Amidst reports the federal Bureau of Land Management is looking to claim 90,000 acres of land in northern Texas, Texas Governor Rick Perry has publicly warned the BLM to stay away from his state. During an appearance on Fox News last week, Gov. Perry condemned the “out of control” federal government that “already owns too much land.” On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Stu filled in for Glenn and welcomed Texas attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott to discuss the land grab.

Abbott declared the BLM “picked the wrong state” when it chose to come after Texas, and he said Texans will not stand for the what he believes to be the “hijacking of private property rights.”

While the BLM is claiming it has “always been the owner of this land,” Abbott vowed to take legal action.

“We feel like the rug has been completely pulled out from under us here in Texas. And, as a result, I think this is going to lead to a heated legal battle,” Abbott said. “We are seeing unprecedented overreaching action by the federal government that is now doing more than imposing things like Obamacare, doing more than things like imposing unfair, illegal regulations. Now we see, through the Bureau of Land Management, a highjacking of private property rights across the entire United States of America.”

Watch the interview below: