Primary season is in full swing, and Glenn has spent the last several months highlighting some of the small government, liberty-minded candidates challenging big government Democrats and Republicans around the country. One such race is underway in Nebraska, where Ben Sasse is facing off against Nebraska state treasurer Shane Osborn in the May 13 primary to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE). On radio this morning, Sasse joined Glenn to discuss his campaign and what he hopes to accomplish in Washington D.C.

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Glenn asked Sasse how he plans to fend off the likes of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) or Senator John McCain (R-AZ) or the other establishment GOP guys who are deeply entrenched in the Washington game. Sasse explained that he had an experience very early in his campaign that reaffirmed his promise and desire to stay principled.

“We had some lobbyists come to us in the beginning and say, ‘You seem like a nice guy. You same able and articulate, but we’re going to be supporting your opponent in this race. And we’re going to support him because he’s been involved in state government before, and we understand he knows how to play ball. And you don’t seem like a guy who would play ball,’” Sasse explained. “And my jaw sort of dropped. I had two meetings in a row, and lobbyists said the same thing: ‘You don’t seem like a guy that will play ball.’ On that, the lobbyists and I agree. I’m not doing this job because of what lobbyists think.”

“The crisis is too many Republicans want Washington to be in charge, and I want local community to be in charge,” he continued. “I want entrepreneurs and families to be the center of American life. I want to grow the conservative movement, but I want to grow it based on articulating boldly what conservatives believe.”

Sasse went on to explain, however, that despite those encounters being incredibly disheartening, traveling around Nebraska and meeting the people has reaffirmed his commitment to serving.

“It [can be] incredibly disheartening,” Glenn said. “How did you get through that?”

“By just coming back and talking to Nebraskans again… The reason we’re doing so well and there’s so much grassroots momentum in this race is because people in my state, they are serious people,” Sasse said. “If you don’t get your crops in on time in the spring, you are not going to get them out before the freeze in the fall and government can’t just write a new rule to change that outcome. They believe in reality. And they believe we are on a path toward a Greek-style debt crisis. We just double down on what we believe, and Nebraskans are rallying around it.”

Glenn encouraged his listeners to do their homework, and if Sasse is a candidate they believe can effect real change in Washington, they should consider supporting him.

“Good luck there,” Glenn concluded. “We are really counting on you, and we are praying for you. Best of luck.”

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