Bill Maher rips into the ‘political correctness Nazis’ on the left

In a surprisingly refreshing rant on his HBO show on Friday, Bill Maher took aim at those on the left who take political correctness to the extreme. Maher went so far as to call those who are too easily offended “political correctness Nazis.”

“Bill Maher… is a weird subject because sometimes he’s very right. I mean, not right wing, but he’s correct in his thinking. He’s logical. He can make sense,” Pat said on radio this morning. “Other times, he says the most outrageous butt-headed things you’ve ever heard in your life, and it’s kind of unimaginable.

“But he kind of sounded off on this banning of words… [and] when progressives eat their own, it’s just fun.”

Speaking in reference to his own rocky history with the PC police, Maher explained that the “political correctness Nazis hound me to censor every joke and apologize for every single slight and when I have to learn how to pronounce words like ‘chai’ and ‘quinoa’ — I just want to shove a head of kale up their [expletive].”

Furthermore, Maher fails to see the expediency of Facebook’s decision to offer more than 50 custom gender options to its users.

“I also, for example, think it’s ridiculous that Facebook has now decided that we have to choose, in our profile, from 56 genders, including transgender, cisgender and, of course, brucegender,” Maher said.

Such options include ‘agender,’ ‘gender fluid,’ ‘transsexual,’ ‘transsexual male,’ ‘transsexual female,’ ‘transsexual person,’ and the all-encompassing ‘other’ to name a few.

“Fluid. Does that mean one day you’re a boy and the next you’re a girl,” Pat asked. “Because that is the actual definition of fluid, if I’m not mistaken.”

Ultimately, Maher believes that the onslaught of political correctness in every aspect one’s life is a detriment to Democrats.

“So I get it, liberals can be obnoxious,” Maher admitted. “And that’s why lots of Americans say, ‘We don’t want politicians nagging about what we can name our football team, or how big our soda can be, what we can eat, or who we’ve offended. We have wives for that.’”

“That’s amazing,” Stu concluded. “And this comes from the Bill Maher rant on Politically Incorrect or Real Time. I guess it is now on HBO. You see how often I watch that show.”

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  • ElCapitan

    Has Glenn retracted his rant about Bundy being racist?

    • Anonymous

      Glenn’s kinda entitled to his opinion, whether you like it or not, just as much as you are to yours. So why keep hounding him about it? If you want to support Bundy, then DO IT. if you don’t want to, then DON’T. Stop being douche bags about it!

      • ken.

        glenn was wrong, he needs to own up to it and apologize. glenn helped ruin a man and his family, not to mention he attacked people who stood up in non-violent armed protest against the corrupt government. all because glenn is all talk and can’t stand up. talk is good, but there comes a time when talk is cheap and action is needed. i like glenn most of the time, but he better wake up before we become slaves to the government with no possibility of fighting it.

    • Rob Wolgemuth

      Bundy is a racist. He advocates slavery. That is racism.

      • Anonymous

        No, I don’t believe he “advocates slavery.”

        As I read his comments, I noted he was comparing the quality of family life under slavery and today’s destroyed family, where the father is absent, and no one is given any incentive to do anything to better themselves. He was musing about the loss of family unity, from the past love of family members to today’s indifference of family care. Under slavery, yes, there were bad owners, but there were also those that cared for their slaves, and maintained families together. Today, government subsidy and abortion destroys any family unity, and this was what Bundy was referencing, not advocating slavery or government handouts either — just musing about the loss of family love, and its possible cause.

        All too often, the PC thinking takes a word out of context, and makes a hateful case out of it in order to denigrate the individual, and again, all too often without accuracy and inconsistent with the truth.

        Laus Deo

        • Norman R McNabb

          Very good Tracy, you put it very clear as to Bundy’s reference on slavery. good job done.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you, Norman.

            I try to make Global statements, looking at the whole picture, rather than a quick take, often erroneously, in a knee-jerk reaction to a word.

      • Anonymous

        No, Bundy did not advocate for slavery.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong. Even if someone does advocate for slavery, what does that have to do with race? You do realize that there have been slaves of all colors throughout the history of man, don’t you? No, most likely not.

