Did embattled LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling call into this morning’s radio program?

Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s attempted mea culpa sit-down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper may have done more harm than good. After telling Cooper that he “is not a racist” and “made a terrible mistake” that he would like to “apologize” for, Sterling doubled down on his dislike of NBA legend Magic Johnson, saying he should be “ashamed” because he got HIV after “having sex” with women across the country.

Watch Sterling’s comments on Johnson below:

On radio this morning, Pat found it hard to believe Sterling would make those comments about Johnson and the black community given the backlash he has already received.

“I’m surprised he doesn’t have anybody advising him,” Pat said.

Glenn, however, believes the fact that Sterling had the wherewithal to stop himself in response to Cooper’s comments about the “African American community” proves he does in fact have people advising him.

“He clearly does,” Glenn countered. “This is what happens on this program. [When] I don’t know if I should say [something], Stu always jumps in. ‘No, don’t say it.’ I used to listen to Stu, but after we became successful, I stopped listening to Stu. I know that really doesn’t work when it comes to logic, but I stopped listening to him. Imagine you are Donald Sterling and you are worth billions of dollars. He stopped listening to people at like 1947.”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu had a bit of fun with the “train wreck” that was this Sterling interview by having Sterling (or at least someone that sounds an awful lot like him – aka Stu) call into the radio program:

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As Glenn explained, historically, someone in Sterling’s position would be media fodder for a few weeks and then drop out of the headlines. But we have devolved into a society that is always out for blood.

“In the old days, here’s what would have happened: We’d laugh about this guy… and he would go off as some bumbling idiot. But that’s not what’s happening in today’s world,” Glenn said. “This guy is going to lose everything, and possibly they are talking now… that he can’t give it to his son, he can’t give it to his daughter, or anybody else in his family… It’s wrong.”

“What used to happen is what’s been happening [here] for the last 20 minutes. We just mock him and it would all be over,” he continued. “But this society is out for blood. This guy’s going to lose everything and possibly generationally… Five years ago, people would have said, ‘What are you nuts? Get out of here.’ Look at what we’re headed. It’s crazy. Just crazy.”

  • Nikee Steinhoff

    He is the only one who took the fall but they all knew about him, his views and probably shared laughs with him because he was the boss. Interesting how quickly they handed him over!

    • Anonymous

      There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. I would say this is another false flag setup to hammer away at racism. What he said about magic Johnson is basically true and yet he’s a hero in the media eyes.

    • joanc

      IT is interesting– a little push from some who want his team?? Sure looks like it!

  • Wulf

    Meanwhile – Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and others, still have jobs and have faced no repercussions for their behavior. If you watch TNT, Shaq and Barkley make sexist, racist, and outright ridiculous comments almost nightly.

    The media feels high and mighty by attacking an 80 year old man – they are like a pack of hyenas.

    Sterling bought millions in gifts for a black/Mexican girl, hired a black head coach, paid black players tons of money — yet is banned for life b/c of an ambiguous 9 minute recording. We still don’t know why, supposedly, there are close to 1000 hours of his recorded conversation (and why they only “released” this short clip).

    My Mom is in her 70’s, and I can see the memory slipping and other traits I see that Sterling might be experiencing. The media are just scum(bags). If Elgin Baylor thought Sterling was such an evil racist, why did he work for him for so many years?

    • Anonymous

      Sterling is just a very dirty old man and a bigot. That being said, there really aren’t any legal grounds for forcing him to give up his private property based solely on that. I really don’t feel sorry for Sterling, but in the future a much better man than him will be fried in the same manner because of the precedent set here.

      • Wulf

        I wasn’t trying to say Sterling is a great man. The media hypocrisy, though, is beyond ridiculous.

        • Anonymous

          I know that. No worries. You’re right. The only thing I can’t stand about the Sterling thing…is having to hear about it all the time.

          • joanc

            I can’t stand the deceit of the woman he trusted and showered with expensive gifts that she took willingly and then betrayed his trust. Is she going to have to answer in court for the illegal acting of taping a private conversation? I bet not, for whoever she is working with, probably set the entire scenario up for personal gain! What ever happened to the First Amendment, or is it reserved only for certain groups, unless Obama has already deep sixed it along with a few others that hinder his agenda.

      • joanc

        I think the despicable person who taped Sterling without his knowledge bears the blame for his problems. Yes,,he used inappropriate bias laced language, but now be honest, who isn’t guilty of doing the same when talking in private to trusted friend? He thought this was a private conversation with a woman he apparently trusted. He was used, and the real question is why?? Immediately after the airing of Sterling’s taped call, all hell broke loose with people lining up to take ownership of Sterling’s Clippers. It was as if they already knew there would be problems ahead for Sterling, and Oh Boy, they were ready with their wallets to take advantage. This entire situation stinks and certainly has the stench to go with it. His words were biased, however have you ever watched the TV talk show where the hosts have themselves a great laugh while viewing Governor Romney’s family portrait featuring them with an adopted black child. The Panel on Melissa Perry’s show could hardly contain themselves,as they pointed out the difference in the family due to the child’s color. What was so funny about a apparently unbiased family? Ms. Perry and friends had a laugh ,and was not the first time her bias showed. She is still employed at MSNBC, where she and a few of her co workers spew their hateful bias on National TV, on a daily basis. Where are the groups that only recognize bias if expressed by a certain faction of society? They must wear blinders and earplugs when the words come from others lips. This PC is BS,and needs to end, as well as the class warfare which is being nurtured by the present administration. We are all Americans,so act like it, and accept each others faults and move on to a United America where we can live in peace. Sterling expressed bias, but should not be forced to sell his team, put yourself in his shoes and think how you would feel if it were you!

        • Anonymous

          I’d feel horrible, I hope you know that I agree with you. The situation does suck.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. .don’t really care for the man one way or another. Unfortunately, the NBA can force the sale of the team if it’s determined he causes financial detriment to the other owners

  • Anonymous

    Sterling was set-up

  • Glennfriend67

    Interesting how “Donald Sterling” sounded remarkably like President-in-Hell Woodrow Wilson. I know your voice, Stu Brugiere!! ROTFLMAO!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Sterling is Sterling..don’t know about his intentions or true feelings. Nor do I care. But lose everything ? Glenn off the charts wrong on this one. Even if they can force him to sell the team, billionaire will exponentially make a profit compared to what he paid for the team

  • Matt D.

    Darwin’s theories of evolution were preceded by theories of cultural evolution regarding the relationship of Sanskrit to the Greek language.

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