Does this photo perfectly capture life in small town America?

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“This picture was taken at a football game in Lyndon, KS, last year. It pictures a member of the American Legion Post 125 and my baby girl on the right. To me, this picture is the perfect representation of small town America: patriotism, youth and simplicity. Several things that many parts of America are lacking.”


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  • landofaahs

    Not perfectly but pretty close. But to todays world that stuff is boring. Even to the teenagers today in small towns some don’t appreciate it…but I think years down the road when that culture is gone, they will lament that they spurned so quickly it’s downright goodness. Such is the cycle of man.

    • Draxx

      When my wife’s grandfather died, he had a Color Guard for WWII Veterans (done by the VFW chapter locally). After the service was done I went over and Saluted All of Them and Thanked Them for Their Service and Sacrifices! One of the oldest ones started to cry, and I asked him why he was crying. He said, “It has been over 33 years since anyone has Thanked Me for Serving Our Country! And I have buried hundreds of Military friends and servicemen since the last time I was Thanked… (a small moment passed while he was in thought). You know young man I thought I was going to die before anyone said thanks to me again!!! Thank-You for reviving my Hope in Americans…”.
      We should give thanks where it is due… Everyday!!!

      • Aspen Faye

        This is true…

  • Johnathan Read

    small town America: patriotism, youth and simplicity.

    Works for me…

  • Art Pinney

    Man I love our flag. I love everything about it, especially what it symbolizes. That’s why I founded Patriot Wood where you can get awesome patriotic wood flags for your home, office or garden:

  • G26

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger:

  • So Nee

    Patriots and Citizens:

    Bolshevik ideologue Cass Sunstein has a new article out
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    government. Pay him a visit to make your opinions known on his
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  • Rance Dewitt
  • Anonymous


  • Ida Rathernotsay

    Well, gee, Glen. Would those “small town Americans” who you love so much be the same ones you call and mock on your More-On Trivia segments? I bet they are. The ones with cancer are especially funny, aren’t they?

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