      • ElCapitan

        The problem here is you listened to the hacked version of his statement. If not you fall into the liberal generalities that if you talk about race or Blacks or Hispanics you are automatically racist. That is only if you’re White.

      • Libertarian Tom

        Try reading what he said.

  • Anonymous

    So Bill Maher gets one right once in a while–does that in any way make up for all of the hateful, condescending, arrogant, idiotic things he offers up? Nope. So let’s just keep ignoring the moron.

    • Rob Wolgemuth

      Aren’t you one to call others arrogant and hateful right before calling them morons…

      • Anonymous

        This is different. Maher is certifiably a moron. Can’t argue with the facts.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t believe me? Go to any encyclopedia or dictionary and look up the word “moron.” At least 75% of the sources have a picture of Bill Maher next to the word.

        • Natalie Robert


          ☗☗☗ �☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗if you don’t want to, then DON’T. Stop being douche bags about it!

          • JW Appling

            Why don’t you pay to advertize on this site instead of spamming like a twit.

          • Clark

            No she doesn’t

    • Phydeux

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. So don’t let your hatred blind you to those moments when Maher talks sense or you just end up looking like an ignorant moron yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Maher is objectively condescending, arrogant, hateful, and moronic. I don’t see how I look ignorant and moronic by pointing out that this is his MO 95% of the time. There are simply a number of people in this world who are like that. Michael Savage, for example, is also insecure, arrogant, and condescending, even though I agree with a fair amount of what he says. Judging from the number of up votes on my comment, I’d say most here agree with my assessment of Maher. He is, how shall I say, not a nice person.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Bill Maher is still a left wing idiot, and after Glenn ranted about Mr. Bundy being a racist he could be Bill’s brother.

    • Riley Hall

      “Glenn didn’t call Cliven Bundy a patriotic hero, guess he’s no better than Obummer. Where’s his birth certificate?” This has become the everyday logic among the rank and file of the hardline right wing nuts who have hijacked the Conservative conversation.

      • Trish Moniz

        Bundy is not a patriotic hero. He’s just a nice old man who is fed up with the government, as we all are, and he’s taking a stand be it right or wrong. What is happening to him is wrong but his supporters must handle the situation peacefully or we are no better than the monsters that are trying to ruin him.

    • Trish Moniz

      I don’t recall a “rant” from Glenn Beck about Bundy being a racist. I watch his show every day and he only voiced an opinion based on what Bundy said in his own words.

      • Libertarian Tom

        Since when did telling the truth about something become racist? He simply pointed out what the Gov’t has done to the black community and He praised the Hispanic community. But I guess in today’s world if a white person talks about a black or Hispanic person, it’s automatically racist.

      • Crassus

        Beck’s problem was that he was too stupid to analyze what Bundy actually said. He just had a knee jerk reaction based on certain words that Bundy used. Dig a little deeper in the well, Glenn. Dig a little deeper in the well.

  • LAPhil

    Even a blind squirrel is right twice a day.

    • Anonymous

      Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is truly a mixed metaphor.

      • LAPhil

        Exactly, thank you.

        • Anonymous

          And since you’re Phil, we might as well make it a blind groundhog, eh?

          • LAPhil


    • Michael Brennan

      That would be a broken clock you fricking moron.

      • LAPhil

        No sh*t, Sherlock. It was a joke, you idiot. I knew someone like you would probably be too stupid to get it.

      • Bill Porto

        Come on, it was a joke, this ain’t rocket surgery.

      • Anonymous

        Michael seems to be sharper than a matchbox full of crayons when he crosses that burning bridge with a silver lining over the rainbow.

        • Anonymous

          Give him a break. He’s a liberal–not much to work with.

      • Phydeux

        You were born without a sense of humor, weren’t you?
        Remember, the early bird gathers no moss.
        Every cloud has two in the bush.
        You can lead a horse to make a silk purse.
        One man’s junk makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

      • Crassus

        Lighten up, Francis.

  • Anonymous

    Short about Bill Maher, for he is not as important as he (and others like him…..followers) think he is,….so let’s be brief;….

    Ahh!,Mr Maher,….a piece of art , isnt’ he? Actually no, he definitely is not a piece of art…in fact quite the contrary, so walk with me;

    So,…what is to be expect from him?….the galaxy only knows!!!!???..on the other hand ….not much.

