Guess what Harry Reid blamed the Koch brothers for this time

Stop the presses! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has finally exposed the people responsible for global warming: The evil Koch brothers. During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Reid referred to the brothers as “one of the main causes” of climate change.

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“I don’t know if you know this, but Harry Reid has discovered the secret to global warming,” Glenn joked on radio this morning.

“These billionaire oil tycoons are certainly experts on climate change. That’s what they do well,” Reid said. “They are one of the main causes of this. Not a cause, one of the main causes.”

According to TheBlaze, Reid cited a University of Massachusetts Amherst study that ranked Koch Industries as one of the biggest air and water polluters. That study said the company is responsible for 31 million pounds of toxic air being launched into the atmosphere in a single year, which Reid said is more than Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, and General Electric combined.

“The science is settled, so don’t argue with it,” Glenn said sarcastically. “Zip your lips… The Koch brothers are one of the main causes of global warming. Don’t question it.”

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  • Anonymous

    New world order social engineers have to chip away at everything that empowers independence and individualism. Those things get in the way of their lordship.

  • Anonymous

    The Koch brothers? I thought it was farting cows ! LMAO
    Harry Greed is so despicable he even out does himself !

  • Anonymous

    If Harry Reid was a manufacturing company he would have been prosecuted for violation of the “truth in advertising” laws. As it is, he can make any number of insane and idiotic statements and no one blinks an eye. Even the voters in Nevada don’t have the grace to hide their heads in shame at the actions of this fool they sent to represent them. The majority of them either don’t pay attention to what he is doing or they are just like him and think he represents them perfectly.

  • MoparToYa

    Sigh of relief. It’s NOT my SUV & Street Rod. Whew.

  • Anonymous

    The majority of Nevadans must just pull the handle on their voting machines hoping it will come up all cherries.
    All they got was one crappy lemon.

    • Guardian

      What an apt depiction. LOL

    • TTAS

      Hotel unions. Illegals are encourage to vote for the moron or lose their jobs.

  • new2la

    And there are ignorant people who will believe him…that’s who he’s talking to.

  • Darral

    Evil Harry is a Joke; those that believe these lies are fools; unfortunately there are a lot of people who lap up the slop coming from the liberal sewers;

  • Guardian

    It’s time for the rest home, Harry.

  • TTAS

    How did this sick little man get control of the Senate? Unions!

  • suz

    bho’s approval jumped to 47% today — people are stupid and they believe this stuff.

  • dennis reilly

    the politicians are the cause of global warming, a billionaire politician who doesn’t pay taxes and funnels taxpayer money to his family and friends

  • Deckard426

    Concerning Reid. Hey Nevada! How about a courtesy flush!

    • Bill Tilghman

      Twice – it is a long way to the beach from there.

  • Slayer88

    Harry been smokin too much rock Kochcaine…..

  • Henry Percy

    My only hope is that you weasels live long enough to be held accountable for what you’re encouraging. I’ll check back in 5 years to see how you feel then about these things

  • Anonymous

    Interesting episode of Cosmos aired April 11 — an explanation of continental drift , how the trade winds are affected by the drift action and affecting climate change. The geology shows the continents are still drifting.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Don’t expect real science to invade these people’s propaganda. It makes too much sense and therefore they can’t grasp the concept no matter how elementary it is.

  • Anonymous

    Is he living in a comic book? Can two guys really be one of the main causes the Earth is destroyed? I mean, if they were Brainiac and Darkseid or maybe Galactus and Dr. Doom, they might could pull it off, but this is beyond ridiculous.

    • BlueMN

      The Koch Industries are heavily involved in coal and oil industries which add to greenhouse gases and therefore global warming. They’ve also spent over $67 million funding climate change denial front groups since 1997.

      • Anonymous

        Even people that believe in Global Warming have affirmed that if you took every car and fossil fuel powered vehicle on Earth out of operation, you still wouldn’t be able to see a difference in the CO2 levels for a century. By their own estimations, automobiles don’t make enough of a difference to change global temperature by even a single degree. A volcanic eruptions spew enough CO2 to match every man-made CO2 emission for a year, and you’re asking me to believe that two guys, rich as they may be, are powerful enough to destroy the world? I don’t buy it.

