The Morning Meeting: Terrifying stories of Common Core from across the country

Every morning, Glenn meets with his producers to prepare for his daily radio and TV shows. This morning, Glenn was joined by Kyle Olson, the co-author of his new book Conform, which focuses on Common Core and other issues that have come from the progressive takeover of America’s education system.

  • Deckard426

    The producers should furnish Glenn with a story on storms generated by the NEXRAD radar system.

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    Oh, enough. I just switched from Bill Maher’s podcast where he once again accused everyone who didn’t vote for Obama of being a racist to Glenn Beck spewing his hate at all teachers. On the plus side I guess his hatred for the police force got a week off and he hasn’t gotten around to the fire department yet. Oh, and as for his claim he doesn’t hate all teachers Bill Maher makes the same claim right before he spews his hate against all racist Republicans. Last weekend he said “I’m not saying all republicans are racist,.,:”and another panel member rolled his eyes and said “Well, that’s big of you.”Anyway, here’s a link to the common core standards for 6th-8th grade English Language Arts – it’s up on the internet for anyone to see, not a big secret. I don’t how “Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including vocabulary specific to domains related to history/social studies.” or “By the end of grade 8, read and comprehend history/social studies texts in the grades 6-8 text complexity band independently and proficiently.” is any different than any student was ever required to do – those pioneer students were also required to read and understand what they were reading and so are the homeschooled students. But knock yourselves out – go through the standards and find the mysterious “by the end of the eight grade students will know the holocaust was a myth” standard. As always, fear and hate sell better than love or security. Both Glenn and Bill have used this to their advantage for years.

    • Anonymous

      So exposing 8th graders to this Holocost Denier’s diatribe is a good thing? Oh, and comparing Glenn Beck to Bill Maher is beyond rediculous.

      • Monet

        Yeah, that scares you because you have stupid kids who can’t think for themselves anymore than you can, according to you, if you just read it, it turns into “true” in your empty head. What a jackass.

    • Libertarian Tom

      Let’s set aside all the discussion about common core for a second. The bottom line comes down to this, the Federal Government doesn’t have the authority to be involved in education, in anyway. PERIOD! Case closed. Overstepping their authority, wether in education or with healthcare, is a violation of the Constitution, and is a crime. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a good reason or not. It’s still a crime.
      Now the reality, everything the Government does is inefficient, a waste of money, becomes abusive and infringes on our rights as citizens. The Constitution is very clear about what responsibilities the Federal Government has, and clearly states that everything else is the states responsibility. The Constitution also sets up an exact process for changing the Constitution. In order for the federal gov’t to be involved in education, or healthcare, the Constitution would need to be changed, which it has not been.
      One final point, ever since the federal gov’t got involved in education, we’ve gone from #1 to #17 in education, I’m just saying.

      • Monet

        Common Core is being implemented by the National Governor’s Association, you moron, the Federal government has little to do with it, you believe a pack of lies you bullshttt slurping idiot. Not only that, the Constitution specifically gives Congress the right to provide for the general welfare of the country.

        • Navychief

          Yep. That is why Attorney General just told the States they HAD to implement. Right??? Right??? The FEDS have everything to do with it. And, as long as the states continue to collect the Federal $$$$ it will remain that way. Time for States Rights to kick in.

        • Fargo Wells

          More info on Bolshevik ideologue David Coleman, a key architect of common core:

        • Libertarian Tom

          First of all you stupid liberal troll, the federal government has everything to do with it, the State’s are only implementing the Federal Standards. I’ll try and explain it in simple words, so your liberal brain can understand, to everyone else, sorry for dumbing this down, but it’s written for liberals. See Monet, in 2009 there was a thing called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(A.R.R.A.) better known as the stimulus plan. In the A.R.R.A, the federal government set aside $4.35 billion in grant money for states to reform their education systems. In order for the States to get the federal money, they had to agree to implement standards that weren’t even written yet. Also in the A.R.R.A. was another $48 billion set aside for all governors who agreed to (4) specific federal reforms, which included things like K-grave tracking of every student, and at least 1 form of Bio-metric identification.
          So don’t tell me that the fed’s aren’t responsible. They’re elbow deep in this thing .
          A perfect analogy would be, Seeing a drowning man, and having a boat to rescue him. When I get to the man, I tell him I’ll save him as long as he agrees to do something for me. Then once I get him in the boat, I tell him he has to rob banks twice a week for me from now on.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    WHY are WE letting? –waiting for? media to
    take care of ANYTHING?

    WHY are we STILL wasting time on media necromancy
    and ‘friendly spirits’?

    RED CHINA handover TREASON has been PULLED OFF!

    The country’s BEEN USURPED!

  • Anonymous

    I am not for common core at all, but read the actual assignment.

    “For example, some people claim that the Holocaust is not an actual event, but instead is used as a propaganda tool that was used….”

    That wording alone tells you that the Holocaust DID happen,

    Now that aside, the topic is pretty un-PC for sure but there are many things that people could take issue with such as the variety of speeches and presentation topics that student come up with on their own (often political or religiously influenced). There are also debate classes in which you have to play one side or the other and you also need to understand both sides of the argument so you can counter argue points.

    Pat, right at the start of the video, hit the nail on the head and doesn’t know it as he was trying to be a smarty pants when he stated that they are trying to teach the kids to think critically, YES that is true, at least with THIS specific assignment that was leaked. Again, I am NOT for Common Core and yes the holocaust is a real event that included around 6 million jews and 10 million christians, POWs, elderly, mentally ill, children, and German citizen dissenters for a total of around 16 million that died in the holocaust. Sorry for the over information but I want to make sure that no one can accuse me of something that is not true so I thought I would throw out a few details about the event that I know is real.

    The woman around 1:05 even talks about it as if the assignment is claiming the gas chambers were a hoax, which means that 1:05 into the video we know for sure that they already are failing into their bias and what they think they remember what the assignment verbiage is, and she is wrong already and this demonstrates it, no guessing needed.

    The counter to this is to simply watch a few movies about the holocaust with your child so they know that it was a real event in history and that, despite the facts, some people claim that it did not happen. They will know from you that it is real and cannot be denied and they will also understand that even with facts staring people in the face that they can be blind to the truth.

    How is this not something that is a way to show that if you want to know about something you can research it despite what someone else tells you or thinks? Would you rather the assignment say “Talk about how the holocaust was a propaganda stunt and that it never actually occurred”. Rather the assignment is to research both sides of a real life event and discuss.

    Lastly – I am speaking ONLY to this ONE assignment and the wording that it has. I am not a common core guy and some of the common core documents and assignments that I have seen are hideous. I am only judging this ONE thing by its own merit and not the whole CC movement.

    I await the piles of thumbs down and flaming from those that misread what I said and did not read closely the assignment nor compare what the group is saying about the assignment and how they are clearly already not understanding or remembering what it said to do.

  • Jon Johnston

    While redistributing wealth may temporarily equalize conditions, it does so by grinding the gears of progress to a torturous halt.

  • Leslie Hoops-Wallace

    Common Core is part of the dumbing down of America.

  • Anonymous

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