    Well, you see, Mr Maher is a strong case of dichotomy. Maher is one of those people without self-definition.

    Mr Maher is predictable,…he….sadly does not sounds too smart, (although he tries hard to do so)…he actually dilutes himself in an ocean of reverberating contradictions.

    As in the case of some others acolades, surrogates,Obama worshipers…such as Kristen Powers,Colmes,Maddox,Anderson Cooper,Olberman,Soleded O’Brien,Jon Stewart,Juan Williams,Nora O’Donnell,Roland Martin,Bob Beckel,Gibbs,Wolf Blitzer,…Geraldo Rivera…just name them.

    BILL MAHER will eat,(as well as ALL the others) ANYTHING OBAMA MAY PUT IN THEIR PLATES…
    FROM A PUTRID BANANA TO A SEVEN DAYS DECOMPOSED LIZARD…for this kind of individuals are in PATHOLOGICAL DENIAL OF REALITY…in others words, their minds are not quite clear, to say the least.

    Bottom line; he is perfect for any segment on any of the tv tabloids (MSNBC, …CNN, ABC,…CBS),…and the rest.

    Even so – for not to say how pathetic (if not idiotic) he sounds -,… his remarks serves a purpose,…for there – with his talking about many things, without facts to back-up his statements – we can have the ‘clown-effect’ that at times comes so refreshing.

    At the end , in reality he is just but a mere SARDONIC CHARLATAN that seems to be so in need of attention.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

    • Anonymous

      When i first became aware of Kirsten Powers, I couldn’t stand her because all she did was bow and scrape to the image of Obama. For awhile now she’s shown reasonable concern about some of the administration’s actions and inactions. Although unfortunately she’s apparently still a lib.
      Juan Williams also can be reasonable and part with libs on occasion. He was upset about how black conservatives get treated, although if not for the personal angle with his son, he probably wouldn’t have noticed. But at least he seems like a nice guy. He fits in on Fox. The really annoying, rabid progressive types can stay on MSNBC.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Powers, as well as Williams are two Obama’s agents / inplants / moles, if you will ….just notice that everything is infected with ‘special agents’ from the current administration and FOX is not an exception,….and one of the first blog-sites there at FOX to get contaminated is/was GRETAWIREBLOG;….just try to make any comment (with substantial and serious NET-links) and you will see how quickly your access is banned.
        FOXNATION is at similar predicament,…and definitely do not try anything at NEWS MAX.
        All is infected around the blasted cyberspace…..everything!
        And that for short.

        • Anonymous

          How do you know they are moles?
          I never think to look at FOX online, so I don’t know about that.
          If what you’re saying is true, that is depressing.
          I get emails from Newsmax and look at them occasionally.

          • Anonymous

            Here is the thing;…

            Reality is as such,…the entire cyberspace on blogs inside the Yahoo/Google America grid is highly ‘monitored’,….there is a massive ‘red tape’,…and everything that everyone comments on is known by the unconstitutional corrupted and fraud-base current administration.

            Number of bloggers did stop their inputs due to fear has been created by this wave of insidious practices.

            Some of us still on.

            In my particular case I send copy of everything I do write in any blog-site to ‘Washington Kingdom’….meaning, White House, Congress, Senate, and a large number of politicians (corrupted and others that seems no too corrupted)

            They all know there in Washington who I am and in what I stand for….they know very very well that fear and intimidation are two words never found in my dictionary.

            And that for short.

      • Crassus

        Powers is horrible. I can’t understand for the life of me why so many conservatives like her. Maybe it’s because she’s cute and perky. Cute and perky doesn’t work with me. They only make me dislike her more.

        • Anonymous

          Well, personally, I wouldn’t necessarily say I like her, but I do respect when there have been times that she agreed with conservatives instead of blindly supporting the administration no matter what. I also do think that, unlike some I’ve seen on other channels, she actually means well and is not a mean, vicious progressive. I’m a woman and for me her looks have nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    If there are any females out there who are unhappy with their gender I’ve just learned that Obamacare will pay for an Adadicktamee!

