The WORST video Joe Biden has ever been in

Hollywood A-listers, media elite, and Washington power players descended on Washington D.C. Saturday night for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Comedian Joel McHale hosted the festivities, which included a snarky speech from President Obama and a 7-minute video featuring Vice President Joe Biden.

In the video, Biden teamed up with actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Vice President Selina Meyer on HBO’s show Veep. First Lady Michelle Obama also makes a cameo. The video has widely been heralded as “hilarious,” and TheBlaze article about the video was titled “Biden Mocks Himself in Hilarious Comedy Skit for White House Correspondents Dinner.” But Glenn, Pat, and Jeffy weren’t so impressed. On radio this morning, Glenn deemed the video the “worst” the Vice President has ever been a part of and took particular issue with TheBlaze headline.

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If you have 7 minutes to spare, below is the Biden video:

“I keep seeing it called ‘hilarious’ on every website,” Pat said. “And I don’t think they know what that word means.”

“I don’t think it’s posted on TheBlaze that way,” Glenn responded.

Pat and Stu were quick to point out, however, that it actually was.

“Read the official headline on TheBlaze,” Pat said to Jeffy.

“’Biden knocks himself in hilarious comedy skit,’” Jeffy read.

“Get Joel Cheatwood on the phone,” Glenn proclaimed. “Until you get a good headline on the Biden thing, Joel, heads have to roll over there.”

As it turns out, Glenn hadn’t actually watched the Biden video, and Stu suggested he watch the skit before rushing to judgment.

“Only Pat can talk from any level of experience over this,” Stu said. “My belief is Joe Biden sucks, and it’s not hilarious. [But] only Pat can make this distinction.”

Glenn, however, wasn’t particularly interested in wasting 7 minutes of his life.

“I don’t want to see it,” Glenn said. “It’s got to be cringe worthy.”

“That [should be] the headline,” Pat joked. “’Cringe worthy skit for White House Correspondents Dinner.’”

Stu and Jeffy explained the video contained several references to shows like Veep and House of Cards that might not make sense to those unfamiliar with the shows’ plots. Pat said he hasn’t seen either program, but he is confident the Biden video would have been unfunny regardless.

“I knew what they were doing,” Pat said. “It just wasn’t funny.”

In fact, Pat thinks this video is worse than the Let’s Move exercise video President Obama and Vice President Biden starred in early this year.

He also believes it tops the truly hilarious video of a seemingly inebriated Biden singing about The Villages in 2008.

While Glenn found solace in his belief “nobody is watching this except for the White House Correspondents Dinner now,” Pat couldn’t help but point out more than 30 million people could watch it this month on TheBlaze alone.

“35 million people will see it this month on TheBlaze, on your website,” Pat quipped.

“Stop saying it’s my website or I may put it up for sale today,” Glenn exclaimed.

During a commercial break, Glenn finally got a chance to watch the video. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his speculations were simply confirmed.

“This is the worst video Joe Biden has ever been in,” Glenn concluded. “And that includes The Villages.”

  • AlexisJaime

    Notice the one preaching about healthy eating and being judgmental about the eating habits of others, is also the fattest one in the room.

    I guess it makes sense being that her husband Obama complained about the atrocious amount the federal government spent when Bush was President, but when Obama became President he became the biggest pig in Presidential history.

    BTW, how much did this nonsense cost taxpayers?

  • Sharron Brand Whipple

    it says, “if you have 7 minutes to spare”….I think you mean “7 minutes to waste”…I could have eaten a moon pie instead!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m embarrassed for our country. I’ll bet this circus act causes our enemies to tremble. LOL!

    • mspatdev

      How would you like to be the president of the USA and the world leaders think that you are a bamboza? You are untrustworthy and the laughting stock of the world?

  • Deckard426

    The country is $20 trillion in debt, and politicians have time for this kind of s-it? Wake up America.

    • Anonymous

      Wake up and do…..what exactly? Don’t tell people that they need to “DO” something and not suggest WHAT EXACTLY you would like to have them DO. It’s a cop out!

      • Anonymous

        Deckard426 isn’t paid to get the country out of debt!!!

      • Steve

        Get rid of oblowhard and this joke of an administration. That’s what.

        • Laura George


          ▋▋▋� ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋� ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋I’ll bet this circus act causes our enemies to tremble. LOL!

      • zrevtom

        Ask Harry Reid to bring up the 30-40 pieces of legislation passed by the House on ways to improve the economy instead he doesn’t do a damn thing but allows Obama to say, wht don’t the Republicans suggest something instead of attacking him. Reid covers Obamas butt by not allowing a vote on anything. Obama is worthless and I hope when he is out of office they bring him back to answer a lot of questions, he doesn’t have immunity

        • Anonymous

          he made it so that he has secret service till he dies, that the american people have to pay for?!?!? what right does he have to do this……… and why should we pay for it

          • Aubrey

            I don’t like Obama…but you can’t blame him for that. ALL former presidents have secret service protection until they die. If you don’t understand the need for that, then you need to wake up. They are privy to the most confidential secrets of this country. If they aren’t protected, they could become targets for terrorists. I personally would prefer that not happen.

          • rbennett

            Since Obama and his Zars went in office in 2008, every enemy of the United States I would bet has all the Mian secrets – I sure hope the Next president does not automatically give him a pardon pass as they all seem to do – This man needs to be put in prison for deliberately trying to weaken and destroy this once powerful nation.

