Ted Cruz calls for John Kerry’s resignation after incendiary comments about Israel

Secretary of State John Kerry has come under fire for comments he allegedly made in a closed-door meeting on Friday about the stalled peace talks between Israel and Palestine. According to the Daily Beast, Kerry told a group of “influential leaders” Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state” if there is no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon.

As TheBlaze reported, supporters of Israel are using words ranging from “not helpful” to “appalling” to “disgusting” to describe the Secretary of State’s alleged remarks. While the State Department has denied the comments were made, the Associated Press is now reporting Kerry claims to have misspoke when he used the word “apartheid.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to issue a scathing critique in which he calls for Kerry’s resignation.

Watch Sen. Cruz’s statements below via the Washington Free Beacon:

On radio this morning, Glenn praised Sen. Cruz’s for taking Kerry on in such an articulate way, and he even likened the Senator’s boldness to that of former President Ronald Reagan.

“I can’t think of an issue I have not seen him right on,” Glenn said. “He’s saying the same kind of thing that made the liberals and progressives hate Ronald Reagan so much. He was speaking the truth.”

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  • Dennis LeDrew

    No wonder the Israelis want to wait before putting in any more effort in the peace process.; with friend like these………

    Kerry resign? That would be a start. Obama should leave, too.

    • jen

      Too bad Cruz is not as strong for the US/Americans – he never asked Obama to leave outright as he did with Kerry. Only because Kerry brought up Israel.
      I guess we know who Cruz supports first.

      • Anonymous

        Sooner or later every politician or wannabe politician in Washington bends over to pick up the soap.

  • James Wolf

    difference between private and public…. sterling makes a racist private comment and gets fined and banned for life while Kerry makes a public racist comment and gets promoted and defended by the Obama Administration… can we please kick them all out at the next election cycle… vote No to incumbents period…

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      How is it racist if he’s talking about a country or government? I mean, guys….we hate it when the left screams racist up and down when we just want to criticize gays. Is it really racist to criticize Israel’s government/military policies? I mean, you could say it’s wrong, but is it racist? It would be racist if I said “all the Jews in Israel are bad people” or something. It would not be racist if I said SOME or them are as bad as KKK and Nazis rolled into one, and then specified those individuals and why they did it. Just like I can criticize Westboro and not say all Christians are bad.
      But a country’s military actions and policies….those are up for debate. I mean it’s not racist if I say that our police have been militarized, and that’s one of the signs of a police state. And even though liberals might try to say it, it’s not racist for me to say black on black crime is greater than white on black crime…or that Africa goes through a bunch of mini holocausts of it’s own. That as much as we don’t want another Jewish holocaust to happen, maybe we need to divert PART of that energy to people actually going through it now. We wouldn’t have to look far, it’s all over the place.
      I know this is a hot topic because of the Holocaust in recent past, Islamo Fascism now and the ever tragic Gaza Strip, but seriously-what do we have to prove to the Israelis? We’re like, their best friend. Probably wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for us-our military and our money. If we had to give less money or support because of a recession or something else, I think they would be mature enough to know not to take it personally. We’ve already proved we care for them and if they get into serious trouble we can help them out…but just because your child is 18 and you kick him out of the house does not mean you stop loving him. Might feel like it…But hey, the army is paying for my college, not my folks. I just crash there on breaks. Sure my dad would help out in an emergency but if I’m well off I’m on my own. That’s how it should be with Israel, IMHO.
      I will say this though. He shouldn’t have said it right before Holocaust remembrance day. TIMING. That’s not nice. If I stood behind Kerry’s Resignation, it would be for timing. Just because I want to avoid one tragedy doesn’t mean I should ignore a greater one.

