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Glenn broadcasted Friday’s radio program from Liberty University in Virginia because he was invited to speak the school’s convocation. He admitted he had written and re-written his speech several times over the last couple of days, and he ultimately decided to bring along a few historical artifacts from his collection to illustrate how times are changing.

“I got up this morning, and I thought, ‘Who am I to speak today,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But as I got here last night – and I brought a whole bunch of stuff to share with them – I kind of changed the direction this morning… But it is really pretty much the same conversation that I had with my daughter yesterday at lunch… I told her, you know, the seasons are changing, and we just have to know who we are. And we have to know who we serve. And we have to know who has the answers. And it’s not the guys in the long robes.”

Glenn took that stage around 10:30am ET, and his radio program and TheBlaze TV carried a portion of the address. While video of the full speech will be available on GlennBeck.com later Friday afternoon, below is a highlight:

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To begin, Glenn explained that Friday’s graduates are “entering a time unlike anything America or the world as ever seen. While the possibilities are truly endless, it will be more necessary than ever to enter the world firmly rooted in principle.

“The times are changing, and if we are going to rebuild our nation and keep people free, then we have to look at the source… And the more political answers that we try to find, the more lost in darkness we become. The more we try to find the answers through science, through technology, the more lost we become,” Glenn told the crowd. “The answers are quiet, the answers are simple. And the answers are here. I brought some things with me that I want to show you.”

Two of the things Glenn brought with him were the personal Bibles of King Louie XV of France and King George III of England. Both books were in pristine condition – as though they had never been opened.

“If you look through this, it is absolutely perfect. I don’t think the pages were ever turned,” Glenn said. “What do your scriptures look like? Will someday somebody say, ‘This was my this is my sister’s scriptures. Look, they are in perfect condition,’ or will they have been pored over, dog-eared, written in? That tells the story of your life and your path. This is what freed the world. And this came at a great price.”

The graduates at Liberty University today are entering a less than perfect world, and Glenn encouraged the young men and women gathered in the room to be prepared.

“I am asking you: What is it that you believe? Are you willing to give your life? It’s real. This is not a textbook. Your classes are over. Life is about to begin. And it’s real. What are you willing to do? What is it that means something to you,” Glenn asked. “Expect miracles in your lifetime. Live in such a way that you can demand miracles, expect miracles, call down miracles. And then when they happen, pronounce them, declare them, never be shy. No matter how small or how big, don’t explain it away. That is the awesome power of Jesus Christ and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”