Will Cain exposes NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on charter schools in new docuseries

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn and was joined by TheBlaze’s Will Cain to discuss progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on charter schools. In February, de Blasio brought down the gauntlet on three charter schools operated by Eva Moskowitz, leaving hundreds of kids without classrooms to return to this fall. Will’s kindergarten-aged son attends one of those three schools, and he working on a four-part digital documentary series for TheBlaze entitled “Alise vs. the Mayor,” in which he looks at the issue of charter schools in New York City through the eyes of a student of Harlem Success Academy and her mother.

Watch Episode 1: Pawn below:

Alise’s story is quite powerful, and in parts two, three, and four of the series you will learn more about the families who rely on these charter schools to provide not just a good education but a good environment to learn and thrive.

“You’re not just talking about a good school,” Will said. “You are talking about a lifeline.”

Considering these charter schools are among the highest performing schools in all of New York state, you might wonder why de Blasio – who rode the ‘income inequality’ bandwagon to victory last November – would deny these children the opportunity to succeed. Will, however, offered three possible reasons:

1. He has a known political vendetta against Moscowitz
2. He is deeply in bed with the teachers union
3. In his warped progressive ideology, sub-par equality better than unequal success

Ultimately, Will said viewers may be surprised about what they learn from this docuseries in the coming weeks – chiefly, how large an impact charter schools have on familial culture and the unlikely allies that rally around the movement.

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  • Deckard426

    Another home run for Loesch with this interview.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it about lost revenue from the feds for schools & ultimately teachers & their unions? If money is being raised independently – then it can’t be siphoned off by the city, unions, etc. That must just irritate him…

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love it how liberals/leftists like Oblabbio and his ilk like to portray themselves as for the children, for the poor people and downtrodden. Yet, they deny access to a better quality education by cutting off school vouchers so children trapped in miserable, failing, cesspool public schools cannot escape these inferior schools. They are in the pockets of the unions, who vehemently oppose vouchers, at the expense of doing what is right for the children. Liberalism is a mental disorder – Michael Savage is right.

  • Guardian

    It’s all politics. The kids in this charter school scored tops – it makes the rest of the schools look bad which also makes the leadership look bad. Solution? Get rid of the perceived problem that makes them look bad – the charter school. Politics over children.

  • Haley Schmitterbach

    Centralized bureaucratic socialism began to grow more prevalent in the United States after Stuart Chase laid out the eighteen collectivist tendencies of Germany and Italy on pages 95 and 96 of his 1942 book The Road We Are Traveling.