‘This is not a game. What is at stake is significant': Glenn talks to KY senate candidate Matt Bevin

The Republican primary in Kentucky is set for Tuesday, May 20, and on radio this morning, Matt Bevin, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), joined Glenn for an emotional interview in which he explained why he is running and the difference he hopes to make in Washington D.C.

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“I will tell you, Matt, that I don’t think – and Pat, correct me if I’m wrong – I don’t think I’ve ever believed in a candidate more than you,” Glenn said. “I really don’t think so.”

While Bevin remains down in the polls, his campaign is actually tracking much in the same way McConnell’s did when he first ran for office.

“He was actually – with less than three months to go – over 40% behind,” Bevin said of McConnell. “Kentuckians, we do not wear our sentiment politically on our sleeve. We don’t spill our guts in polls. We go in the voting booth, and we know what needs to be done. We don’t listen when they say, ‘Disregard that eye doctor from Bowling Green.’ We elect guys like Rand Paul. This is Kentucky, and we don’t care what the echo chamber in Washington D.C., thinks or cares or talks about. This is something that we need to because it needs to be done.”

The establishment GOP has poured a lot of money into protecting McConnell, but Bevin encouraged those who are frustrated with the status quo to consider the alternative this election cycle.

“He is a fraud. And I’ll tell you, the people, though, have a chance to do something about it,” Bevin said. “I’m begging your listeners and the people of Kentucky and across this country: If ever you have cared, care now. If ever you are going to rise up, rise up now. If ever you are going to write a check, write a check now. If you’ve ever worried about your country, worry now, because this is the absolute crossroads that we must make decisions today that are going to affect us for generations to come.”

It was after Glenn brought up Bevin’s family – his wife, Glenna, in particular – that the candidate got especially fired up.

“I’ll tell you: This is not a game. What is at stake is significant. It is the future of this great nation,” Bevin said emphatically. “And the idea that we got here by accident, the idea that we just got here by coincidence, and the idea that we’re going to stay here on auto pilot is a fool’s notion. And we have got to take ownership. We’ve got to step up.”

Glenn encouraged his listeners to consider how they can get involved this election cycle because the candidates are truly worthy of our support.

“If you believe in Mitch McConnell, then go contribute to the GOP… But if you hear this guy and you want a different course, I would ask that you… contact [Bevin] through his website and find out how you can help. If you don’t have any money, that’s all right. We’re all in different situations, but we all have a way to serve,” Glenn said. “I don’t know if anybody else felt that, [but] when he stopped… that was one of the most powerful moments I have felt… There’s something special about this guy… And I would urge you to do your own homework, and if you find him worthy, then support him in the ways that you can.”

Learn more about Bevin’s campaign HERE.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    If what Bevin says about Mitch McConnell is true and this is not a game, then why is Senator Rand Paul (aka the conservative/libertarian darling) supporting Mitch over Bevin?

    • Anonymous

      Rand Paul endorsed Mitch before Bevin entered the race. Rand Paul has said many good things about Bevin, calling him a good man.

      It should be noted that the vast majority of us grassroots people who helped elect Rand Paul are now supporting Matt Bevin. He is an excellent candidate and has a much better chance of winning in the general election than does Mitch.

      McConnell’s negatives are very high and he is not polling well against the Democrat candidate. People are ready for a change.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Hi Theresa

        Regardless of who was in the race at the time, why would Rand Paul endorse and continue to endorse a man who Bevin calls a “fraud”?

        And why would Rand endorse someone before all the candidates were declared?


        “Were parties here divided merely by a greediness for office, as in England, to take a part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man. But where the principle of difference is as substantial, and as strongly pronounced as between the republicans and the monocrats of our country, I hold it as honorable to take a firm and decided part, and as immoral to pursue a middle line, as between the parties of honest men and rogues, into which every country is divided.” ~Thomas Jefferson to William Branch Giles Dec. 31, 1795

        • Mike Nelson

          Gotta call you on a naive comment: candidates don’t all declare at the same time, and as the incumbent, McConnel’s declaration is over 30 years old.

          I agree with you about why Paul won’t change his endorsement, though; as new information becomes available, one exhibits rectitude only by circumspect inclusion of new info.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Hi Mike

            Is there not a deadline for declaring one’s candidacy in the 2014 Kentucky GOP primaries?

            Why couldn’t Rand wait until then to endorse someone instead of rushing to endorse Mitch McConnell?

            McConnell being a establishment RINO is not a new revelation, yet Rand was/is more than willing to endorse him. It appears to be politics as usual…


          • Mike Nelson

            According to http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2014/2014pdates.pdf the date for primary access was 1-28-14.

            According to http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/27/rand-paul-helps-squash-tea-party-challenge-to-mcconnell/ Paul endorsed McConnel in March last year, when there was no sign of any serious challenger.

            While I salute him for a mentality of standing firm, I also agree with your question of why he does not change his position, given new options. If I had the answers, I’d be in the game… but (and I kinda hate myself for saying it, but even William Buckley essentially agreed with the position of “voting for the most conservative candidate… who can win”) there has to be some ground between the hardline “what I want because it’s TRUE” perspective and the reality of “what will happen without any support at all”.

            imo, this is a perfect example of someone getting caught in the morass of politics as usual, but I don’t see a win for Rand in this case, since he’ll either be derided as wishy-washy and turncoat, or be called out for fraud in his rectitude.

