Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s attempted mea culpa sit-down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper may have done more harm than good. After telling Cooper that he “is not a racist” and “made a terrible mistake” that he would like to “apologize” for, Sterling doubled down on his dislike of NBA legend Magic Johnson, saying he should be “ashamed” because he got HIV after “having sex” with women across the country.

Watch Sterling’s comments on Johnson below:

On radio this morning, Pat found it hard to believe Sterling would make those comments about Johnson and the black community given the backlash he has already received.

“I’m surprised he doesn’t have anybody advising him,” Pat said.

Glenn, however, believes the fact that Sterling had the wherewithal to stop himself in response to Cooper’s comments about the “African American community” proves he does in fact have people advising him.

“He clearly does,” Glenn countered. “This is what happens on this program. [When] I don’t know if I should say [something], Stu always jumps in. ‘No, don’t say it.’ I used to listen to Stu, but after we became successful, I stopped listening to Stu. I know that really doesn’t work when it comes to logic, but I stopped listening to him. Imagine you are Donald Sterling and you are worth billions of dollars. He stopped listening to people at like 1947.”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu had a bit of fun with the “train wreck” that was this Sterling interview by having Sterling (or at least someone that sounds an awful lot like him – aka Stu) call into the radio program:

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As Glenn explained, historically, someone in Sterling’s position would be media fodder for a few weeks and then drop out of the headlines. But we have devolved into a society that is always out for blood.

“In the old days, here’s what would have happened: We’d laugh about this guy… and he would go off as some bumbling idiot. But that’s not what’s happening in today’s world,” Glenn said. “This guy is going to lose everything, and possibly they are talking now… that he can’t give it to his son, he can’t give it to his daughter, or anybody else in his family… It’s wrong.”

“What used to happen is what’s been happening [here] for the last 20 minutes. We just mock him and it would all be over,” he continued. “But this society is out for blood. This guy’s going to lose everything and possibly generationally… Five years ago, people would have said, ‘What are you nuts? Get out of here.’ Look at what we’re headed. It’s crazy. Just crazy.”