Back in 2010, Glenn hired a new Executive Assistant, Wilson, to handle his schedule and anything that may come up in the day-to-day life of someone running a media company and also doing four hours of daily broadcast on radio and TV. Wilson was a terrible assistant, and he was almost fired after he handcuffed himself during Restoring Honor. Thankfully, Glenn was kind enough to let him run (Ed. Note: …and some other things that Glenn hasn’t quite figured out – Wilson), which has turned out to be a slightly better fit for his skill set. During a plug for tonight’s season finale of For The Record, Glenn ended up on a tangent where he decided to detail jus how terrible Wilson was at being an assistant (although he neglected to mention the subsequent four year career working in digital and editorial – Wilson). 

Some highlights?

Glenn: Wilson was my assistant until 8:28 and then we fired him (aka put him on, because he actually — this is true (unfortunately yes. 100% – Wilson). During 8:28 we had so much security, it was insane.  It was absolutely insane….Wilson goes in like a 12-year-old boy into the security room which was right across the hall from mine and the door was open, and the guys used to say, don’t touch anything in here, Wilson.  And they had all kinds of stuff, you know.  They had everything that they needed as security up on a table, including several pairs of handcuffs.  And so Wilson, like a dope, goes in and picks up the handcuffs and puts them on himself.  And there’s no key. Luckily he only did it to one hand.  And just then, somebody in the hallway said, “The Becks’ are arriving”.  Well, my mother-in-law gets up at the top of the elevator and she’s like carrying the luggage and everything else.  He’s like, “Hey, how are you, it’s good to see you” and he doesn’t offer to help her or anything because he’s got handcuffs on.

Pat decided to drudge up some other issues.

Pat:  He could never close the shades when he was supposed to…that ate Glenn alive.

(Seriously, thanks for not actually firing me Glenn – Wilson).

To hear the whole segment, watch the below: