What would you imagine would be spoken about at the fifteenth annual White Privilege Conference? Would it surprise you to learn that some 2,400 students and educators were recently taught that “racism is central to America;” “the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become;” and “this country was built on white principles for white people”?

Those are just a few of the sound bytes captured by ProgressivesToday.com — a collaboration between Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and EAG News’ Kyle Olson of EAG News. Olson is also the co-author of Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education.

ProgressivesToday.com plans to release the footage captured in four separate parts, and on radio this morning, Glenn played part one of the series in which speakers at the Madison, Wisconsin conference insist America is inherently evil because of its racist roots.

Watch part one via Progressives Today below:

“I mean these people they crazy,” Glenn said. “They really think that this is Martin Luther King’s dream? Really? He wanted an equal shot. He wanted to be judged by the content of his character. We judge people solely on the color of their skin. You are a racist, if you are white. If you are black, you are oppressed. It doesn’t matter. You are oppressed. Really? And if you’re not – if you are Condoleezza Rice, well, then you are not really black.”

As Glenn has been talking about for a number of months, now is the time to look past all of the divides – race, creed, ideology – and find common ground.

“Let’s have that dialogue because we’ll be able to find common ground and move forward,” Glenn said. “We aren’t going to move forward on things that enslave people no matter what the race is. We aren’t going to do that. But if you are really for just the opportunity, so are we.”

Those that seek to marginalize certain voices or opinion are those who are weak and afraid, Glenn explained.

“It is a disease of mankind. It’s a desire of weak people. Who drives people’s voices out, really? If you are comfortable in your position, do you drive out of your sight those who are reasonable, who will talk and who disagree with you? Do you? Because I don’t,” Glenn said. “Who silences people? People who are weak and afraid… I think there are two kinds of people that believe in the progressive socialist movement: Ones that believe they are above it. They understand, but other people are too stupid… And the other, they want to control you. They want power themselves.”

It is clear the purpose of the White Privilege Conference was not to open a dialogue about race relations but to shut it down. Glenn explained that we reads the works of and associates with people he disagrees with because it makes him stronger and more convicted. Unfortunately, that is clearly not the opinion of the educators in that room.

“I have Peter Singer’s books in my library. I have read Peter Singer. Why wouldn’t I? I want to hear Peter Singer. I’m a devout Christian. I’ll listen to Penn Jillette. I will talk to him. He’s a reasonable guy. It makes my faith stronger. If Penn Jillette, a magician, can tear my faith apart, make me not believe in God anymore, I didn’t believe in God anyway. It makes you stronger,” Glenn concluded. “These people want to silence you. And they are doing it. And it’s incumbent upon us, in peace, to bind ourselves together and stand arm-in-arm.”

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ProgressivesToday.com’s Jim Hoft and Kyle Olson appeared on last Friday’s Dana to discuss what they discovered at the White Privilege Conference.

Watch the interview below: