HGTV cancels show after hosts’ views on traditional marriage and abortion are revealed

HGTV has canned a do-it-yourself program it planned to premiere this fall after media outlets began reporting on the hosts’ Christian views on issues like gay marriage and abortion. Twin brothers Jason and David Benham were scheduled to host Flip It Forward, a new renovation show that would help families make home improvements. On Thursday, HGTV decided to cut ties with the brothers. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the network’s decision.

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“You know, reading this story this morning, I’m thinking, ‘Here we go. Another Duck Dynasty thing.’ I’m so sick of the Duck Dynasty stuff,” Glenn said. “But I’m not sure I’m a big supporter of these guys, if some of these things are true. “

According to TheBlaze, the controversy began when Right Wing Watch, a blog that prides itself on “monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement,” published a scathing summary of the Benham brothers’ political activity, including information about their father, Flip Benham, who is known as an outspoken Christian minister.

Right Wing Watch accuses “at least one of the Benhams” of being a dedicated right-wing activist in the mold of his father, Flip Benham.” The article claims Flip Benham has shouted “Jesus hates Muslims” outside of mosques, blamed the Aurora shooting on the Democratic Party, and made other controversial proclamations.

“Where is the evidence of that,” Glenn asked. “You should have the evidence before you crucify somebody on something like that.”

David Benham organized a 2012 Christian prayer rally called Charlotte 7:14. In an interview about the event, Benham said Charlotte 7:14 was an opportunity to admit that there is hypocrisy in Christian churches and for believers to ask for God’s forgiveness for “allowing these things in the house of God.”

“We don’t realize that, okay, if 87 percent of Americans are Christians and yet we have abortion on demand, we have no-fault divorce, we have pornography and perversion, we have a homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation, we have adultery,” David Benham said in the radio interview after the prayer event. “We even have allowed demonic ideologies to take our universities and our public school systems while the church sits silent and just builds big churches.”

“I may not agree with everything there,” Glenn said. “But I don’t have a problem with it. That’s his point of view. He can have a show.”

“It shouldn’t preclude you from you HGTV, you wouldn’t think,” Pat added.

After claiming that it was looking into the claims in a Facebook post on Tuesday, the network ended their arrangement with the Benhams on Thursday, writing, “HGTV has decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers’ series.”

Since his sons’ dismissal, Flip Benham spoke to He said his family never tried to hide their views from the network, and he said all parties knew controversy could end up erupting.

“I think of my sons, who have to suffer for the fact that their dad speaks up about the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he told the outlet. “Homosexuality is not a good thing. It destroys those who practice it and nations that approve of it.”

“Well, don’t I hear him saying that homosexuals should be rounded up, shouldn’t have rights? I mean I haven’t seen that,” Glenn said. “He has a right to say that just like some people have a right to say that all white men should feel badly about the system that they live in… We should be able to speak out against them and them speak out against us and do it in a loving way.”

  • Anonymous

    The homosexual agenda strikes again to silence, discriminate and marginalize those who do not agree with the agenda’s demands.

  • landofaahs

    Since I boycotted Sat TV long ago I can’t boycott any more than I am now. But it just shows the tolerance of the left or the lack thereof.

  • Laurel

    Fascism is alive and well in America.

    • dylan

      Fascism… really? This was HGTV’s decision – not the government’s. Their decision might be unpopular, but that does not make it any less free-market based.

      • Laurel

        It’s fascism. When one cannot have a contrary or opposing ideological opinion, and loses their livelihood due to that, then it is fascism.

        You can origami and tell yourself otherwise to ease your conscience but beware of that road before you go down it.

        You are under the mistaken impression that only governments can be fascist.

        • dylan

          And what would you propose? Employers have no say in who they can hire? I stand for the free market. If that makes me fascist in your eyes, so be it.

          By the way, there’s nothing to origami.

          Fascism – “a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator
          controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to
          disagree with the government” – Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

          • Laurel

            But you aren’t standing for the free market dear. If you were then you would simply choose not to watch the show and give it ratings. that is the free market.

            Employers have a say in who they hire everyday…right up until rent a mobs force them out of that say. Obviously HGTV had no problem with these two men until the fascism went into overdrive. Same thing happened at Mozilla and countless other places.

  • landofaahs

    HGTV (Hateful Gays Totally Vile)

    • dylan

      Come on… how ironic can you be?

  • dylan

    Now I understand that these guys should be able to voice their own points of view (and i’ll defend their right to do so), but they don’t need HGTV to do it. Shouldn’t HGTV as an employer also be able to express their views? They should be able to hire and fire whomever they please – regardless of having sound rational. What happened to the rights of the employer?

    • Abe Sir Tiddy

      The point is that this is discrimination and on HGTV’s part. HGTV can indeed express their bigoted views, and also can legally get away with it because discrimination against sexual orientation is not illegal. Nobody said that HGTV should not be able to express their views, in fact, we encourage it, show us who you are, please. I am not sure where you get the idea that a home renovation show is expressing anything anti-gay, SMH. I would like to hear you try to express those thoughts. HGTV can indeed express their views as well as anyone else, including those that point them out for making a decision based on bigotry.

      • dylan

        You’re missing the point. HGTV should have the right to employ whomever they see fit whether that choice is offensive to you or not.

        • Laurel

          You are missing a broader point.

          How is it any different then if I discriminate and not hire someone who is homosexual?

          • dylan

            It isn’t different. I would protect your right to do so.

          • Laurel

            No you wouldn’t because that right left the building long ago. Did you protect the right of baker and photographers to not participate in gay weddings too?

            We no longer have freedom of religion, freedom to associate with whom we please, or a free market.

          • dylan

            You’ve just stopped making sense. and don’t tell me what I would or wouldn’t do.

          • Laurel

            Getting defensive now?


            Apparently you don’t understand that you cannot defend what no longer exists.

            Perhaps you should go to CNN and take a look at the interview with those two men. Apparently HGTV knew well in advance of their religion and vetted them well over a year ago.

            And if I don’t make sense you are one of two things..1) in denial or 2) out of your depth.

          • dylan

            Would you like me to rephrase? Alright then, I FIGHT for your right to make that kind of decision by having conversations like these.
            The thought of specially protecting straight individuals’ jobs is along the same lines as “two wrongs make a right”. The focus needs to be on removing special treatment on ALL fronts – straights and gays alike. Your idea of adding these protections to every section of society cuts out any choice. You want to talk about fascism? There you have it.

          • Laurel

            Your fight it too late since that decision cannot be legally made! What part of that do you not understand???

            Put down that joint because I never ever said not a single word about adding any protections. I don’t even remotely know where you got that. Voices in your head perhaps.

            And you really need to learn what fascism is in all of it’s various forms and applications.

          • jas1019

            Arizona didn’t protect Christian business owners, how can you?

        • Abe Sir Tiddy

          I think I expressed that they do have the right. I’m just wondering why you brought it up, it is not relevant. The point of the article is to show HGTV’s intolerance, not to discuss whether or not it should be controlled or regulated.

          • dylan

            Sure, you make a good point. I just felt like saying something because there seems to be an ironic undertone in a lot of these discussions. For instance, one person wrote that HGTV stands for Hateful Gays Totally Vile… I just get the sense that people could spend more time looking into their own intolerance. So I probably jumped the gun by assuming legislation follows intolerance.

    • jas1019

      Does that right also apply to not having to provide contraception or pay for abortions on religious conscious grounds through government mandated insurance?

      • dylan


        • jas1019

          Not according to the left, not according to the President.

          • dylan

            And I am not either of those things. Just look what you’re doing though… you claim gays have special protection and instead of denouncing that idea, you want straights to have special protection. Why not just let people employ who they want on all fronts?

  • wildchill

    My wife and I used to watch HGTV all the time but have been watching less and less. They seem to have yo have a gay on every show. There are only about 1% of the population that are gay so why not 1% of the shows? We will jot be watching any more after this.

  • Anonymous

    Trouble is that it was going to be a new show. Had it been a well established big money-makr like Duck Dynasty, they wouldn’t say a thing.


    It’s against the law to discriminate unless you are against homosexuality, then it’s legal to discriminate against you!

  • Anonymous

    That which is evil will be called good and that which is good will be called evil. If you follow the teachings of Jesus you WILL cause offense/ Christ! Tolerance is the Devils’ counterfiet for grace. It is time for the Bride of Christ to grow a backbone and the sons of G-d to grow testi____. Maybe the Blaze needs a good program like that or Butter Dean Cooking. A decent variety network could take the ratings and then the ads!!!

  • Zojja

    Didn’t HGTV interview and do a background check on these guys BEFORE they were hired? Why, all of a sudden, is it a problem? HGTV, you have some serious issues here.

  • Jim

    Looks like an opportunity to me. The Blaze could do worse than a do-it-yourself, home repair show. When will they be hired? Let the market decide.

  • Anonymous

    I really like their past shows. They’re nice guys. Their problem is that they’re not gay on a gay network. Wow, what would have happened if a network fired gay people because they were found out to have gay views? They spout off about their gayness on that network on the air, all the time, and it’s tolerated. I find it offensive, but that’s no reason to terminate their employment. But if you are a Christian and don’t ever say anything on the air, but live it off the air, you’re given the boot. Gross discrimination and hypocrisy. I hope Hgtv’s ratings plummet.

  • texastruthtweet

    The Blaze TV should consider picking up this show.

  • jas1019

    The war on Christians is going to get more overt, more intense, more aggressive, more hateful.
    Jesus told us this would happen, but to hear it in His words, and see it in reality are two different things. The evil one knows his time is short and he is truly roaring about as lion seeking those he can devour but worse, he’s doing a good job of devouring.
    I agree with other posts on here who say it is time for the church of Jesus to grow a pair. Meekness does not mean weakness. You can be strong with your faith by living the life Christ told us to live. You can be loving as Christ loved without compromising you principles.
    These two men need to be applauded and supported. The more the world sees we will not compromise the more they will be confronted and convicted of their sins or their hearts will be hardened.

  • Wildcat

    We stopped watching HGTV for that very reason. So many gay and lesbian couples. you know they have to be searching for them and apparently HGTV is homo-sexually driven.

  • Women98

    I USE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. However over the past two years they HGTV have been pushing the Homosexual agenda. HGV HVE pushed me too far with this last decision I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS STATION AGAIN AND URGE ALL CHRISTIANS TO DO THE SAME

  • Guest

    Hi Glenn, please address the issue going on with HGTV and canceling of the Flip it Forward program. Obviously this is intolerance at its finest. Also, Pleaseeeeeeeee pick up their program and air it on your network! I will watch it!! I emailed HGTV and told them of my disappointment and informed them I won’t watch their network again. You have a voice, please do as you always do and be our voice.

    Thank you and God Bless you! I’ve listened to you for years!

  • Rich2020

    Obviously this is intolerance at its finest. Also, please pick up their program and air it on your network! I will watch it!! I emailed HGTV and told them of my disappointment and informed them I won’t watch their network again. You have a voice, please do as you always do and be our voice. Thank you and God Bless you! I’ve listened to you for years!

  • Anonymous
  • Bonechic

    God does hate. Read your bible. Such are proverbs 6:16. However, I’m applaud at this story. America is no longer a free country. If you don’t agree with someones point of view it affects your job status? Whaaat? If you don’t bow down to the image can’t buy or sale. Scary.

  • Evergreen Fields

    Since we have many efforts to consider, the basis for deciding our pursuits must be estimates of useful value rather than merit.

  • Equis

    What a bunch of hypocrites and their intolerance they spew makes me ill.

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