For weeks, Glenn has wanted to have Pastor Mark Batterson, author of ‘The Circle Maker, onto his show. Batterson’s book has really impacted Glenn’s thoughts on prayers , especially the idea of praying consistently and constantly – what Batterson calls “circling” – until God’s will is accomplished.

“Circling just means praying until God answers,” Pastor Batterson told Glenn. Batterson explained that all too often, people say their prayers and then they just move onto something else, failing to pay attention and give thanks to God when the prayers are answered. Other times, people pray for things to happen ASAP, but Batterson says you have to pray for as long as it takes for the answers to come.

Does this mean you should just keep praying and praying and praying until God does exactly what you want? Absolutely not.

“God’s not a genie in a bottle,” Batterson said. “You got to make sure it’s in the will of God and for the glory of God.” 

Glenn has talked openly about his prayers and his experience trying to find God’s will, often finding that what he believes God wants ends up being very different when he starts to pray and when things start to become a reality.

“He keeps refining and refining and refining until you eventually get it,” Glenn said before adding that it’s as important to recognize and thank God for the bad things in life as it is the good.

Pastor Batterson hopes that his book really inspires people to pray with intensity and tenacity, and that they develop a habit of praying every day.

“God won’t answer 100% of the prayers you don’t pray. One of the biggest tragedies in life is prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Glenn asked Pastor Batterson to help him come up with a prayer challenge for the audience so they can really put the lessons of “The Circle Maker” into practice and develop a prayer habit that could be “game changing”.