‘White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry': Glenn reacts to bizarre new video that apologizes for years of white privilege

“White Guys: We suck And We’re Sorry.” That is the title of a new 2-minute video written and produced by Stephen Parkhurst, who gained some notoriety for a similarly themed video he created last year entitled “Millennials: We Suck And We’re Sorry.” According to the video’s YouTube description, it is time for “straight white dudes” to apologize. “It’s not that we’re against inequality,” the description claims. “We just can’t relate to it.”

Check out the video below (WARNING: While it may feel like you are watching a Saturday Night Live skit, alas, you are not – this is real):

Glenn came across the video last night, and he immediately got to writing a monologue in response. On radio this morning, Glenn questioned what exactly he is supposed to apologize for. Is being born a certain way now a crime? Are all white men really as evil as the clip suggests? Finally, is apologizing for the actions of those who came before us the new ‘status quo’ in the collectivist society progressives are fighting so hard for?

“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to apologize for,” Glenn said. “Being born a certain way? Are you going to apologize for being born black? Are you going to apologize for being born Hispanic? I’m not going to apologize for being born white, and I’m not going to apologize for being born a male.”

“My impression was that the entire movement was supposed about how you’re not supposed to apologize for the way were you born,” Stu added. “And yet here we are apologizing for the way we were born.”

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Below is a rough transcript of the monologue:

I don’t know what we’re doing as a society. We’re tearing apart absolutely everything and splitting us into little groups. Now white men suck, and we need to apologize. This is something now that is sweeping our college campuses… You’ll think it’s a joke. You’ll think it’s a Saturday Night Live kit, but it’s not, they’re serious. ‘Hi, I’m white. I’m a male, and I suck. And I’ve oppressed people for so long.’ Now, I haven’t oppressed anybody. I don’t apologize for my whiteness or for being born a male. There are some things I can’t change. Oh, no, I guess now I can change that. There are some things I don’t want to change and being a white male, no matter where I live in the world, I’m not ashamed of. I never will be. Yes, I am a white. A white man. Oh, no, but all white males don’t suck. Some have sucked, sure. Some still suck. Uh-huh.

But isn’t it racist to condemn an entire group based on color? And what’s even more amazing: This is coming out of the university systems that are trying to teach us how to be tolerant. What’s more amazing is this is more than just racism. It’s also sexism and gender bashing. All three of those things were constantly being lectured to as being bad. All three of those things I was taught was wrong growing up in a household in the 1960s – run by a white male. Is it possible I learned that those things were wrong? But could we look at the theory of all white men suck for a minute?

Robert Mugabe, white male. He sucked. Wait, no, he’s black. Well, a white male Che [Guevara]. He sucked. He killed all kinds of people. Hated homosexuals. Hated blacks. Oh, no, wait. He was Hispanic. Well, Mao. Mao, he really sucked. But wait, he was Chinese. So maybe it isn’t race because some of the biggest killers of the last 100 years were of different colors. Okay, it’s got to be something different because Robert Byrd sucked and he was a white male. He was a Klan member. But he was a Democrat. Hitler sucked. He was white. But he was a socialist. Stalin sucked, and he was a white male. But he was a communist. Yes, they’re all men. Maybe that’s it. It’s just that they’re all men. No, Margaret Sanger, she sucked. She’s responsible for the death of millions. And she was white, but she was a woman and a progressive.

So the Grinch puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore. To suck because you’re a white male isn’t quite right. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit more. Abe Lincoln, he was a white male. He didn’t suck. Jack Kennedy, he was a white male. He didn’t suck. The new pope, he’s a white male. A lot of people don’t think he sucked. The first beloved black president, he’s a white male. Wait. Tesla was a white male. He gave us the outlet and the power generation that we now have in our damns. The reason why you can hear my voice today is because of Tesla. He was a white male. Louis Pasteur is the reason why many of us are alive today. He was a white male. He gave us antibiotics. Henry Ford was a white guy. He gave us the assembly line which created a Detroit that was out in the front lines in early 1900s as a city that was an absolute boon for blacks and anyone who wanted and needed good jobs. Yes, Henry Ford was personally a racist and horribly anti-Semitic. But I believe he was also a progressive Democrat. His work is responsible for one of the largest cash cows for the progressive movement, the Ford Foundation.

‘Wait a minute,’ said the Grinch. If the left hates the white man so much, one of the worst white men who ever created a whole bunch of jobs and a whole bunch of good things. But let’s not concentrate on that. Let’s just concentrate on his racism, his blood money that he made. If they hate him so much, then they should refrain from taking that blood money from the Ford Foundation. FDR, he was a white male, beloved by the elite and left. And of course, we know he didn’t suck. He only put the Japanese behind barbed wire. He was a progressive Democrat, you know. Woodrow Wilson, there’s a white man for you. Oh, college professors love him. Same college professors who now want me to call all white men evil, continually put Woodrow Wilson as one of the greatest presidents to ever live – in the same category as Abraham Lincoln and that other guy who built the concentration camps for people of different color. What’s so odd about this grouping is the fact that one of them freed the slaves as a white Republican and the other two are progressive Democrats. And Wilson re-segregated the army – a profound racist and a general in the war on women. Hmm.

I’m noticing a pattern here. LBJ was a white male. He was also a progressive democratic icon. Everybody loved him. He was a creator of the great society. He was also the man who single-handedly shut down the civil rights legislation and kept it down for a decade before it was finally reintroduced when he was president. It was a decade of strife, of bloodshed, and assassinations of Malcolm X and MLK. If LBJ had been on the right side, none of that stuff would have had to happen. Side note: The legislation was proposed by a white male, a president who is white. No, not John F. Kennedy, of course. You’d have to use Common Core math to make that a decade. No, it was Dwight Eisenhower. A white male. Yes, who was also one of those Republicans.

The white heritage that we’re supposed to now hate is also the Judeo-Christian heritage which first freed the slaves in Egypt and then led to the enlightenment and the Second Great Awakening which freed the slaves in America. It is the white heritage that gave us Benjamin Franklin, yes, that evil founder, who was not only a strong abolitionist but also started the first public hospital and gave the world his invention of the potbelly stove for free. It’s that heritage or the so-called white heritage that is so evil that gave the world the electric light, the movie camera, the television, the Internet, the moon landing. Yes, blacks and people of all different colors and races were involved in that heritage. But here’s the conundrum: You really can’t condemn an entire culture and claim that this culture has made it impossible for the man of color to participate in any meaningful way and then try to claim that the black man or the yellow man or the red man or any man or any woman was powerful enough to add any significant contribution to the amazing accomplishments of this evil white culture. Because if you did, in doing so, you would invalidate your entire argument.

Oh, man, my puzzler is sore again. Of course, if you didn’t do that, then you would have to point out that what happened here in this white male-run evil culture wasn’t all bad. In fact, some, if not much of it, was profoundly good for humans. I mean it wasn’t the Asian culture that did these things. Or the actual African culture that did this. Or the female Hispanic culture, which again seems to undercut the argument that the white heritage isn’t all bad. A lot of things do go into the damning of a man.

I can’t imagine what part a man’s race might play. I always was taught by my father and my grandfather, both white males, that racism was when you judged a man based solely on his race and lumped everyone together due to their skin or to their heritage. They taught me that that’s what Hitler did – judged people by groups, put people in groups of race, color, or ability. It’s what led to Hitler killing the handicapped because they were no longer people. They were just a category.

I have an idea. Actually, with the way things are going today in America, it seems to be less of an idea or at least less of a workable idea and more of, I don’t know, a dream. Let’s leave it at that. I have a dream that one day black children and white children will all play together and work together and love each other and build a better future. I have a dream that a man will not be judged on his sexuality or his gender or his race, but rather the content of his individual character. I know, impossible, isn’t it? We all seem to be moving in the opposite direction. But, hey, this is still America where a man can still dream, right?

  • Anonymous

    I think Mr. Parkhurst just needs to kill himself for the good of all humanity. Oh, and he should probably encourage his father, brothers, uncles, and any white male friends to do likewise.

    • not a liberal

      Absolutely, anyone with his thinking should do all of humanity a favor and take themselves out of the gene pool. Or better yet, make up for it, go and ask a black person if you can be a slave for them to make up for your being so privileged.

    • James Steelman

      What a stunningly moronic suggestion. Did your parents have any children that lived?

      • mitch

        Dense are we?

  • landofaahs

    Yes it is a privilege for me that I am white and I thank God he made me that. So if God gave that to me, why does anyone have a right to complain about it. Are you non-whites jealous? I am proud to be a cracker thank you. Just as I can be proud to be German/Polish/Danish/Jewish and any other distinction anyone wants to make. Oh, how about rich too? I am really thankful I was born when and where I was. I am glad I was born in America. Frankly every black person today needs to ask themselves where would they be today if their ancestors had not been slaves at some point in America? Would you rather have taken your chance in Africa where starvation stalks the land? What idiots.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking that very thing today…how the descendants of slaves are probably better off here in America rather than getting killed by Boko Haram and other groups in Africa. Of course, I do feel bad for people born in the very poor, crumbling inner-city type areas. That must be hard to get out of.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with your statement up until you mention the “very poor, crumbling inner-city type areas”. I served in the USMC and have been around the world. I have seen poor. I have seen people that would literally kill to be as “poor” as the so-called American “poor”. If you have a roof over your head, cable TV, a new car to drive and food stamps you’re NOT poor. I have also worked in those crumbling inner-city areas and the reason they are crumbling is because the people that live there have destroyed them. They don’t get repaired because when people are sent to repair them they are harassed, robbed, killed or all three. The only ones I pity are the children but then again, they grow up to do the same thing.

        • Anonymous

          Well, I didn’t actually mean I felt bad because they were poor. I’m extremely poor myself but I live in a safe area. I meant exactly what I said, I feel bad for people who start out in dangerous areas through no fault of their own, because their lives are in jeopardy and it is probably difficult to get out of there.

      • landofaahs

        Two feet, one in front of the other until you see things called trees,

    • James Steelman

      You should be thankful for every minute you draw breath. The world you live in is about to change drastically. And there will be no room for entitled morons. Learn to swim.

      • landofaahs

        I can swim well. We learned down at the local creek. I know the crap is ready to hit the fan and I am as prepared as anyone can be and I can leave the country too if need be since the borders are wide open. I am entitled to it because I earned it. It is people who never earned it who are the morons who think they are entitled to something they did not earn. I call them thieves and will treat them accordingly if pressed. Yosemite?

      • mitch

        Why not? We have lived with entitled morons for 50 years. They’re called welfare recipients.

    • Anonymous

      They would be hacked nearly to death by gangs wielding machetes as my missionary brothers friend was. Their daughters might be hauled off by militant muslim extremists. They might be stricken with AIDs malaria or starvation. The white devils….

      • landofaahs

        I guess we shouldn’t tell them since they are so comfortable playing the victim. It’s a very safe but unrewarding world to live in though when you blame others for your failings. They are slaves tot heir own failures and blame is their master.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the bozo that produced this nonsense has already relinquished every possession in his life – his job, money, kids, wife, po rn collection and anything else of value to show how serious he is about this. Time to lead by example, dummy. No more of this lib krap of do as I say, not as I do.

    • Jon Galt

      you really think this kid has a job?

    • James Steelman

      The “bozo” that produced this nonsense successfully rattled the feather of an entire cadre of mindless dolts…yourself included. Maybe it’s time you reconsidered your life goals.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps, he wants to be asian, or negro, or puertorican , or Chinese, o indian,…anything but white….the galaxy only knows…..lately there is wave of not to be …or not to like as Mother Nature designed….in certain individuals/

    • landofaahs

      Frankly, I just hate those Martians. They are short little green things you can’t understand because they don’t speak English.

  • Laurel

    I’m trying to figure who started this stupid movement and why anyone white or otherwise should apologize for anything.

    It’s ignorance on display to say the least.

    • Wulf

      probably started by some globalist/elitist white guy who wants to continue the destruction of the middle class and start race riots.

      • Anonymous
        • Wulf


      • James Steelman

        I dare you to make less sense.

        • Wulf

          I dare you to attempt thinking for yourself

          • James Steelman

            Well, braniac…the video that your messiah Becky boy is ranting about is a parody. Any normal, non frothing-at-the-mouth human could see that. How’s that for thinking for myself?

          • dmaheu14@gmail.com

            Yeah, they don’t get parody. Hell it took years for them to figure out Stephen Colbert is mocking them.

    • Herman Vogel

      It is all to Buy Votes and for no other reason. LBJ said, in the 60s after signing the “New Deal”, “We will have those “N” words voting Dumbocrat for the next 200 yrs”. Ever wonder why he would say something like that, and why he would be so sure? You see, he knew human nature, some of us would rather sit around getting high, sleeping until 2PM and still get paid. Others, Not so much. So he needed a wedge to drive between the Tax payers that pay the bill and the others that Vote for a living to make sure HE and his ilk were safe from having to be just another American working for a living. That wedge in called PC. Simple.

      • Jon Galt

        LBJ did say that, however it was “the great society,” i.e. welfare programs, war on poverty. The New Deal was FDR.

        And so far LBJ was right. The legislation passed and blacks have camped on the Democrat plantation ever since. Apparently free stuff from racists (actually taxpayers, but promised to them by racists) buys forgiveness towards them and animosity to the party that’s been fighting for their rights since its inception with Abraham Lincoln.

    • Shane

      This is happening in college campuses across the USA as white men are viewed as the enemy. No wonder so many men are choosing to not go to college. I’m a proud white American who will not apologize for being white, male, Christian, or an American.

      • Laurel

        And you shouldn’t have to.

      • Tom A Robb

        It’s called White Genocide! Diversity is a code word for white genocide. The origin can be traced back to the Frankfurt School. Check out the internet for more info.

        • Emily Savannah Chambers

          If we didn’t have “diversity” as you so ignorantly put it, Men women and children of color would still be sold as property by the ancestors of ignorant and possibly backwards people such as yourself. Diversity doesn’t mean we have to hate a group. America is NOT a melting pot… It’s more like… A really good casserole… You have a lot of different flavors from different vegetables and they all go really good together.

          • Jack Clayton

            No we just have to learn to tolerate ignorant liberal fools like yourself. NO ONE in this country has ever picked cotton against their will. History is just that history. You want to hold on to the past to be victimized and held in a different kind of bondage go ahead. Think before you speak.

          • Anonymous

            No one in this country has ever picked cotton against their will ? Huh?!

          • James Steelman

            Yeah AmericanIrish, I’m with you… that comment shoud win some kind of award for the most grossly ignorant comment ever made. Wow! Uh, Jack Clayton, are you aware of a period in American history during which white people forced slaves to pick cotton against their will? Are you really that uneducated, or simply a troll looking for a fight?

          • Anonymous

            James, Next time switch your brain on before typing. Thanks for playing. You get a conciliation prize: Centrum vitamins for men.

          • James Steelman

            Haha, good one. By the way, the word is “consolation”. I know grammar and spelling are not important to anyone with their brain switched on, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

          • Anonymous

            Who is presently alive or has been alive for the last several generations. Hello!

          • mitch

            No one alive today. Learn to infer.

          • wanderingalien

            Do you mean NO ONE at the moment? Or no one ever?

          • Aaron

            I’m going to assume he means noone alive, and i agree and disagree with what he is saying, for one we should let that past go, because we cannot change what has already happened, but it should be remembered as an example for all people whatcan happen when we begin prejudice, in full honesty, and you can call me a homophobe i do not like the idea of homosexuality, but i do not believe i have the right to tell another person they can’t do something because of my own beliefs, because then at some point someone could say no more religion for anyone because someone doesn’t like it, tolerance doesn’t mean that we all have to hold hands and sing songs together, it means that we should all be granted the same freedoms. I should be just as free as a straight white male as being a homosexual Asian femal

          • Krimsen King

            yes, you do need to learn to tolerate them… not doin so hot so far… 😉

          • Erin Vickery

            (For all you liberals) Im not ignorant, & I hold several degrees, but it’s true the school systems began to fail once black and whites integrated. Families started falling apart when the woman left the home & entered the work place.

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            Diversity is a sham. multiculturalism is a by word for cultural marxism. Diversity only leads to parallel societies who have no allegiance to America. this is the left’s way of divide and conquer. As far as slavery goes, it was White Christian Europeans who stopped slavery. Slavery reigns supreme in Africa and Muslim held countries to this very day, and thats why they were and always will be hell holes without a future. There is no hope for humanity without the white man who maintains his Christianity.

          • Anonymous

            Slavery was outlawed, read up on it.

          • Jesse Elmore


          • Anonymous

            Emily, ‘diversity’ has always been here. America is a bunch of people of different races and ethnic backgrounds. The problem has always been ‘elitism’, something the Founders, the Republicans and both white and black (and other) Americans have fought long and hard to eradicate.

            Elitism is the notion that some people are superior to others. Democrats worked long and hard to keep black people enslaved, then disempowered with Jim Crow laws and poll taxes and gun control and marriage licenses, now with the welfare system that prevents black Americans from standing on their own feet.

            In our national parks, we have signs saying, “Don’t feed the bears. It makes them dependent and unable to provide for themselve.” Democrats have cleverly extended this to a national institution and guess who they think the ‘bears’ are.

            White and black Republicans and other free people fought a bloody war and continue the struggle to get all Americans free of those nefarious games.

        • James Steelman

          Thank you, Mr. Neo-Nazi recruiter!

        • Anonymous

          White Genocide. That is a perfect term going forward. Our home grown communist have used every possible means to destroy their own race and country and some of us know who the bastards are want revenge.

          • Emma Nicholson

            I agree with you, Laurel, no one (White or otherwise) should ever have to apologize for anything!!!! This is America and WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY!

      • Anonymous

        AMEN brother!

        • James Steelman

          You shouldn’t use AMEN to punctuate hatred and intolerance. Satan will sodomize you for that.

          • Anonymous

            The Lord rebuke you. Amen.

          • Anonymous

            Shane didn’t say anything hateful, you self-loathing moron. I’m sure you know quite a bit about sodomy, don’t you?

      • Jack Clayton

        Amen and Hallelujah! I have been saying the very same for years now. I am not responsible for the mistakes and sins of every white Christian male that has come before me. Do not portray me as a villain because of my circumstance just as I don’t judge anyone for theirs.

        • James Steelman

          If there is a God, I pray that one day you are struck down and eaten by a pack of starving homeless people.

          • Anonymous

            “If there is a God…”
            The Lord says: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the holy is understanding”.
            The Lord says: “Bless and curse not”.

          • mitch

            You certainly are a hateful POS. May you have a long and miserable life.

        • Anonymous

          Additionally, you should not so easily dismiss the merits of your ‘white’ ‘Christian’ ancestors. Who taught you to be ashamed of them? Why did you accept their accusations?

          • metrogoldwyn

            they same can be said for every race and ethnicity

    • Jayne Nielsen

      It’s called the Liberal White man’s guilt. Why do you think the likes of Dirty Harry Reid continue to pander to Blacks, illegal aliens, etc? The ironic thing is, Dirty Harry is a millionaire but does he contribute to any charitable organizations??? No. Not like Mitt Romney who tithes 10% to his Church and has given millions to charitable organizations yet continues to be demonized by Dirty Harry.

      I agree with you, Laurel, no one (White or otherwise) should ever have to apologize for anything!!!! This is America and WE BUILT THIS COUNTRY!!!

      • Laurel

        Well said!

      • MamMaC3

        I am no fan of Harry Reid but he and Mitt belong to the same church. I would imagine Harry Reid contributes the same 10% to the church but I don’t know anything about his contributions to charitable organizations. This is a perfect example of how two men can seemingly come from the same set of beliefs and have them manifest themselves in such polar opposite ways. It is crazy. This is why the argument above is so stupid. Your race, religion, orientation, etc. isn’t what makes the person. It is the content of their character, that is what defines us. Integrity too.

        • Anonymous

          Harry is in no way representative of Mormons. I don’t know what his standing is in the Church, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he is no longer in it.

        • Anonymous

          These men are individuals. The dont come off the mormon assembly line. I have strong difference of opinion with Mormon teaching, but Mitt by all indications is a generous man. Their charitable giving are accessible through tax records and have been published if Im not mustaken.

      • Bill Morin

        it’s called democrats will pass anything to get elected, will do anything to cover up mistakes, will go out of their way to divide people and point fingers while demanding everyone’s complete tolerance to their beliefs.

      • Anonymous

        And let’s not forget one important thing, I for one am first generation Itialian-American and my people came here leagally and LEARNED ENGLISH!!! they bacame Americans,and for that I am gratful.

      • Anonymous

        A slight correction for you: Harry, Mitt and I are all of the same religion, much though I hate to admit that I have anything in common with Harry. Harry does pay tithing to the church, just like Mitt and I do.The church welfare program is not funded from tithing. It is funded by Fast Offerings, which are paid on the first Sunday of each month, when we fast for two meals and give the money that would have been expended on those meals to the church for helping the poor. It is up to each member to determine how much money they might have spent on those two meals. For me it might be Jack in the Box, while for Mitt it might be Delmonico’s. I don’t know where Harry places himself, or even if he gives at all. Most Mormons don’t say anything about it.

      • WoodsC

        Actually, Harry Reid also tithes at least 10%. They are both LDS and in good standing with their respective churches.

    • Dixon

      Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for everybody!

      Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

      The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

      Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

      What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries? How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem? And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

      But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      White Genocide Project . c0m

      • Laurel

        I see where you are going with this. The key to that debate is whether the mixing is forced or not. If it is of free will then it isn’t discriminatory. Anything else is.

        Another problem is far too many do not know what constitutes a Caucasian. They would be surprised if they did.

    • Linda Sills

      They are grouping people into categories. That leads to gulags, concentration camps and misery and a lot of death!

      • Laurel

        Yep. I agree. Divide and conquer.

        • James Steelman

          If only someone would figure out out how to divide and conquer the mentally challenged ameobas on this thread.

          • Laurel

            Including you.

    • Jack Clayton

      Those aren’t men, they have “feelings”

    • Mary

      This all began in 1988 by Peggy McIntosh. The “Invisible Knapsack” is a term coined by McIntosh in her essay, “Unpacking the Knapsack of White Privilege”, based on racial inequality. McIntosh argues that the unearned resources carried in the Invisible Knapsack are not in broad view or intended to be seen. Her short essay states that, “White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks.” McIntosh emphasizes that these privileges are not distributed equally or shared by individuals of every race.

      Here is the link to her paper. http://www.iub.edu/~tchsotl/part2/McIntosh%20White%20Privilege.pdf

      I am a seminary student and had to incorporate this into papers on how I thought being a WHITE female would hinder my ability to be in ministry and minister to folks, especially of other races. I argued against this notion completely and it was not taken well.

      • Laurel

        Mary thank you so much for that link. I will read it.

    • Anonymous

      The phenomenon isn’t inherently wrong, but the way it’s pushed is.

      “Privilege” is when you never encounter something someone else of whatever visual difference may have to deal with on a daily basis. (So basically, we’re talking about a discrimination based on what you look like… when normally it shouldn’t matter.)

      For instance: this “white privilege” is considered such when you don’t have to deal with any situation that someone who may not be white will question whether or not their skin tone came into play. “If I was white, this would be different.”

      “Male privilege” would be not being dismissed your ideas because you’re “moody”.

      So, yeah, pretty much any time you could say “If I was (descriptor), this would be different.” is considered a “privilege”. (tall, straight, thin, blonde, non-disabled, etc)

      To me, yes – there are times in my life I have been passed over because I didn’t fit the bill for whatever it was. But I don’t sit here and say it’s the other person’s fault – I say it’s because the person I was dealing with was an insufferable a-hole and couldn’t bother looking past his own nose.

      I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for anything, but I do believe it is good to be able to see that sometimes, what you look like can give you an unfair advantage and give others disadvantages. But the movement is hurting being able to change any of that. I want to live in a world that MLK dreamed – where no one is judged by what they look like, but for who they are and we cannot get there by bringing up the people who are oppressed while oppressing those who are not.

      • Laurel

        Sorry but I disagree.

        I commend you that you don’t have a pity party and I totally agree with that. However 99% of the time you don’t know why you were passed over for a singular event. You don’t know if it was because you weren’t blonde or otherwise. You don’t know if it was because you are a male or female.

        Most claims of discrimination are often based in emotionalism. Not all though, but it is a high bar to prove and because of that it often leaves all parties involved burned.

        People need to learn no one promised you a rose garden and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. You use the term privilege very broadly. Should we create a world of “Harrison Bergeron” and handicap everyone no matter what their talents may be?

        See I don’t see someone being born beautiful or ugly as a privilege because those particular traits come with their own particular set of disadvantages. Using the term privilege in a broad sense only divides us even more into groups and that makes our differences be it beauty, brains, or what have you even more glaring…not less.

        • Anonymous

          And I respectfully disagree that it doesn’t happen or that people who claim being discriminated on are “just being emotional”. My vague example was just that, a vague example. It doesn’t just happen in “events” where one can be “passed over” (I’m assuming you’re probably thinking job interviews or housing applications). This stuff happens in multiple ways. As in, times when people feel it’s okay to judge a person by what they look like, for instance, when you’re fat. An example of thin privilege would be able to go to your doctor when you’ve broken your toe and getting an x-ray and a cast, not being told “your foot hurts because you’re fat, just lose weight and the pain will go away.” It’s a situation where people who have never seen it any other way have no need to think twice the next time it happens. You break a bone, you go to the doctor and get a cast. Right? But for someone who has had it happened to them, they sit there saying “but it does happen” and are told they’re wrong (“doctors don’t do that….”), or worse – blamed (“well, maybe you wouldn’t have broken a toe if you weren’t so fat.” despite the reason the toe was broken in the first place). It doesn’t matter how the toe got broken, the point is… the toe is broken. You have a broken bone, you go to the doctor to get it healed properly. It’s not about being promised a rose garden, it’s about being treated like a human being instead of a lying sack of meat who is “out for sympathy” and “reading into things too much”.

          I know life is not a rose garden and that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And like, I said, I don’t exactly agree to the term. I think it’s pompous. But, what should just be “life”, however, isn’t.

          For instance, I’ve never broke a bone and had a doctor question whether or not my size comes into play (and I know it does happen, because I’ve seen it happen). I have, though, experienced an unexplained rapid rise of my weight that had no explanation. Having grown up in a household with a nurse parent, I will admit I did have an *actual* privilege in knowing that rapid weight gain is usually a sign of something wrong. However, having just had a baby and being put on BC for the first time, I attributed it to that and thought nothing more. But then, a year later, I found that my thyroid was swollen. Then the other symptoms came. Memory loss, fatigue, thinning hair, constantly cold, even more weight gain with still no change in diet but it was getting harder to exercise because of constant exhaustion, poor basal body temp upon rising – everything pointed to my thyroid, yet every time I went to my doctor (and full disclosure, this was my new family doctor because I moved 2000 miles away from home) “oh, you’re just experiencing that because of your weight. Lose weight.”, “but what about the lump?”, “nah, it’s just the weight, see here? Your TSH is just fine. You’re just fat, lose weight.”

          My conditions got worse. I couldn’t even do a single errand outside my house without having to sleep afterwards I was that exhausted. I would forget I was even talking to someone half-way through my sentence. I honestly had to write down EVERYTHING I wanted to say for my appointment with my doctor. You know what she said? It was still my weight. I just needed to lose weight and the symptoms would go away. The ONLY reason she had me see an ENT was that I said I was having trouble breathing and swallowing if I turned my head. (which I’m honestly surprised she didn’t just tell me to “not turn my head to swallow” with her attitude.) Even with a TSH at 4.25 (which is technically still under the original lab guide of “normal”, which a good portion have changed their ranges to .3-3.0 to reflect “normal” more accurately thanks to studies done) my doctor still had the audacity to tell me that people in my range “barely start to show symptoms”, again, insisting that my weight was still to blame for the majority of it.

          To make a long story short, after 5 years of arguing with my doctor, I eventually did have to have half my thyroid removed due to a tennis-ball sized nodule growing in it. Within that nodule, they found cancer. Since having it removed and hormones balanced to have a TSH under 1, things are getting MUCH better and I am easily able to do the things as I was before having my child.

          My point with this personal account is, I was looked at and told my problem was pretty much “in my head” and that my weight was the culprit. If I continued to listen to that, what was only a small amount of malignant cancer could have become much more and spread. It’s not emotionalism, it’s realism. I’m not talking about if I’m “better off” (though certainly you can make the strawman argument that I am better off without cancer) – my weight trumped my humanity. And here’s the thing – if I was thinner, it would have been different. (And I’m not talking about having hyperthyroidism as opposed to hypothyroidism)

          So yes, I agree that using the “privilege” scapegoat can be used as a way to divide us. However, as I noted, the phenomenon isn’t unfounded. It does exist. People do use our differences as a division and have used it in ways to prefer one “type” over another. Which, I’m not saying it’s wrong for people to prefer brunettes over blondes or vice-versa, but it is a problem when it comes to things where personal preference *shouldn’t* matter. Yes, we do have our differences and that is what makes us wonderful – but our differences shouldn’t trump who we are as people and no one should be treated like dirt because of them. And if you don’t agree, then, I’m sorry. You’re one of those a-holes I feel sorry for.

          • Laurel

            I skimmed your rant. Sorry but I did because it appears you are saying that because someone disagrees on what is considered attractive, healthy, etc that they are being judged and judging incorrectly.

            Sorry but that is not the case. Furthermore judging someone is not necessarily discriminating. For every thing you think is a privilege I can show you a downside. My mother was thin, pretty, and little. She always had trouble finding clothes, was freezing cold all of the time, and died young due to an unhealthy immune system. there are many that would of killed to look like her.

            You are not applying the meaning of privilege correctly in the context of the word or life. As to whether personal preference should matter or not in any given situation that is an opinion and that opinion is going to vary from individual to individual. People are people and they cannot help but put their personal preference to any decision making…including you.

            Your anecdotal evidence is just that and so it counts for little. I’m sorry about your cancer and original misdiagnosis but unfortunately people get misdiagnosed every single day for a myriad of reasons. Yes that doctor let his own bias get in the way and hopefully you taught him a lesson. However you are letting YOUR bias get in the way as well. I’m betting the doctor has a whole different take on your situation and the reality is stats related to obesity are not in your favor but in the doc’s favor. You are the exception that quite possibly proves the rule.

            That doesn’t mean we should lose our humanity towards the obese, quite the opposite actually. In a perfect world we would treat the obese much better and the drug addicts who claim victim-hood and ‘disease’ status worse. Why don’t we? Because while I praise individuality I know that a little bit of conformity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And we conform daily in a lot of ways whether we realize it or not. Public behavior is but one way.

            You based your whole post to me on your personal experience and I understand that due to my personal experiences in the same area but my overall point is applied in a much broader context. There will always be exceptions and generally speaking they prove the rule.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, skimmed yours too. And I see you’re still just reading what you want.

            How many times have I said the word does not fit right? I hate the word. It’s a stupid word that doesn’t work for what it’s trying to point out. I only use the word because that’s what people are trying to use, so I’m *TRYING* to explain to you what it is they’re *MEANING*. And, as I’ve stated, I AGREE that it’s being wrongly used in a broader context – and I understand what you’re saying with the whole broader context. However, I’m not talking about the broader context. I’m talking about the lesser context that DOES happen and SHOULD NOT be written off. In layterms – Making people apologize for living life as who they are because they were not aware that they just fit in with the majority of “personal preference” doesn’t need to happen. Recognizing people are honestly being limited their freedoms due to their appearance? It’s a good thing to know it exists so we can work to have it stop.

            Also, as I stated as well, there are times when personal preference *SHOULD NOT* play a part of a situation. Instances like going to the doctor. If you feel a doctor should pick and choose how he treats a person based on their appearance, there is an issue. A BIG issue. Laws have been written to try to point out when this isn’t acceptable, so why do you feel the need to protect those who just write the law off? I’m not talking about personal preferences in a flippant way. I don’t care if someone “likes me” or not. I do care whether or not if that person doesn’t like me because of who I am and this person can stand in my way to keep me from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

            And if you’re ever in that position as that person who can stand in the way – if you can’t put behind your preferences, you’ve got a problem. And to counter your statement, yes, I can put behind my personal preferences. I have a job where I deal every day with people and my main concern is 1) can I help them. 2) is what they need helped with possible 3) what can I do to help them the best way possible? I don’t care who I’m speaking to. I do my job. I don’t care what you look like – all I care is that you’ve come to me because I offer a service that you need and I will do what I can to offer that service to you. There’s no need to bring in personal preferences. Though, I will admit, if you’re nice to me – I’ll give you a discount. Doesn’t matter what you look like. You’ve made the decision to be nice, I’ll reciprocate it because for the most part – I don’t get many nice people because I work with customers at one of the most stressful times in their lives.

            And your anecdotal evidence only serves to show how screwed up our desire to be “thin” is. Doesn’t it occur to you as odd that a person could be dying from cancer, but people find it okay to note how “good they look” because they’re thin? It sucks, but that’s a whole different movement. Sorry you lost your mother early. But when she went to the doctor, I bet you she had no problems when talking to her doctor. If she had a complaint, they looked into it, right? That is where my story comes into play. If you’re thin and have a problem, when you say you have a problem, you’re more likely to have that problem looked at and dealt with. When you’re fat, there is a larger than there should be chance that you’ll only be told to ‘lose weight’ (or, worse, told you need to take medications you don’t need). This isn’t just misdiagnosis, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. But as I keep saying, I hate the word “privilege” because I don’t like how it points to the one party as if it is their fault. But it sucks that the party has to be brought in to point out that “Wait, these people can do this simply because they look this way, but I’m being treated differently because I look different.” But again, you can’t say that it doesn’t happen because it does and is. And it’s not just fat vs thin, it IS white vs black, man vs woman, young vs old, etc.

            If you still can’t see what I’m trying to say, don’t bother replying. I’m done. I’ve constantly noted I understand what you’re saying, I agree to the majority for the most part, but there is a problem – just not the “broader context” that was originally put forth on this site. Troll back if you must, but I won’t bother reading it and I certainly won’t reply back. I have said my piece and feel my point has been made (and is simply falling on blind eyes), so there’s no point. Arguing on the internet is like having a contest to see who can lose the most blood the quickest. So I’m going to bow out and hope that maybe, some day, something will click and you’ll finally understand what I’ve written here instead of continuing to look at it through your “broader context” lenses.

          • Laurel

            People are human and not infallible including you hence your hostility issues.
            The word doesn’t fit because it is the absolute wrong word…find the right one. Do not blame me and others for your anger management issues and inability to communicate.
            In the world anecdotal evidence counts for very little. Believe it or not I do understand what you are saying but it just isn’t applicable.

            And P.S as to my mother. Nope. It was due to misdiagnosis and malpractice she died. Doctors are arrogant and ignorant all of the time. As I said…not infallible. What do you call the guy who graduated at the bottom of his med school? Doctor.

  • Wulf

    Michael Jordan admits to being recaist when he was young, yet the media doesn’t attack him like they did Paula Deen

    I’ve had the opposite experience from Jordan. I grew up with black/Hispanic friends, never initially thinking about race. After having experienced so much mistreatment from minorities, though, it seems to me that reality is the opposite of what the media preaches. I hate to say it, but in today’s society, black folks are much more racist than white folks- I’m speaking in general, of course. Not categorizing EVERY single person’s feelings.

    I’m close to 40 years old, and in the last 20 years I can say white males are mistreated by the media, Govt programs, and many “minorities”.

    Just because some white guys are billionaires, doesn’t mean the other 99.999% of white folks are “privileged”.

    • Jayne Nielsen

      I watched Hannity last night and Tiki Barber was on speaking about Michael Jordan. What happened was while he was in school a White girl called him the “N” word and he threw his soda can at her. He admits having “racist” feelings for quite a while after that incident but he has resolved it within himself (as Tiki so eloquently stated “Michael Jordan became educated”) and does not harbor those feelings now. In fact, he married a White gal.

      Instead of targeting Michael Jordan, why doesn’t the media call out Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder, and all the other whiners, complainers, and race hustlers???!!!

      • Wulf

        Jayne- I agree with you, and I don’t have a problem with Jordan’s comments. My problem is that if he was a white guy the media would have made a huge issue out of it. I’m just tired of the double standard

      • Anonymous

        because someone called him a name…. Oh brother….I have a cousin who had a pistol held against her impregnated stomach by a black man. He stole her car. Ill spare you the trouble of listing my families terrible experiences from residency in Philadelphia and Jacksonville. Guess what? I moved on. I watch my back and give everybody a fair shot. Grow up Michael Jordan.

  • Anonymous

    My experiences are nowhere close to what is being portrayed by Barack Obama and the liberal media.

    From the time I was 15 until I retired a few years ago I worked. I attended college at night and obtained my under graduate and MBA ALL WHILE WORKING and raising a family (3 children).

    I went from a general factory worker (floor sweeper) to the level of Associate Director (Vice President of Operations). Along the way there were many occasions where, at a certain level, a black was promoted ahead of me. Most of the times it was because the company was into “Affirmative Action” and other artificial crutches in their attempt to right the past wrongs of society. While this did not make me happy, I did understand and knew that it was part of the process. It motivated me to work harder, smarter and longer to get ahead.

    To this day I hold no ill feelings about how the company chose to deal with the situation. I will say that many of the promoted people hit their “Peter Principle” right away so I don’t think the company was rewarded for their decisions. Incompetency was one of the negative outcomes from the affirmative action programs.

    It is now the 21st century and I believe it is time to stop discrimination of any type. This includes affirmative action, set asides, quota’s and any other artificial advantage for any minority One of the beauties of the free enterprise system is that if you want to make money you will hire and promote the person you believe will help you achieve success.

    I am a white guy who has absolutely zero guilt for what happened 150+ years ago. I live in the now and I don’t like Barack Obama because he is not helping this country to move forward. I have never seen somebody so full of blame.

  • not a liberal

    First of all, not one of those white guys are “straight”, everyone of them is gay. And as far as not being able to walk alone, I live in Atlanta, and I can put a black woman or man walking in a white neighborhood and they would be fine. Take a white girl or guy and put them in the black neighborhood and they will not make it. So take your sh-t and shove it. What a bunch of bullcrap.

  • Anonymous

    White guilt, such a scam. The people who do this kind of garbage have a low self-image and depend on the constant stream of approval from others just to work up the energy to get out of bed in the morning. They play right into the manipulation and shaming tactics. The fact is, morons like this are in a prison of their own making. Such a miserable existence.

  • Anonymous

    Duke Lacrosse? Really? How can you be that ignorant of the facts?

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    This HAS to be facetious! Come on…aren’t these White guys really saying, “Give it a rest, you politically correct, paranoid “others.” WE’VE had some hard knocks, too, like competing with one another for jobs, graciously accepting women’s liberation, and coping with dramatic sociopolitical upheavals.” Well, this better be tongue-in-cheek…

    • Anonymous

      That’s how I took it…

  • Marlene Kelley

    I am sick to death of the racism against whites! I am white, and I am not racist–never have been, neither was any of my family. I have always liked or disliked people based upon “the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

    • Shane

      There is just as much racism among blacks and Hispanics as there is among whites, if not more.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get it. It’s impossible for a minority to be racist. You’re white, so you inherited a whole slew of privileges from being white, all courtesy of your white forefathers (even if they aren’t related to you by blood, you’re all related by melanin!) Everything bad is from whites; everything kewl is from minorities.

        It helps if you have someone repeat this to you while undergoing electroshock. Contrary to popular opinion, embracing the Stockholm Syndrome requires a lot of hard brainwashing.

        • ValueSet

          To Those Who comment Here:

          Do not respond to this obviously very delusional and unbalanced person.

          • Anonymous

            Sarcasm isn’t your strong suit, eh?

        • Anonymous

          noun: racism
          belief that all members of EACH race possess characteristics or
          abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as
          inferior or superior to another race or races.
          discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different
          race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.


          • Tom A Robb

            Racism was a word created by Lion Trotsky. It was for the purpose to promoting Cultural Marxism and thus White Genocide. Check out http://www.saveouramericanheritage.com

          • Anonymous

            It matters not who or how the term began. That was generations ago and times have changed many times since then. As it stands TODAY, the term should apply in both directions no matter how someone wants to use it. The discussion here was that certain races want to claim it for themselves alone.

          • Anonymous

            Minnie, It does matter how and where it began because the term was conceived with an agenda. if people understood this they would understand how they’re being deceived, taught to dismiss rational thought.

          • Anonymous

            Makes no difference to me. I am who I am and nothing is going to change that. I could really care less what anyone thinks of me. What really matters is what I think of me.
            If we all did that then all this crap would go away.

          • Anonymous

            Your key phrase “if people understood this” …. unfortunately that is the problem – getting them all to understand. Our education system does not do a good job at this. ..neither does the media which pushes their own agenda. Rational thought is not a part of that agenda, sorry to say.

          • Anonymous

            I’m white and all I ever inherited was a cotton field picking cotton for a buck fifty per 100 lbs for the other guy. Not all whites had it so good.

          • Anonymous

            For two days I have not been able to go to the replies to respond.  I get this message:
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        • Guardian

          “Everything bad is from whites; everything kewl is from minorities. ” – Please substantiate your claim.

          • Anonymous

            I think you are missing the point of katyll’s post. Reread it and be sure to read the last paragraph.

          • Guardian

            I read it. Unless it was intended as sarcasm, my post stands as is.

        • Laurel

          That is a boatload of baloney you got there. Perhaps you should look up and discern the definition of racism.

        • Women98

          and you are ignorant

      • Jeramy Hudgeons

        That is a load of crap and you know it.

        • Laurel

          Wanna bet?

          Explain the self segregation to me then.

          • Anonymous

            There is more willful segregation on behalf of minorities because the racist tendencies of minority groups are stronger, and as I stated above…theres nothing wrong with being “racist” if you understand the true definition of the term. I am pleased with my identity as a white Christian American, and with my fathers as Scots. I see the differences among other peoples and I prefer the customs and history of mine. I believe it to be preferable over the others. By definition that makes me a “racist”. Racism has nothing to do with violence or hatred. It can develop into such things, which are not to be condoned.

            Hello. Im a White, Christian, Male. I do not apologize. I love and bless those I come in contact with and my conscience is clear before God.

          • Laurel

            the real question is not what you prefer because you were raised to prefer it. You should prefer it as a matter of fact because anything else is self loathing and mental illness. The real question is do you discriminate against others for preferring their own race? Do you disrespect in all of it’s various forms other races in favor of your own? do you discriminate based upon race?

      • Anonymous

        More. Believe me theres more.

  • Anonymous

    This is why parents need to reconsider the colleges they are sending their kids to. It’s time to send the kids to local county colleges for the first 2 years, and then make the kids pay their own way for the last 2-3 years of college of their own choice. When they have to pay for it, they’ll change their tunes.

  • Anonymous

    um yeah… I’m a middle aged white guy and I AM PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but I will not apologize for the way I was born- and no one else should either! I do not carry “white guilt” and refuse to do it- and no, I am not a racist, even though I am being told I am every waking minute of every day!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously, if it started on a college campus, what do people expect. It’s borne out of Socialist thinking.

    When in the Sam hill will intelligent people of this Country realize that socialism is the belief of Lenin, hitler, and Mussolini?

    Is this what you want to live with? really?

    It’s high time we do something about this subversive school system in our Country.

    This is exactly what Hitler did. Indoctrinate the children and you own the Country.
    wake-up America,

  • Anonymous

    The de facto President of the United States is the one promoting this divisiveness of race, heritage and gender. He was supposed to be a “healer”. Instead, he’s a “wounder”, causing the wounds of hate to get wider. The de facto President has serious mental issues because of what happened during his own upbringing of not knowing who is parents were, and not having any stability or moral compass in his life. Getting rid of the de facto President will go a long way to heal this nation.

    • Anonymous

      It would be interesting if Ben Carson were elected our next POTUS. The liberals would go absolutely nuts to have a conservative black in the White House.

  • Christian Burgwald

    Jack Ace

  • KayDeeBeau

    Well as I have always been told – you can’t be a doormat if you don’t lay down on the floor….I apologize for nothing to the collective. I do not take on the mantle of guilt.

    I don’t care what color you are (skin color is as relevant as eye color or hair color) – I do care about your behavior and your character.

  • BeeSmart

    Why pay any attention to LOSERS? People with this attitude are self loathing bags of rotten meat. Could not be in same room with them without gagging.

    They are apologizing for their very existence. Maybe someone should put them out of their misery by taking everything they own and making them personal slaves to the individuals whom they feel the need to apologize.

    This behavior is so disgusting it belongs alongside the Nazi’s of WWII. It is anti-human to be so hateful towards an entire population of fellow humans just trying to live day to day. Seems they think they can’t be judged on their characters but on JUST the color of their skin. How racially sensitive.

  • Jon Galt

    ROTFL. Yeah, white privilege got me into Princeton… oh wait, no it didn’t. Well white privilege got me into MIT… oh wait, wrong again. Well certainly white privilege got me good grades in college… wait, no… it got me a good job.. no again…

    Funny it seems like the harder I work the more privileged I get…

    But I’m guessing this child doesn’t know about working hard.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, don’t get too cocky! Remember Dear Leader’s quote: “You didn’t build that!”

  • Anonymous

    I’m laughing cause they keep saying they’re “straight white men.” I can see the white part, but to look at some of them, I’d really question the “straight” claim.

  • Anonymous

    One thing is certain: Stephen Parkhurst does indeed suck

    • Anonymous

      Which is why I wonder why he insists on calling himself a “straight” white guy. That’s completely open to question. But I guess you can still be straight even after you self-amputate your cajones.

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com/ Karen Rose

    Everyone better apologize to Jesus for how they are treating Him, before asking anyone else to apologize, if they know what is good for them. People need to find out who He really is….Here ya go….15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For by Him ALL THINGS were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and FOR Him. 17 And He is before ALL THINGS, and in Him ALL THINGS consist. 18 And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in ALL THINGS He may have the preeminence. Colossians 1

    So I would be getting with Him, if I were you. He is coming quickly…Rev 22…

    Jesus Testifies to the Churches

    12 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work. 13 I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” HE IS THE REAL GOD, HE SAID SO

    • James Steelman

      If Jesus were alive to hear the rambling of Glenn beck, he would be forced to suggest a second great flood to his Dad.

      • Populist democrat

        He might ask, “Glenn, now that you’re a rich man, what chance to you think you have of getting into heaven?”

  • Anonymous

    White guys cry “uncle” – you are so easily manipulated – get over it!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re a straight white guy, you can safely walk down the street, the morons in the video say. I guess that’s true, unless you get clocked by the Bruthas during the Knock Out Game.

  • Anonymous

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen!

    • James Steelman

      Nope. Your comment is. The video is a parody. Look that up, if you can read.

  • Anonymous

    What a whole bunch of bunk!
    How many decades have the “white men” been left out due to affirmative action where jobs were given on the basis of race not ability.
    It is time to move past all this race, religion, ethnicity hogwash. This is the oldest trick in the book to create civil unrest. Is Soros behind this. He admits he likes to start revolutions.

  • Anonymous

    The white race is in the minority in the world, we probably are outnumbered 6 to 1 and yet we are blamed who all the problems in the world. The white race has done a lot to improve the standard of living throughout the world. Sure white people have done their share of bad deeds but so has every other race of people in the world. I’m sick of people trying to lay a guilt trip on me because of the color of my skin.

  • Anonymous

    EGAD THEY LOOKED AND SOUNDED LIKE WIMPS….So when do the blacks apologize for being black.. or the chinese for being oriental… .??????

  • Rabelad

    I’m a white male, of European stock, ethnically I’m a Slav whose ancestors hail from eastern Europe. My great-great-grandparents were slaves in eastern Europe because they were serfs who lived in a fief under the control of a white man. Serfdom there ended about 100 years ago there but my ancestors were part of that feudal system which extended back 1,000 years plus. That was a long time. Slavery is slavery and my heritage was one of slavery which was only halted when my grandparents arrived in the USA. My ancestors were slaves who eked out a bare living under the thumb of cruel white overseers who demanded a certain absolute yield of my great-great-great grandparent’s crops. And if it was a bad year and crop yields were low it was my ancestors who had to make do with little or starve to death as the while nobleman got what he demanded. If my ancestors starved that wasn’t the cruel white nobleman’s concern.

    Who says that white males should feel guilty for “privilege”? What “privilege”? We earned that! After all, American white men’s ancestors of European stock just got sick of being slaves and overthrew their cruel white overseers and decided to live as if they were free men. Not only did they revolt and become free in fact, they also deliberatly jettisoned their slave mentality, something many American blacks refuse to do.

    Those guys who are beating themselves up in guilt because they enjoy the
    mentality of a free man and not one of a slave or ex-slave are just plain silly. Believeing and thinking as if one is free and unfettered, and privilaged SHOULD be the aim of everyone who has come out of slavery!

    American blacks should also see themselves as if they are privileged – as they truly are compared to many peoples, both white and black, who live in many other countries where freedom is not a right extended for all like in the US. it’s not that white men should feel guilty for “privilage”, it’s the blacks who should feel that they are privilaged and throw away a slave mentalty that only hinders them in life.

  • Elena

    If you don’t believe in a good God, then you’ll willing to believe anything. Jung said our most basic, healthy impulse is to worship something. Now America worships either the environment or material goods.

    If you do believe in a good God, then you have the ability and capacity to thank Him for making you, you.

    • James Steelman

      I happen to think the environment is a healthy thing to worship, given that, you know, it’s where we all have to live. I think God would agree, since when he gave it to us it was nice and clean and not full of toxic waste.

  • Anonymous

    Most of us white guys think, you don’t earn your way or act like a adult and make your point with reason or convince anyone you have a better idea, then we don’t relate well and acting like a flagrant sissy will get you zilch…..so try and be polite, smell clean and think before you shove your foot in your mouth, it’s tough but you can….

  • Anonymous

    These stupid so-called whites, do NOT speak for me or anyone I know. I would call this dip-shit, a racist, if I have ever seen one. He should go hang on the corner with all the bros. and sing sweet liberal songs or maybe some kumbaya crap. The Americans in this country do not give a damned about his rants of idiocy.

  • Sargonarhes

    I’m straight, white and a guy, and refuse to apologize for anything I have done, or anything others have. So any bleeding heart libs out there I’ll use a toned down version of the phrase, crap happens.

  • Populist democrat

    “Yes, I am a white. A white man. Oh, no, but all white males don’t suck. Some have sucked, sure. Some still suck.”

    If Beck didn’t spend his time race-baiting when he was on Fox, he might have some credibility on the topic.

    “I have a dream that a man will not be judged on his sexuality or his gender or his race, but rather the content of his individual character.”

    Fair enough: Mr. Beck, you’re a liar and a hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      That was all just in your twisted mind. The liar and hypocrite here is you, Victor Scott Tiffany, who has NO credibility on any topic.

  • averagejoseph

    It would be nice to stack up all the achievements and contributions to the world from white males and compare them to everyone else. And have folks have to prove all the rationalizations of “Oh, so-and-so could have done that, but they were stopped by “. And, “Oh, white males only succeed because of , or, “No, OTHER people NEVER did anything bad, native americans lived in peace and harmony with each other, never took slaves, race X has always been noble and pure…”

    That’s another thing about White Males. They’re not ALL so gullible as to believe all that crap.

    I do notice that there’s a lot of anger boiling up after our Great Black Messiah and Noble Uniter gives a speech. And it’s not even on the part of all the folks who lay claim to their “justified rage”.

    Here’s an idea. Spend less time whining about what everybody else has and make something instead of expecting to take it from others because of some injustice before any of us were born. And that goes for our Affirmative Action President and his band of adolescents that make up this “administration” and various appointees.

  • Wulf

    I don’t take credit for most modern inventions that were created by white men, just as I don’t take blame for any mistakes men who happed to be white have made over the years.

    It is interesting, though, that most things non-whites use in their daily lives were inventing by the very “white men” they are attacking

  • Marie

    People need to listen to this guy………super smart and full of common sense…


  • Fleur

    I really don’t think this needs approval.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…white people suck. After all what have they ever really done for the world and humanity…other than create western civilization.

    • James Steelman

      After they stole it from the natives they raped.

  • Anonymous

    As a joke…substitute black for white and woman for male and gay for ….forget it. It would sound rasist…anti woman and gay bashing wouldn’t it. Therefore that’s exactly what it is..rasist….anti men and straight bashing.

  • Zachary

    Really I am a white man however I have been subjected to not being hired on may very nice paying jobs and why is that? Yep you guessed it cause I am white and they needed a minority oh lets not forget that nice federal job and yep the cards were stacked against me as well oh and the tests I took, if I were a minority I would automatically receive bonus points to help me pass the test. Lets not forget how because I am white I have been turned down by many promotions because you guessed it I was white and the corporate world wanted to show they promote minorities more then the white man.What about not being able to walk down many of the streets in many of our cities all because I am white and it would be unsafe now. Because I am white I have to struggle for everything I have yet if I were a minority it would be given to me or made much easier to achieve.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone imagine Glenn’s commentary being posted on the websites of mainstream news organizations? Can you also imagine the incessant braying for his head? Once upon a time in America, free speech truly existed. Not any longer.

  • Anonymous

    We white people are afraid to walk alone day or night. Black on black crime is off the charts. It’s safer in the jungle than Oakland, Richmond and Chicago is the worst. I’m so sick of white morons who think the it’s their fault that the barbarians have such horrific behavior. The barbarians should be apologizing to us all day long. Worthless parasites.

    • Anonymous

      Blacks have had all kinds of opportunity in the U.S., a lot of their problems are their own fault–they move into a neighborhood, they bring drugs and crime, a lot of them do not take care of their properties so what once was a nice neighbor becomes a ghetto, similar to where they came from. Whites start moving farther and farther into the country. I have seen It happen over and over, whites cannot solve their problems, blacks have to start cleaning themselves up.

      • Anonymous

        The government is going to clean it up for them. Not!
        Hand outs buy votes you know.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not afraid to walk along day or night. But of course I carry a gun in my front pocket. smile

  • Tanya Benedict

    I’m white and I’m privileged? Not!!! I can’t afford food for my family but make too much money for a decent apartment and any sorts of assistance. We work hard to just get by when the “less privileged” get things handed to them… If you ask me it’s the white middle class families that are least privileged!!!!

  • R90

    Since when does this person speak for me? I’m white, male, and have my faith in GOD. I don’t remember voting for this moron or any apoligest to speak on my behalf. If your sorry of your race, do us all a favor and STFU.

  • Justin

    I’m 16 Years old, I’m white, male. and apparently automatically branded as racist just because of who I am. I have to practically apologize for who I am, even to other white individuals. Whats even worse about me, I have an opinion! I’m not stuck on my phone or in some stupid video game. I am watch/listening to Glenn Beck, I keep up on things like elections and what candidates views are, even though I cannot vote yet. That makes me “DANGEROUS”. I’m am a high school student, and other students (not like-minded) are saying things like “Democrat” and “Equal rights” in discussions, but as soon as I say the word “Librarian” or “Conservative” I am immediately shut down by other adults that are listening. Even in normal circumstances, at the airport, I have a first class seat. The flight attendant calls up my group to board first, but when another passenger see’s me, she calls out to the flight attendant “Why’s he boarding first? is it cause he’s white?”. Even when I didn’t do a thing, I’m still targeted for being somehow favored. Like I’m supposed to say; “sorry I’m white and I’m going to give you my seat because I’m a racist bigot” Thank you America, I’m so happy I get to be discriminated before I’ve even graduated.

    • Anonymous

      Look son let it shed off of your back like water off of a ducks back. It means nothing. Be who you are and be proud of who you are. This country has self censored it’s self almost out of existence. I try to be kind and respect every one I come in contact with but I say what I think, I always have and I always will.

