“Incredible”: Viral video asks what really matters in the digital age

There’s an incredible new viral video that was posted on YouTube a few day ago and now has over 12 million views. Written, performed, and directed by Gary Turk, the video examines a society that is increasingly connected to one another through social media and technology, but individuals find themselves spending more and more time alone. ”

  • Susan Warwick

    How true! I’m of the older generation that has a phone, only for emergencies, do not know how to text, but guilty of the internet. This video touched me deep in my soul. Everywhere I go, people are talking or texting on their phones, and that is okay if that is what they want to do, but this video shows there is so much more!

  • autofixer

    @Susan Warwick: my son lives in this world and it drives me crazy. He has many virtual friends but no real friends. He just goes to University and then comes home, studies and sits at the computer.

    • Eagle Eye

      I am over 40 but back at college finishing a degree. I witness young people on a sunny, southern California university campus, not approaching one another. The guys and girls simply ignore each other, and walk around in little bubbles. They literally walk with a smartphone in their face, as though it is hypnotizing them, leading them… It’s downright creepy. It’s like being in The Twilight Zone.

  • theClemmer

    Brilliant, and well said

  • Excelsior

    Awesome video and great advice, but how many will do what he says? IMHO, it won’t even be 50%, and that is very sad.

  • landofaahs

    Technology is a tool like anything else. Like anything else, it can be used for good or bad. You could just as well have made a video where the man has no I-phone and meets the woman from hell only to find out a few years later how insane she was. But I imagine that CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN etal would love to go back to the days where we just took the canned for the masses BS. Just try and use the technology for good purposes and like anything else use balance. Just as water is necessary too much can be bad also.

  • http://www.JustinBarclay.com Justin Barclay

    Turning off and tuning in (to what’s happening around us) has never been more important. We have more distractions than ever before and sure, they can help, but they can hurt us just as easily. We hold in our palms a power, the likes of which, never before seen. But who was it that said, “With great power comes great responsibility?” Recognizing and exercising our responsibility have never been more critical. (Now, off to join the real world) :)

  • Anonymous

    This is a great message. My wife and I are about to have a baby any day now, and I talk about the role technology has played and will play in our kid’s life, and how uncontrollable it is (big picture). I wrote about it if you’d like to read it http://thescareddad.com/technology/ .

    I’m glad people are making this point viral… (which is actually ironic considering the message)


    • melissa

      congratulation on the baby!!!

  • Anonymous

    Go to any restaurant an notice the number of people staring at their smartphones. Turk makes an important point.

    • Anonymous

      On this we can agree. Go shopping, people on phones oblivious to what’s around them. People in cars — heads down. Waiting room in a doctor’s office same thing. I don’t carry a cell phone, I want to see the real world go by.

  • Deborah A. Nelson

    I have seen young people text each other while sitting beside one another like in church or an event that they have to be quiet….very very pathetic!

  • Sandra DiMarco

    Its so true just thinking of how my husband and I met, what would have happened if we had phones keeping us from interacting.. where would we be and would we have meet again. I was lucky met him when I was only 17 before technology really took off. I know so many people looking for someone. What if they already meet and were to busy on there phones?

  • http://30homegames.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page.html 30HomeGames

    Agree wholeheartedly. Telling stories however is human nature and that’s what this technology has tapped into. Now everyone is sharing everything, its no longer the domain of artists, interesting people or celebrities. It’s an all-consuming, self absorbed existence that we’ve all been enabled to. We just have to manage it.

  • madge84

    my daughter is so involved with her iphone that her 20 month old daughter goes out of her way to make mommy notice her. I am constanly telling her to put her phone down and pay attention to her baby. My younger 3 have no cell phones and won’t till they are older and work for their own phone. Sad generation we have today

  • Deckard426

    Sadly, the video got him de-friended by over a million of his closest associates.

    • joel


  • LoriB

    This is what I have been saying since it all started. I totally agree

  • Anonymous

    Oh good god people. “TV is ruining our families”. “Cars are ruining our families”. “This crazy british rock music is ruining our families”. How about you just man up, and say you took a key part in ruining your own family! For the same website that will run a story saying “Guns dont kill people, people kill people”; to run this alarmist anti-technology crap is the ultimate hypocrisy.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m 78 and recently got a smart phone, been trying for a week to figure out how to turn it on. May have to call my great grandson, he is nine, and know’s all about this stuff.

  • Kdiity

    A very powerful message that will more than likely go unheeded !!!

  • Anonymous

    They’ll be too busy looking for the next viral video.

  • Anonymous

    I went ALL DAY without my phone… BEST DAY EVER!

  • Jim

    Excellent! I actually tried this a year ago. I started taking ballroom dance classes. The most fun I’ve had in years! No cell phone needed!

  • Anonymous

    Living in suburbia is impossible without a computer or cell phone. Remember call boxes — all gone. No mass transportation either. Please don’t extoll the beauty of long walks. Long walks along a farmland road can be very boring. Also dangerous.

  • Guest

    You’ve let the state raise your kids for you and what else did you expect? You are just too busy with yourselves to even notice the change. Why does anyone even pretend to act so surprised?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always said Alexander Graham Bell must wring his hands as we go backwards. Isn’t talking better than texting?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    All my family and friends laugh at me when I tell them I don’t own a “smart” phone. I’ve thought of getting one, with everyone telling me I “need” to. I never will after watching this.

  • Three Friends

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