WATCH: Louie Gohmert defends TheBlaze on Capitol Hill during Comcast hearings

Editor’s Note: Let Comcast know how you feel about this merger by posting on their Facebook page. And send us your message for Comcast to – we will find ways to make your voice on this important issue heard.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable on Thursday, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested partisan politics might explain why Comcast does not carry TheBlaze. If the multi-billion dollar merger is approved, Comcast will control more than half of all U.S. cable subscribers.

“They had quite a conversation about TheBlaze on Capitol Hill. There were hearings about the Comcast merger, and there were a few voices that spoke out – [Blake] Farenthold, (R-TX), Tom Marino (R-PA), Mike Lee (R-UT), Louie Gohmert (R-TX),” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And Louie Gohmert was the one – I’m in the middle of a meeting and someone passes their phone over to me to see, and I read this transcript and couldn’t believe it.”

Watch Gohmert’s back-and-forth with Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen below:

Lynne Costantini, president of business development at TheBlaze, released a statement after the hearings reaffirming the assertions Gohmert made.

TheBlaze “has actively sought these opportunities consistent with Congressman Gohmert’s remarks,” Costantini said. “Many independent networks like TheBlaze seek to gain additional distribution by buying or partnering with existing networks that have broader distribution and subsequently rebranding those networks to include content with more viewership and appeal.”

On radio this morning, Glenn thanked the audience for their dedication and consistent support over the last several years as TheBlaze has continued to grow.

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“We bring this to your attention because you are involved in helping us get TheBlaze all across the country. I want you to rely on the power of God and not the power of man and know that there are no hiding spaces in the world. Do things with exactness,” Glenn said. “In our conversations with certain cable companies, they have been more than arrogant… It’s nice to see that there are some people in Congress who have not been purchased. We’re grateful that they’re not just going after this particular case, but we know that these guys also go for the truth on everybody.”

Even though Glenn believes things will work out the way they are supposed to, this Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger has caused many sleepless nights for Glenn and his staff. As Glenn explained, this merger should cause sleepless nights for anyone who believes in the freedom of opinion.

“Make no mistake: A Comcast/Time Warner merger is really bad for your voice… I can tell you this: A man can go start his own network and be successful,” Glenn said. “However, what’s caused me sleepless nights is [the cable companies] still our gatekeepers, and I can’t get on to your television box.”

Through persistent phone calls and emails, TheBlaze audience has had an enormous impact in a very short period of time. And Glenn explained that much more can still be done, but he also believes that government regulation is strangling the industry.

“We want you to know that you can make a difference. You can accomplish the things that you want to accomplish. But… get the government out of the cable industry,” Glenn said. “And you know why I say that? Because then I can start my own cable company – one that will not have all of these huge packages. We’ll let you choose which networks you want. We’ll completely redesign it, and we’ll redesign it for a contemporary world where you have ultimate choice.”

“So government, get the hell out of the way and we’ll give people choice,” he concluded. “But that’s not in the cards today. What’s in the cards today is more control from a single owner. Not more control for you but control for them.”

Editor’s Note: Let Comcast know how you feel about this merger by posting on their Facebook page. And send us your message for Comcast to – we will find ways to make your voice on this important issue heard.

  • William Fisher

    I have cancelled all but but basic TV with DirectTV as a show of support for The Blaze. My concern is that the management will never know why I cancelled. Is there an address us mere mortals can reach these chieftains of censorship?

    • Anonymous

      They aren’t censoring anything…they have control over their own network and can choose not to carry partisan drivel like what is on TheBlaze or any number of video blogs on the internet (yes, The Blaze is a video blog, they are not journalists, though I do wonder why they aren’t carried when MTV and such crap is…The Blaze isn’t much worse than those)

  • Jim

    I don’t care if you believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The point is that you know a higher power is watching. Watch the movie Harvey. How was he hurting anyone?

  • Joe Repp

    Why do you care so much about getting on TV? Its better here on the internet. Here on the internet, we the people start our own shows with our own voices and become successful at it all the time. Look at The Fine Brothers. Look at RocketJump. Look at Blimey Cow. There are hundreds of people on YouTube and other websites that are making content just as good as the TV people and millions of people are watching it every day. More and more people are saying they prefer that kind of content to actual TV stuff.
    I feel like you left Fox News, left TV, came here to the internet, and now you’re always talking about how you’re not on TV anymore. What if this is the place you’re called to? What’s wrong with staying here on the internet, and growing and expanding here?
    Whenever you talk about making movies you say we need to be in the culture. More and more, culture isn’t in movie theaters and on big TV networks, its here on the internet. This is where culture is living and thriving. And for now, Free Speech reigns here.

    • LLamaPie

      Perhaps you don’t understand the problem. Glenn is merely using the Blaze to illustrate the issue. Cable has taken over media in most regards, in both internet and TV. Comcast could decide for POLITICAL reasons to not carry a station and it would be tantamount to controlling the message. Remember comcast owns MSNBC. Don’t forget that.

      • Sargonarhes

        This isn’t just about cable, this is also about internet access. Companies can decide which sites get better bandwidth access. Which would effect The Blaze if a company like Comcast would cut it’s bandwidth down to near nothing and give websites like those of MSNBC much greater bandwidth.

        It’s always been about control for these freaks.

        • Anonymous

          Doncha just love those anti-trust laws?

