Via the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch has received documentation that shows the Obama and Biden families have spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars on vacations since 2009. To add insult to injury, the $40 million figure really only accounts for Air Force One operating costs, for the money spent on accommodations, communications, rooms and cars for staff, security and U.S. Secret Service protection, Navy and Coast Guard ships offshore, and the prepositioning of cars and helicopters is rarely made public. On radio this morning, Glenn could not make sense of the hypocrisy.

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“Who has a problem with the fact that the Obama-Biden vacation tab is $40 million,” Glenn asked exasperatedly on radio this morning.

“No one. Look, they’ve got to have some time to unwind,” Pat joked. “So it cost us $40 million – about $3 million for just two golf trips.”

Judicial Watch reported records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force reveal President Obama’s February 2014 Palm Springs, California, and March 2014 Key Largo, Florida golf outings cost taxpayers $2,952,278 in flight expenses alone.

“These guys are talking about how we should hate the rich and income inequality, [but they spend] $40 million in vacations,” Glenn concluded. “I can’t even… They are taking them on our dime. Our dime! You feel good about paying more in taxes when they are taking $40 million vacations?”

Front page image courtesy of the AP