New documentary seeks to tell the truth about the TEA Party

Glenn has been encouraging his audience to stop thinking and start acting when it comes to following through on various passions and projects. TheBlaze Radio Network’s Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe personify that advice. On radio this morning, Doc and Skip joined Glenn to discuss their newly released documentary Intolerable: The Truth About the TEA Party.

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“The reason I wanted to have you on is because you work for me… and I mean this sincerely: You are the quintessential employees. I shouldn’t even say that. You’re the quintessential partners in TheBlaze. You two have gone from coast to coast on your own dime… You guys found a lot of the candidates that now people are talking about way before anybody else. And you also decided to make this documentary,” Glenn explained. “All the time people come into my office and say, ‘Glenn, if I could just get some resources, I’d be able to do X, Y, Z.’ And we have decided, in my office, we’re no longer taking appointments with anybody outside or inside that are saying, ‘I could do X, Y, or Z.’ In today’s world, and you guys are proof it, you can do anything.”

Glenn asked Doc and Skip to talk a little bit about the purpose of the documentary.

“You know the misconceptions about the TEA Party that’s been pushed out there. I got really frustrated after our tour, and I said, ‘Let’s tell the truth about the TEA Party, so people can share it and save their friends and neighbors,’” Doc explained. “[That] is what it really is: It’s good, hard working Americans that share your same values… You’re going to watch this. You’re going to get good information. And you’re going leave feeling good. You’ve going to have some direction for the future.”

Doc and Skip teamed up with a friend of theirs, producer Matt Roman, for the film. They decided to make the documentary available for free via their web page, but they are accepting donations.

“We offered it for free because we want as many people to see it as possible, but we’re also capitalists,” Doc said. “And then from here, some of the donations we get, we’re going to put the money toward a whole lot of other projects that we have rolling out. We have about 15 things we’re going to do in the next couple of years… We’ve got a bunch of good stories.”

“We have ideas for books coming out – eBooks – and music,” Skip added. “We’re following [Glenn’s] model here to try to create things to go after culture.”

While you are not guaranteed success, Glenn encouraged those listening who have an idea to seize the opportunities around them.

“Honestly, it is the people that are just doing it today, the people who see the opportunity, who are not trying to use the old system,” Glenn said. “You don’t need systems anymore. You really don’t. You seize the opportunity where you’re at.”

“Glenn, over the years, I’ve had a bunch of ideas… and said, ‘I’m going to do this’ and I would hit a roadblock and move onto the next thing. And nothing would get done,” Doc explained. “Through a combination of us going on the tour and hearing the entrepreneurial spirit people had… and then hearing you talk about changing culture, I told Skip, ‘We’re just going to go do this… If we don’t do this now, we will never do it.’ So we started a company and said, ‘We’re going to do all these things, [and] we’ll just figure it out somehow.’ And that’s kind of the mantra we have now.”

You can learn more about and watch Intolerable HERE.

  • Anonymous

    “You don’t need systems anymore. You really don’t. You seize the opportunity where you’re at.”

    Okay. First thing: how do we get around the ‘system’ of elections set up by the parties for their own aggrandizement? How do we use the New Technology to get rid of the old boys club that keeps offering us the same old (useless) answers to important political questions.

  • Crassus

    Sadly, the Tea Party is deader than Kelsey’s Nuts these days. It’s now little more than an imaginary boogeyman used by liberal Democratic politicians (and organizations) to score more cash from rich liberal donors. Though I’m sure the IRS harassed a few Tea Party groups out of existence the main causes of its demise were twofold: 1. Smugness and a false sense of accomplishment after the elections of 2010 by many members who simply declared victory and went home. 2. Lack of organization and leadership among the various Tea Party groups.

    • Brian E Lawson

      it isnt dead, The IRS is just holding it back, and has been since 2010. it is still being held back. it is time for these groups to start underground funding

  • Deckard426

    Good video. Obviously, Republican and Democrats are not going to surrender their power at the ballot box. So what does that leave?

  • Igor Shafarevich

    As we see from the computer hacking that originates in slave states, the genius unleashed by liberty has become a target for those who cannot advance without stealing the knowledge and inventions developed by free people.

  • Anonymous

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