After declaring Noah a $100 million disaster, Glenn has been pleasantly surprised by how well God-centric movies have been faring at the box office. From Son of God to Heaven is for Real to God is not Dead, these films have far exceeded expectations. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to actor Kevin Sorbo, the star of God is Not Dead, about why faith based content is making such an impact.

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“People are looking for real hope and real change,” Sorbo said. “Hollywood just thinks it’s New York and L.A. – that’s all that exists. There are a bunch of states in between with a lot of people that have good morals, strong beliefs. They want movies that inspire them, that inspire their kids… And if you look at the history of Hollywood — if you look at the movies with the biggest return — it’s always been family movies, comedies, things like that.”

Sorbo rose to fame as the star of long-running hit series Hercules, which he told Glenn was once the most-watched show in the world. He explained that he is a Christian born and raised, and Glenn pointed out that he is “a guy who’s not afraid to stand up and say, ‘Yeah.'”

“Well, it just gets to a point, you know? The whole thing about freedom of speech is it seems to be something that’s sort of going away in this country. And you know, I don’t mind other people’s points of view. I’m open to debate. I’m open to hearing what people have to say, but… why does the viewpoint coming from conservative Christians in Hollywood have to be cut off? I don’t get it.”

Ultimately, Sorbo believes God is Not Dead, which cost just $2 million to make, is making such a impact because “it’s a movie that engages people.”