White House press corps admits: Bush Administration more transparent than Obama

A new survey in Politico Magazine asked 60 members of the White House press corps varying in age and experience to share their thoughts on what life is really like within the Beltway for journalists. While the survey covers a lot of ground, the result of one question is garnering quite a bit of attention.

When asked “which White House do you consider more forthcoming with information for reporters: George W. Bush’s or Barack Obama’s,” 41% of journalists chose Bush, 5% chose Obama, 13% said “about the same,” and 41% said “not sure.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.40.37 AMImage Source: Politico Magazine 

“Can you believe that,” Pat asked. “41 to 5 in the most transparent Administration in the history of America. ‘We’re going to open this up.”We’re tired of the closed-door dealings and the secrecy being perpetrated on the American people.’ ‘We’re gonna be the most transparent in the history of the world.’”

In another question, White House reporters were asked whether they agree with New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s recent assessment that the Obama Administration is “the most secretive White House” she has ever covered. A plurality of 42% said they agreed with the “most secretive” statement, 20% disagreed, and 37% said they weren’t sure.

On the question of honesty, 50% of journalists said they have been lied to by a White House official.

“I think the other 50 just don’t know it or won’t admit it,” Pat surmised. “They’ve all been lied to by these guys. All of them. Come on. They lie every day. It’s a pretty amazing survey because, you know, these are all people who are in the pocket of the Administration.”

Check out the Politico Magazine poll HERE.

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • tom nogaro

    transparently non-transparent, to those who can pass the mirror test.

  • Deckard426

    Transparency means nothing, as long as the welfare checks arrive on time.

  • Crassus

    Richard Nixon had it correct about the White House press corps in particular and journalists in general when he said, “They’re all a bunch of [epithet deleted]”

  • Darral

    When PinocchiObama said this will be the most transparent administration in History; I remember doing a double take; I thought it was a bit odd statement; Now we know it was a lie; an intentional lie; A lie designed to deceive; A lie with a purpose; to keep the American people from questioning his actions and his words; A Lie to support future lies; A lie to cover up lies; PinocchiObama has earned the Title Pinocchio we respectfully give it to him; those who do not give PinocchiObama his rightfully earned title are very disrespectful;

    • texastruthtweet

      Amen! He makes the others before him look honest!

  • Matt

    One question I had about the why so many answered “Not Sure” after reading some of the numbers in the original poll I saw that 39% of the reporters have only work 1-5 years so they don’t know what the Bush administration was like. So If we pull them out its even worse

    67% chose Bush

    8% chose Obama

    21% about the same

    3% not sure

  • landofaahs

    But it does not matter because Obama is black, democrat, pro gay, possibly bi and easily bought. Yes. For a price Ugarte, for a price. I wonder if the Ben Ghazi uprising had anything to do with someone hitting on the “local flesh”.

  • Take 2

    Remember the Glenn Beck show that disclosed Admin. in-placed private communication devices to avoid Gov devices required for oversight. And folks wonder where Obama was on 9/11 Benghazi or why missing…really

  • Mike Bittner

    5% of them have totally lost their damn minds!

  • Anonymous

    The 59% who said “Obama/Not Sure/The Same” had all recently vacationed in Colorodo and were still stoned.

  • Derrick Rows

    In part, escapist fantasies regarding the utopian lifestyle of the mythical noble savage motivate people to chase illusions such as socialism, communism, and the welfare state.

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