WATCH: ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith defends NFL player suspended for negative tweets

Shortly after the St. Louis Rams selected Michael Sam – the first openly gay player to be drafted by a NFL franchise – in the seventh round on Saturday, Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones tweeted “OMG” and “Horrible.” The tweets, seemingly in response to ESPN’s coverage of Sam kissing his boyfriend, were ultimately taken down, and Jones apologized for his comments. That did not stop the NFL, however, from fining Jones an undisclosed amount and excusing him from all team activities until he completes “educational training” related to his comments.

On Monday’s radio program, Glenn couldn’t help but ask: Regardless of how you feel about Jones’ comments, “can we stop driving people out of society for having a different opinion?” ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith took a similar position.

While Smith admitted he hadn’t seen the full footage of the kiss, he said that if the kissing happened as it has been described to him he would have told them the same thing he would say to a heterosexual couple: “Get a room.” He made it clear, however, that the act of a man kissing another man does not bother him personally.

Furthermore, Smith finds Jones’ punishment troubling.

“I think it’s a very, very dangerous thing when people see something and they have a problem with what they’re seeing and they express themselves, and ultimately they’re fined,” he said.

Watch Smith’s full comments below:

On radio this morning, Glenn commended Smith for taking such a strong stand. He did, however, point out that Smith’s assertion that he is “of the mind-set that there is freedom of speech” is part of the problem. There is no “mind-set” of free speech, rather we believe free speech to be an a self-evident truth.

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“I agree with him. It’s what I said yesterday: Get a room. That was my exact response. I didn’t see it either, but get a room. I would say that to a straight couple. Get a room,” Glenn said. “I don’t know about anybody else, but this isn’t a gay thing… It’s just inappropriate. Can we have some appropriate behavior? There’s no line of what’s appropriate anymore. So get a room. There’s the first thing.”

With that in mind, Glenn explained the erosion of free speech in today’s society:

Then he says ‘I am of the mind-set that there is freedom of speech.’ ‘I am of the mind-set.’ We hold these truths to be self-evident… meaning: It’s true. It’s universally true – not just true to America – that all men are created equal, and they have certain inalienable rights, rights that no one can take away from you, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We spell them out specifically in the Bill of Rights. [They are] not the rights the government grants you. They are the rights the government cannot change, ever. They cannot get close to them. They can’t touch them. They cannot violate them because they don’t come from anyone. They come from our creator.

Those rights are freedom of speech and freedom of… religion… the freedom to assemble… They all boil down to your right to express yourself, which is what the gay activists have always said, ‘They just want to express themselves.’ That’s fine. In an appropriate way, just like… you don’t need to see a straight couple making out all the time.

But beyond that, there is freedom of speech. And [Smith] says, you know, if you’re going to go on Twitter and speak your mind, well, there are ramifications. Yes, there are ramifications. But you notice the left is always saying that corporations don’t have freedom of speech. Well, they sure understand they have freedom of speech. In fact, they are trying to shut down their freedom of speech every step of the way because it’s not the corporations that are making the decision. It is a group… whether this is the Tea Party activists or the gay activists – it is about 10,000 people usually maximum that are the hard core going after them every single day. I am willing the picket them. It is about 10,000 people out of 300 million people… who are hard core. The rest of us, gay, straight, religious, atheist, are like, ‘Can we just stop it? Can we just get along? I’ll turn the channel.’ That’s the truth that nobody wants to say.

There are ramifications to your speech, but the problem is that these groups, these 10,000 that represent all that is righteous and holy on any front… have decided that they are the holy keeper of all truths, and they will enforce it. So the companies are not making the decision based on the companies because if the companies were really truly making right decisions, if they were making them in reason, they would never advertise on CNN. They would never advertise on CNN, ever. They would advertise on TheBlaze. They would advertise on Fox News, [who has] greater numbers… [But] the ramifications aren’t even in the free market anymore.

Then he says he’s ‘not qualified.’ I’m not qualified to speak on this. And this is where I want to beseech you and beg you to become qualified to talk on this. What do you mean you’re not qualified to talk about this? Hutch taught me something important. I was on a plane, with a bunch of preachers, pastors and rabbis, and I said basically that, I’m not qualified. They all laughed at me. And Hutch looked at me and said, ‘What in your wildest dreams gives you the idea you are not a preacher?’ I want you to understand, he’s not just talking to me. He is talking to you as well.

