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Response from the Dad featured in TheBlaze Moments:

Some of you may have seen the beautiful picture of twin boys featured on TheBlaze Best Moments this week. The father of the young boys wrote an email to Glenn expressing his thanks for us sharing the amazing picture.


Me Beck,
My wife and I want to thank you and your staff for putting the story of my two sons on your website. It’s a true blessing to now have them seen by thousands of people and to have their picture on such an honorable site as yours. I’ve listened to and watched you for years. Your an amazing person and I am so very proud to see my babies on there. My wife didn’t know I was doing that. I was driving to meeting when I heard you talk about stories of best memories or inspiring stories and to send them in. Something came over me and I pulled over, typed it up and sent it in. Though 99.9% of the post on the thread have been supportive there are a few that don’t see it the way I do. And that’s ok. I pray for them. And I hope I can shake their hands one day while walking with my sons an God.
I am a veteran. A proud patriot. But the greatest honor I’ve received so far in my life is having my sons as one of your stories and to have seen you personally comment and share the story. I am honored, honored by that.

If there is ever anything I can do for you or your staff, PLEASE let me know. My dinner table is always open to you and yours.

Thank you so much for this. I know the story won’t be up there forever and that’s ok. I just wanted you to know my wife and I are forever grateful.



When One Door Closes, Another One Opens:


This is the birth of my 1st grandchild she was born exactly one week after my beloved husband of 32 years lost his battle with cancer I can not believe how good God is to send her 10 days before she was due. His timing was perfect everyone had gone home after the funeral and I would be alone for the first time in 32 years, then this little girl came at just the right time she is the JOY of my life and has her grandpa’s temperament.
God is GOOD!


Glenn Beck Morning Show so funny mama needs Pampers?

I just wanted you guys to know my 9 year old daughter and I listen to you every morning….thanks to I heart radio.
She cracks up at all the impersonations. … She absolutely loves the jimmy Stewart. I however almost pee in my pants over the John Kerry …or the al gore….
Thank you so much
Learning everyday