  • Bill Morin

    this garbage comes from people who have issues..maybe bipolar issues or guilt from watching some White Liberal talk about how the black man was oppressed and still is, and we should all hold hands and sing songs togeather. try this…live your lives, get married, raise a family, pay your taxes, work hard, retire and die. I don’t have time to feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing to anyone else. I don’t oppress anyone, I don’t think of racism, I treat others exactly how I want to be treated. I don’t have time to worry about the ignorant petty bickering that goes on in MEdia..yeah media..the ones who hustle race and spread ignorance all the while denouncing it..but they just don’t see it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he does suck, along with all of the other emasculated “males” in the video with him. These are not the kind of men that built America and if we have to rely on these kinds of men to continue the American tradition of rugged individualism, well, to put it mildly, we’re doomed.

  • Anonymous

    Are they talking about themselves?? They are so ignorant and stupid…that’s an insult to God the Creator of all men….you should be proud of whatever color skin you have…it’s not the color of your skin that made you stupid; it’s YOU, and what comes out of your brainless skull. These guys are so ignorant to the fact that they are morons… Oh my, oh my…what an insult to humanity…Sorry, we can’t fix stupid!!!

  • texastruthtweet

    I won’t apologize for being white, either. Slavery ended 150 years before I was born!

  • Anonymous

    Is this serious? Because this could be said for any gender or race of people.

  • Jamie Lowe

    We are individuals not groups and not classes.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a project for 50 years, white males have had an even bigger target on their back (all you need is to have sons)

  • Tammy Lee Pipes

    who cares, stop giving it so much attention and learn how to just be you and BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS and we won’t have any problems…… EASY 123

  • Anonymous

    If they think I suck now….Two more years of the current administration will raise the level of my suckage to spooky levels.

    • Hooligan

      HA! The past 6 years has put me into a black hole vortex kind of suckage. Can’t imagine two more.

  • equitynow

    …y’all know this a joke right? Watch the millennial one.

  • Lui

    I think its a spoof and the guy who made it didnt push the satire far enough to remove all doubt. Probably his intention.

  • Jennifer Guthrie Packard

    This is a great follow-up to last week’s “Poster Child” article. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m white, and I’m not apologizing for anything…………period. I believe Glen is turning liberal.

  • Rose Ingram

    They can be idiots if they want to but they don’t speak for me. This is just some more stupid “racial” junk.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals use the methods of Hitler. The more you repeat your goals and agenda, the more the masses will believe it. This guy does not fall for your tricks. I do not believe in political correctness and never will. I’m not one of the gullible citizens who fall for your tricks. Notice Obama’s speeches, he constantly repeats himself, and many brainwashed citizens are believing Obama, and falling for the same tricks they did under Hitler. STAY STRONG!

    • James Steelman

      “Liberals use the methods of Hitler”. Easily one of the funniest things I have ever read. Good one!

      • JD

        Obviously you do not know how liberals in politics works.

  • Leslie Hoops-Wallace

    They were being sarcastic, Glenn you of all people know this! But good sarcasm, like this can get people thinking….hope it does! Glenn, you are always good at getting the people to thinking. We need to think more, fight less!


    Dear Glenn,

    You are waisting too much energy and sharing too much attention and significance to the minorities that simply don’t deserve it; and that puts you on the same level as them, playing the same game of hatred and racism that they enjoy so much; in other words, they have you right where they want you to be, fighting back with the same negativity that feeds them and where they get their strength from.

    We are supposed to be a light among darkness, but honestly, this is not the best way to express our love to our neighbor and forgive him for not acknowledging their own wrongs and wickedness; but as good Christians,we must start leading by example and showing the world that we are beyond hatred and above wickedness with the same compassion, mercy and forgiveness that our Savior taught us to express…


    A racially mixed human being, and New Born Creature through the blood of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Mashiaj).

    • James Steelman

      Did you really just say that “good Christians” shouldn’t waste any attention or energy on “minorities”, who “simply don’t deserve it” because it is they, the minorities, who “enjoy playing the game of hatred and racism”…and then in the next breath spout off about being a “light in the darkness”? That seems incredibly confused and contradictory to me. It occurs to me that an actual Christian would find every other word out of Glenn Beck’s mouth morally repugnant. But hey, what do I know? I am just a stupid white guy.

  • Bob

    I’m a white guy and I’m not sorry for anything.

  • Nahtazu

    You know, if I had a time machine and could go back in time to that first slave ship, and stop it and all the rest from ever leaving port from Africa, how would things have turned out for black people in Africa?

  • Deckard426

    Free Blacks owned and sold slaves in the late 1700’s. Who’s apologizing for them?

    • John Beam

      The very first slave-owner on the American shores was a Black man named Anthony Johnson. By the time of the Civil War began, a higher percentage of free Blacks owned slaves than Whites in the South. Some of them were the biggest slave-holders in the country.

    • Eric B Martin

      you do know in the civil war thousands of white people died to set them free moron

      • John Beam

        dude…he’s talking about Black SLAVE OWNERS. Cool down…

  • John Beam

    It is sad when someone becomes self-hating, but it is pathetic and aggravating when they feel that they must project all of their self-loathing upon everyone within their demographic group.

  • http://www.patriotwood.com Art Pinney

    Really? I’m a white man and I’m not sorry for who I am. I’ve worked too damn hard for everything in my life and I’m proud of who I am. I’m a small business owner and have an awesome family. I wouldn’t change a thing in my life.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    It’s called “an election year” and both parties are putting all their crazies on the street corners to harass everyone that goes by. EVERYONE is fair game! And for the Democrats the more disgusting they can be for the average, decent, rule-abiding, Christian tax payer the more votes they get from the vacuous left.

  • Taraveah

    We should take a clue from South Africa who are doing their level best to get over the past and celebrate their relatively new found diversity. I apologize for nothing.

  • Robert Doell

    I am sick of the reverse racism toward Whites, and Judael – Christian values. The fact that children and their parents are soo stupid or indoctrinated or both is shameful. Young adults believe the left-wing media and never check facts for themselves, just use a celebrity and pitch global warming or white racism or hate all authority, and Young Adults repeat it fearing to be different, to be an individual, to have an opinion that is vetted(that means fact checked). Past groups have made mistakes but look at the achievements and balance what America has done in all of Civilizations. Young people used to respect their elders now the immoral mindless party hounds look down on men and women who have lived long and used the values they now despise. All I can say is JESUS is coming for some to redemption and others to judgement. Judgement the taboo no one should do but even when you don’t you judge we always judge, appearances, clothing, our friends, what we do, . Anyone can destroy but it takes a village to build something worthwhile.

  • James Steelman

    Have any of you taken a breath in the past 20 years? You are all stunningly effective arguments for sterilization and post-birth abortions. Glenn Beck is a chromosonally challenged hate monger, and you all worship him. Even as a devout agnostic, I wish God was real if only to turn you all into pillars of illiterate salt.

    • USNbubblehead

      Funny, I’m one of your supposed ‘haters,’ and I don’t wish that on anyone. I didn’t watch the video, I’m commenting on the concept of ‘white privilege.’ If its parody, so be it. This concept still exists, and its a bit hard to swallow for many of us who grew up with nothing and have had to break their back to get anywhere.

      I would suggest without rancor, however, that you more closely examine your own feelings. I think you’ll find that there is a significant amount of hate flowing from you onto these threads. We can never have a dialog with that standing in between us.

  • Mike

    What a bunch of crap !!!

  • Mike

    I believe its just a scam by the democrat left to try and make conservative republicans look bad. They are desperate knowing November is fast coming to get them !!

  • James Steelman

    It should be a law that if you watch FOX news, or listen to Glenn Feck…you need to be sterilized. Your rampant reproduction is hastening the demise of all decency.

    • Vince Edwards

      Typical liberal, all you do is sit here and tell us conservatives that we need to be sterilized, or that God needs to get rid of us. I haven’t read one single thing that you’ve posted that has sounded remotely intelligent.

      • James Steelman

        How’s this, then. The video you all have your nuts in a bunch about is a parody. Pare-Oh-Deee. Does that word ring any bells? Now then, what were you saying about being “remotely” intelligent? Because your hero up there, Mr. Beck, he doesn’t seem to know a joke when he hears one. And apparently none of his followers do either. And yes, I do wish God would smite you all. For real. But I don’t believe that is an actual “liberal” quality, based on the definition of the word (which you should try looking up in a dictionary some day).

  • Anonymous
  • James Steelman

    The moderators of this thread must have their hands full, deleting all the comments from the sane people.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    its all about “cultural” Marxism. the purpose is control by means of humiliation through ridicule and mockery. don’t buy into to it. pure bullshit. Without “real” white men the world would still be in the stone age.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    If you read the entire transcript, you realize that this guy is really quite brilliant. Many more people will watch the video because of the title than if he had labelled it, “Hey, white guys are not so bad.” He has some great ideas to get across (ideas that normal people have always believed), and this is a clever way of doing it. Kudos to him.

  • Chuck T

    Those millennials in the video SHOULD apologize…for being morons. We don’t get to choose which race we’re born into; we DO get to choose which path we take in life.

  • James Steelman

    Mr. Parkhurst’s video is indeed a parody. Anyone not blinded by their own hate-filled agenda (or simply capable of rational thought) would recognize that.

  • Lonnie Ferguson

    I am not convinced they are all straight, so that gives me even more cause to doubt their message.

  • LCrow

    did this originate from The Onion?

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing to apologize for….This was the dumbest video I have ever seen…

    It lumps every white man in with the most evil folks who have existed..

    Let’s talk for a moment about my privilege… I was born in a converted chicken coop, in the mountains of Appalachia..

    My father was a coal miner, who worked our field that fed us during the day, and the mines at night…When he slept I don’t even remember..

    We had no in door plumbing…that means water or toilet.. I would walk about a hundred feet to the toilet in the winter at night, if I had to go..

    We took baths in a metal trough.. that my grandma would heat water on a coal stove in the kitchen to mix with the well water…

    Most of the picture of us kids in the summer, when we were small,are of us playing outside in our underwear..We only had a few good clothes, and 1 pair of shoes for school..

    The house only had 2 light bulbs,and one outlet that the TVA program, put in when we were small… Other then that, it was coal oil lamps..It was three rooms kitchen/dining area, bedroom that all of us kids slept in, and a bedroom /living room that my folks had…

    Now we worked as kids very had in the fields..At 15 my dad said, “I had to go to work in the mines”..I went for a year, and still went to school, but that was too hard..Plus I hated the mines, and leaving would mean one less mouth to feed….so I had a choice to make…

    I ran away and went out west, lived in an RV park in a travel trailer, got a little job to pay my bills that wasn’t as physically hard as the mines,and finished High school….Better add…. with the help of a friends mom who lied, and said she was my mom, and signed me up for school….

    Then, because I had no chance to go to college…I joined the military, and served my country..

    The rest is a normal young guy with not any help…. story……I worked hard saved money, started a family, raised my kids better than I had it…Started a business and so on..

    I have nothing to apologize for..and nothing to feel bad about any privilege someone thinks I had because of my skin color..


  • USNbubblehead

    We suck and we’re sorry?

    Speak for yourself D-bag. I have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I’ve had to work my tail off, and I still only have my head above water. I don’t live in a McMansion, just a dilapidated cape with bad siding and a leaky roof. I don’t complain. I don’t ask for society to give me anything.

    Privileged I ain’t.

  • Jess

    I’m not sorry for being white. I was not part of those before me. However I do apologize for what happened under tyranny that minorities suffered because those who did the oppressing either can’t or won’t. Today I see whites who are either indifferent about it, or ignorant about it. A little recognition wouldn’t hurt, and would bring change in order to allow all Americans to pursue happiness, which is written in our constitution.

  • thedogwalker

    Someone should slap this idiot hard across the face and while we’re at it add Joan Walsh to the mix.

  • Nicko Redthreat

    maybe you should apologize for being one of the biggest tools on the face of the earth. go kill yourself.

  • Bob Gibson

    Oh the evil white man. Only built the greatest country ever and carried it for over 200 years. The strongest backs of any race, gender, creed, etc. Hop on we’ll do our best to keep carrying you.

  • Krimsen King

    THIS IS NOT COMING OUT OF ‘THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS’… good grief… this is one guy sharing his opinion… also,you don’t have to ‘hate white males’ to understand the wrongdoings of our ancestors, to humbly accept that part of our lot in life is dictated by that bloody history, and to apologize, within ourselves or like this goofball, in a stupid video, to help us move on and maybe, just maybe, work to make our society a kinder, more equitable one with this knowledge. Yes, it may be a ‘trend’ with liberal hippie yahoos, but that doesn’t mean all of society is now going to ‘hate white men’… And defiantly declaring your pride in your color or heritage is only reckless unnecessary arrogance, not some deeply held ‘value’ of your ‘family’.

    • Laurel

      You don’t think that has been recognized already???

      How many died in the civil War alone? How many whites marched in the civil rights movement? How many Black groups such as NAACP were funded by whites?

      There is no race free from atrocity and sin in the world just as there is not a single race that hasn’t been enslaved.

      The good has far outweighed the bad and constantly going over and over the same topic again and again is beating a dead horse until it has disintegrated.

      • Anonymous

        Politically correct false shame will also fuel the racist tendencies that still exist.

        • Laurel

          Or create new ones.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A MORON! Oh, I guess that should be a SORRY MORON!

  • Will Cintron

    I am Hispanic and find this stupid mentality absurd. I had/ve many friends and supervisors in the Army who were better people than many Puerto Ricans friends who stabbed me in the back.They helped me in many ways to succeed in my military career and to this day we keep contact. And no, I am no a Hispanic version of ‘Uncle Tom’. It’s just the way it happened; I never had a chip on my shoulder with the mentality that the white man was there to keep me down. That there are racist white people? Oh yes. So there are many from my own race, black, Asian and other races that I experienced too. Good work Glenn. P.S. So white people (I even hate using this term), be proud of who you are and don’t feel guilty for the ones in past/present history have done. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  • Anonymous

    How about he make a video on how Islamist extremists, who kidnap children and gang rape women under sharia law, should say suck and they’re sorry. Or, perhaps he could make a video portraying black Africans, who sold their own people into slavery, should say suck and we’re sorry. How about he make a video about the Spanish conquerors who pillaged Mexico and murdered native inhabitants (whose descendents now want to be called Mexicans) should say they suck and they’re sorry? Mr. Parkhurst is obviously an ignorant, self-loathing fool and he should say he sucks and he’s sorry. That’s a video I’d watch.

  • Anonymous
  • don cook

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! What idiot came up with this? Why should ANYONE have to apologize for the color of their skin? That’s not a choice you get to make. That’s decided by God or the universe or whatever makes that decision. You should only have to apologize for the things you do and how you treat other people, not the color of your skin.

  • matt wilkinson

    Am I missing something? I watched the video and I thought they were making fun.

  • Anonymous

    A few years ago, when I still lived in the People’s Republic of California, I went into a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Southern Cal. I was there to renew my Commercial Driver’s License. There were no white men working in the office. Out of more than 40 State workers there, there were no white men at all. White men are a small and getting smaller minority in the the PRC, who are constantly discriminated against. Soon there will be none left who are not homosexual.

    • Will Cintron

      It’s because of the counterproductive Affirmative Action law.

  • v steve

    And Jesus said, I intervened again with humanity around 2 thousand of your years or so later, I sent several good men to a small piece of land to make a document of my values for that land to be ruled by and to be a beacon of light to the world and to combat evil in the world and they called that little piece of land the United States of America.

  • spider014

    What cowards to put yourself down to please who ? a bunch of anti white low life jealous racist.. they know that white men are the worlds greatest inventors… hands down.. and because they cant compete they want us to put ourselves down..

  • Lonnie Dixon

    I will never apologize for being white!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely a GREAT response, Glenn……….FANTASTIC!!

  • Populist democrat

    Glenn Beck: standing up for white supremacy one rant at a time.

  • Linda Sills

    The name calling on this site is unbelievable. It must be the ignorant ones who don not have the word capability to debate. This is an honest issue- Pick a side- discuss it- Stop the name calling. You are on the suck side of ignorant.

    • Populist democrat

      “You are on the suck side of ignorant.”

      That’s a refreshingly honest assessment of Mr. Beck. His biography is subtitled “Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone on this site may not be familiar with this nonsense but you need to know that if they are sending a child through college there is a very good chance this is what they are being taught. Probably early on during an orientation. Type in the phrase ‘White Privilege’ and the phrase ‘Invisible Knapsack’. This nonsense has really gotten silly and parents need to know they are paying for it

  • Sraaken

    yeah, personally I love being a Christian, Hetero, American, Southern, White Male. Love it, love it, luuuuuv it!

  • Sraaken

    Diversity is racism. allow me to explain. Diversity believes that people are different based on differing ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, etc. So automatically ‘Diversity’ divides people on the basis a black man is different from a white man even though these two men may have identical beliefs and views. They may have the very same background and social status, education, etc. but ‘Diversity’ assumes they MUST be different based on their race, hence the very people who invented ‘Diversity’ in an attempt to counter racism, are in fact, themselves racist…. I believe in the Unity of mankind, not the Division of mankind…!

  • Always Vigilant

    Furthermore, if we are to be free, our monetary rewards must result from the usefulness of our efforts rather than subjective judgments from others regarding our merits.

    • Populist democrat

      That’s what the striking fast-food workers have been saying. I take it you believe that the CEO’s of large corporations should NOT be pulling in millions and millions of dollars for their useless efforts.

  • Anonymous

    Speak for yourself Mr. Parkhurst! I neither suck nor am I sorry! I’m white and not privileged. I’ve worked my tail off for what I have, however meager. I do not appreciate class envy nor racism!

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    Who started this stupid movement? the left did. One way to destroy a particular group of people is to destroy their confidence, make them feel ugly and then move in for the kill. Thats Cultural Marxism at its best.

  • Equis

    Parkhurst is a moron, as is anyone who buys into this type of trash.

  • RomanMoroni

    I would be demanding a refund on my tuition if I was listening to this bs, non sense in a university. I d like to know what kind of a job I d be getting from such important lectures.

  • Sweets

    I feel sorry for the whites. They’ve had to bear the burden, culturally of the hate…so hard to keep it going and harder to stop.

  • Guest

    It’s weird. Nobody notices how Beck contributes to racism with his race-baiting of the President.

  • Jaz B.

    I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for being a certain race. I just think that some people are mad because the negative effects of being black are still out weighing negative effects of being white and the fact that people seem to be complaining about these negative effects seems to be a little off putting. Everyone looks for someone to blame for their shortcomings but in a world with a finite amount of people, that blame is never gonna stop jumping from race to race or gender to gender.

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