What in your wildest dreams makes you think you are not supposed to be qualified? That’s the progressive movement in a nutshell. ‘No, you didn’t go to school for that. You don’t know.’ ‘

What do you mean you’re not qualified? Then get qualified. You have just as much right to occupy this space as anybody else. That’s the whole idea. You are here for a reason. Empower yourself. Nobody’s going to empower you to do anything. Now is the time that you empower yourself. Good God almighty, you are sent here at this time for a reason. Do it. Do it. Stop doubting. Stop listening to others who tell you to doubt. Do it. You might lose. Do it. It’s worth it. It will the put you in the space you are supposed to be in.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody says that Michael Sam is courageous for coming out (with the sole intent of upping his draft status). But how is it courageous when he isn’t being persecuted in any way? This society is getting more supportive of the perverted LGBT movement by the day. He knew he wouldn’t catch any flak. He owes his 7th round selection to the publicity of the moment. NOTHING about him is courageous NOTHING!!!!! Don Jones had no idea that he would be hung out to dry for saying the relatively innocuous tweet “OMG Horrible.” It doesn’t make you homophobic to not want to watch something as disgusting as two men kissing. Everything about Michael Sam is “OMG Horrible!!!”

    • Rebecca Christensen


      ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭� ☭☭☭ ☭☭�☭

    • Daddy

      Michael Sam is a pervert and I hope he gets saved before its too late.

  • Hoot Gibson

    Michael Sam is a pervert, those bashing the Dolphin player are PC Scum….not much else to add…

    • Anonymous

      Why is he a pervert?

      • max1cat

        U must ASK??

  • Patrick Apple

    Educational training? What the heck is going on in this country? A person cannot even dare speak and he is sent to the gulag to be taught sensitivity? How about not flaunting your sexuality in public all the time? It’s time to put the gay flaunting to rest. I am no more interested in seeing a straight couple smooching and slobbering all over than I am a gay couple. Get a room is right. Pathetic display of poor judgment in my opinion. Don Jones should never have apologized.

    • Anonymous

      I just won’t puke as much when a man kisses a woman, because it’s nature. Get a room yes, agreed, no matter who it is.

  • Anonymous

    Remember in all of this that the organized LGBT movement is totally political and has nothing to do with freedom of speech or expression. They do not operate from a “classic liberalism” mindset. I have worked and interacted with many male and female gays due to various life circumstances. Some would rather be left alone while others are in-your-face activists that get off on causing trouble. The gays like Sam and his friend are from the in-your-face crowd. If it really didn’t matter to them, they would keep their sexual preference to themselves and live quietly. Believe me, the people he played sports with in high school and college knew before “he came out.” Instead, this faction desires to be exhibitionists. Although I find the behavior repugnant, I like most people don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home as long as it is consensual and you are not hurting others or breaking the law.The LGBT movement is about obtaining special rights for the furthering of their planned political agenda. It is why they choose public publicity opportunities such as this. Sam would have been drafted where he was drafted whether he was gay or not. Ask any scout that knows, he was drafted low because that’s what his pro abilities at this time show. He may improve his lot in the future and he may not. Making it personal will not win him any fans among team owners and G.M.’s. My advice to Sam is to shut your mouth and take care of business on the field.

    • Populist democrat

      Bullcrap. You would NOT be writing this if Sam were straight and he kissed his girlfriend.

      Stating the obvious get’s “Guest’s” panties in a bunch.

      • Anonymous

        I would not be writing it if Sam had put a sock in his mouth and not cried that because he came out he was drafted seventh. Coaching staffs know they have one or more closeted gay players on each NFL roster. In the end it doesn’t matter and that is the whole point. Tell him to shut up, learn the playbook, get in the weight room and be coachable. I personally know two NFL players. One was drafted low in the May draft and the other in the supplemental draft and both still made their teams. Sam knows that by “leveraging his gayness” now is a future career enhancer. If he doesn’t make, he can use the gay excuse (which is BS in your words) and someone will come along and put him on TV or radio or find alternative work elsewhere. He makes it and the LGBT community has a new political poster boy.He wins either way (making the Rams roster or not) and he knows it.

        • Populist democrat

          “Coaching staffs know….”

          You remind me of Glenn Beck, making assertions as fact that you’re actually guessing about.

      • Lee in Phoenix

        And Sam wouldn’t be any big deal if he was straight and kissed a girl after being drafted 249th. The president wouldn’t have called him and his picture wouldn’t be all over the news days later. It’s what he does in bed that has hade him a media star and you can’t deny that.

        • Populist democrat

          He’s a pioneer; THAT’s what put him in the news.

      • Anonymous

        You wouldn’t be here bothering us either.

      • Guest

        What makes you think you know what he would be writing? This making assumptions of what others think is a typical left wing mal assumption caused by a feeling of superiority and intolerance combined with ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      As an aside, Sam is not the first “gay” pro football player like he wants you to believe. He knows that there is no such thing as “bad publicity.” He is taking a page out the Hollywood playbook that many no talents use to keep them in the public eye in order to extend careers.

      • Populist democrat

        The defensive player of the year in his conference is having “no talent?”

        Let me guess, you believe Beck’s lies, too.

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t matter. Pro evaluations and college evaluations are not the same. Agree or not and sometimes I disagree with pro evaluations as well. For a recent example of “good college, not so-good-pro” see Tim Tebow. While we are on the subject, Sam supporters being so only because he is gay likely delighted in the fact that Tim’s pro football career was short-lived due to his “in-your-face” Christian beliefs. I myself believe that 40 times, shuttles, and pro days do not a good pro prospect evaluation make. Those that do have that experience and hit more than they miss. I used to work in college athletics and was around gay athletes all the time (mostly women) so your assumptions are off base. The point of my whole comment was that Sam should realize the opportunity he has and quit making the gay issue more important than the future task at hand.

          • Anonymous

            With all due respect, the biggest reason for Tim Tebow’s shortened career was his lack of talent. I like the guy, but let’s be fair. That being said, the ruckus surrounding his display of Christian beliefs was way over the top

          • Anonymous

            I find the biggest contrast between Sam and Tebow to be this: Tebow being over the top Christian appeals to the Christian population, which is over half the country. Sam being openly gay appeals to a far smaller audience and offends every TRUE Christian. Sam’s plan to up his draft status by creating a web of publicity around himself will come back to bite him. His lack of talent combined with the distraction he’s created will ultimately overwhelm him and make quick work of his pro career. He’ll get by though, off of book deals and movies possibly.

          • Anonymous

            Possibly the distractions may be detrimental to his long term success in the NFL.But it won’t be for a lack of talent. Simply untrue. .

      • Wulf

        I understand what you’re saying. Basically, he (and maybe his boyfriend) is guaranteed to make millions of dollars even if he never plays a down of football. Book deals, talk show, etc.

      • Anonymous

        That is absolutely correct. Just like Jason Collins in the NBA. His career was winding down, in fact he wasn’t signed by any team…so then he came out. Weeks later…he was signed. Great stunt.

  • Populist democrat

    There is freedom of hate speech.

    Haters will be haters. Lots of straight men kiss their girlfriends/wives when they get good news. This is no difference. You don’t need “a room” to exchange a kiss. This is pure homophobia (hate speech) on Jones’ part.

    Oh look! The children are calling a man “vicky” still. THAT proves that they still have not grown up, and never will.

    I don’t hate; I mock. That’s so easy here.

    • Anonymous

      Homosexuality is disgusting. I can say that all I want because nobody at my job is going to fire me for it. Gay stuff…yuck yuck yuck. Have you decided to go away yet?

      • Populist democrat

        Yes, Bert, you’re a homophobic bigot. Got it.

        • Daddy

          Yes populist democrat, you are a sick-minded fool, got it.

    • Guest

      “Haters will be haters.” Yup – you have proven that repeatedly, Vicky Tiffy.

  • Wulf

    There may be one decent pro sports organization left- The San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs players don’t Tweet, they don’t constantly whine and complain, they don’t spend half the games celebrating with strange dances and weird hand gestures.

    If I were a pro sports coach, I’d tell all my players to stay off Twiter and Facebook. Not to stifle free speech, but b/c nothing can be gained from Facebooking and Twittering.

    Most players, though, are immature and spoiled. NFL, NBA, ad MLB have all gone downhill and turned into gossip leagues. I imagine this sensitivity training garbage and other annoying trends will continue (and get worse).

    by the way- I don’t know much about the NHL, so if there are decent organizations in the NHL, I apologize : )

  • landofaahs

    In the NFL the players are slaves. Don’t you people have a mind of your own now because the plantation owners demand your subservience as payment for your status as a “Worshipped Athlete”. LOL

  • Dana Cruz

    Mr. Irrelevant is the title for the last player picked in the draft. Was there some arm twisting to make sure he was drafted and not with the last pick??

    • Anonymous

      He was actually expected to go much higher but performed rather poorly in the NFL combine…

  • Shane

    I agree with Stephen A. Smith that NFL players should have freedom of speech to say that they found two gay men kissing disgusting. The gaystopo has zero tolerance for anyone who says anything negative about gays. I too found the two players kissing disgusting, and ESPN spent way too much time about Sam.

  • dennis reilly

    we hear so much about this man being courageous, what a joke, Pat Tillman was courageous, he was making millions and gave it up to fight for his country and died for this country he was always proud of, unlike Michelle Obama

  • Connor Kenway

    Well that is the intalerent left for you.

    • Populist democrat

      Well that is the illiterate far-right for you.

      • Connor Kenway

        And look who comes to prove my point but the so called tolerant left.

        • Populist democrat

          Let me know when you learn to spell, Conner, the illiterate. Pointing out your illiteracy doesn’t make me intolerant, but this is probably far too sophisticated for you to grasp. If anyone is intolerant, it’s the far-right.

          • Daddy

            So he gets communist brainwashing training and the left is tolerant? You are a fool.

  • Cal Baize

    It seems to me that the gay community are the ones who are condemning those who utilize the right to freedom of speech. Giving your opinion on something is not condemning. We have the right and obligation to decide right and wrong and voice our opinion, but look who was punished. Punishment is condemnation and that was done but the gay community.

  • Anonymous

    Romans 1:27 ESV

    and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    I wonder what God meant when he said this about homosexuals in Romans?

    • Anonymous

      can we stop with the bible please. it is 2014 and you guys are still trying to live by rules that where created almost 2,000 years ago. the world has changed since then and a lot of the rules in the bible don’t fit into today’s world. Sorry if i offended just how i feel.

      • SRM29

        No, we’re not going to stop with the Bible. The passage of time does not make God’s Word (a.k.a. the Bible) irrelevant. Many many Christians still lead Godly lives, and still function in today’s Society.

        • Anonymous

          never said it was irrelevant. It just fiction and the passage of time has nothing to do with it. It was fiction when it was written that has never changed.

  • Anonymous

    Feel free to make videos out of these songs and share them everywhere to

  • Reliquary

    Wow, absolutely fascinating. I guess the idea that anyone would be offended by by an act so utterly outside their moral boundaries is just unacceptable eh? Next thing you know, mentioning that you are disgusted by bestiality, pedophilia, polyandry, etc,etc, will get you fired and fined if it is possible …Surely one should be publicly ostracized for even mentioning moral underpinnings that differ from the generally accepted PC train of thought . Pathetic really. How low will we go?

    I fully expect this to be third of my posts to be extricated.. No Problem.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Sam is Queer period! To use the word gay by sexual deviants is not how this word was originally defined, therefore call a Queer a Queer.

  • LV3XKL

    I think that both sides are wrong. If you want peace you will remember to be CIVIL and being CIVIL means “ALL THINGS IN GOOD MEASURE BREED EXCELLENCE” where excesses and wildly disproportional displays contribute to disorder and instability. I support the basic rights of homosexuals, but no I do not support waging an image war against everyone who is not gay! No that’s not what I support and not what most people support. If you are gay, still you must understand that for the purpose of peace you must limit your public displays, as the same is true for Christian fundamentalists for example. There is a limit to what is acceptable even if you have a right to practice what you believe, by overdoing it you begin to wage war against others and not merely practice and fulfill your own rights to be as you are. Civility is necessary and here we have an example of it as we did with Tim Tebow.

    Tebow was essentially hacked because of his expressions. Well anyone else must also be told that they must limit the exuberance of their displays. This would include homosexual players. For the sake or order and for the sake of peace.

  • Reliquary

    I should very much like to know why my post were not deemed fit?…you have my email address.

  • Daddy

    Michael Sam is a coward that used his perverted lifestyle to get himself more publicity. So sad. The average age of death for homos is 41 while 75% of straights live until at least 65. These are facts.

  • Jon Johnston

    Where most activities are restricted and controlled, the term “liberties” is often used to describe those options which are still available.

  • Johnny Olson

    We have the God given right to speak as we see fit. The Constitution acknowledges that right. For anyone to suffer punishment for expressing what they feel is absurd.

    Smith is dead on here. If advertisers want to not associate with him…fine that is their choice, but for the Miami Dolphins to fine and punish him is stupid.

    Skip Bayless can kiss my ass. We do NOT have to be more tolerant. We do NOT have to sit back and accept this being pressed upon us. According to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin. Nobody expects people to be tolerant of murderers, rapists, thieves….or even adulterers, another sin of sexual immorality. Why must we tolerate a sin because they think that we should.

    I have gay friends. They are openly gay, but they do not rub it in anyone’s face. They oppose gay pride parades. They oppose calling Sam a hero for kissing his partner on camera. It is not heroic to “come out,” any more than it is heroic for me to shout out that I am not gay.

    If we had “straight pride” parades, we would be condemned as homophobic. If we wore “straight pride” shirts, we are considered haters. But these people condemn the hell out of the players who spoke out and of Smith for his comments.

    More disgusting than the kiss is the double standard.

  • max1cat

    I do think the entertainment industry has gone too far with the homosexual PC and the waste of the word gay. This word to the small kids and association means a very good time is had in this activity and I do not need this activity jammed in the face of the face of little kids. There will be too little ones many going in that direction any way. I think it is very inconsiderate of the HOMOSEXUALS to want to mess up a pleasant word with their bedroom activity. I really do not care what the PC Police think of me but I do care what is foisted on the children and I care what the extra cost is placed on the tax pay-or for their recreation habits.

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