          • mspatdev

            I agree with you. obammy has given all of our secrets a way to the Far-Left liberals and to the Mid-East countries and Egypt as he is from there. When he is out of office then he isn’t immune to the office and he has to give the answer or go to jail. Jail would be better in with all of the people he accused wrongefully.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Past Presidents did not have Secret Service protection after they left office until 1965.

          • Jimmy Cooper

            Richard Nixon turned down all Secret Service protection for he & his family. It was said that he thought he had taken enough from the American tax payer, an that was his reason for denying it.

          • Aubrey

            But not until 1985. He kept it for 11 years. Only dropped it because they screwed up and Pat got to the hairdresser ok without them. Had that incident not occurred, he might not have decided to forego the service.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            There is a limited shelf life for Presidential knowledge that would impact our security. Although the specter of one being assassinated is enough to make some protection advisable.

          • Aubrey

            That is true…and one of the arguments I’ve used in similar debates about this subject. I never understood the necessity for continuing secret service protection for life, unless those former presidents CONTINUE to be privy to that info. There is no logical reason they would be that I can imagine. Or unless there is some info that is just so sensitive that it continues to be protected. I can’t imagine that being the case either. However FOR A PERIOD OF TIME after leaving office they should be protected. They know too much. And I even understand protecting their families. Terrorists will use whoever is available and whatever means they can, no matter how inhuman, to attain their goal.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Nixon had more class than Clinton and Obozo combined. He got in trouble for an ill advised cover up of some inept burglars at the DNC headquarters. He may have been able to fight the charges and win. But, he did not wish to put the country through the ordeal. Clinton ineptly tried to cover up his own actions with his subordinate in the White House. Only a strict party line vote saved him. Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate are actively suppressing investigations of the Obama Cartel which would have lead to his impeachment some time ago.

          • Anonymous

            Let him have it, he’ll need it!

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            I would sure like to see him get it all. Impeachment by the House, trial in the Senate, found guilty by the Senate, removed from office, and then face federal and state criminal charges for all that he has done and was done at his behest. Then imprisonment awaiting execution for high treason.

          • mspatdev

            He better save a lot of money so that he can pay for the luxury. If he played by the rules of the country and not destroy the USA, obammy would not even have to have all of the secret service the rest of his life. It didn’t go through Congress and so it is not legal.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Only if Obama was President in 1965 is it his fault (LBJ happened to President when Secret Service protection was allowed for all past presidents).

        • mspatdev

          The House and the GOP has sent a lot of bills over to the Senate, but reid has put them in drawers per obammy. It gives obammy a lot to complain that the GOP hasn’t done their job. They have done more of their job then obammy and reid put together. Oh, bye the way, it gives obammy more uses of the president execute orders with his pen and paper.

      • Lush Rimbaugh

        I suggest reading retention exercises, gollikat. He didn’t tell people they they need to “DO” anything. He simply said wake up America, which would in fact be a great start.
        No one is here to tell you EXACTLY what to do. And you shouldn’t be shouldn’t be telling anyone what to do either.

        • Karen Rose

          Ha, ha, ha, ha. Some people need to be told what to do, because they have no clue.

      • Ken Cook

        He said the country is 20 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt so I would guess, what he wants them to do, is start trying to find ways to reduce that debt. Isn’t that enough to start with?

        • mspatdev

          NO….as he has spent our money on his and many others savings and foolishness. He has stolen a lot of it. If he wants himself protected, then he can do it himself.

      • Anonymous

        I’d like people to actually think and use some creativity rather than constantly asking other people what to do.

      • BG

        Watch the protests in Egypt. May give you an idea.

  • Sam S

    I like to think positively about things. So I’ll just say that I liked the House of Cards reference. Because there’s really nothing else positive to say.

  • Michelle Ziegenhagen

    So, that was stupid.

  • Peggy F


  • UCBerkeley1995

    My God, this administration is a total embarrassment!

  • Anonymous

    The part about them writing any headline they want is 100% accurate because the Democrats control the media. It just surprises me that they would draw attention to that in a parody video since they deny media bias exists

    • Anonymous

      If you listen closely, they do exactly that! They state what they are doing, and then suggest you are being absurd to suggest they are doing what they are doing! Its crazy. Heard cuts today of Obama using the term “truthers” to mean anyone who says anything they disagree with! In other words, they ridicule the truth! Okay, I know it’s hard to follow. But I think he’s mocking us every time he opens his mouth.

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of time!! Not funny!

  • marylou45

    This proves what most Americans thought all the While, This People Say One Thing Then Do Whatever They Damn Well Please with total Disregard for the American People.
    For Biden to put on this kind of display of, ” IN YOUR FACE ” Reckless Spending and Lack of Personal Judgment Proves He is not Fit to hold “Any kind of Office in the White House, But Please DemocRATS Run Him And Clinton In 2016 Please.
    And as far as However Dressed Mrs. Obama, Thank You !! Again She looks Outrageous in that Outfit and by far the Heaviest One In The Room, Before you gobble more Ice Cream Mrs. Obama, You need to buy a Full Length Mirror.

  • Ellie

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It is just plain BORING along with, shall we say, STUPID! Democrats think comedy is insulting those they see as their enemies. Shame on The Blaze for calling this hilarious and shame on the speaker for participating in it!!!

  • ddddd

    I wish I could say I was surprised by all this, spending wasting, not giving a F about this country but it doesnt matter. Hopefully N korea or russia just nukes us already

  • Joy Austin

    I just wasted 7 minutes of my life…….

    • rbennett

      The last 30 second is powerful – It shows how they really think of women…. take her on a joy ride – full of lies, and make believe – just recapping the day for her to enjoy, then put her out and have her climb the fence to get out of the compound. Un protected because he drove off before she even started climbing the fence. This is true to life folks ~ WOW…:-)

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up everyone. Good grief! There were parts of it that were funny. As far as, “The country is $20 trillion in debt, and politicians have time for this kind of s-it?” (Deckard426) – people cannot be serious and at work every second of everyday. Are you?!
    People get time off work – at least a little bit each day. Don’t you?
    Quit hating on people 24 hours a day.
    And Glenn, find something to be positive about for God’s sake. Enough negative already! Grow a sense of humor and let go of your hate!

    • Sean Connolly

      I watched the video, it was awful.

      The only thing to be positive about is that the progs will probably lose control of congress in the coming mid term elections. Also that the nightmare of this administration will eventually end. Only 998 days left now.

    • zrevtom

      Can’t let go of hate when we have a child as president and an idiot for VP. you Dems must be proud to be able to add Brain dead Reid and alzheimer Pelosi to add to our top level positions. I would include Holder but his nose is so far up Obama’s butt he is just worthless. there was nothing funny about these people leading the greatest country in the world down the toilet and becoming the laughing stock of every ally and our enemies talking points about the stupidity of the lack of leadership.
      How many rounds of golf have you played or how many trips has his wife gone on at our expense.
      When Obama came into office gas was 1.78, National debt a little over 10 trillion. check foodstamps how many people unemployed, on welfare,
      The list is too long to go on but you would ignore it anyway

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much the tax pays had to pay for these actors? Only question I really have is why did they have to get RuPaul to play FLOTSAM?

  • LAPhil

    I don’t care what any of these guys say. I’m a conservative and I thought it was a great video! Who would have known Biden had acting chops? You’d think Glenn could at least watch the damn thing before he judges it.

    • Steve

      Embarrassing! Both you, and the video.

      • LAPhil

        Can’t we just disagree even though we may both have strong opinions about it?

    • Anonymous

      Biden is going for the last hoo-rah. He will never be supported in a run against H.C. The writing on the wall — he’s out of there.
      (Was he ever in there ? Cynical laughter.)

    • Anonymous

      Bravo, sir!

      ….I thought it was hilarious as well!

  • Yuri Ivanovich

    That video was completely ignorant. I’m so glad the country is being governed by professionals.

  • Semprasectum

    I watched up until the man obama is married to entered the picture. . . sorry

    • zrevtom

      His daughters are more of a man than he is

  • Anonymous

    7 minutes of PAIN. Nice car. I wouldn’t let Barry drive it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a “Dude ” car.

  • Grandpa Mike

    To know that the V P is in it is all I need to know to avoid this like the plague!! Uncle Joe and his “humor” will make me retch.After watching this could any nation see us like they did in the 1940s? I didn’t watch it due to being a retired Army Sgt. knowing that my beloved troops are being used as fodder for zealots of the worst order whilst the White House does “comedy?” skits.

  • Anonymous

    Did I miss something? Was there a point to this video?

    • Anonymous

      Julia L-D. did a scene on Seinfeld — a crazy dance while eating the boss’ cake and was called out for it . Biden wishes his approval rating was a lofty 200%. Will never happen. And as for Michelle O. (cynical laughter from all) , “You do as I tell you and I do whatever I want.”
      The Demos. have anointed H. Clinton. as the next chosen one. Biden will go down in history as the class clown.

      • Populist democrat

        No, “clown” is Beck’s schtick.

        • Todd A Scheller

          More like your schtick there Victor.

        • Todd A Scheller

          The clown here is you. Do you have an emergency that you need help for Victor?

        • Todd A Scheller

          When you learn what fascism really is (a product and practice, as well as government of the left) get back to me LIAR.
          You VST are not smarter than a fifth grader.

        • Todd A Scheller

          Watch Victor edit his post again like the child he is.
          Yet he wants to be a hypocrite and complain about everyone else being a child.
          Grow up Victor and start doing direct replies, unless you a coward. Wait, you are a coward, we have known this for a while.

        • Todd A Scheller

          If Victor had half a brain he would know that a SOCIALIST would not start a political party based on TOTALITARIANISM and thin think it was right wing. Keep proving how uneducated you really are Victor.

  • Carle W Riley

    That’s funny? S–t! that’s just Joe. Think about it. A heart beat away from POTUS. Not funny.

    • Steve

      He’d still be better than obama. Why? Because joe is too stupid to be able to get anything accomplished. Therefore, doing nothing is way better than destroying the country like obama is and has been.

  • LeRoy H Beltz

    We all known that most on the liberal side are bad actors ,this proves the point,they suck!!! This is what has evolved in the obama administration , pretty pathetic corruption running wild !!! Hilary needs to be run over the coals in the Bengahzi hearings , if she can’t take the pressure maybe for once she will tell the truth!!!

    • Anonymous

      Or be left off before she becomes hysterical — “What difference does it make now …” And “Dude, it’s been 2 years .. “

    • Anonymous

      The fact that their filter is so badly damaged that they would participate in this and not know how embarrassed they should be…..what I want to know is, do the Democratic voters recognized how foolish their leaders look (are)?

  • nottheaverageGOPer

    Ugh… I can’t do it. The ice cream bit was about as funny as it gets… and even THAT was extremely predictable. It was about as interesting as the commercials that interrupt my favorite show.

  • Marty Torrez

    at least we now know why the newspapers are reflecting only good things about liberals and bad things about The GOP! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else think this is stupid? Who in the hell is watching over the Government…. Who is leading our country? We are falling into a terrible situation where no one, and I mean no one, is watching the security of this Nation. I am ashamed of this leader and his co-hort. America, please wake-up.

  • John Umar

    President EVIL -O shall not ever be capable of escaping ITS Impeachment that shall definitely be taking place before end of 2014!!!!!!!

  • Rick Bladderfish

    You have to be kidding me?

  • Sean Connolly

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Anonymous

    The beginning was reminiscent of an episode of “Elaine” (Seinfeld) eating cake while dancing in her boss’ office . Opps !
    The other funny part was the headline — J. Biden popularity , 200%.
    Doesn’t he wish ? Is Biden trapped under BO shadow ?? His bad politician.

  • Sue McGee

    Not even mildly amusing.

    • Anonymous

      Not even the part where Biden dreams of a 200% approval rating ? He’s the class clown.

  • Anonymous

    This is actually very hilarious to the left leaners.

    Now… time to counter that with something that hits home and sticks.

    • freeamericausa1 .

      I always thought Left Leaners enjoyed being around GARBAGE. Somebody please….save us now. PLEASE FLUSH!

      • Anonymous

        What I’m saying is, they hit their target.

        Now, for the betterment of our country, we have to hit ours.

  • Rightleaning

    I don’t get it, what were they trying to say? Whatever it was they sure did look stupid. Maybe they were doing a true life series. Joe acts this stupid all the time. Seven minutes of nothing. Maybe some wasted money. Did you see Michelle double dip the ice cream with Selena’s spoon. Sick

    • Anonymous

      A lot of metaphors in there. The first scene: Selena picks up the VP name on the desk and displays a disgusted expression; Biden tooling around in a “Dude” vehicle; M. O. catches them not following food dictates and resorts to excuses for her own lapses; exuberant headlines exulting Biden. He should wish for such. Hillary C. will be the anointed one.

  • Paulie086

    I’m sorry folks, you can take the Female out of the Hood, but you can’t take the Hood out of the Female… really?
    “What’s in your mouf”
    Um, Michelle, it’s “Mouth” with a “TH”… no “F” in Mouth…

    • Anonymous

      Who said you can’t ridicule ebonics ?

  • Guest

    I don’t get it. What’s the point? They make themselves look more ridiculous than they are.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    LAME! As bad as the Benghazi video. Yet, Biden thinks he’s a star!~

  • Patty B

    Don’t you think it’s pretty appropriate that Michelle takes the ice cream away from them …scolds them and then eats it herself. Isn’t that what they do with our money every day? Oh should share the wealth you evil one percents…then they go on lavish vacations on our dime. Hypocritical embarrassments to this country!

  • Anonymous

    As I was only skimming this I missed the part where it was a skit. I thought it was just a camera following JB around with one of his Hollywood lap dogs.

  • Linda L Quist-Marks

    This is BEYOND discussing

  • Anonymous

    Me thinks Obama really does not like Hillary. Can not say as I blame him but he is use to hanging out with liars and murders sohe should get over it

  • HoustonTX

    Okay, the headlines were sort of cute, and one or two of the tattoos in the example book were mildly clever, and probably funny to a liberal audience, but “hilarious” – not even close.

  • javier Reagan

    The Bozo side show continues with the country in a slip slide toward the third world finish line

  • Richard Tremaine

    Vote for a conservative.

    • Populist democrat

      Right, because voting for the 0.01% makes soooooo much sense. Have the corporations not outsourced enough American jobs yet?

      • Todd A Scheller

        You have a job from a corporation, and you want them to go away so that NO ONE can have a job? That kind of logic should keep everyone from voting liberal.

        • Anonymous

          Typical puerile thinking of a typical OWS loser. VST is Very Stupid Troll./

      • Todd A Scheller

        Victor, if you read this, I did not claim that you were not. Maybe you should stop taking that common core remedial reading class.
        YOU work for a CORPORATION, I don’t. So how again am I supporting it?
        Yet, I am not the FASCIST, you are. Fascist took the guns from the population, like liberals want to do. Fascist said what people had to buy, like liberals do. Fascists said where people had to live, like liberals do.
        So maybe you should advocate for policies that put more people to work, not ones that harm the possibility of more employment, you poor uninformed tool.
        Keep making fun of the people that keep you safe. See where that gets you. The police already laugh when you number appears on caller ID.

      • Todd A Scheller

        I never claimed you were in high school, so who is lying now? You do write like you have taken common core classes, which is not my fault. And you still demonstrate that you can’t read.
        Seriously Victor, calm down before you have an aneurysm.

        The next time you call me a liar try and bring some facts that a true rather than your ignorant opinions of what you think I wrote.

        Here is a website to get you some help with your lack of education though:

  • Anonymous

    “Stop saying it’s my website or I may put it up for sale today,” Glenn exclaimed.
    Really Glenn?!? In just one sentence, you begin with a denial that TheBlaze is your website, then finish with you may put it up for sale!! How can you sell a website you deny owning? You’re clearly losing it Glenn. It was bad enough in this piece that revealed you were rushing to judgment before seeing the video. Your getting too loosy-goosy for me these days.

  • Anonymous


  • Jon

    Sad, Embarrassing!

    • Anonymous

      A last hooray from one going way down in history.

  • Anonymous

    Just another distraction folks.

    ‘Hey did you see the HORRIFIC .0001 growth in our GDP last quarter?’

    Nope. I was watching Joey ‘The Drunk’ Biden shuckin’ and jivin’ for his Kenyan massah’…….

  • Jeanette Parker

    I like the new Corvette.

  • Anonymous

    Bad VP but apparently a good actor. Maybe he should try acting like a VP.

  • Kevin Daley

    Was there a point to this garbage? I’m so glad our politicians think they have time to make asinine, pointless videos that waste more taxpayer funds instead running the government with sound principles. If our so called “leaders” find this to be an acceptable use of their time then we have even greater problems than we thought. Although it is Joe Biden so it might best he keeps busy making stupid videos. He’s less dangerous that way.

    • Anonymous

      They laughed because they are all in on the joke. J. Biden, V.P., will never be a front runner. Hillary C. is the predetermined one.

  • Jon Fields

    When John Boehner hangs up the phone and looks like he is watching TV is that the chair squeaking or him unzipping his pants while watching a Panda? I watched it twice and can’t tell.

  • Clark Kent

    For sure these loons need a padded cell. How on earth do they sleep at night knowing the destruction they are causing in the US now.

  • Anonymous

    And then the Wookie shows up and goes all hypocrite..

  • abelincoln

    The most un-serious administration in US history.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so embarrassed for our country.

  • Anonymous

    They have time for this?

  • ISawTheLight

    I just took a huge crap that’s news isn’t it or shall I just say I just flushed a Joe .
    Remember when America was a force to be ( forget it this is a waste of time )

  • Richard Baumeister

    Everyone is power drunk. What a bunch of Crap.

  • Anonymous

    Well that was just plumb dumb, not to mention time wasted. And I thought the administration couldn’t sink any lower.

  • Anonymous

    Hollywood here they come. Maybe they are better actors than actual president and vice president.

  • dennis reilly

    can’t be worse than the fitness video with biden and obama, they’re sweating and puffing after a two minute jog in suits and shoes

  • Anonymous

    I just wasted 30 minutes watching the video. Oh, it wasn’t 30 minutes? What a snooze fest. I kept waiting for something funny to happen. How undignified and crass.

  • Leisa

    that was probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Explains why the media puts out great news about the administration though.

  • Populist democrat

    Glenn Beck said on his show today that while he hasn’t actually seen the White House Correspondents Dinner video with Julia Louis-Dreyfus featuring Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and John Boehner, he knows for a fact that it wasn’t funny and is outraged that his own website, The Blaze, ran an article with the headline: “Biden Mocks Himself in Hilarious Comedy Skit for White House Correspondents Dinner.”

    Beck insisted that the video he had not seen was definitely “not hilarious” as “only the blind, deaf, dumb or those in the administration think it is hilarious.”

    – See more at:

    Writers at the Blaze have a sense of humor.

    Glenn Beck? As usual, he’s offering his “expert” opinion about something he has not even viewed! In the Tea Party, ignorance pays big time. It’s why his bio is sub-titled “Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.”

    • Anonymous

      How juvenile can you get?

      • Populist democrat

        How gullible can you get? Tell me, wise reactionary; how was my comment “juvenile?” Do you believe that attending that dinner was like being “raped?” (Beck’s word, not mine.)

        Going To Correspondents Dinner Was Like Being ‘Raped,’ – See more at:

        • Todd A Scheller

          All of your comments are juvenile Victor.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Google Victor Scott Tiffany and the Democratic Socialists of New York.


            Money is not Speech, by Victor Tiffany

            Funny, the Supreme Court has disagreed with you TWICE now. Who is not very bright?
            Who is the shallow person that they had to call my boss because they could not win a debate on the internet? Wait, his name was Victor Scott Tiffany, and he goes by the screen name Populist democrat.
            Want to keep defaming my character Victor? Want to be in a lawsuit like you keep pointing out Beck is in?

        • Todd A Scheller

          And you are not a STUDENT. So why are you writing for a STUDENT newspaper? Can’t get a real one to take you serious? I wonder why.
          What did I lie about Victor? You ALLOWED the DSA to use VIDEOS of your SPEECHES. YOU Admit to that. So how am I lying again?

        • Todd A Scheller

          Why is it you can ask people to Google things without offering a URL repeatedly, but no one else can HYPOCRITE?

        • Todd A Scheller

          Victor does not seem to understand that the URL that he claims is blocked by this website, was blocked along with HIM several times. That same link leads to his worthless blog.

          Maybe if he were not such a hypocrite and lie so much, his blog would not have been blocked.

          Just to see if Victor was lying I linked to his blog in this posting. Shall I bring back you lists of lies again Victor? I can always do that again.

        • Todd A Scheller

          Why was I able to link to your blog then? Who is the real lying sack of feces again?
          Can you say BUSTED Victor?

    • Todd A Scheller

      Kind of Like Victor Scott Tiffany offered his expert opinion about calling my bosses to try and get me fired? How did that work out for you?

    • lifeissogood

      Kinda like hiring a man with NO experience, none what so ever, to sit in the White House and play POTUS?
      Our economy, foreign policy (or lack there of) and what’s left of our health care system shows what happens when ignorance meets inexperience in the Oval office.
      Now THAT’S ignorance paying big time…

      And Glenn was spot on. This was the most boring and unamusing video ever made. Yes, it IS worse than the “Let’ Move” videos, if that’s possible.
      And this was the idiot Uncle Joe that makes you laugh by just opening his mouth!