      • Forrest Carlton Lackey

        Guys, after reading my comment you might assume I’m a big liberal or something.
        But let me say this: Wanting to get a guy fired because he said something “racist” or “offensive” that “threatens our security” and “threatens alliance with another country”….does that not remind you of what you hate? When you can’t criticize affirmative action or movements concerning homosexuality? I hate getting called a racist or bigot just because I don’t think Churches should have to marry gay people, or that abortions are wrong and that being pro white or pro christian-although silly-is not necessarily anti everybody else. I also hate the mean stuff said about Christianity by jerks on the internet. But trying to get a guy fired just because “we might lose business because of offensiveness…” Doesn’t ring a bell? Mozilla Firefox scandal? Phil Robertson Scandal? Issue in Canada a guy protesting gays gets sued for a million dollars for hate speech? Look, maybe apartheid is not a fair thing to associate Israel with, I dunno I need to look at the statistics….But During the Bush administration the conservatives have been called Nazis, and even if I don’t know what to think about everything (didn’t think he was a bad president) Conservatives and Christians learned to turn the other cheek. Now you want to get a guy fired because he said something political that was taken as racist-I thought we hated that when lefties did that.
        I am a veteran. When I saw a cool youtube video I liked, I posted a comment about how I miss my friends from my 4.5 years in the military. And people commented back saying I was stupid or that I killed poor people for rich people. That sucks. Just think about that. Fortunately good people commented in my defense, also. Some former military understand.
        Israel is not defenseless. They have lots of support, weapons, and a military that’s 10x as disciplined and hard core as our army, women just as much. They also have the Anti Defamation League and seem to be doing well when they live in the United States. Criticism won’t destroy them. I’m sure they can go through worse.

      • Jayson Barjarat

        It doesn’t matter what Party these politicians claim, they are all liars. They have sold out, and America with it. The sooner we the people realize this, and forget all the petty useless bickering, the sooner we can stand together as Americans. I know one thing, these people in Washington have used our Constitution for toilet paper, our military as corporate mercenaries, and they are all guilty of Treason. Its their party people, and guess what, we weren’t invited. Get your heads out of the bible, for god has nothing to do with any of this. Get your minds off of gays and minorities, because no good will come from wasting your efforts in such a way. Politicians love the division. The Tea party was so good at the divide an Conquer strategy..which allowed for these totalitarians in Washington to go unchecked while we bicker about liberals, gays, religion, abortion and whatever else we can snivel about. Wake up. Your freedoms and liberties are coming to an end as you know it. Its both parties who have allowed for this illegal, unconstitutional entry into this New World Order that will not be good for America. Not once were the American people asked IF we wanted in on the NWO. They couldn’t ask us, is unconstitutional. The terrorists are here, they always have been, we elected them.

  • Deckard426

    Obama has made a habit of surrounding himself with incompetent people, Kerry being the big dog in that pile of weeds.

    • Mike Nelson

      mmm… there IS Joe Biden… who is probably the best life insurance policy 0bama could have bought and paid for…

      But yeah, Kerry IS a pretty big dog donkey.

    • jen

      Kerry is not incompetent, but smart and evil – hence Obama’s choice.
      You may be the incompetent one.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    Liberals keep saying no we are not anti Semitic but yet they do these very things.

    • Eye125689

      Liberals keep saying no we are not anti Semitic but yet they do these very things……..But Conservatives keep saying we want to be diverse but yet they are not, full of majority white racist bigots…who wants a pure Amersica

      • Carol Votta

        “…full of majority white racists bigots” That is a mouthful. Not sure you should be generalizing a party like this. I know plenty of people who do not identify themselves as “white” but they are conservative. The party does need to become more diverse, however the majority are not racists. Bobby Jindal a Republican Governor was elected in a state with 63% of people are White and 32% Black -Louisiana.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

        Yeah oh by the way Native American so much for your theory that we are all white racist bigots. Oh by the way Donald Sterling Gave money to Bill Clinton and is a Democrat but we are the racist. Another thing NAACP gave this guy an award in 09 even when they knew he was a racist but we are the ones full of white racist bigots. I hope you sleep well tonight enslave to the party that founded the KKK.

        • BlueMN
          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            Donald Sterling gave money to Bill Clinton and their for not a true Conservative. Also has been honored by the NAACP who like you thinks everyone that disagrees with you is racist and leans far left. He maybe registered Republican but he is liberal as the come.