  • Chris Cooper

    I give credit where it’s due, and Bill Maher hit the nail right on the head with this. I still believe he is an obscenely despicable excuse for a human, but at least he has some common sense

    • SEB

      infrequently…at best

  • Deckard426

    Maher must have a book coming out that he wants Glenn to hawk to conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing ? The NAACP was about to give him the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award ! Makes you wonder what the criteria is .

    • Riley Hall

      Giving a ton of money to the NAACP. That’s about it. It doesn’t cover up racism though.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys on the whole Bundy thing need to get a life! Glenn’s kinda entitled to his opinion, whether you like it or not, just as much as you are to yours. So why keep hounding him about it? If you want to support Bundy, then DO IT. if you don’t want to, then DON’T. Stop being douche bags about it!

    • ElCapitan

      Glenn Beck made his statement, and I did watch it when he said it, based on what the NY Times reported. He hoped that the NY Times had not edited it which they are known to do. I would expect him to retract his statement that Bundy is a racist. If you watch the full statement you can see he is not. Simply talking about race, Blacks or Hispanics does not make it so. Like you said about Beck being entitled to his opinion, it’s hypocritical denying us or Bundy ours. Douche bag.

    • Crassus

      Sure, Glenn Beck is entitled to his opinion but sometimes his opinion happens to be wrong. We’re entitled to point that out when it is.

      • Anonymous

        That he is “wrong” is just your opinion. You have pointed out that you disagree with him. He obviously does not think you are correct, or he would have probably issued the retraction you desire. Get over yourself. Your opinion is no better than his, because the Bundy issue is open to debate as to whether it was racist or not.

  • Anonymous

    This proves that even liberals have a bottom line

  • Joe

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

  • Industry Important

    There is a non-stop supply of people saying things that others will find offensive. I dont understand why this is news. It’s like the witch hunts in Salem. Everyday the government run media finds something somewhere to escalate to the national level where the rest of us all point fingers, because surely we have never said anything that is offensive or capable of being misconstrued. Does someone actually believe that humans being humans that this can stopped? It’s gossip and it is in steady supply for the supposed News media. It’s a diversion from the real issues. That is why the President gave comment and that is why he held the Beer Summit. In the mean time, Washington is burning.

  • rosecityken

    bill maher…hmmm bill maher, o yes the condescending holier than thou jackhole who is always ripping republicans for make believe “misogyny” yet wouldnt miss a playboy mansion shindig let alone show up with a “vagina for hire” on each arm. or is he the bill maher who called palin a “dumb C*NT”….i forget.

  • Anonymous

    As Confucius say, “Even stupid blind squirrel find his nuts once in a while”.

  • landofaahs

    Like I always say that eventually liberals have to eat their own because when we get down to where there is only one loaf of bread, the liberals will demand their sharte and when there is not enough, they will attack one another. The are cannibals with a can of bull.

  • ValueSet

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Penelope
  • Anonymous

    Finally some idiot gets that the “Nazis” were left leaning not extreme right. Most liberals think Nazis are extreme right because during that time they supported them.Other than that Maher is still a jerk.

  • texastruthtweet

    Political correctness is nothing but another left-wing cause to end the first amendment!

  • Take 2

    I actually felt bills special on religion was exceptional… And both parties far wings have narrow minded greedy attention spans of mad men.

  • Populist democrat
  • Liberty Or Death

    So Beck’s now commending uber-left mouth pieces. Interesting

  • Guest

    So, nobody care about the “we have our wives for that” part?


    “I do NOT watch TV or even have a TV.
    ——I know FULL WELL
    —————what a deadly, deadly force
    ————————————–‘TELLA VISION’ is!”
    Informed Radio


  • Bonnie Somer

    good for him i guess even some on the left have enough of being told how to run their life

  • Anonymous

    Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time.

  • Peter Adamo

    This is the second thing he said I agrees with. The other was that Soldiers working at a PH.D Level while in combat come back to the States with no degree and cannot gain employment even though they are more qualified than the College Grad who got the job.

  • Anonymous

    I rarely agree with anything he says; on this I agree 100%. Is there a spark of hope when even the liberals are starting to rise up and say no?? Hopeful!

