Cosmo cover girl and Sports Illustrated model wants to have dinner with… Glenn?!

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen graces the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and after running through her diet tricks and her marriage secrets, Teigen dropped a bombshell: She would like to have dinner with Glenn. Yes, that’s right, Teigen listed Glenn as one of the four people she would invite to her “fantasy celebrity dinner” along with chef Anthony Bourdain, actress Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruz’s 8-year-old daughter Suri. Despite admitting he had no idea who Teigen was before hearing about the Cosmo article earlier today, Glenn obviously had A LOT of fun with the story on radio this morning.

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“So Stu found something that he feels is controversial this morning. [But it] makes sense to me. I don’t know how it doesn’t for you,” Glenn joked. “Chrissy, I have to say this to you right now. I want you to protect your heart, okay? I want you to protect your heart right now. I’m not saying this to break your heart or to hurt you, but I am already spoken for.”

While Glenn was not at all surprised that Teigen would fanaticize about having dinner with him – after all, supermodels have been clamoring to have a meal with him for years – Stu wasn’t so convinced (then again, he may have just been EXTREMELY jealous).

“Now, this is a program in which we attempt to tell the truth and give perspective to news… The truth is – [for some] inexplicable reason – one of the world’s biggest supermodels [wants to have dinner with Glenn],” Stu explained. “Now perspective. Okay. How did this happen? My leading theory is that she decided to be funny to pick the least likely person she’d ever want to see anywhere. And that would be Glenn Beck.”

While Teigen has yet to respond to why she chose to include Glenn in her list of guests, she has spoken out about him in the past. In March 2011, Teigen had this to say:

Glenn remained unfazed by the tweet, and he really just seemed to enjoy watching Stu stew over the story.

“There’s a huge pictorial of her playing in the bath,” Stu said sadly. “She’s just playing in the bath in the same magazine she wants to have dinner with Glenn Beck.”

“I’m going to blow that picture up of that page,” Glenn concluded. “And I’m going to hang it right next to that bat of the guy that gave it to me that pisses you off [Albert Pujols], or the other bat by the other guy who is the big baseball player here for years. What’s his name? Nolan Ryan. I’ll hang it right outside your office door.”

  • Crassus

    Christy Teigan is no Kate Upton or Cindy Crawford when it comes to being a supermodel She looks like a younger version of Sally Field if you like her. Sally Field never moved me. Neither does Christy Teigan.

    • Rush Limborg

      Best part, Cindy’s a Conservative and Kate just might be, too. (Apparently it’s no coincidence she shares a last name with Congressman Fred Upton–they’re related.)

  • new2la

    Be careful Glenn. Show her what class looks like….Take Tanya if you decide to go.

    • Crassus

      Tanya Beck is a much prettier woman than Christy Teigan. Glenn should be thankful for what he’s got.

      • Krimsen King

        so naturally, she’s the better wife, huh…. ugh

      • Xavier Nabu

        Tanya = Stepford wife

  • Maura Daly Lundstrom

    The show this morning was so funny. I was listening to The Blaze Philly on I heart radio while I waited to see my doctor this morning (headphones on, of course). I kept laughing out loud and people were looking at my strangely. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • Bob Kelley

      I heard it too…a real laugh riot. As usual would be comedians……..flopping

    • Krimsen King

      well, let’s hope the doctor is helping you out with that… 😉

  • Jason Story

    This supermodel is no hotter then the average college girl. She was born privileged and her family knew the right people. I know plenty of modest and chaste women that are far more beautiful but they will never have a chance at being a model because they do not know the right people. Being a model is nothing special and i find that behind all the make up and photoshopping that they aren’t more beautiful then you average woman on the street. They could also use some meat on their bones.

    • Bob Kelley

      Your photo gives away why you know so many homely girls…don’t be. A hater man….stay in your own league!

      • Hoot923

        That’s fine Bob since when is expressing an opinion that differs from your make anyone a hater? I don’t get people that think like this. BTW…I hope you practice what you preach when it comes to staying in your own league!