            He has to make a choice, and has, and it’s too late now for him to change it without more damage. However… I am looking for signs that he’s working behind the scenes to help Bevin… which, although it’s what I want him to do, that WOULD be politics as usual, eh? :)

            It’s easy to criticize in hindsight, and Joe Namath is a HOFer, but whoever throws next Sunday is the guy who makes the call on the ground. What do you think Paul should do now?

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Interesting dilemma Rand has put himself in trying to have it both ways, he is in a no win situation. What does it say about a man who publicly endorses someone but votes for somebody else? or will Rand vote for Mitch McConnell anyways?

            The only way to start repairing the damage is to start doing what is right, else you’re only digging the hole deeper. This is not a game, our Republic is at stake here and she needs the best we can send her. Nothing less will suffice.

            “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” ~Samuel Adams, Boston Gazette on April 2, 1781

            While an endorsement is not a vote, Rand is relying on his own name to effect the outcome. If Rand Paul truly thinks that Mitch McConnell is the best person for the job, well people can judge that for themselves. If he doesn’t, then he needs to quit playing games and starting giving his all for the person he does. That means publicly as well as privately.


        • Anonymous

          Apparently Rand thinks he needs McConnell’s support in order to run for president. I think Rand’s endorsement of McConnell is a great disappointment to many of his original supporters, but it may well help him with fundraising. I certainly am disappointed by his endorsement of McConnell. I didn’t expect him to sell out so easily.

      • Anonymous

        Our incumbant Kay Hagan was trailing our constitutional conservative candidate Greg Brannon in NC in the last poll. The guy, Tillis, who will run against her did not & will not fare so well. Rove and his establishment cronies got what they wanted – another hold your nose establishment candidate and a win for progressives. People are ready for a change? Hope so but beware and don’t let anyone take it for granted.

        • Monet

          You don’t even know how you got rolled do you? Mike Huckabee ran a social conservative ringer, knowing he would never win, and knowing he would pull enough Teatard votes to guarantee a Tillis win. They pull the same thing on you suckers in the national election, you get one Establishment candidate, and five or six nut jobs from the Conservative Clown Car, who are probably promised cabinet jobs for running. This is how they roll you chumps like a Bowery drunk.

          • Anonymous

            This Teatard Sucker Chump knows exactly how we got rolled, Karl Rove and Robin Hayes money. Country going down the tubes and the ol’ establishment keeps rolling on drunk with their progressive power. Sickening.

      • Monet

        Then why doesn’t he un-endorse him, you idiot?

        • Anonymous

          I am sorry that you feel you need to call me an idiot. It would be nice to be able to have a civilized discussion in which the participants treat each other with respect, without anyone ridiculing or using condescending language. Obviously, that is not happening here. It’s a shame.

  • Lucas Forde

    Rand support a tea party guy in your state, not in North Carolina.

  • Lucas Forde

    Rand Mitch doesn’t want other guys like you elected.

  • http://www.patriotwood.com Art Pinney

    Regardless of who the opposing candidate is against Clinton, we need to stand together or she will win. If we all had stood behind Romney, Obama would be out of office. I’d rather have the lesser of two evils and after eight years of Obama, can this country afford 4-8 more years with Clinton? The answer to that is no.

    • Lucas Forde

      What’s so hard for Rand to endorse Bevin?

  • Crassus

    Matt Bevin needs to be out campaigning from Paducah to Pikeville, from Owensboro to Middlesboro, from Cadiz to Quicksand instead of spouting platitudes on the Glenn Beck Program. This is why he’s going to lose by a substantial margin.

    • Anonymous

      Bevin has been out there and continues to be out there as you suggest. He has gone everywhere and makes several stops each day to meet with anyone who will show up, and everyone who meets him is very impressed. The trouble is that most people don’t bother to show up. Radio reaches a lot of people who won’t show up in person.

    • Monet

      Most of these minor sure-loser ‘tea party’ candidates are just trying to kick off a media career so they can cash in on the suckers like Glenn and Cain. That’s all Bevin is after.

  • Deckard426

    If McConnell loses the primary, Obama will make him the head of the ATF, so he can confiscate all the guns in Kentucky.

    • Monet

      And then, pigs will fly out of your asz.

  • Anonymous

    To the voters in KY I beg you, if you are disgusted with DC, please, please, get out and vote for Bevin in this election. Do not let apathy get in your way. We have had a terrible disapointment in NC this week. Total turnout (R’s & D’s) was only 15%. Out of the total who voted – 7.50% voted republican for senate. Slightly less than half of those voters chose a total establishment Rino. 11% of registered republicans gave us a candidate that alot of us can’t stand. If the unaffiliated’s are added to that number then only 6% of those registered voters got the majority vote. For all the griping I hear I would think there would be more action on the part of the people. Guess things haven’t gotten tough enough for the average American.

  • Anonymous
  • Alice Boxstrom

    Folks, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous
  • Humorless

    Latest poll out…

    Mitch McConnell– 57%

    Matt Bevin— 25%

  • Erickson Special Forces

    It is NOT a game, no matter what side you are on.

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