  • Mike Peterson

    The thing about Bill Maher, im not a fan of his but he has been consistant when it comes to free speech, he was the only lefty who defended Rush after the Sandra Fluke incident, saying that he doesnt agree with him or like him but its his right to have a show and to voice his opinions and if people dont like it to just not listen. In that sense he’s consistant.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand the man (Maher), but he was right in this sense. Political correctness is ruining our country. Most people are afraid of saying anything the least bit controversial, and it’s about time someone stood up and said how really stupid it is.

  • Where’stheSense?

    I see Bill Maher as part of the plan to ignite conservatives and help create the reactions the liberals need and use to further their positions. It works….liberal idea loving people of all walks of life start the baited conversations on “news” as it happens (and here I think this Bundy thing was a choice opportunity for the govt. to stir the pot with a predicted outcome that would be very news worthy)….of course conservatives react…which “they” (liberals) expect…and then they point out in piece-meal type fashion what our reactions are and to “what” we are reacting to. Think of President Obama’s remarks this week about one individual in the news, and “how if you let an ignorant person talk long enough, they will show their ignorance.” I really think this is all part of a party strategy to let so called conservatives do themselves in. They seem to portray all conservatives in one category. The President does a really good job of this tactic.

    If you have a conservative point of view and voice your opinion on any given current event in government, work, faith, family, school, etc. you are “labeled” with some kind of negative noun or verb-age. This puts all conservative comments in a “divided” category. and of course the conservatives are responsible for that division!!! (or so we are told!!) so how do we make ANY commentary without being divisive in the liberal world.

    This is a rich idea on the liberals part since they are truly the divisive factor in the United States right now!! Wanting to part from many of the founding ideas that this country was based on, and the sole reason people immigrated here from other lands. The reasons they left their homelands…..FREEDOM.

    Bill Maher is an effective part of this strategy and movement to change!!! It is working!!! The liberal followers listen to him, like him, and do no research to really debate things internally first before they buy into the theories and plans. Add some comedy and you have a lethal combination to coerce, plant a seed, whatever you want to call the change. This is truly the change Obama meant….bit by bit, the culture. Their are plenty of willing participants like Bill Maher to make this cultural change.

    I fear for my grandchildren and what they truly will be living in their adult lives. I think it will be a life we can’t imagine or worse do imagine.
    What is the answer to stop this progressive idea making?

    • Anonymous

      You’r right about the Bundy case. The liberals were just waiting to jump on something…anything to go after conservatives. Bundy was under a lot of stress, and he stuck his foot in his mouth. However, I don’t believe he is in any way a racist. I live near by him, and he’s just a cattle farmer trying to make a living. This thing with the BLM is nothing more than a land grad by the government. Harry Reid wants the land for his own interests which is a Chinese based solar plant that his son is involved with. Reid should be run out of town on a rail. I have read many articles that show Bundy is NOT breaking the law. He has paid all of his state fees and all of his personal taxes. Reid lied about that too. Bundy just has a problem paying fees (which are exorbitant) to the federal government on land that technically they do not own. His family, not just he himself, have been grazing on that land for a hundred years, and the cattle are not harming any desert turtles. As a matter of fact, the turtles came into existence after the cattle had been on the land for many years so it appears that the turtles exist BECAUSE of the cattle.

      And, Bill Maher is an idiot, but right on this one particular issue. He wants to make sure PC is not in play because he likes to say horrible things about the Republicans, and has said horrendous things that would/should curl everyone’s hair, including the liberals who don’t say a word when he is attacking concervatives. Double standards run amuk.

      • Where’stheSense?

        I agree on Reid. He just needs to go already!!! He’s corrupt and in a position to reap a lot of benefits in that corruption. Where are the voters in Nevada? why are they tolerating him?

        • Populist democrat

          They re-elected him, remember?

  • Jason Gary

    OMG. Do you have a penis or a vagina? Do you have both? Three genders. Even a eunuch is still a “male.” How you “feel” does not change WHAT you are. I can swear to god I’m a fish in a human’s body, but, alas, I AM a human.

    I am pretty much over all of this “I’m special!!” bullshit.

  • Populist democrat

    I wonder why Beck never reported on Maher’s new rule for Glenn Beck:

  • Dan Diffenbach

    A broken clock is right twice a day. I still think he is just another snotty lib.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Maher CRITICIZING POLITICAL CORRECTNE!? Now I KNOW that the End of the World is upon us.

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