    • Krimsen King

      if ‘being a model is nothing special’, then why would anyone want a ‘chance’ at it? And why would you assume that these more beautiful women you know would want to be models, even if it were something special? Maybe change your perception of women, friend… they are human beings just like you. But well done for realizing the ‘average woman on the street’ is just as beautiful as any ‘supermodel’. Good for you 😉

      • Jason Story

        You really like trying to put people down for some reason, why is that? Do you want to drag people down to your level? I never said I knew anyone that wanted to be a model, just that they wouldn’t have the chance. There is a difference and if you cannot see it then it is not my problem that you are ignorant.l

        • Krimsen King

          put people down??? I called you a ‘human being’…

      • Jessica Goggin Freshwater

        I was asked to go to Paris, simply by riding along w/ a friend for her to try out. I was like 19′ 5’7 and 118 and they we already talking about changing my body for this or that. I just laughed and left. It’s not for everybody, but those who do it enjoy it and those who choose not to are typically glad with that choice as well. Ofcourse now that I’m older I have to wander why I didn’t atleast go to Paris and then say no…haL

  • Linda

    Not a surprise, Ive had a crush on Glenn for many years, i think he’s even more handsome now then ever…this model obviously has good taste…

    • texastruthtweet

      Amen! I would have dinner with him in a heartbeat.

  • Flex Rockhard

    I find it interesting that she deems it within her purview to damn someone to hell. Real class act and dimwit. She is obviously not capable of actually listening to Glenn and then forming her own opinions (of which she probably has very few) but tows the liberal line and joins the “must hate Glenn” mantra. Such an intellect.

  • Slade Simon

    Tom Cruise’s daughter? Not aware of anyone named Tom Cruz with a daughter named Suri. Please get a proofreader.

  • C20

    Primadonna who thinks money gives her a right to exercise her lack of brain muscle.

    • Bob Kelley

      Perfect description….of Glenn Beck

      • Hoot923

        and you show your lack of brain power Bob….go troll someplace else you jackass!

        • Bob Kelley

          Great comeback………”.since when is expressing an opinion different then someone else”…………………………

        • Bill Norris

          Don’t feed the trolls. That’s what keeps them coming back. They have to feed the narcissist within.

  • Glennfriend67

    Oh, Stu(singsong): Bitter- table for one! Envy is a sin you know. ROTFLMAO!!!

  • Jill Witbeck

    Soooo, she condemns him to hell yet wants to have dinner with him?? Idiot.

  • Rush Limborg

    As for the tweet…maybe Christy is immensely attracted to “bad boys”, and wants to think of Glenn in that way…?

  • Krimsen King

    Why does glenn, even jokingly, assume that the only reason this girl could want to have dinner with him would be to ‘hook up’ with him… it would actually be a funnier joke if he told her to bring her history books so they could have a fine discussion… no, I guess ‘supermodels’ are only good for one thing, huh… good grief you wonder why people think you’re misogynist and racist… it’s because you only see people as parts of groups, never as individuals with minds of their own… flukin news flash…

    • Bob Kelley

      Excellent point………he is also starving for attention and will lliterally do anything….to stay “relevant”

  • Xavier Nabu


  • Xavier Nabu


  • Mike Crichton

    Liberty implies a private sphere inside which conditions and choices cannot be controlled and confined to those determined by others.

  • Anonymous
  • Oscar’s Wilde

    The term “rule of law” is used to describe rules, such as those defined in the United States’ Constitution, designed to preserve liberty by placing limits upon centralized government’s power to coerce and control.

    • Bill Norris

      Yep, the very same that Obama pledged to uphold and defend against. Going so far as blaming Bush for using executive orders to bypass the constitution. He said he wouldn’t do that, but we know now that if he opens his mouth, he’s lying. The greatest threat to our national security is Barack Obama and the national debt.

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