      Of course the left wing calls it ‘hilarious’. They call obama a ‘great president’ after all. Goes to show how out of touch with reality the left wing really is.

      • Populist democrat

        I don’t think Emperor Obama is a great president, but Beck had NOT even seen the video he was criticizing. Glenn Beck IS the triumph of ignorance because his followers are soooo incredibly ignorant of facts.

        • lifeissogood

          I know the failure they call their messiah isn’t a ‘great president’ either, (not even mediocre) but it stands to reason if brain dead liberals would believe such a fairy tale as that, most anything else they claim has to be just as false.
          Glenn was just stating reality in which they had set the precedent. Turns out he wasn’t wrong.
          Comparing those who read/listen to Glenn Beck to those who follow the LSM, Beck readers are the ones WITH the facts.
          Why don’t you state some of those facts you claim Beck readers are so ignorant on. I haven’t seen any yet.

          • Populist democrat

            Yes, Beck has programmed you to believe that he tells the “truth.” Nothing is further from the truth.

            Did you know, since you asked, that Beck has not even seen the film he’s criticizing? Did you know that he compared going to the correspondents dinner to being “raped?”

            If you think that Beck is honest, then you don’t know the facts.

          • lifeissogood

            I don’t understand how Mr. Beck has me ‘programmed’. I don’t listen to his radio show and only rarely read his articles. I have the facts from my own research of reading pertinent documents and reports myself. Please explain why you believe I’m ‘programmed’ by Glenn Beck.

            Mr. Beck stated he had not seen the video before making his comment. He watched it during a 7 minute break. What do you mean by ‘not true’?
            He was spot on with his analysis. I explained how he is justified in making the assumption before viewing. Do you disagree? Why?

            I said I agree that going to the ‘correspondents dinner’ can be compared to rape and even explained why. Did you miss my comment? Do you disagree? What do you believe then?

            Can you name the facts you claim Glenn Beck listeners are ignorant on? As I said, I haven’t seen any yet.
            I like to correct misinformation and propaganda no matter where it’s found. Ignorance is why America is in such serious trouble.

          • Populist democrat

            “He was spot on with his analysis.” No, he wasn’t, and he rarely is. Beck tells reactionary supporters what they want to believe, not what is true.

            The video was funny; Beck is not.

            Beck claims that Obama is a socialist, Marxist, communist. That’s so absurd; no one in their right mind believes that bullcrap. If you do, then you’re ignorant of Obama’s centrist leanings. Ignorance is just part of the problem; too many Americans are gullible and lack skepticism.

            I’ve caught Beck telling explicit lies, such as when he claimed to have never called for Obama’s impeachment, just a few weeks after calling for Obama’s impeachment.

            Beck is an anti-science reactionary. Humans have evolved from apes and anthropomorphic climate change is real. Beck is a shill for the Koch brothers, and has essentially admitted as much when he was on Fox.

          • lifeissogood

            “The video was funny; Beck is not.”
            For your sake, I hope that was a joke. Now THAT’S funny, the video was not. As I said, Beck was spot on.

            If you can’t see the socialism slowly creeping into our politics under obama, then you don’t understand what socialism/marxism is. The overreaching, unconstitutional, power grab called obamacare is a perfect example. Even leftist Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley says a “massive gravitational shift” of power to the presidency has created a “constitutional crisis” for the U.S.
            Since obama IS a card carrying member of the New Socialist Party, it’s rather hard to claim otherwise. Feel free to continue to ignore the facts.

            I do have to agree with you on one point.
            ” too many Americans are gullible and lack skepticism.” These people are called obot sheeple.
            You can always identify these misinformed followers. They demand you believe their illogical, unsupported cries of evolution and ‘climate change’ are real and actual ‘science’. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, and a majority of scientists against such off the wall claims.
            Weren’t we suppose to be in an ‘ice age’ by now?

            Good thing Beck isn’t a follower of the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres as obama is. At least Beck isn’t a shrill for the socialist Soros, as most democrats are.
            Democrats used to love the money they received from the Koch brothers. Greedy, corrupt unions must pay obama good money for their control of the destroyed labor force.

            If only the media did their job instead of worshiping their messiah, the misinformed might wake up to facts.

          • Populist democrat


            You’re now qualified for clown of the year. I never considered you an adult, and nothing you’ve written has proven that impression wrong.

          • lifeissogood

            You qualified for sheeple of the year quite some time ago.
            Clown of the year belongs to Uncle Joe…

            It’s obvious you haven’t the mind to understand what being an adult is. Trying to argue the debunked ‘climate change’ shows this.
            You do follow the failure in office after all. There are no adults in charge as we all know.
            Apparently you have a problem with facts. Just as other obot sheeple do.
            You might understand when/if you grow up.

        • Todd A Scheller

          Facts Victor Scott Tiffany is IGNORANT of:
          -Donating money is a form of speech.
          -A product is only worth what the consumer is willing to pay for it. So a producer tries to control the cost of the product to sell more product.
          -LABOR is a portion of PRODUCT cost (roughly 20%).
          -LABOR is a function of hours worked times hourly wage.
          -Victor Scott Tiffany is an educated idiot.
          -Victor Scott Tiffany does not know as much as he thinks he does.
          -Victor Scott Tiffany has not run a business a day in his life, otherwise he would know the information listed here about products and LABOR.

  • dmprisk

    I thought it was funny.

  • Pat Calhoun

    This is the biggest waste of time I’ve ever seen! You need to put a large disclaimer on it before anyone else wastes their time!

