WATCH: The amazing story of Reece’s Rainbow

  • Deckard426

    Great story about those who care.

  • Jenny Monier

    Thank you for sharing Reece’s Rainbow. Our family has been blessed with a son who has Down Syndrome thanks in part to this ministry. We are also now awaiting our travel dates to bring home our daughter-to-be who has Cerebral Palsy. If it had not been for Reece’s Rainbow we would never have found our son or daughter and they would never have had an opportunity at a productive and meaningful life. When our daughter-to-be comes home we will have a total of 5 children, 3 of which have special needs. Our youngest biological son also has a genetic disorder. Like Andrea said, ALL children deserve to know the love and stability of a family.

    • Anonymous

      This article fails to mention the kids that were irreparably harmed — murdered, abused, disrupted and even “re-homed” — by their supposed godly Reece’s Rainbow “forever families”:

      – Russian Nicolai (with DS) by Kim and Fyodor Emelyentsev, plus a second adopted Russian baby with DS who landed in foster care following their conviction in 2008)

      “Re-homed” (like in Reuters Child Exchange investigation) prior to disruption:

      – Renee Garcia’s Kellsey circa 2012
      – Kate Hogeland’s Darcy circa 2013
      – Autumn Winkle’s Yuri circa 2011
      – Kari Reilly’s Victor circa 2011
      – Shannon Shpak’s Freddy
      – Shelly Bedford’s Emmett circa 2010 or 2011

      Totally non-suspicious deaths:
      – Gennie Davis
      – Haven Shpak
      – Henry Dobrovits
      – Chrissie Patterson

      Severely, totally non-suspiciously injured:
      – Selah Clanton (comatose since accidental near-drowning)

      Set up post-adoption fundraising websites to request $ from strangers because they were unable to afford basic medical care (like dentistry) to their newly-adopted kids (so much for “we can afford the to raise the kid but not the $30k to get them home”… it’s a crock). These are kids who spent months/years in pain:

      – Denise Davis’ Patrick
      – Kate Hogeland’s ex- daughter Darcy
      – Hope Anne Dudek’s Katya
      – Ashlee Beck’s Judah

      • Jenny Monier

        Oh bless your heart, Susie. How about the domestic cases of child abuse/murders? Maybe you should put your effort into those, too?

        • SusieQue

          Like you, those folks passed the homestudy and security checks!

          Just. Like. You. They were divinely-inspired to adopt.

          Who knows, maybe your little Dima is on borrowed time too!

          • Anonymous

            just like you, troll behavior is creating antisocial personality disorders among people. The formula goes like this: Anonymity + Audience = total jerk. Wikipedia has an interesting take on it. (language warning near the end of the article)

      • IAmaVegetarian

        Gennie Davis, Haven Shpak, Henry Dobrovits, Chrissie Patterson. They ALL died because of medical problems. The parents were giving them good medical care.

  • Lynn Marie

    this is so wonderful! i tried to adopt two little ones with Down syndrome and birth defects with Reeces rainbow as the connection that helped me find them but they had already found families! this is a great thing! there is so little support for children born with the gift of an extra chromosome around the world. happily i am about to be blessed with my second special child through an adoption agency. the gift of adoption has brought me the most precious treasures of my life! i pray i can do it over and over again! indeed, we, the church, are meant to be His hands and feet and reach out to orphans! not only reach out to them but open our hearts and bring them home to be our beloved sons and daughters!

    • SusieQue

      Have you asked Reece’s Rainbow’s illustrious founder Andrea Roberts about the 2 Estonian boys she adopted and kicked to the curb less than a year later?!?

  • Elle’s Island

    Each of us should remember that our mind is our sharpest sword. Hone your blade:

  • SusieQue

    Just like you, those families passed a homestudy and multiple security checks before being granted the privilege of adopting a disabled, foreign kid — you don’t find that the tiniest bit disturbing?!?

    Perhaps you are simply hedging your bets — as little Dima and the your soon to be adopted daughter may well get kicked to the curb when you tire of them!!!

  • Katherine Killen

    We love RR; they were a God send through EVERY step of the way. We just got home this past Jan. with our two boys (our 10 year old with CP and our 6 year old who is blind and autistic). They were a definiting factor in saving our sons lives; for that we are eternally grateful!

  • Justanothergirl charged with adopting just for monetary gain rehomed one child and medically abused both a biological child and adopted child!

    • SusieQue

      Both kids, plus Kate Parker’s biological son, whom she also abused, were taken away and put in foster care. Way to go Reece’s Rainbow!

      And don’t forget Rachael Andrews of — who spent $6k of her own money on a Disney trip and is now shamelessly demanding cash from strangers to pay for another adoption!!

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