If past comments are any indication, “America’s undisputed king of comedy” Louis C.K. is certainly not a champion of conservative causes. But the comedian caused quite a stir on Twitter Monday when he seemingly came out against Common Core testing.

After garnering a tremendous amount of both positive and negative responses to his initial tweet, C.K. followed it up with a series of specific examples from his daughter’s homework:

Glenn and TheBlaze have been actively covering some of the problems surrounding the motives behind Common Core and the implementation of the standards for some time now, and Glenn has a book coming out next week on the topic, which he offered to send to C.K.

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“Did you see what he said about Common Core,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “He’s not conservative, [but] he was doing homework with his third grade child – and anybody who’s done Common Core homework knows it is insane. It is absolutely insane… And he starts tweeting the truth.”

As Glenn explained, C.K. simply expressed frustration – the same frustration parents and teachers around the country are dealing with on a daily basis – in a very public way.

“His point is: None of these make any sense, and it is causing so much stress on the family and the teachers involved,” Glenn said. “The teachers are starting to come out… They’re trying to ring the bell. Does anybody care? The good news is: Yes, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”

Glenn’s latest book Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education will be released next Tuesday, May 6. But if you sign up for Glenn’s free email newsletter below, you will receive a promo code this week for 50% off the retail price.
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“You need to know what Common Core is. Then you need an action plan. So the first step is Conform,” Glenn concluded. “Next is a massive national movement where you have a support team, so you can go into your local communities and make sure that it is stopped.”
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