  • Cheryl Lynn

    7 minutes I will never get back. I hate you Glenn for putting me through that.

  • Steven Dorsey

    Well, the video as a whole was aimless and pointless really. Its like those “parody” indie video games that kinda suck, but we’re not supposed to say they kinda suck, because “they’re a parody.”

    That said, there were a few scenes I actually found amusing. Like the Ice Cream scene. The book part of the Oval Office was a little chuckle worthy, but mainly, it wasn’t as funny as other things. And the general point behind the whole video was lost on me mostly. It seemed like some movie clip that was supposed to be edgy as it would be used to introduce the beginning of this dinner event to its guests or something.

  • Anonymous

    This film is typical of all the Gov Boondoggles and conventions where tax payer money is wasted by the millions on so called Leadership conferences for the likes of the clownish crap the IRS was exposed doing. Now the WH is doing it. Juvenile and selfie centered.

  • Phil Vee

    Glen Beck??? Really??? You fuc&in idiots think this guy knows anything? This guy is taking your money and having you lick his a$$ hole at the same time. Wake up America!!!

    • Todd Sonnier

      I haven’t given him any money.

    • Populist democrat

      Beck actually admitted that he had NOT seen the short film before claiming that it wasn’t funny! Title of his bio: “Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.”

      • Todd A Scheller

        Wow, it works better if we edit the title: Victor Scott Tiffany and the Triumph of Ignorance and Stupidity.”

      • Todd A Scheller

        Nice Job Victor, when you learn how to hang a flag let us know.

      • Todd A Scheller

        The king of ad hominem attacks would still be you Victor Scott Tiffany. You are not fooling anyone with your deceitful edits.

  • Todd Sonnier

    This reminds me of when corporations hire a comedian for their big conventions, and the guy has to pepper his act with the names of the company’s big-wigs: “You know, I like a drink as much as the next guy – as long as ‘the next guy’ isn’t (looks at palm) David Winkerton.”

  • Douglas

    “Biden the real brains of the operation”. …..I can believe that because it explains how everything is so screwed up.

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of a perfectly good Stingray, Biden should’ve been driving a Yugo!!!

  • rbennett

    I just saw where Obama was going to exec order more money to jump start the economy – When a battery has been as dead as his economy has been – it cannot hold a charge nor jump start anything. PLEASE: If all this money that has been thrown at the creation of jobs were split up between the american voters – Just the live ones please – we would have money to buy stuff and the work force then could go back to work making replacement stuff. :-) at 40% interest, why don’t they just borry the money they now get from China, from our local bank? Oh they don’t have that kind of money laying around ~ it DOESN’T MATTER – it is all just numbers anyways – they (the local bank) could get rich – we would save 35% on our interest and china would get mad – :-)

  • Anonymous


  • BG

    I’m so furious with this government and anyone who supports them, I could not think anything about them would be funny, except seeing them tarred and feathered and put in a cage!

  • Anonymous

    They certainly know how to waste Taxpayer dollars. The Country is bankrupt and they spend on lavish vacations, first class everything, and toss OUR money around town and the world like it was confetti. The SOB’s should be jailed . Yet there are too many people who will vote for these jackals and hyenas.

  • Truth Happens

    Let them have all the rope they need; for their movies, their extravagant trips, and their complete lack of respect for this country’s current situation. It’s fitting boehner is part of the cast.

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    This is such a joke. My beloved country’s government is a joke. Biden’s a joke. Pelosi is a joke. The first lady is a joke. They’re turning the most powerful institution in the world into a grade school circus. These idiot producers don’t even realize that they inadvertently implied that the Democrats control certain media outlets and are complete hypocrites. They mock the institution they hold.

  • Jenn


  • ms-andrea

    That was about as funny as watching a golf game and just as interesting. Total WASTE of 7 minutes of my life.

  • lifeissogood

    Considering it was Uncle Joe, I thought I’d get a chuckle here and there. I mean, it IS Uncle Joe after all.
    I thought I’d get a laugh at one thing or another. Can someone at least point out the jokes? I got nary one chuckle. Not one.
    Was this suppose to be funny? It was like watching paint dry….

  • RokonT2010

    God have mercy on our soles. These are suppose to be the leaders of the free world. Which are they comedians? There is a place for everything, our country is in one of the worst case scenarios that it has been in and this is what they have time for?

  • Anonymous

    vice-celebrity in chief.

  • Patty Wales

    how much did this piece of crap cost us?!!! I didn’t even smile let alone laugh….it wasn’t even funny…what was the point, just to show us all how we get screwed everyday!!! So in other words, we all work everyday while they play!!!

  • Populist democrat
  • Anonymous

    I saw it too, and maybe it needed a laugh track to tell you when to laugh. I was embarrassed for all. Just not funny.

  • Robert Ray

    doing your job is not nearly as important as being a celebrity……………. public servants? yeah right

  • Anonymous

    For God’s sake lighten up people. They have this dinner every year. .and yes, it usually amounts to bunch of silly stuff. Pull the collective stick out of your butts..

  • thedogwalker

    My only question is, was taxpayer’s money used to produce this unfunny waste of time?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn doesn’t watch the video and deems it the WORST video Joe Biden has ever been in.

    I watched it; thought it was hilarious. Like him or not, Smilin’ Joe can make the stoniest of hearts laugh with that shit-eating grin.

    Glenn Beck, however, is NOT funny and he and his friends come off as a couple of grade schoolers teasing someone they don’t know, and yet, don’t like….

    Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      And BY THE WAY…how Christian of this gent to quickly pass judgement on something he hasn’t even seen as the WORST anything.

      I bet Jesus would have found this funny.

    • Populist democrat

      This is another example of why the subtitle to Beck’s bio is “Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.”

      • Todd A Scheller

        There is another reason that mentally deranged loons should not post pictures of themselves on Facebook.
        They look demented standing in front of a distress signal, which they still got wrong.
        Oh, wait, that is YOU!

  • Vaughn Monti


  • Don Franklin

    That little ditty cost U$ how much?

  • JulieG

    Pointless. Totally pointless.

  • Michael Bradford

    ummm…OK what the crap did I just watch.

  • mtb1980

    Before my last layoff, I was working full time while attending a University. What time
    I had to spare went towards spending time with my wife and keeping up on my
    home. Now that I am laid off once again I am still attending classes while keeping up on my home and struggle to find jobs for which to compete. To make my intention clear, I am not intending to state than I am particular in any way shape or from any other hard working American. I am merely here to say that if I currently had the pleasure of a job, I doubt my employer would appreciate my time being spent making movies when there was work to be done, nor would my fellow Americans wish to watch me play around when I should be working. Knowing this, how does the President and his cabinet members who participated in these films think I feel about the way they have been spending their time? For a President and his cabinet to make claims of how great they have done, then spend time making silly videos while I complete with a multitude of applicants for the same job, wishing I had an opportunity to work hard for a company, is a hurtful slap in the face, put mildly. These videos paint a vision to me that our cabinet has plenty of free time on their hands. It is marvellous that I can see how you spend your time Mr. President, leading our government so effortlessly as I work diligently in my studies, maintaining my 4.0 GPA, and completing over scraps. I hope you and your cabinet stop to think for a moment the struggles of many Americans while you make your fun and silly videos while leading the free world.

  • Populist democrat

    Glenn Beck Says Going To Correspondents Dinner Was Like Being ‘Raped.’ Yep; he said that. How would he know?

    • Todd A Scheller

      Victor Scott Tiffany thinks that the police should visit him by not knowing how to hang a flag properly.
      Have you in all your vast journalistic endeavors ever even been invited to the WHCD? So how would you know what going is like?

    • Todd A Scheller

      Where did I make any such claim that Beck had been raped?
      Keep proving that not only do you not understand what is written in [plain English, but you also lack an understanding of Logic at all.

  • Anonymous

    The merging of insipid Hollywood liberals with the clueless progressive White House. Delusional, out of touch fakes, enjoying life to the fullest while bad-mouthing America. Each in their own utopian bubble, caring nothing of the suffering “little people” that allow them to live like royalty.

    • Populist democrat

      Right, the Republicans voting against an increase in the minimum wages really care about the suffering little people. What planet do you live on?

      • Todd A Scheller

        Ahhh….the pooor liberal did not get his free increase in pay, and he gets his knickers in a twist. Try working harder and showing your employer you are worth more money, rather that having him pay you to be on the internet spreading this tripe.

        CBO: Raising the minimum wage could result in 1 MILLION lost jobs.

        “…in CBO’s assessment, there is about a two-thirds chance that the effect would be in the range between a very slight reduction in employment and a reduction in employment of 1.0 million workers.”

        Who was it looking out for the suffering little people again?
        Now get back to work.

      • Todd A Scheller

        Victor, above, is so intellectually challenged, that he cannot tell the difference between a prison and a jail.

        Where have I (or any other conservative for that matter) said that we want to keep wages low? The idiot named Populist democrat (AKA Victor Scott Tiffany) is not smart enough to understand that by raising WAGES, you raise the COST of products, so there is a ZERO SUM GAME to raising the minimum wage.

        If a company decides that the work they are paying an employee for is worth $7.25 an hour so that they can sell their product for $10. What happens when the cost of their product when they are forced to pay workers $10.10 an hour? If they increase the cost of their product by the same level then it would cost now $13.39. So where is anyone saving any money as EVERYTHING costs more.

        Victor, the stealing employee, likes to make empty assertions in the form of personal attacks, and not provide any discussion or facts to back them up.

        Victor, the educated idiot (this moron holds a Masters Degree) is a tool of progressive. He works FOR a CORPORATION, and then rails against the people that pay him, while posting here while on their clock, and wonders why he can’t get a raise.

        Victor, the fool, like to live in his imagination, and neglect the reality that we all live in.

        Victor wants to raise unemployment by 1,000,000 people to get 3.6 million people a raise? Does this make sense people? That is less that 1% of the entire WORKFORCE. Here is a hint Victor, if they want better pay, they work hard and prove themselves, and they either get a raise by getting a promotion, or getting recruited away to a better paying job.

        Yet $10.10 is not enough for those making minimum wage, heard of the fast food strike (most people in sector start making, you guessed it, MINIMUM WAGE), they want $15 an hour, over TWICE the minimum wage.

  • Elop Dev

    Each of us should recognize that, in the fight for liberty, knowledge is our most potent weapon. Arm yourself:

  • Anonymous

    Wow, and all the leftist, liberal, socialist democrats laughed. Not seeing how much truth there was about the lies, misinformation and hypocrisy that was on display in this video made with our tax dollars. The eating of the ice cream behind everyone’s back and creating the headlines says it all really. If moochelle works out every day she better get on another program!! Biden is about as smart as a box of rocks. He is much too impressed with himself!!!! Boehner is just simply a traitor.

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