Photo: The priceless moment a soldier sees his son for the first time in 9 months

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“My husband, SSG Bailey, left for his fourth deployment when our son was only 8 weeks old. He watched his first born, Benton, grow and reach milestones for 9 months through daily pictures, videos and frequent but always too short Skype chats. Benton would always get excited when he heard daddy’s voice and saw him on the computer screen. This was the reaction our wonderful photographer captured when we finally welcomed home our soldier from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan. Priceless!”

10295773_731114423577625_3635023117505045096_nPhoto Credit: Emages by Emily Thomas

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  • landofaahs

    And how many sick feminist Nazi’s are stomping their feet thinking that the child should have been aborted? Abortion is a sick and evil practice and this photo should at least expose the truth that human life is precious.

    • Matt Bryan

      What? please take your crap elsewhere.

      • Anonymous

        ANY time spent to STOP abortion is NOT CRAP.
        What landofaahs said is the TRUTH.
        While the story & photo is priceless the truth is there ARE MANY who think the abortion is the same!!!

    • Zojja

      What??!! Where did that come from and why are you putting these comments into what is supposed to be a wonderful moment?

    • steven gavel

      Go back to bed. You’ve come to the wrong place.

  • Moozmom

    Dad didn’t see my brother during WWII until my brother was 2 years old. Dad served in North Africa, hated Rommel, and had very choice sayings about the entire war. Of course, we kids didn’t even understand what Dad was saying, but Mom was laughing.

    • Anonymous

      My grandpa didn’t see my mom for a very long time as the was in WWII. This situation is way too familiar. But necessary.

  • Glennfriend67

    Awww! Now that’s what I call family-friendly!

  • Carl Mennare

    I was born 9 days after Dad graduated Jump School at Ft Benning and 9 days before his port call for Vietnam. Dad went awol to see me, they refused him leave, he came home to Michigan then turned around and made it back in time to meet his port call. Of course since it was a port call into a combat zone the only thing they could do was give him an article 15, Dad said it was the best $15 dollars he ever spent. I miss him.

  • Emily Thomas

    Cool! So glad I was able to capture this photo for this family. :)

  • Lisa

    SSG Bailey thank you for your services! Sad the photographer wasn’t given credit for their work with this image. Great image, bad publication by not giving credit where credit is due.

    • Rodney Bailey

      Lisa, thank you for your support. I agree that the photographer needs the credit! I didn’t even know this photo was put out anywhere until I got a call that I was on the web. The AMAZING photographer was Emily Thomas and her website is . She did amazing work and because of her work people can see the joy my family had reuniting.

      • Lisa

        No thank you SSG Bailey. Yes she captured a beautiful moment for your family. Glad to see you are home safe and with your loving family. Emily you are a great photographer and I am glad to see that the Glenn Beck site credited you for your work.

  • Anonymous

    priceless. what a blessing to have parents that love you.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    More dangerous than merit-based rewards is the notion of “distributive justice” that requires each of us b subjected to centralized control

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