WATCH: NBA star offers moving tribute to God and his mother while receiving league MVP award

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s all-star forward Kevin Durant was named NBA MVP for the 2013-2014 season. Durant received the award at a ceremony in Edmond, Oklahoma, and his moving acceptance speech – during which he praises God and pays tribute to his mother – is making headlines for all the right reasons.

After thanking God “for changing my life,” Durant thanked his mother for providing a stable and loving home for him and his brother even though “the odds were stacked against us.”

“You made us believe, you kept us off the street, you put clothes on our backs, food on the table,” Durant said. “You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.”

Watch the entire speech below (the tribute to his mother starts at around the 5 minute mark):

“This is an American success story,” Glenn said. “This is who we are at the base – or who we should be.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Patrick Beck

    That’s what true humility looks like. That’s what a real role model looks like. That’s what genuine gratitude looks like. Finally, an athlete I can point to and tell my kids, “Be like him.”

    • Divine Insurrection

      Oh amen. It’s just not common enough for us to be able to do that. :)

    • Guest

      Thru the adversity of his youth, a good mother kept his feet grounded and instilled in him the respect for God in his life. I say bless her and give her the credit for raising such a wonderful young man.

    • jackw97224

      Farm out, Right arm! Good post!

  • Divine Insurrection

    What a beautiful human being, My gosh. Well done, Mamma. You raised an example for the rest of us. God bless this precious brother. God bless him and all the others standing up and giving God the glory….. and lovin’ his mama proper! Yes, this is what a REAL role model looks like. <3

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Durant is the real deal. He walks the talk. He is never without his Bible and is not shy in acknowledging his God. He is an outstanding role model and knows the responsibility that comes with it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he
      is special. However, it is important to remember he’s also gifted with “1 in
      100 million” basketball skills. His mom’s efforts were highly commendable;
      unfortunately very few children, growing up in single parent, poverty stricken homes have the God gifted skills of Kevin Durant. Out of wedlock, single mother births remain a huge problem for every member of society, especially the children. We need to reverse the duplicitous policies laid out and sold by LBJ has ‘compassionate’, which have in fact subjugated and destroyed the black family unit. (I.E.) expanding eligibility for Taxpayer funded welfare. Any argument against my position is profoundly ignorant or coming from someone (like a politician) with ulterior motives. The facts are unequivocal: Prior to LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ welfare entitlement expansion, which guaranteed Welfare Checks to single moms, eliminating any obligation for the birth mother to even attempt to include the father in the baby’s life: the percentage of 2 parent Black families was even higher than that of white 2 parent families. Today, single women account for 72% of Black baby births in America.

  • Flower Mound Lady

    Thru the adversity of his youth, a good mother kept his feet grounded and instilled in him the respect for God in his life. I say bless her and give her the credit for raising such a wonderful young man

  • Deckard426

    The Left will steamroll over this aberration from the NBA, stomping out all traces of his existence. In his place they will exalt some pimp or drug dealer as a model for Black youth.

  • Anonymous

    We saw it at work and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when he finished. He is a wonderful young man and has his head and heart in the right place. Know someone who works with him and he is every bit a nice and humble as he appears. Too bad other sports figures aren’t.
    The leadership/mangement of our team provides bible study and prayer every morning for the WHOLE organization, not just players or coaches. Ticket takers, janitors, coaches, players, trainers, managers all come on equal footing if they chose to participate. They know if the person is not right, the team won’t do well as a whole. Build a firm foundation and the house will be solid.

  • Anonymous

    Finally…a role model for our kids to really look up to. Thank you Kevin and your lovely Mom. We can learn a lot from you….the real deal!

  • jackw97224

    Wow! And a BIG thank you to Kevin. And thank you Glenn for posting this info as I never heard it on radio and don’t have TV.

  • john


  • Dec La’Ration

    Folks, the gift of liberty is the gift of knowledge, prosperity, and a better way of doing things. Learn it, live it:

  • alli

    What an amazing speech and a great guy. It made me cry because hes so humble and real.

  • Anonymous

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