President Obama threatens more executive action to jump start economy

In January, during his first cabinet meeting of the year, President Obama made a bold declaration about his intentions to bypass Congress in the New Year: He’s got a pen, and he’s got a phone, and he is not afraid to use them. During his weekly radio address Saturday, the President reiterated his intentions, saying he will act on his own to “create more jobs and opportunity for hardworking families,” if Republicans in Congress refuse to take the action he would like to see.

In the address, President Obama bragged about the long list of actions he has implemented this year without the help those pesky Republicans in Congress. Furthermore, he vowed to “take action on my own wherever I can” to “grow our economy from the middle out, not the top down; to give every American who works hard a chance to get ahead.”

Watch a portion of the speech below:

“He was bragging about all the executive orders he’s done, which he said he would not do before he was elected,” Pat said on radio this morning.

Glenn found the President’s comments particularly disingenuous considering he has now been in office for five years and the economic turnaround he promised is nowhere in sight. Instead, President Obama wasted his first two years in office – during which he enjoyed control of both the House and Senate – pushing through the failure that is Obamacare, which has done more economic harm than good.

“It can’t be George Bush’s fault. You had control of Congress. You had ultimate control. You decided to put in a system that doesn’t work. And it’s made all of us much worse off because of healthcare,” Glenn explained. “You decided to put all eggs into that basket. You wanted to fundamental transform the United States of America. Well, you’ve done it. Congratulations. But that fundamental transformation, as we predicted, doesn’t come with any job growth. It comes with job losses.”

Ultimately, as Stu explained, the President gives speeches like this, in which he talks about how a raise to the minimum wage could really make an impact, or a lengthening of unemployment benefits could stave off disaster, or one more executive action could right all the wrongs, but, in reality, big government progressives will never be able to solve the problem.

“I will say his rant kind of raises more questions,” Stu concluded. “Why only 20 executive orders? Why not 200? Why only 99 weeks [unemployment]? Why not 999 weeks? Why only $10.10 an hour? Why not $110 an hour?”

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  • Anonymous

    He’s already piddled away trillions on his failed stimulus spending. He has been “laser focused” on the economy multiple times over the past five plus years. He wouldn’t know how to jump start an economy if it slapped him up alongside the head. Our only hope is if our country can survive the next 3 years of his economic prowess. We can start with the 2014 midterms in November by kicking just about every incumbent to the curb. We could do no worse if Daffy Duck were running the country.

    • Yuri Ivanovich

      I hope at least half the country agrees to kick the incumbents to the curb. It’s our only chance.

  • Deckard426

    What comes after 999 trillion? Because that’s where we’re headed.

    • Anonymous

      ZERO – that is what the US dollar will be worth!

    • Laura George


      ▋▋▋� ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋� ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋I see him as yellow” like a yellow-bellied vermin. That’s how I’m going to start responding.

  • Anti Fabian

    We already know from history how to improve the economy. 1923 America was reeling in economic disaster from the Woodrow Wilson administration, and had entered a depression. It was a Depression, not a recession, and it is seldom ever mentioned in history books because it makes Progressivism look bad. So there we were in a DEPRESSION. Enter President Calvin Coolidge who continued the policies of Warren G. Harding by persuading congress to lower taxes drastically and to lower government spending drastically. The DEPRESSION ended within a year and half and the net result was the Roaring Twenties, one of the more prosperous eras in U.S. history. We know what works and Progressives who are bent on destroying the free market system with massive unsustainable spending have no intention to ever do what works to save the economy. It is just more lies from the President.

    • Anonymous

      Roaring twenties????? Yeah, roaring to its disaster at the end of the decade in 1929. Did you mean thirties?

      • Anonymous

        The policy that lead to The Great Depression is not the lower tax policies of the early 1920’s.

        Many things played a roll. The 1929 crash would have been an event that would have been over in a few years, such as our 2008/2009 drop that we are now already well past.

        Government’s solution to the 1929 crash and then what should have been, short-lived poor economy, was to put things like price controls in place. Jacked up tariffs on many imported goods which then led to other countries doing the same thing back which slowed out exports and made things worse.

        There were many things that caused the short-term drop and government “help” that made The Great Depression last nearly 20 years longer than it should have.

      • Anonymous

        It was the next great progressive – FDR – that made the thirties so dirty.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    The man is an idiot and after this fails AGAIN, he’ll go around whining and crying and blaming Congress. The only thing Dude can run “efficiently” is his mouth but even then he needs a teleprompter.

    And on a side note…if anyone accuses you of being a racist just respond by saying “I don’t see Obama as Black. I see him as yellow” like a yellow-bellied vermin. That’s how I’m going to start responding.

    • mspatdev

      He is yellow, and that was a good response. Thank-you.

  • Yuri Ivanovich

    I wish him luck trying to get the voucher crowd to take a job. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • Steve Harmon

      Well put, “voucher crowd”. I just may steal that from you Yuri.

      • Anonymous

        Here’s one you can have “voucher vulchers” – it’s a mouthful but if you can spit it out, it has a ring to it.

        • Steve Harmon

          Hey, thanks Northern, I like that, “voucher vultures”. Thanks again, Steve.
          Just another “Bitter Clinger”. USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN610 bubble headed boomer.

  • landofaahs

    Bring charges against the tyrant wannabe and cut all funding for his travel expenses and make him a prisoner to the white house until he gets the point. Then cut funding for his air conditioning and watch him sweat his —- off. Cut, cut , cut.

  • Anonymous

    Watch it, he’s gonna’ jump us again!

  • Ohio Historian

    All of the stuff voted on up through 2010 didn’t help, spending an additional $600B each year for the last 5 (average) over what Bush spent in 2008 including two wars didn’t help, getting the Fed to “prime the pump” didn’t help. When will this guy realize that he needs to behave like COL Hogan; listen to his internal COL Klink and then do the exact opposite. 0bama’s internal Klink is speaking again, unfortunately, just like his spendaholic and taxaholic budget. :

    Col. Wilhelm Klink:
    What are you waiting for? Cut the wire.

    Col. Robert E. Hogan:
    That’s the problem. One of these wires disconnects the fuse, the other one fires the bomb. Which one would you cut, Schultz?

    Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz:
    Don’t ask me, this is a decision for an officer.

    Col. Robert E. Hogan:
    All right. Which wire, Colonel Klink?

    Col. Wilhelm Klink:
    This one.

    [points to the white wire]

    Col. Robert E. Hogan:
    You’re sure?

    Col. Wilhelm Klink:

    Col. Robert E. Hogan:
    [Cuts the black wire, the bomb stops ticking]

    Col. Wilhelm Klink:
    If you knew which wire it was, why did you ask me?

    Col. Robert E. Hogan:
    I wasn’t sure which was the right one, but I was certain you’d pick the wrong one.

  • Anonymous

    But Glenn, you are wrong! The economy is taking off. Didn’t you see the latest unemployment figures? They’re the lowest since 2008! Yeah, I wonder how much the welfare stats grew since the same time. I bet that by November, those unemployment figures are going to be around the 5% mark.

    • mspatdev

      They are all lies as usual.

  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious that this guy is in way over his head when it comes to being the Chief Executive Officer of the USA.He hasn’t a clue.However in his promise to make over America he is a star.We are in terrible trouble.

    • mspatdev

      His main objective was that he hated the USA and he was going to make all of us a 3rd world country. We are there and we are going even lower. He has plans to destroy the USA within. That is why he is in office. georgie soros and others put him in there. He doesn’t care about the “US” only to rob, steal from us and to give to the Mid-Eastren countries, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya and his favorites the muslim and the Brotherhood. The Far-Left liberals, rag media, movie stars are at his command. They are going to be really surprised when he and his malitia teams up and takes everything away from everybody. They think that they are safe with him, NO they aren’t .

  • Steve Harmon

    For your information, Mr. President, “hard working families” don’t need your help, only the “gimme gimme” crowd that voted twice for you and the last thing these “low self-esteem losers” want is a job.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I just loved listening to Obama’s address — his sweet tone, and arguments were so convincing, I would vote for him tomorrow — no, today! — it sounded so good!

    Yes, I want that bigger minimum wage, only instead of just $10.10 an hour, let’s really do some good, and make it $50 — no, $110.00 an hour for burger flipping!

    Yeah, I want to pay $50 for my favorite McBurger, don’tcha know? And gas, it ought to be $74.989 a gallon, so that it is finally worth it for the guys that drill for it. — Oh? We aren’t drilling for it here? Where? Saudi Arabia? Libya? — Well, that’s okay, those are our good buds, don’tcha know? Gotta take care of our buds.

    And hey, bring in some more of those undocumented neighbors from the South, cuz I would love to have some more people to get acquainted with, on my job. And maybe rent my basement, and their friends might want to rent my garage also. See? More neighbors, more income for me! Oh, and take my guns, their kids might get them and hurt themselves, too, don’tcha know?

    And those nasty Republicans, didn’t vote for what Obama wanted. They put up such silly laws that they were too infantile for Obama to even read. Bad guys, not playing nice with our Dear President. So yeah, he has to do it all alone, cuz no one will play nice with him. He knows best for us, all along, anyway.

    *** Such is the un-thinking of the unwashed masses that listen to him and are entranced with his mellifluous delivery. As for me, it is almost sickening to watch and listen to him, knowing the agenda he has for our destruction.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”? We are finally getting proof of who said what and when. Which we knew all along.

    Laus Deo

  • Jim

    I can’t watch BO, but I’ll watch Glenn’s reaction.

  • Anonymous


  • IT IT IT IT 9

    ” ‘Expert led’ economy —is NONSENSE!
    ————-WHY is ANY nation on earth?
    ——————least of ALLL America,
    ————————-RENTING ITS MONEY???
    ———-FAKE! –MONEY!
    —————–from unaccountable,
    ———————————————-sovereignty subverting,
    ————————————CLOSED system
    —————————————————-foreign USURERS????
    WHEN was this AUTHORIZED?!
    ———–WHEN was this EVER put to the American people?!!!”
    Informed radio

    DARING to ASK for yourselves? —-YET???

  • Anonymous

    To me with obama I believe the opposite will come true like everything obama says !! Jump start economy ya to jump start economy into a total collapse before next elections !! 1.) To get spot light off obama care,Benghazi,IRS 2.) trying incite more hardships that will turn people more edgy and to violence so obama can come down with more restrictions regulations on the people then they will rebel then he can come down with marshal law maybe a third term !!!?? 3.) Bring down U.S and the Free Western world by collapsing U.S economy setting up for world take over by the communists and radicals Muslim world before he leave office !!!??? This BS about global warming in one of the components in collapsing U.S economy on purpose as backup before the Democrats progressives lose the U.S Senate!!???

  • Yuri Ivanovich

    All he is going to do is shift more tax dollars to his cronies. As usual.

  • Rob Erta

    George W. Bush helped cut the Federal deficit by 49% between 2005 and 2007.

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