    • old_man

      I agree with your opinion but you are missing part of the point. My
      friend you are in the 1%. Me too so I get it but the 99% get their
      information updates from Good morning America or John Stewart or Judge
      Judy on the cable wasteland.. So really that is a big problem. Cable
      networks control the vast majority of what gets watched. Me personally I
      don’t watch any cable TV since in my opinion it is all pretty much crap
      but most American homes have the cable running most of the day. So as
      far as the blaze goes I am more than happy to pay for my subscription,
      in fact I would be happy to pay twice what my subscription costs but
      that keeps the content confined to the 1%. We need to reach some portion
      of the 99% to get the message out. Not the message of “how great the
      blaze is” but the message of freedom and truth. So really the blaze
      needs to get a foot hold in the cable distribution networks. Commcast is
      about the biggest. So getting a foot hold there, is a significant and
      pivotal event if they can do it. Very very important.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn needs to be “more inclusive” before Comcast will take him in.


  • Populist democrat

    Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested partisan politics might explain why Comcast does not carry TheBlaze.

    Or Comcast has integrity. Why would they have a channel of a self-aggrandizing, deceitful, even sleazy, hypocritical reactionary propagandist like Beck? Maybe because 20% of Americans support the tea party and want to have their absurd, 19th Century beliefs reinforced?

    Maybe Comcast didn’t want to embarrass themselves carrying Glenn Beck’s sleazy propaganda. If Beck were an honest libertarian, that would be one thing; but this guy lies and deceives as a matter of routine. Three bloggers all caught his sleazy splicing, pulling out of context and completely LYING about something Obama said at a G-20 Conference.

    • Richard Carpenter

      Nope, it’s purely political. The Left can’t cope with opposing viewpoints, simply because their viewpoint falls apart when challenged with logic and reason. But I suppose ignorance is bliss for people like you.

      • Populist democrat

        Beck offers neither logic nor reason. He lies; he deceives. He makes up realities that do not exist. Read the deconstruction of the blogger (above) who caught Beck deceiving his audience over something Obama said at a G-20 Conference.

        If there is ignorance, it’s from anyone who believes the spin, lies and ignorant, false claims Beck makes. There are many. Just one tiny one, probably a mistake. Did you know that 1984 was written by Aldous Huxley? Like many of his false claims, Beck did not correct that.

        The left doesn’t mind an honest debate; that’s not possible with someone who makes up his own reality.

        • Mary Callin Myers

          You have never ever listened to Beck. It’s obvious.

        • Anonymous

          This is more of a hysterical ranting from the left. The left resorts to name calling when called out for facts. Witness the the diatribe above.

          • Populist democrat

            More proof from the far right that it doesn’t matter how deceitful Glenn Beck is. Anyone pointing out that Beck is fundamentally dishonest is accused of “hysterical ranting” or “name calling” when that just did not happen here. Sad, yet pathetic.

            How many false claims does your hero need to make before you realize how full of manure he is? One of his fans figured it out long ago. Google: “Former Beck addict comes clean” and find out what helped her realize just how dishonest Beck is.

          • Guest

            Hey look a Troll… Can I feed him? Please! @Radical_democrat:disqus

          • Populist democrat

            Another person who can’t argue with facts or logic. When you address the deceitful nature of Beck’s sleazy propaganda, then I’ll be shocked.

      • Anonymous

        Please refute the viewpoint then :) Rather than saying it can’t stand up to logic and reason, Apply logic and reason to it and show us that it doesn’t stand up.

    • Adam Johnson

      and yet here you are on one of his sites giving them web traffic and thus boosting revenue. Nice work. Feel free to troll more often.

      • Populist democrat

        When you make sense, between you and Mr. Beck, that will be one of you.

  • Anonymous

    I too enjoy the Blaze on my iPad/computer. It is clear though that many more people would watch if the Blaze was on TV. Keep up the effort. God will fix things

    • Angelica Clark

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      ✮✮✮� ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ �✮✮✮I have cancelled all but but basic TV with DirectTV as a show of support for The Blaze.

  • Whitehead Laurie

    We need to go to the states are reform corporate law. If corporations are “individuals,” they are soul-less. BUT, they are created by STATE law, and they can be reformed through STATE law. Didn’t you report that it was Progressives who “reformed” corporations long ago, and created the soul-less monsters we have now. These seemingly powerful monsters are governed by tiny boards who give to the political candidates they want, they lobby for their interests at the expense of individual liberty. REFORM CORPORATE LAW!

  • Anonymous

    I think The Blaze has a right to be on a network if they want to be. Just because of people at comcast who hate Glenn Beck and conservatives is not a reason to not take the twenty million dollars needed to pay off their debt and buy another network. Glenn has that right and politics have no place there.

    • Populist democrat

      Glenn Beck has the right to lie about Democrats and build a media empire based on gullible supporters, but that does not give his company the right to be on every carrier. That is up to the carrier, whether to carry Beck’s channel of sleazy propaganda or not. And I mean SLEAZY!

  • Henry Percy

    Haha. Cry me a river. What happened to your love of the ‘invisible hand of the market’?

  • Anonymous

    Watch Gohmert conjure a conspiracy quickly squashed by Comcast’s lawyer.

  • Anonymous
  • Uncle Rex

    Patriots: Arm yourself with liberty’s longbow and pierce the illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

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