Glenn has been in California this week working on various projects, and on radio this morning, he shared a near run in he had with one of Hollywood’s most notable leftists: Actor Sean Penn.

“The people were weeping as we left Hollywood, California,” Glenn joked.

“Sean Penn, in particular, got up early and saw us off,” Pat added.

As it turns out, Penn happened to be staying in the same hotel as Glenn and his family. And while Glenn never saw the actor, his wife Tania did.

“My wife almost called for security, honestly. We were staying in Hollywood, and Sean Penn who I think lives – doesn’t he live like in Malibu or something? But for some reason he was staying in this hotel,” Glenn explained. “But anyway, Sean Penn was prowling in front of my hotel room. My wife opens the door, and there is Sean Penn… He didn’t know that I was in there. He was just like walking back and forth in front of our hotel room.”

“So he wasn’t waiting for you to come out,” Pat asked.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Glenn said. “But it was weird.”

Glenn wasn’t at the hotel while Penn was in the hallway. But when Glenn returned later, Tania asked if he had seen the actor.

“I came back, and [Tania] said, ‘Did you see him?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ She said, ‘Sean Penn. He was just in front of our room, and he was prowling back and forth.’ And said, ‘I didn’t see him. But are the kids safe,’” Glenn joked. “So it was a nice reception.”

Listen to the audio clip of the segment below: