Epic Fail: Al Sharpton’s most infamous teleprompter flubs

Everybody makes mistakes. And when you consider the pressures associated with radio and television broadcasts, flubs are even more likely to occur. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, however, has proven time and time again to be less-than-adept at reading a teleprompter.

Whether he is calling Rush Limbaugh ‘Rush Lumbard’ or struggling to sound out ‘Latvia,’ the Washington Free Beacon has come out with a funny new video that compiles some of Sharpton’s best (or is it worst) moments.

Check out the video below:

  • Kris Thomas-LaBounty

    What, no one has commented yet? Hummmm. Well I have much to say but none of it’s kind. One of the all time worst racists.

    • AlexisJaime

      Yep, Sharpton is a prolific racist.

      • Bill Morin

        he’s a race hustler.

        • AlexisJaime

          Same thing. Hustling based on race or making decisions based on race is essentially the same thing.

    • http://www.custommade.com/by/puddletownwoodworking/ Kenny Lipowski

      There’s a better kind of racist?

      • AlexisJaime

        Yes there is a worst kind of racist. A closet racist who keeps their ignorance to themselves isn’t an example of the worst kind of racist, but a racist like Sharpton who doesn’t hide it, he is the worst kind.

  • AlexisJaime

    We get it, Sharpton is a buffoon. Why make a post about his inability to read a teleprompter or ability to pronounce words? That is a leftist liberal tactic taken right from Saul Alinsky. There is not need to attack him in this way; liberals do that. Attack Sharpton on his hypocrisy, race-bating, connections with organized crime and all the other stuff that matters.

    • markymarvin

      Agree with this.. The lefties used to attack GWB all the time about his pronunciations.. I don’t want to stoop to their level.

      • Anonymous

        George W. had Lyme disease in the late 90s. Watch/listen to him speaking in the 90s. There was a definite difference in the way he spoke then, to how he does now.

    • jonsen

      the thing is, it works very well when leftists use the tactic against the right.

      • AlexisJaime

        It only works with idiots who support the left.

    • Anonymous

      Al acts as if he is better than everyone else, demeans others, but is himself, illiterate. This is illustrated well by his frequent inability to read and pronounce words from a teleprompter.

      Two main differences between this and the GWB. GWB didn’t throw the attitude around, and he was light-years ahead of Al in the literacy race….

      • AlexisJaime

        GW didn’t throw it around but this article does. Why use such a tactic when there are tonnes of tactics that can be used based solely on policy?

        • Chris Bean

          Because it’s so funny? That would be my guess.

          • AlexisJaime

            But why is it funny to use the same childish tactics the left uses.

          • Randy Gacke

            Perhaps because it points out how really ignorant this opinionated know it all is. He’s the one making a fool of himself. We’re simply observing the results and they are funny.

          • AlexisJaime

            When I was 11 and 12 Bush was still President. I heard so many republicans talking about how the media and the left attack Bush because he misspoke or pronounced something wrong, now the republicans are doing the same to sharpton. I guess hypocrisy does come full circle.

          • https://www.facebook.com/libertariandude FatLibertarianDude

            Alexis, your problem is that you still hold out some belief that republicans and liberals are different than one another. The reality is they aren’t and the reaction to this video is a crude example of that fact.

            Republicans are hypocrites just like the democrats. We see this hypocrisy in the way republicans disliked the treatment Bush was getting but that same treatment is somehow okay when Al Sharpton or Obama gets it. We see it in the way the democrats called the debt under Bush “unpatriotic” but under Obama it is his duty.

            The government has built this two party system to keep the country divided and weak, and I am sorry to say that it has worked. The sheep on both the right and the left have fallen for this team mentality where the winning team matters far more than the preservation of the US Constitution or human rights and individuality.

            I suspect at your age 17 or 18, you are already picking up on all this and I’m sure it is frustrating. Just remember the, the average republican is just as childish and ignorant as the average democrat, but unfortunately the left and the right are so ignorant they cannot think clearly enough to see their own ignorance and hypocrisy in order to cure that which keeps them stupid.

          • AlexisJaime

            18 and yes, I have already picked up on it. With the abundance of people here who can’t see the hypocrisy or the bigger picture, I have no choice but to pickup on it.

            The really sad part is most of the people here think my critique is a defense of Sharpton instead of a critique of the mentality of the average voter. But then again the left think my comments are in defense of the right instead of a critique of the average voter. The right and the left, both politicians and voters are pretty much the same.

          • jim

            Sharpton is still an idiot!!!!!

          • https://www.facebook.com/libertariandude FatLibertarianDude

            Yeah, I agree.

          • fulltank861

            so you are still 12 . I got it .

          • AlexisJaime

            Apparently you still need grade school math classes.

          • Mark Bender

            Al Sharpton is a highly paid TV commentator….. He should have some mastery of English.

        • Jenna


          • Glennfriend67

            She either is British, or is trying to act like a snobby one. My bet’s on the latter.

          • AlexisJaime

            I have yet to try to insult anyone so how am I “snobby”?. Being that you made the first move, I would suggest you are snobby. I am from Iceland and English speaking Icelanders spell it tonnes, not tones, but thanks for stopping by and adding to the stereotype other countries feel about the American people. BTW, I am an American first and an Icelander 2nd.

          • Anonymous

            Its actually tons or tonnes (if your English or Icelandic). Tones are any sound considered with reference to its quality, pitch, strength, source, etc.

          • AlexisJaime

            I have fallen into the twilight zone. Is this page comprised of liberal elitist pretending to be conservatives or what?

            When I was 11 and 12 Bush was still President. I heard so many republicans talking about how the media and the left attack Bush because he misspoke or pronounced something wrong, now the republicans are doing the same to sharpton. I guess hypocrisy does come full circle.

          • https://www.facebook.com/libertariandude FatLibertarianDude

            Dear, this is The Twilight Zone like you said. A world where the right is the left and the left is the right.

          • SavannahSummer

            But how can you be originally be from Iceland as you stated above but then be an Icelander 2nd and an American 1st? Just wondering….

          • AlexisJaime

            Because I have always been an American citizen and always been an Icelandic citizen. My mom was born and raised in Alabama and my dad was born and raised in Iceland. I was conceived In Kentucky and born in Iceland. As a result I am a citizen of both countries, but I live in the US. I spent the first 9 years of my life in Iceland and thus far I have spent almost 10 years in the US. If i had to choose one country I would choose the US.

          • AlexisJaime

            I am from Iceland originally and the English speaking Icelanders spell tones as tonnes. Both spellings are correct.

          • https://www.facebook.com/libertariandude FatLibertarianDude

            Google it.

    • http://www.plunkettproductions.com TheROUSes

      It’s just shown because it’s funny, AlexisJaime. You’re making a huge deal out of it. rme

      • AlexisJaime

        Emulating liberals is funny? Well, that’s just slapstick funny.

    • Leo J. Mainville Jr.

      yeah – but it’s FUNNY!

    • Stephanie Soucek

      its just funny. its not hateful or racist or hurling false accusations or using offensive speech to denigrate him–like the left does. Its just a clip of many of the times he’s screwed up saying stuff. funny.

      • AlexisJaime

        Why stoop to their level? Substance is far more important.

    • Linda Hall Adair

      The man has his own show for crying out loud! Shouldn’t he at least appear to know and understand the topics he chooses to air?? he names of people he talks about?? A little bit of practice and diction are not beyond the scope of what reporters should do. Sharpton does not mind attacking others and belittling them. I don’t see this as an attack. If he can’t laugh at himself then he shouldn’t be in public speaking at all. I’m sure he saw this as his “blooper reel” – maybe he’ll pay heed to it.

      • AlexisJaime

        Did you watch this video? He isn’t being attacked because of his lack of knowledge of the topics or the names of the people he is talking about. He is being made fun of for his misspoken words. Everyone does it. Attack Sharton on the issues, not this trivial nonsense.

        When I was 11 and 12 Bush was still President. I heard so many republicans talking about how the media and the left attack Bush because he misspoke or pronounced something wrong, now the republicans are doing the same to sharpton. I guess hypocrisy does come full circle.

      • k may

        Not in this world

    • John Parris

      um..he’s reporting so called news..he should atleast be able to pronounce it…duh….

      • AlexisJaime

        No one is disputing that.

    • GvL

      As much as I agree with you, a classy approach (as you’re suggesting) was credited for helping Mitt lose. We are no longer a classy nation.. I say fight fire with fire and watch them burn.

      • AlexisJaime

        Mitt lost because Mitt is a rhino. Mitt was/is as wishy washy as they come. He was for Obamacare before he was against it, he was prolife before he was prochoice before he was prolife. He never has been pro 2nd amendment except in words.

        As long as the republican party continue to turn their backs on the US constitution and the RNC continues to promote their watered down conservative candidates who flip flop like a fish on a hot skillet, the republican party will continue to lose.

        This is a pattern with the republican party and the RNC. While the left continue to become more and more socialist and more and more progressive with their liberal ideologies, the republican party water down their principals and slide a little closer to the left with each and every compromise they make. Compromises as simple as this video where the principal of attacking the issues instead of the person is ignored.

        The USA is going to fall. Not to an outside aggressor but from within. We are slowly compromising this country into tyranny.

  • Marcie Dawn Pagliaro

    haha the ending eww!

  • 4schitzngrins

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Jeff

    Lighten up, its wednesday…have a little fun. -That was great =P

  • Diane Cardinale

    lol! Too funny. Stay in Politics Sharp….

  • Robert Mission

    This just shows that MSNBC will broadcast Sharpton’s rhetoric clearly knowing he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t drink, eat and talk at the same time…just sayin…lol

  • Raymond Bergh

    If you don’t think he’s screwed up, just “AXE “him.

    • Mark Bender

      It is aksed… The s and k are transposed.

  • Mike Parker

    What the Hell happened to him at the end? That had me literally LOLing.

    • Glennfriend67

      According to Stu Brugiere. who first brought this snippet to our attention on Monday on the Pat and Stu Show, apparently, Al baby vurped(vomit/burped snippet for the uninitiated) into his mouth just as he was preparing to answer the crazy Dem Senator that was his guest, and tried to swallow it back, and, of course he choked on it. It’s as funny as this old snippet they found of an episode of Morton Downey, Jr. show when a visibly tubbier Sharpton got into it with some other black dude and the other dude knocked Al right on his tubby butt! Stu speculated if the chair hadn’t stopped him he might have rolled right out of the studio! Whee!

  • Josh Kappes


    • Jon

      I think he meant AAA.

      • Zachary Jones

        or Chick Fil-A

  • http://DesireeMMondesir.com/ Desiree M. Mondesir


  • Steve Rankin

    Why is ANYTHING this guy says or does NEWS? He’s a pointless activist. . .not a Reverend, not a newscaster, not a knowledgeable person. . .simply a talking head. . . another version of Ron Burgundy. Put it on the prompter and he’ll TRY to pronounce it . . .poorly.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO…I need an encore

  • Sovereign Mary

    LOL! Poor Al … His teeth and tongue must get caught up in the hole in his vacant head!

  • Anonymous

    Al the “IDIOT”….is nothing more than a race hustling pimp with a room temperature IQ.

  • Mark Carson

    Love the ending. Reminds me of the TV show, Alf. “Fur-ball, Willie…? ROFL!

  • Anonymous

    Which is more pitiful that MSNBC hired Al Sharpton or that Al Sharpton went to work for MSNBC? They deserve each other. Al Sharpton is the dregs of humanity and MSNBC is the dregs of broadcasting. A perfectly matched pair!

    Al sharpton makes Joe Biden look intelligent!

    • Glennfriend67

      Ain’t that ever true!

  • Anonymous

    is he doing drugs, or is stupid in his genes?

  • Deckard426

    We’ll never be rid of Sharpton. After he passes, he’ll continue to vote in Chicago elections.

  • Tom

    Nobody has to mock and ridicule Sharpton. The fool does it all by himself.

  • http://maddogsez.blogspot.com/ MaDdD_dOGgG

    Someone should make a horror film… “Al Sharpton Axed his guests…. questions?”

  • Vox Populi

    Was Al hacking up his soul at the end???? My profile pic is none other than Al in a beauty shop under a hair dryer with bodyguards…..

  • joshuasweet

    just thinking of All sharpton is funny enough that he thinks he is special is even funnier

  • UCBerkeley1995

    The cough! HILARIOUS.

  • TTAS

    Give the little fella a break, reading is tough! Reading liberal leftist talking points is even tougher!

  • Anonymous

    Skinny Al looks like a bobblehead. I liked him better fat.

  • artillicous

    OK hate either side considering all they spawn both are Political plantation slaves to do their bidding without question. But this vid is a friggin riot. With Jeff is Wen, lighten up have a laugh..after all its HUMP DAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • texastruthtweet


  • Glennfriend67

    ROTFLMAO!!! Never get tired of that last one! Thanks, Pat and Stu, for bringing it to our attention to begin with. Watching Al act like the idiot he is just keeps getting funnier every time!

  • Anonymous

    If you ax me….dat is humungalarious

    • Anonymous

      true dat, Hey, who dat be ober der? a rapper with a new Ablum?

  • Catherine Bucaria Tenek

    That is way America has lost her dame mind.

  • Lee Gasparro

    Hahaha good

  • Anonymous

    Who gave this guy a job.

  • Anonymous

    al Sharpton is a race baiting back biting RACIST, and he needs to learn the English language ….

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    sharpton os ;a; fa/ u; IS als avmz][io a um dumb ‘aS;DLFA’=08UQW1635351629234@#%%^&*()___- okaya;lsdjq[wp_+?><MNBlis okay?

  • IT IT IT IT 9


    —from SHARPTON —to WRIGHT —-to JACKSON –to OBAMA?
    ———even FARRAKHAN?
    —————–NEVER so much as a word,
    —————————or even a mention
    ———————————on that statue
    —————————————-of ‘MAY SIN” POPE
    ——————————ILLUMINATI grandmaster,
    ——————-Confederate double agent,
    ————SATANIST and KKK founder
    ——————————ALBERT PIKE???
    ————————————–that stands in front of the DC —DOJ????

    STRANGE- – – – –

  • Vince Stagbaugh


  • Anonymous

    Has he had a stroke?

  • Anonymous

    Pure entertainment by a clown.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Cockolito!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The cough/sneeze at the end was the most coherent thing he said.
    If you wrote the word “dumb” on every grain of sand on every beach and desert in the world, it wouldn’t represent 1/10th of how stupid this clown is.

  • Mister Wood

    Inter-city Public Education at its best!

  • Anonymous

    Damn that was funny, He is one; silly azz juju-bean. Even if he is a snake.

  • Eric Wagner

    This is great!! Al thinks he is so much better and smarter than the rest of us. He cannot pronounce countries or SC justices. He is a goof. It primarily goes to show the low-level of talent at MSNBC. They will take anyone if they are a flaming lib.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Al should have studied phonics to promote his histrionics, but instead he mixes Ebonics with his microphonics. You bad, Al.

  • sdboreel

    So the funny thing is, does he even read his notes before he goes on. I mean the EPA? Really we all know that stands for the Equality Protection Agency right?!?! BTW was that a Rubio water incident?

  • Anonymous
  • Bundle Up

    As surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, the lights of liberty are found in the pages you turn: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • James Vincent Paquette

    I’m not conservative at all and this is still side-splittingly funny to me!

  • Anonymous

    Did he say “VENGAZI”?

  • k may

    dumb ass must have taken lessons from
    the o guy

  • jd13hbronzbac

    On Al Sharpton

    He is a Disgrace to his Race! He does nothing to promote
    them and everything to hold them in racism! He is a Divider! And Sadly those
    who follow him, as if he were helping them, seem to not have a clue, that he
    develops hatred in them, then feeds it at every opportunity. Then uses their
    hatred to further divide people so he may continue to profit from the whole
    process! He is NO Reverend. A Reverend would preach the Love of Jesus Christ,
    not this man’s hate. A Reverend would not spew his hatred toward others, while
    taking them with him down such a detrimental path. He is truly a Misguided
    Soul. Who unfortunately for them has way too many blind followers being lead
    like sheep! All peoples of his race are Much Better than he! Perhaps someday, hopefully,
    they will see more clearly his self-centered plan and Shun this Poison from
    their ranks!

    That about sums up my view on the Race Baiting, AL
    (“It’s all the White Man’s fault”) SHARPTON. And Shame on the
    ignorant network that gave him a show. Too me that shows their ignorance as an
    active participant in the ways of this Fraud…I’ve Blocked that channel from
    our line up. Oh, while I’m at it, I feel the exact same way about his Buddy in
    Crime, Jesse Jackson. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, whose coat tails they so
    distortedly ride, would be totally ashamed of both of them!!! As the rest of
    the world should be…

  • Guest

    watching that made me fee so jiddy!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It was a great idea. Obamacare is dreadful.

  • http://www.dittymac.blogspot.com/ Virginia Llorca

    Normally I would say shame for poking fun, but this person is only showing his own stupidity, and we have listened to enough of his know it all crap, right? Laughed til it hurt.

  • http://www.hotmail.com JiggyWithIt


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