The Morning Meeting: Why is Glenn a big fan of Bitcoin?

Every morning, Glenn meets with his producers to prepare for his daily radio and TV shows. Today, they talked about the White House Correspondents Dinner, Ukrainian Jews preparing for the worst, and why Glenn believes people need to seriously look at Bitcoin. Also, Buck Sexton stopped by to discuss the latest in the Ukraine.

Watch Monday’s morning meeting below:

  • Anonymous

    Bitcoin is still worth nothing. It’s funny money just like the paper kind put out by the Feds except one doesn’t even get the paper.

    • Mark Rees
      • Anonymous

        Reasons why it has no value:

        1. It is not food.
        2. It is not land.
        3. It is not water.
        4. It is not shelter.
        5. It is not medicine.
        6. It is not a weapon or tool (or can be fashioned into either)
        7. It isn’t even pretty.

        Why would I trade any of the above for bitcoin?

        • Mark Rees

          You wouldn’t. But you might consider dropping a few bucks in it anyway. It’s not “either or”. How silly.

          • Anonymous

            Too much funny money floating about. It could be a border-free hedge against a country’s inner turmoil, I suppose but it would only be an alternative (not a solution) to dumping money into some other currency.

        • Travis Williams

          It can become worth something if people determine it has intrinsic value by offering goods/services for it which seems to be occurring more and more. The USD is basically a “note” or “I owe you” and is worth nothing as well technically but has the above already. It’ll be interesting to watch play out. I like that these new currencies have a controlled, limited, and non-counterfitable elements though – again something over paper fiat currencies.

          • Anonymous

            It is interesting as a concept at this time. However, if one doesn’t have access to advanced technology or the advanced technology fails (virus, for example) what intrinsic value could it possibly have? One’s wealth would be only a rumor. The intrinsic value is wholly dependent on very advanced technology.

  • Deckard426

    The feds will soon put a stop to any form of monetary unit that allows people to bypass the worthless Federal Reserve Note.

    • Scott

      It doesn’t matter what the feds do in regards to bitcoin. Bitcoin is global and totally decentralized. You may as well try to stop the Mississippi River with your puny arm. If the feds regulate the hell out of Bitcoin here in the U.S., the innovation merely goes overseas and thrives elsewhere. That’s why they won’t. Bitcoin is attracting some serious talent, including some of the brightest programmers on the face of the planet.

    • Scott

      Why a massive conspiracy of nation states can’t stop bitcoin:

      Andreas Antonopoulos Says States Can’t Stop Bitcoin

  • landofaahs

    I’ll stick with gold, silver and gems thank you. What if the EMP Glenn talks about so much hits and computers are out? I won’t even bother getting into the fact that all electronic activity can be tracked.

    • Scott

      Life after an EMP attack is no power, no food, no transportation, and no banking. There won’t be anything to buy with your gold, silver and gems. Not having the internet will be the least of our worries.

      • landofaahs

        Perhaps not right after the EMP but I am more long term. The whole world will not suffer that attack which will facilitate gold and silver. But after an EMP bitcoin will never be worth anything as it is electronic. I have all the other things covered. Some of us were raised in a post EMP type of world. But I still will have electricity as my emergency source is hardened and will survive quite nicely.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

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  • Anonymous

    How does Beck argue for a digital currency that doesn’t physically exist when he’s been promoting gold for its intrinsic value for years?

    • Anonymous

      In a world made of gold a glass of water is priceless.

  • russell zinter

    bitcoin is a scam

  • Pie Thon

    Without centralized control, it is impossible to force people to chase illusions such as “fair” income distribution and “social justice”.

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