  • Hitched

    The Saint-Simonians coined the word “individualism” to describe the free and competitive culture that their centralized control opposed.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Just when the White House declares Climate Change is settled, Harry comes along and changes it. Has anyone ever noticed that our real climate experts, the scientists who work at NOAA never seem to be part of the discussion? They get their science on the left from everywhere else but NOAA. Who are the real experts on this subject – the scientists who study the nature of the atmosphere, or someone who works for the White House or NASA?

    If any of this was serious and if we had the ability to substantially do anything about it, there would be more solution oriented information and less of this presenting manipulated and manufactured statistics and pseudo science that we get from AL Gore and the weather change crowd. Can we turn a blizzard off? Can we deflect hurricanes or tornadoes? Are we able to make it rain, or make it stop? NO. Human beings can only cope with these events using technology that is fairly limited. They do a lot of dreaming about the future, but that does nothing about the present. I love how these people create an artificial argument, blame someone for creating it, and then ostracize and ridicule people for not believing in them.

    Harry Reid is a few fries short of a happy meal. His lunacy and fanciful accusations of the Koch brothers is laughable. They have done more to employ people and deal with real problems than this idiot has ever dreamed of doing. They approach problems and do something about them, Harry Reid makes up a problem and then attacks the people who are doing something constructive in relation to it. His credibility ranks up there with Obama and that fool press secretary Jay Carney. They collectively have told so many lies that if they were water vapor in the atmosphere the sun would be blocked out for the next two hundred years.

    I am tired of hearing the major league liars club. They have had their moments of fame and it is time for them to be gone.

    • BlueMN

      “Old Man Yells at Cloud”

      First, even a simple Google search would have shown you that scientists at NOAA are saying the same thing, the earth is getting warmer.

      “Lastly, seven of the eight warmest years on record have occurred since
      2001 and the 10 warmest years have all occurred since 1995.”
      “The IPCC projects a best estimate of global temperature increase of 1.8 –
      4.0°C with a possible range of 1.1 – 6.4°C by 2100, depending on which
      emissions scenario is used.”
      “It is very likely that heat waves and other hot extremes will increase.”

      But hey, they’re no rocket scientists, right Billy?

      • Equis

        This has been going back and forth for thousands of years and nothing is going to change it no matter what we do. Just asked china and India who cause more pollution then anyone right now on this planet and they aren’t going to stop nor do they care. Besides there are just as many scientists who oppose the global warming propaganda as there are for it. It’s a money making scam from the government on down who are getting rich from it. It’s ridiculous…

  • Bill Tilghman

    Just took a look at the fabled report released by the White House – this is the list of the organizations that participated in it: (copied and pasted from the official website, parentheses after each for purpose of clarification of acronym). is made possible by our participating agencies

    Thirteen Agencies, One Vision: Empower the Nation with Global Change Science

    USDA(US Department of Agriculture) ·
    DOC(Department of Commerce)·
    DOD(Department of Defense)·
    DOE(Department of Energy)·
    HHS(Health and Human Services)·
    DOI(Department of the Interior)·
    DOS(Department of State)
    DOT(Department of Transportation)·
    EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)·
    NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) ·
    NSF(National Science Foundation)·
    SI(Smithsonian Institution)·
    USAID(US Agency for International Development)

    Notice anything missing? How about the one agency that is completely involved in climate science – NOAA ? Not on the list, and we wonder why. Why do they use so many non climate related sources and ignore the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? You know, the people who run the Severe Storms Laboratory and issue all the severe weather alerts? Seems logical since they have been collecting all the climate data that has ever been archived in human history – or at least since records began in the 1800’s – that this one entity should be sufficient to provide all the information needed to “settle the debate” on climate. Yet they select 13 others, many of which have little or no relationship to the science of this subject.

    Or could it be that their work might defy the agenda of certain politicians? I think that is likely to be the case, especially since they go to so much trouble to manufacture the case and wouldn’t want it spoiled by facts, truth and real science from the people who are experts in the field of climatology.

    Curious, isn’t it?

  • Jenn

    I thought this whole climate change rubbish was because of cow farts..HAHAHAHA

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