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On radio interviews with Tea Party candidates: 

Hi, I want to let you know that I truly enjoy all the Tea Party candidates you’ve had on your shows. I know you don’t normally do this this. But so many of us work too much and feel helpless. What can we do……well everytime you have one on I go home and tell myself, Glenn “endorses” one, I’m donating. I usually give $10-15, not much, but so far I’ve donated 15 times, And it makes me feel like I’m doing something.

Just have to say Greg Brannon’s first time on the radio with you was incredible. I actually recorded 32 minutes of it on my phone and I listen to it over and over, truly inspiring. I may never delete.
God bless, Jeff


On faith and entrepreneurship: 


You really nailed it today. I very much appreciated your message. As a business student and soon to be entrepreneur it is easy to get worried about the social, economic, and political pressures from things happening in the US and around the world. You reminded me that no matter what happens, to continue trusting in God and holding fast to his promises in his word. While we all of dreams of things we would like to do, hopes we wish to conquer; whether that is building a family or building a multi-million dollar company, if our ambitions do not in some way impact the world for the betterment of the faith, then we are missing the point. While the world may continue to tell us to pull up or turn around, I will continue to persevere and be guided by the scriptures as we fight the good fight.

Thanks again for today, keep up the good fight of faith, as brothers and sisters and Christ we can work together to preserve the blessings of liberty.




On the Bundy Rancher Story:

Glenn, at first, I heard the story and was like “I need to stand with this guy”. But as things progressed, I started to wonder a bit more. Then, you had him on the radio after you had spoken to him by phone. I listened to him in the interview and really got uneasy with some of his comments. Proper procedure would be have your day in court. However, he is wanting the Govt to be disarmed, and other demands. Sorry, I just cant get on board with Mr Bundy with the current information out there. Glenn, something smells bad on this. Can’t lay my finger on it just yet, but it’s there somewhere. Sure the Constitution gives the right to call to arms and replace the Govt, but we are so far from that situation, it aint funny. Bundy should be in a courtroom, and not this route. Something isn’t right here.

You’re no traitor because you did just like me. You was on at first, and now have major reservations about it.

He (God) made us back up for a reason. I’m gonna trust him on this one.

God Bless