          • BlueMN

            Please. A man worth $1.9 billion gave a grand total of $11,000 over several years to several politicians and that was over 10 years ago. He got an award from the NAACP because he gave them a big tax deductible donation and I’ll bet they feel pretty foolish about it now. None of that makes any difference, he’s still a racist just like Cliven Bundy.

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            and he is still liberal no matter what you say.

        • Anonymous

          Christ you are stupid

    • Anonymous

      Calling out Israel for killing innocent people is apparently anti-Semitic…..hmmm

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

        Yeah because it has nothing to do with Palestinians targeting innocent people and using women and children as human shields when Israel tries to defend themselves. It is called reality try it sometime.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t call Israel invading them “defending itself”

          And you can’t categorize the majority of Palestinians as the extremists who use children and women as bombs…..

          if you do that then why not categorize all Republicans as neo-nazy racist KKK members?

          Same logic

          • Equis

            I have been reading your rants and i have come to the conclusion that you are ignorant of history and facts and have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Anonymous

            How about you provide some evidence contradicting any of my views? Or are you just going to make baseless statements :)

          • Equis

            How about not, I already know by your views that no matter what information I enlighten you with, it will never change your already far left views and you know that as well ;-(

          • Anonymous

            That is the response of someone who has no evidence of any kind to back his claims.

            Provide evidence…I do in the majority of my posts but you have not (and you can’t cite only Fox News/affiliates and Glenn Beck)

            (And I’d like to point out, if I were far left I’d be calling out for removing the free market, nationalizing everything, then disbanding the federal government………)

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            I do not call the people of Palestine aiding their enemies when muslim countries try to wipe all the Jews out of Israel. Tell me why do you liberals side with genocidal racist?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t side with countries that kill men women and children, and put up automatic sentry turrets to kill anyone trying to cross their no man’s land.

            I’m guessing you supported the existence of the Berlin wall? I mean all the people on the East side were evil communists who would destroy the capitalist christian utopia of the West…right?

            What about apartheid in South Africa…..technically at the time Nelson Mandela was a terrorist….so I guess he and everyone who supported him are evil monsters?

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            You liberal pin heads do it all the time so as Hillery once said what difference does it make?

          • Anonymous

            First, learn to spell, secondly even if someone else acts like a child…..it doesn’t give you leave to also act like a child (though a quick google search for this supposed comment by Hillary resulted in nothing so I believe you are the only child here)

            I’d also like to point out that there is more than just Dem and Republican…..I see myself as more of a Libertarian Socialist

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            Really what is this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFZytEUCXu4 also saying you are a libertarian socialist is like a black man joining the KKK.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry but you need to do some more research….Libertarian Socialism predated libertarian capitalism by quite a few years. You have an *extremely* narrow view of political ideologies (I’m guessing you are also going to say anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-socialism, mutualism etc don’t exist)

            Have a gander at this list to maybe widen your understanding of politics just a wee bit


          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

            Yeah you keep living that lie.

          • Anonymous

            You keep being the uneducated individual (who is too stupid to bother doing research) you are 😉

          • Anonymous

            I don’t see here making any giant generalizations in this video. Could you maybe point out the exact point in the video she was generalizing all Muslims as extremists or something similar?

  • Anonymous

    John Kerry you are one big mess and making a bigger mess out of this country

  • Eye125689

    When the G Bush, a Republican was the President the Democrats continue to bombard him with negative comments and etc….Now Obama, a Democrat keeps getting bombarded with negative comments and etc….I guess who ever wins the next one, Republic or Democrat….the opposing party loyalist will continue to bombard with negative comments…I Love Free Speech………

  • Elton Robb

    Why don’t the Palestinians just move? Why fight your neighbor whom you hate so much? Syria and Jordan are nice places to live. Continuing to fight just doesn’t take care of the problem. There are better ways of handling the conflict. If the Palestinians don’t want to live under the Israelis (I’m not sure if they are israelites), they can immigrate to other nations.

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      I was thinking that, too. Not to piss on the Palestinians. Not saying it’s just or fair, but maybe it would be a blessing to the Palestinians to move to a more modern country. After all, success is the greatest revenge. Then, if God so chooses to judge his people on His terms (not mine) then he can do so and the Palestinians won’t be in the way.
      And sir, you have a lot of balls to say that you’re not sure wether Israelis were the Biblical Israelites, esp here. I’m a conservative, but I’m not iron bound to worship Israel and try to somehow be a Christian and at the same time an “honorary Jew.” I’m not saying this is what you’re going for, but there is a small but growing minority of conservatives who don’t like Israel (dislike does not equal hate, unless people want to shout anti semantic like people have been shouting racist, bigot, homophobe). Seriously, I’m all for them having a country, but we’ve helped them out a lot. We have nothing to prove. So afraid of being anti semantic we try to become “honorary jews” like white liberals try to become “honorary minorities.” That’s insulting to both them and us.

      • Elton Robb

        Well, I said it because most Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Ashkenaz and Togarmah. I am not sure, though, if all of the Israelis are Israelites. All I know is that Jesus has been calling them all to Israel and they have a name for it. They aren’t something to worship, that’s for sure. However, there are a lot of Messianic Jews, Christian Jews, and Pharasee Jews over there. And that’s awesome.

    • Anonymous

      How about this….I will go into your home….whenever you try to come inside I will punch you in the face and kick you out. “Why don’t you just move”

  • Republitards suck
    • Mike Nelson

      One explanation is given in the first 35 seconds of the clip… “As African refugee camps have begun filling up, and Europe has begun closing it’s gates…”

      Another explanation is that this clip is an advertisement for Max Blumenthal’s book (you have to make it through all 10:50 to see the plug).


      Please explain why Europe is closing it’s gates.

      Please then explain why you ignore these facts provided by the producers as prelude to their attacks on Israel.

      Please also explain why the answers provided by the sovereign state of Israel are not good enough for you.

      Finally, please give examples of the muti-culti steps you have taken to open your house to people whose beliefs and cultures interfere with your own, how you contribute to the lifestyles of these cultures in their homelands, and why you do not give still more.

      I know a homeless conservative-libertarian activist whose only possession is a firearm. Would you please provide your address so that she can have a place to stay for a while?

      • Forrest Carlton Lackey

        “Please also explain why the answers provided by the sovereign state of Israel are not good enough for you.”
        Uhhhh, because of just that. Listen to how you’re saying it-almost like we answer to them. The same reason why the answers of our “sovereign” president aren’t good enough for most people, including me-and probably you. The same reason why I as someone who leans right questions Global Warming. Don’t sound like the liberals you criticize. “Please explain why the answers provided by the sovereign state religion of science,evolution and global warming/climate change aren’t enough for you.”
        Man after serving 4.5 years in the army, I don’t want to be the only conservative leaning guy who’s pissed off at people there demanding me to take their word for it, just so conservatives can do the same thing with Israel. We’re supposed to question things, dude. If somebody is suspect, it doesn’t mean they assume he’s guilty just by questioning him…it just means that his side of the story isn’t enough.
        “Finally, please give examples of the muti-culti steps you have taken to open your house to people whose beliefs and cultures interfere with your own, how you contribute to the lifestyles of these cultures in their homelands, and why you do not give still more.”
        First of all, we Americans do a great job of that. We have a diverse culture, and we benefit from what they bring to our economy. Although most conservatives (including me) are frustrated with how people come in here illegally, or the wrong way increasing crime, we are all for the individuals who come here legally and succeed fair and square.

        I served in the army. That was about as multicultural unity helping people out as it could get-and I tried to stand up for soldiers who were being harassed and possibly raped. I am a veteran, too. So don’t guilt me with that homeless veteran talk. I would probably give her some medicine and food. If I wasn’t in a dorm, I’d probably let her crash there for a short while and then try to see if I could send her to where she would be better off.

        Oh, and another thing. Europe is closing it’s gates because Middle easterners have become the “mexicans” of europe. And even though immigration is good-when it comes in full force or the wrong way it hurts a culture, right? Do you know who are proudly the leading force in forcing europe to be multicultural? I can show you a video clip to prove it. The Jews. A woman interviewed on her movement to force europe to be more multicultural said that europe is not muticultural enough, and that the Jews will be a leading force in making it more multi cultural, and that the Jews would be resented for their leading role.

        Umm….The reason why I might resent HER is because looking at Israel’s laws, that’s REAL hypocritical coming from her, and the WAY they are going about it is destructive-possibly intentionally so.

        • Mike Nelson

          It sounds like you’re confrontational toward me, and I’m not sure why; if you’re responding in like frustration toward RS, I can understand your position well enough. In regard to your first point, the State of Israel sends aid to the Palestinian territory on a daily basis, which is never reported (and which you may not be aware of); in return they are treated as the US is by Mexico, right down to border incursions for which any provoked response (read: defense) is deemed inhuman.

          RS asked only for explanation, which is provided in the clip itself by Israeli officials; as you have noted, that IS the explanation. My question in return is, “What don’t you understand (or like) about that response?”

          If you didn’t watch that clip (it sounds like you might not have…) then you’ll understand why I posted as such when (if) you do (frankly, I don’t recommend you waste your 11 mins, but if you want to know why I posted those questions, that’s where you’ll find the answers).

          I am aware of the answers to my own questions, and agree with most of what you’ve posted… and these questions to RS were posted to make him/her think about the content of that propaganda video (because that’s what it is) and perhaps – just maybe – to discover his/her own true position.

          I am a disabled vet (US Army), I have contributed financially to support Israel and Jews through two different organizations and fundamentally support the existence of a Jewish State, and I know where I stand, and why… and based on your tone and context, you seem to have missed the point of my queries to someone who I would otherwise have assumed was in opposition to both of us on this issue.

          If I’ve misunderstood you, I’m sure you’ll let me know.

          Thanks for your service.

    • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

      Please explain why the NAACP gave an award to the racist Donald Sterling in 09 knowing that he was a racist seems like they are the true sell outs.

  • Diana Lynn McDargh

    I also remember how the liberal media was all over Romney’s 47% remark back when.

    • jen

      Yeah, tea partiers can’t stop protecting their love rino Romney.

  • Republitards suck

    Screw Israel. It’s the little brother that keeps calling big brother to fight the fights he started to begin with.

    • jen

      republitards such as dems do.

  • Michael Harkov

    LOL Kerry said that things might be different if there is a leadership change in Israel and the PLO. How ironic, considering what a foreign policy joke American has become and how much would improve if Obama were to leave.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry….but America’s foreign policy has been a joke for 30 years. Our only allies are those in Europe, the rest of the world hates us for instituting numerous dictators and ruining their economies. (The US created almost every dictatorship in South America….we put Saddam Hussein in power, we put Pahlavi in power in Iran (where he proceeded to kill and jail those who opposed him) we put Ghaddafi in power in Libya, the list goes on and on). Obama has done nothing to our foreign policy that our other presidents and previous congresses haven’t since the start of the Cold War

  • Bill Wiltfong

    So, Regan did a good thing by saying something what others thought “will cause all sorts of problems” because his principles dictated that it was important to say… but when Kerry said something others think will cause problems because his principles dictated that it was important to say then he did something bad? No doubt in Kerry’s mind accusing Israel would lead to the changes he wants to see happen, and was as courageous and potentially world-changing as “tear down this wall”. If you agreed with Kerry you’d be in awe, but hey, let’s turn a political divide into a criticism of his job performance just like the Left did to Regan. No better.

  • Buro Cratz

    Collectivists assert that society is a creation of the legislator’s genius and magically exists apart from the individuals who comprise it.

  • Jayson Barjarat

    It doesn’t matter who is in office or who is the head of what agency, the course has been set. We have a Congress regardless of what side of the isle they claim to be on who all follow one master..Corporations and Bankers own them all. It’s off to this adventure in the NWO that removes our Constitution and changes life as we know it.

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