Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen graces the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and after running through her diet tricks and her marriage secrets, Teigen dropped a bombshell: She would like to have dinner with Glenn. Yes, that’s right, Teigen listed Glenn as one of the four people she would invite to her “fantasy celebrity dinner” along with chef Anthony Bourdain, actress Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruz’s 8-year-old daughter Suri. Despite admitting he had no idea who Teigen was before hearing about the Cosmo article earlier today, Glenn obviously had A LOT of fun with the story on radio this morning.

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“So Stu found something that he feels is controversial this morning. [But it] makes sense to me. I don’t know how it doesn’t for you,” Glenn joked. “Chrissy, I have to say this to you right now. I want you to protect your heart, okay? I want you to protect your heart right now. I’m not saying this to break your heart or to hurt you, but I am already spoken for.”

While Glenn was not at all surprised that Teigen would fanaticize about having dinner with him – after all, supermodels have been clamoring to have a meal with him for years – Stu wasn’t so convinced (then again, he may have just been EXTREMELY jealous).

“Now, this is a program in which we attempt to tell the truth and give perspective to news… The truth is – [for some] inexplicable reason – one of the world’s biggest supermodels [wants to have dinner with Glenn],” Stu explained. “Now perspective. Okay. How did this happen? My leading theory is that she decided to be funny to pick the least likely person she’d ever want to see anywhere. And that would be Glenn Beck.”

While Teigen has yet to respond to why she chose to include Glenn in her list of guests, she has spoken out about him in the past. In March 2011, Teigen had this to say:

Glenn remained unfazed by the tweet, and he really just seemed to enjoy watching Stu stew over the story.

“There’s a huge pictorial of her playing in the bath,” Stu said sadly. “She’s just playing in the bath in the same magazine she wants to have dinner with Glenn Beck.”

“I’m going to blow that picture up of that page,” Glenn concluded. “And I’m going to hang it right next to that bat of the guy that gave it to me that pisses you off [Albert Pujols], or the other bat by the other guy who is the big baseball player here for years. What’s his name? Nolan Ryan. I’ll hang it right outside your office door.”