After listening to Tommy Vietor respond to Bret Baier’s questions about the newly released Benghazi emails like a petulant child, it is no wonder he is a former White House national security spokesman.

On Thursday’s edition of Fox News’ Special Report, Baier asked Vietor about the role he played in altering the talking points following the September 2012 terrorist attack that killed four Americans. The former spokesman, who apparently had no good answer to the question, flippantly responded: “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

Watch the bizarre exchange below:

“That’s unbelievable, dude,” Glenn quipped. “First of all, we have a guy who works in the White House that says ‘dude’? We’ve come to that point? Dude. Really? Hey, put the surfboard down for just a second, and let’s have a conversation. We’re talking about people who died… Dude, you could go to jail. How about that one?”

The emails released by Judicial Watch on Tuesday reveals what appears to be a coordinated effort to portray the Benghazi terror attacks as the result of a YouTube video in order to minimize the political fallout and protect President Obama ahead of the November 2012 presidential election.

The White House has claimed the information in the emails mean nothing. If that is the case, Baier asked Vietor why it took Judicial Watch 18 months to obtain the documents. While Vietor again had no real answer for the question, he did reiterate the emails don’t reveal any new information.

“Dude, let me give you a wake-up call. The other reason why they’re not going after the IRS and everybody else that is involved in this stuff is because the GOP, dude, likes it as well. And so then you’re going to have the Lindsey Grahams and the John McCains and the Mitch McConnells, dude, coming after you,” Glenn explained. “So you like it, dude, when they’re coming after us, dude. But the other side will come after you, dude. So dude, maybe you should care a little bit. Maybe you should care a little bit. Maybe you should wake up and help dismantle this nightmare that we have constructed over the last 10 years. Dude.”

“You’re talking about something like two years ago,” Pat joked. “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.”

Glenn sounds off about Vietor’s remarks below: