‘I’m really not looking for a fight': Father arrested for protesting controversial reading material speaks out

On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn reacted to the report that a New Hampshire father was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct on Monday after he expressed concern at a school board meeting about a book his ninth grade daughter was assigned to read. William Baer took issue with a scene in Jodi Picoult’s novel Nineteen Minutes that details a graphic sexual encounter.

Officials at Gilford High School claim the book contains important themes about a school shooting. According to WCVB-TV, however, the book contains “a graphic description of rough sex between two teenagers,” and parents were not made aware of such content until the book had already been distributed to students.

Baer attempted to raise his concerns over the novel’s content at the school board meeting. Below is video that captures his arrest: Below is the video of what led to his arrest:

Baer recounted the incident to TheBlaze in an interview on Wednesday. As he explained, the arresting officer appeared nervous and even reluctant to take him into custody.

“His hands were shaking I believe. And then when I observed his demeanor and his behavior – he was clearly nervous and I said to him, ‘What are you so nervous about? I’m the one getting arrested,’” Baer explained. “And he said something to the effect of, ‘I really don’t want to do this.’”

Ultimately, Baer said he was really looking for “a notice to opt-in” and he didn’t want to prevent other students from reading the book if their parents approved. The book has since been pulled from the classroom.

“I’m not really looking for a fight,” Baer told TheBlaze. “But I’m highly offended and insulted and hurt and humiliated that these people saw fit to have me arrested for voicing my opinion at a school board meeting that didn’t comply with their arbitrary two-minute rule.”

On air Wednesday, Glenn took particular issue with the other parents in the room who refused to so much as make eye contact with Baer once the police got involved. Given how Baer claims the officer reacted to the situation, one person speaking up could have made a difference.

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“The police officer may have thought twice if another parent in the room would have said, ‘What are you doing,’” Jeffy said.

“If one other person would have said, ‘Officer, that’s not right. That’s not right.The man hasn’t broken any laws.’ If one person would have peacefully said something, this would have truly been… an iconic moment,” Glenn concluded. “Here’s a guy who’s totally in control. He’s not shouting. All he wants is an opt-out for his daughter. He’s not talking about banning the books. He said, ‘I want an opt-out for my daughter… This is offensive to me’…He’s being totally respectful.”

  • Jim

    So far I have yet to see a video of his actual time speaking. To be completely objective here we need to know what was said with this man, before this video was taken.
    I agree, what we do see was completely wrong, but we should have all the facts of the incident. What do others who were there say? Why do we not have the rest of the video? Until there is more information any judgement is one sided.
    Again I do not agree with what happened. Neither do I defend the book, or Common Core. What I want though is the rest of the story so I can be sure that when I defend this man in conversation and discuss this topic with other people that I am not defending something that I wouldn’t have defended if I had had all the facts.

    • Anonymous

      This story got attention only because the guy got arrested. Absolutely each and every meeting I had, there is always one or two parents who lead the whole meeting especially when there is particular subject so they talk the whole time. I think the guy made a great point just asking them to read it out loud. Nobody dared to because they were embarrassed and nobody gave an answer. if they would, he would stop. If they would say, sorry, we did not think it was too much, or something in that wane, it would have been ok. What got to the guy is the attitude towards him like how does he dare to question them.

      • Joseph Kucera

        All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. {Atrib: E. Burke}

  • Jim

    I did a little research and found this… still not the whole video but certainly gave context.


  • stewames .

    I know you all just now discovered Common Core, because this’s the new name for what they have been promoting for 30 years. They make a name change every 7-10 years, as the parents discover what they are doing. They add more and more horrible levels to the curriculum as it “morphs”. When my kids were in school in the 80’s/90’s we were fighting the forerunner for Common Core, called “Outcome Based Education”. We fought hard, they just changed the name, and upped the anty. They are GOING TO DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT. As long as the Federal Governmnent runs the ed system. It is, and has been their goal to control your children’s minds. Just say no, we home schooled and that’s what more and more people need to do.

    • Mike Nelson

      As a kid who went to school in the 80s and screamed at the sky what was happening (that the things they were teaching did not matter as much as reality, history, and morality), it’s good to hear someone say this.

      Personally, I am practiced dropping out – first, 3 times from high school, then 3 more from college.

      I was infuriated when I went to get my GED (between my HS and college dropout careers) and realized I could have passed it out of 8th grade… but the city, instead of offering this course, had already forced my full time, tax-paying, trade-learning job to let me go at age 16 because I wasn’t old enough to not be in school at that age; you see, I wasn’t of an age of responsibility – but two years later, I was old enough to enlist, and be placed in charge of a room full of 200 real automatic weapons. I even had access to .50 cals and grenade launchers, unsupervised, because I was the supervisor. And you know what? It turns out that I was responsible enough to keep track of every one of them, plus several personal firearms, and a whole rack full of .45 and 9mm pistols.

      I didn’t know anything back then, but I knew what our schools were NOT doing… and that was teaching history and responsibility. When I learned whose side the politicians fell on and what the teacher’s unions were doing… well, that is the exact moment I knew the (D)’s were doing it wrong.

      Hell, maybe I DID know something back then, after all.

      • stewames .

        You had it right Mike. My kids knew too. Parents don’t always believe what their kids tell them. At one point they were using an experimental program called guided imagery, without our knowledge or permission. It is a form of low level hypnotism, -no kidding.

        After they did it to my youngest son in first grade, he freaked out and
        attacked the teacher, the guidance counselor and the principal. We were
        kindly asked to take him home. We thought there was something wrong with
        HIM, until we found out what they had done to him. Psychologist we took him to said he was in a “post hypnotic ” state and felt something abusive had happened at the school.

        All part of the “program”. I went to the public library and got out every book in the system and
        read up on it after I found out. The books said the “best possible” end result is to take on a “spirit
        guide” through this process. I’m sorry, the only “spirit” I wanted my
        kids to have is the Holy Spirit. What does this have to do with public
        school anyway?

        We found out that a little thing we had told our kids from the time they could understand was to never let anyone do anything to them that they were afraid of, or made them uncomfortable. We meant abuse of course, but my son remembered that and he felt uncomfortable, and the teacher and guidance counselor made it clear he had to cooperate. We considered a law suit and decided to take them out and Home school.

        People get your kids out, before it’s too late.

  • IStallion

    i just wanted to say that my daughter who is 16 and finished her sophomore year last year was asked to read 3 books over the summer for her English 4 honors class. She showed me the first book it was Dracula, ok no big deal, then the second book was Frankenstein, ok, then the third book was called The Handmaidens Tale, never heard of it but thought it was along the same lines as the first 2 books. To my surprise my daughter came to me embarrassed and told me that the book had gotten very sexual. She showed me what it said and there was 3 different places that had pornographic material. I called the school and school board and got a run around. The teacher finally called me, i thought she was calling to apologize instead she is ripping me and apologizing for me not being open minded and understanding. I couldn’t believe it she found no issue with allowing 16 and 17yrs old kids to read that kind of material. My daughter had never been exposed to that kind of stuff and I was furious. The teacher had her read another book and sit out of class during the discussion. I’m waiting to see if they ask students to read it again over this summer. Who knows how many parents have no idea because their kids didn’t think to say anything to their parents.

  • Anonymous

    This is such a serious trashing of a basic freedom – I’m surprised that so few people are reacting to it. As we allow more & more trash into the educational system, people never even protest. I know, the schools are full of kids who dress like street-walkers, cuss worse than sailors, watch pornographic material regularly – and all the media is full of it, But – every time we lower the standards and then arrest someone for protesting, we are giving up not only precious freedoms, but our precious children, who deserve more respect & better standards of behavior demonstrated within our school systems.
    It’s imperative to speak up at these meetings, protest to the school administrators. And, run for the school boards, city councils, etc. These people aren’t rocket scientists. You don’t have to be an “educator” or a lawyer, or some snooty professional. We need good decent conservatives with integrity and principles in our governing bodies. Why no one stood up and screamed “Stop!” or protested to the school board, or walked out, is beyond me. We are becoming a nation of sheep – instead of shepherds when it comes to our own children. These are OUR children that are being indoctrinated with constant filth and prejudiced material. We need to take our schools back!

  • shashiznick

    Screw you Beck for censoring my comments. You now join the ranks of Reid and Pelosi.

  • jring281

    The parent had an excellent point but lost it due to civil disobedience.
    Then Glenn compounds the misbehavior by labeling it ‘speaking out’ when it was simply a case of ‘speaking too long.’

    Accuracy in media is as important as sensibility in government.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a whole 120 seconds! That is far too much time to let rebel forces speak to the Emperor.

    • Mike Nelson

      Looks like you have an attitude problem, mister. Stand up, and come with me quietly…

    • Anonymous

      The school board work for the parents and are pay by the parents , they should answer to the parents !!! It’s like the low level worker telling the the boss and owner what to do !! ????

  • Deckard426

    Such trash in the public schools.

  • BB

    That really freakin pisses me off to no end. I’m am absolutely infuriated and beyond anger when i see this kind of hideous abuse of power and the arrogance of the self righteous voice disregarding this parents right to voice his concern for what crap the school is trying to force upon his child. She is his child and daughter, not property of the school or state. He pays their bill. That sorry excuse of a lady should be arrested and shipped off somewhere far away….and what the hell with no one doing or saying anything! What a bunch of cowards! This is what the hell is wrong with this country…we just watch this type of injustice in this case literally happen right before their faces and they say and do absolutely NOTHING! THEY ARE ALL COMPLICIT!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m wrong here it seem like the school broad had the power to label someone as disorderly matter how slight per their slanted interpertations and the police officer had a mind of attack dog obey school board commands go stick him and arrest him for being disorderly . I grant the school broad could have him remove for speaking a few second longer than time limit. But this person was not shouting,loud, unruly, just stating his opinion it should of been the police officer call if this person was disorderly which it does not sound like it, the police should just ask him leave and escorting him out that it !! Question if school broad say to this attack dog mind police officer instead arresting him for disorderly person on their say so , if they say he was a danger and shoot him , would this police officer have enough sense on reasonable force for the situation when this person didn’t display any threat or threaten someone or break any law??? Would this stating ones opinion a few second longer than the time limit fit most police departments descriptions as a disorderly person and that to be needed to be arrested ( believe most just ask him to leave ,be quiet your time up and escort him out )or is now that school board can use police state tactics on anyone who have different opinion or view , and police officers will act like mindless attack dogs under commands from exaggerate bias school board ????

    • Anonymous

      Question The parents are tax payers they pay the school board to work for them in the education of their child, must of been a local government public building ,school or town meeting hall, pay to built by parent tax payers !! The parents don’t work for school board it’s the other way around !!! To me the parents should just as much say or more since they’re paying how these school board meeting are being conducted and have the say who should be ejected !!! To me it like a low level workers kicking out the owners (who pay for everything) and the true boss (the parents) on what their children should be taught and the method of education not these low level workers on a power control trip !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I say HOME SCHOOL. The public school system is promoting immorality, indoctrinating our young to wrong thinking. H O M E S C H O O L

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the home school but the progressive with their common core is blocking this option or choice to our citizens with their new math even if you have a college education you be lucky if you can help your child with third grade math !!! Then for your child to be accepted in colleges you must pass common core test with new math and learn the false BS brainwashing history that common core put out !!!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone in that room should have stood up and complained, but it just shows that the Liberals have won at least in that state. Being New Hampshire, I am not surprised. The whole New England is made up of lemmings.

  • Anonymous

    The parents should elect school broad members that will listen to the parents not to dictate to parents on their children learning ,and dictate to them to be silent if they have different opinion or view than the school board , and don’t promote a one sided meetings where parents are railroaded in accepting school board dictates !!

  • Anonymous

    this is what become of public schools this is ridicules.

  • Tyler Carraway

    I was really amazed at how calm and professional that guy was.
    I want to applaud his ability not to react in anger or pride. That was amazing.

  • Equis

    I would really like to know their law on disorderly conduct because I don’t think that criteria was met. He should sue for false arrest.

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