bush, John McCain and those like them

    • elizabeth greeley

      The one you should have a mega problem with is Rino John Boehner (?) he should be ostrized for all his divisiveness!!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore. As a whole, America has been so dumbed down they don’t have to. We have been sold out by BOTH political for exactly the same reasons. BOTH have sold their soul and their county for money, power and votes. WE let them get away with it !

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what a Precinct Delegate is and have you ever been one?

  • Jim

    It’s called “Progessivism” and it has infected both parties. The cure is “Constitutionalism”!

  • http://www.patriotwood.com Art Pinney

    How many in Washington are really looking out for us? How many of them are there to “do work for the people?” Can anyone give me any names of current politicians who are in office working their butts for us? Anyone? http://patriotwood.com

  • Freedom Fighter

    With all the stuff I’ve been reading I’m wondering if Beck is for the American people or should we call him Judas?

  • Anonymous

    If the RINO’s screw this coming election up like they did the last, then I am going to become a independent conservative, real Republicans work their butts off to gain decent legislation and these useless bastards who are nothing more than libs in a closet torpedo all the hard work……If the R’s manage to regain the senate and the house, then I will stay to finish kicking the RINO’s out of their over stayed positions and help regain the rule of law and the meaning of the Constitution….maybe even put some teeth in our R’s platform…

    • ken.

      i turned independent long ago.

  • ken.

    george washington was against political parties because he knew they would become corrupted. america is about individuals voting our conscience, not along party lines. time to dump the parties and become individuals again, not slaves to the corrupt parties. back to the constitution and serving the country, not serving the party and themselves. they are supposed to serve those of us within their districts, not the parties interests. but the parties hold the money and with the money they hold the politician.

  • Charles Hurst

    So who is the GOP going to put up? They are going to debate who is “electable.” Check your analysis in the past GOP. You have been wrong for two elections in a row. Would you like to know why? Because conservative America knew bloody well that McCain was going to do nothing but continue to propagate illegal immigration and continue to run up the debt. That’s why. So a lot of conservatives stayed home or voted third party.

    Then do you put up a true Patriot next election? No you gave us Romney. Gee another moderate that really wasn’t going to touch illegal immigration and guaranteed continued debt spending. Two strikes.

    So go ahead and put up Jeb or McCain again. Go ahead and keep bashing Cruz. For what? Him telling you to get your act together and fight the rampant spending.
    Here is the thing—if you keep spending you will collapse as a nation. If you
    keep letting foreign invaders in then you will no longer be a nation. So a lot
    of conservatives will figure Clinton might was well get the election next time.
    Because with your establishment in the Oval Office the result is the same. And
    tell McConnell to put the rifle down and shut his mouth. He has already proven
    his treason. So did Rubio. So when you put them up for election expect to lose
    again. We heard that speech before, remember? 2004. And you had the entire
    Congress as well. And you did nothing but continue to destroy the country.

    If you would like my fiction to become reality then continue to ignore the debt.
    It doesn’t take an economic professor to figure it out. It takes third grade
    math. Eventually you will run out of money. And if you continue to allow
    illegal invaders to enter our country then eventually the country will be no
    more. Might want to check the entire history of mankind on that one. So if
    you’re going to continue the treason let’s not pretend that you are any better
    than Clinton in office. Our time would be better spent determining how we the
    people will handle you when the country finally falls.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

  • Joshua Rojas

    Cruz for president man. Tired of the GOP stuff…

  • Benjamin Dover

    Liberals are animals, more or less.

  • Anonymous



    • Populist democrat

      Beck has always been viciously envious of his competition, and Alex Jones is that. Jones is right; his envy is making him a traitor to the “freedom” movement. (That’s freedom for the haves, and to heck with the have-nots of course.)

      What neither seem to grasp is how far the Supreme Court has corrupted our rights from within. That should be a common fight for humans and self-government over corporate oligarchy.

  • Populist democrat

    The reason both parties suck is the same reason: corporate control. This was legalized in 2010 with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Obama and McConnell both depend upon corporate campaign support. Breaking out of this means overturning that decision, either by liberals on the Court (you should not want that) or a constitutional amendment. Then we the people can form new parties to compete on a level playing field, like most other summer/fall/spring sports. Citizens United put into place a corporate coup d’etat.

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